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Shovel Knight

by Simmonds91 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:54 pm

One of the most enjoyable games ive ever played. If you didn't already know, its an 8bit style platformer like the old megaman games and indeed, it takes inspiration from megaman aswell as castlevania (the wall turkey for example haha) the legend of zelda 1 and 2, ducktales and a few others. Your goal is to fight through the 9 bosses that block your path to the tower of fate, where the enchantress who has bathed the land in darkness resides.


It began on kickstarter and was a massive success so now they are currently working on the milestones they promised which included 3 boss campaigns where you play as one of the bosses, gender swap mode, battle mode (its a multiplayer thing i think) and challenge mode. They completed the challenge mode and have created the first playable boss campaign a little while ago, back in 2015, which was a full campaign just as big as vanilla shovel knight with his own equally awesome story.

The next boss campaign is due to be released in spring so im really looking forward to that and whats really amazing is that all the dlc is free. I mean yeah, it should be free since they are kickstarter milestones so i guess i should say whats really amazing is that the developer (yachtclub games) put in all their effort into the dlc despite the fact its only kickstarter milestones, i mean that first boss campaign blew me away.. literally heheh... (Um... Youd have to play it to get that joke i guess... :? )

This was a long post but im really really into shovel knight right now :lol:

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