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Star Wars: Battlefront

by Big Bad Bug » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:02 pm

After reinstalling my old Xbox, the first game I wanted to play was SWB2 (I don't own the original) because of my fond memories of the game. After playing it again since such a long time, I realised that this game is a gem, the same way I had an epiphany with BFME2.

For those unaware, this is a very unique game that was built for extreme multiplayer, but even alone, it's incredibly fun. Maps are various planets or space battles that all have unique features to them and individual atmospheric environmental additions. You can choose from different classes of troops that have unique weapons made for special purposes, whether they're destroying vehicles or sniping infantry, they all have their perks and balances while still being fun.

After choosing a class, you can spawn at a command point, which is a small light located in a strategic area on the map, where other troops spawn at. The goal is capture ever command point by standing near them for awhile, almost like a King of the Hill mode in another game. The enemy team will do the same. Almost every time, I end up killing all of the enemy reinforcements before capturing all of the command points, which is more fun anyways.

Some other special mechanics exist, like space battles, heroes, in-battle awards, and all of the various game modes, but those just add layers of fun to a fundamentally amazing game. Anyone who has it knows how enjoyable this game is. :D

The new Battlefront by EA better be good...

So, is there anyone else who has played this game and remembers it? Who is your favourite hero? Your favourite villain? Your favourite faction? Map? Vehicle? Animal race? Class? Weapon? Spawn quote? Death quote? Sound effect? Pixel? 2nd favourite pixel?
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Re: Star Wars: Battlefront

by PitNata » Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:36 pm

I do own a ps2, with SBW2 (yeah!) on it. Pretty cool game i guess, since it has many fun hours with that. Even more, i still have them working here, so nostalgia is in progress sometimes.

Many gamemodes are good, but some have kinda bugs on it. For example, try Hunt mode on Kashyykk. Play with Wookies. you should see that their defenses ARE counted as ENEMIES, which is a shame for a single player.

The epic fun you can have with Mos Eisley, since theres Hero Mode, and also others.

Hero: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Villain: THE emperor (somesay it isn't that good, but they didn't tried it. he's a good character in a good skilled hands :D)
Villain 2st:Darth Maul (he's superb, also has Dual of the Fates ,music)
Faction: CIS
Map: Open Maps.
Vehicle: Chicken Walkers (lulz)
Hunt Race: Wampas
Class: Dark Trooper (mastered Arch Caster)
Weapon: Secret attack for Darth Maul(you must hold the attack button when last strike occurs)
Spawn Quote: I am here, and i am NOT AMUSED! (The Emperor)
Death Quote: I will be back. (The Emperor)
Sound Effect: Whistle of the Imperial March (Interesting but there's a lot of funny voices when playing, for example, this one: See the Galaxy they say, see the world they say, but no!)
Pixel: Death Star Pixel.
Pixel 2nd: Death Star second Pixel.
I'm modding Kingdom Rush. :geek:
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