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Kingdom Rush:Legions

by WhiteRider » Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:26 pm

Thanks for the opportunity to share some suggestions here! My ideas are about gameplay not so much about game balance. Some of them are generated from things I don't like so much others are just additions to what already exists:

1. Skip the tutorial in the campaign. You can create only one map (with a green flag design on the world map) with several levels (similar to campaign, heroic and iron but with other names of course, like Archers Tower Tutorial, Magic Tower Tutorial etc. and with different waves). This could be the only map with limited tower levels. In the Archers tutorial you are given access to all archer tower levels but others are limited, in the Magic Tower Tutorial you are learning to play with magic towers etc.

--- Reasons behind that: In every Kingdom Rush half of the campaign you are greatly limited choosing between two towers or all towers but with limited levels. I do not understand the structure of the game. I really like the IRON mode but not that limited campaign mode. At least when certain tower unlocks later in the game if you replay the older ones you could have access to the new options. Usually I play on Veteran difficulty in reverse order and when I reach backwards levels 10 or 9 the game is really boring. I do it only because of the achievements but I barely pay attention what is happening on the screen. And I have heard the same thing from several people on youtube when reviewing the game. From my point of view that is a design mistake if your customers thing something is boring in your game.

2. In the next installment of the game I will be very happy if you give us the possibility to replay the maps choosing races (this is why I named that topic KR: Legions) - Of course you will be creating a new race, whatever suits you, but after we finish the original campaign it will be cool if we can replay all the maps with the previous towers. The only reason why not do this would be the size of the game but in every year the internet connections are better and better and our smart phones/tablets come with more and more memory/hdd. Lets say you create a gnome race - after finishing all the maps a new option to replay the maps with the human-dwarf-or elven towers could exists. That would be a great possibility for you to finally rebalance them. This will give all of use like 4 times more hours to play, I have friends that feel that 15-18 maps, half of which you play with limited tower choice is just not worth it to buy the game.

3. I feel like all the 4th level towers need to have a special ability (like necromancer tower raising skeletons, or druids/archmages collecting charges when idle, or arcane archers/sorcerers lowering resistance/armor. In all previous game only few of the towers have had a specialization. Of course paid skills remain.

Thank you :)
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Re: Kingdom Rush:Legions

by AerisDraco » Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:03 pm

Welcome, WhiteRider!

Now, on to these ideas: (Sorry if I'm a bit critical)
1. The tutorial already has a skip button, last I checked. How is campaign mode limited though? While there are limited tower levels, all towers are unlocked on every stage unless it is Iron mode. Though, most forum members agree that new towers should be available in earlier levels.
2. Replayability is important, and there are many ideas for multi-race KRs, like the one in my signature (shameless plug), but it would be extremely painful to program, and for a small studio like IH, it would be bad for business. though it is good for the consumer.
3. Most, but not all do. It's really more about aura, or the feeling the player gets when they use it.
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Re: Kingdom Rush:Legions

by WhiteRider » Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:39 pm

It is OK to be critical, but I don't think you are, because your comments are out of place :) No offense here. I meant something different, not what you are commenting on.

If I hit the skip tutorial button will I play with Tesla Tower on map 1 in Kingdom Rush or do I have at my disposal Weirdwoods when battling the Ha-ha-yena the gnoll boss? Nope. Because I meant something different - a full game since map 1. And of course we are speaking about a new game, not re-designing the old ones, so I don't imagine that on the first map we will have the weakest of all units plus all possible tower levels - more or less KR has build a huge gamer audience inside that niche and if the 4th installment of it follows the same path of step-by-step introduction of foes and towers it will be boring. Boring doesn't sell games. Don't ask how I know that, because it is not an assumption...

I have read these forums from years and on several occasions Ironhide mentioned that the core of programming code is the same, but of course as I said it will make the game bigger, but with all the new tech coming every 3 or 4 months this is not something to be worried about. I just checked - KR:Origins has 60 MB of program coding, the rest are pictures and music.

However I fully understand your point of view and the real reasons why you wrote that. I have participated from ages in all kinds of forums and I can see you have contributed many new ideas and you want them to be heard. This makes you feel important. I respect that but when others contribute their ideas that doesn't mean they underestimate yours or the time you have devoted to create them is lost. Be free and let others do the same :)
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Re: Kingdom Rush:Legions

by The Kingmaker » Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:48 pm

Aaaah, you mean having a single level as a mock "tutorial", where you are introduced to some enemies adn the tower types, before being thrown into the main story with your stage 1-3 or even 1-4 towers.

I like this idea, but personally would actually remove some of the child-like excitement I feel when playing the games. The first few levels are introducing the player to the game anyway, and an experienced player can whiz through to get straight to the newer levels and towers, and I personally enjoy finding the towers one by one, especially if they fit, for instance the Rangers Hideout and Sorcerer Tower fit their areas when we are introduced, the Arcane mage is introduced right when we meet armoured enemies to placate its use. I personally prefer this sense of discovery and it links nicely to the journey, however I do see where you are coming from.

Personally a second campaign after the main one (in canon or out of it, a twist "ending" at the third boss battle before you go back, for instance the boss could use a time warp thing to send you back to step one, but accidentally lets you leave with your shiny new towers) would be how I would solve this problem, however your method would work also. If re-playability is what you are after, I think longer and more in-depth Iron and Heroic challenges would be great.
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Re: Kingdom Rush:Legions

by WhiteRider » Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:37 pm

Yes, I remember the same excitement about the Ranger's hideout or the magic towers :) But it was a brand new game introduced to us. There was some excitement in Frontiers as well, but not in the same degree and I didn't like going through the same process in Origins at all.

As always truth can be in the middle - there is always the possibility to allow all towers in the older maps when you play them on Veteran difficulty, and of course in that way Veteran difficulty can be only played when you finish the whole campaign in Normal difficulty. In that way all will be pleased :)

Re playability is crucial. I have played all of KR many times, because I have them on different devices, but I tend to skip some of the restricted maps. I really like to test new strategies, for instance I have played (no losses) the unseelie court map with 3 barracks + only one type of towers (like wild mages everywhere else except the exits or high elven mages, golden bows, arcane archers and because it is impossible to win without losses - a mixture of the two artilleries. once I played with only forest keepers everywhere but it was such a pain that I wouldn't repeat that.) This is what I mean with replayability - testing, mastering and testing again. At the beggining I did this because I couldn't decide which one of the two mage towers is more effective/stronger - still I am not sure but I tend to choose wild magi most of the time because of the Eldritch doom.
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