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Random Game Concept

by Ravencrown » Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:53 pm

So i have just gotten an idea for a game, so i thought:"why not just post it here?"
Im thinking about a mobile hack n slay, i came up with the idea when playing around with the heroes in kingdom rush origins. I mean, while PC has Diablo, Torchlight(yes i know torchlight is soon coming to mobile), Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile,... Mobile got pretty much nothing, most are a free to play moneygrab, and most of the other ones get ruined by something else. I think the artstyle would be pretty much perfect with kingdom rush origins artstyle for mobile devices, the game could be focused around skills, like in origins with the heroes just more complex. For gear maybe 5 slots:Head, Armor, Hand, Off Hand and a non visible Accessory.
I would like to hear your opinion and maybe some Suggestionen. :)

Now for some more in depth stuff i personally would like:
Some reference armor sets which make you look like heroes from the KR series
Diablo 2 like skilltrees
Chraracter customisation
All these weapon and Armor types:
Sword:1 and 2 handed
Hammer:1 and 2 handed
Axe: 1 and 2 handed
Mace:1 and 2 handed
Spear:1 and 2 handed
Lance:1 and 2 handed
Shield: 1 handed, light and heavy shield (heavy shield debuffs movement speed, but grants immense protection)
Bow: 2 handed
Crossbow: 1 and 2 handed
Pistols: 1 handed
Rifles: 2 handed
Spellbook: 1 handed
Wand: 1 and 2 handed
(Magic doesnt have a lot of weapons, however a secondary skill free to reinforce/buff you)
Light and Heavy Armor, Spellshield Armor for Mages, which create something similar to arivans shield
Tiered loot (common, uncommon,...)
Crafting of Loot
An overworld from which you enger the dungeon, again diablo 2/Grim Dawn are an example
Basicly a New game+
Bigger enemys and bosses have different attack patterns, depending in the weapon type aoe as well
Bosses have phases and special abilities
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Re: Random Game Concept

by Simmonds91 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:35 pm

Seems pretty basic if you ask me.. You want a game that has all these different types of weapons and whatnot but... Well that isnt much to go by, you may aswell ask for a diablo-esque game for mobile and leave it at that..

Personally id love to have an rpg monster hunter-like game with maybe customisable camp sites?... So skyrim + giant monsters :lol:
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