Hero customization

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Hero customization

by Moloch » Sun May 13, 2018 12:38 pm

Hello everyone :mrgreen: . I was just thinking "what if we can customize our heroes :?: "
I'm doing this on KRF's and KRO's heroes because the ones of the original don't need any (in my personal opinion)

So this is how it's done :
Each hero has 5 customizations, 2 can be obtained through playing (you get a random one when you get him/her/it to level 10 and you can buy another for a certain amount of gems) but you need to pay for the rest. If you collect all 5 you get 2 other abilities (fun but doesn't make that much diffrnce when playing), a selecting Quote, and a new hero poster. The customizations must all be applied for the extras to work, you can activate these customs or deactivate them from the hero room.

I did it for these three and I did my best. Please tell me your opinion, I'm open to any critisisem. If you like theis I promise I'll make more :


- Blood stains on the sword
- The banner of Hammerhold instead of the regular grave
- Passive aura
- Mark of Lineria on the shield
- Marks on Sand Warriors and Rune when summoning them

Skills :

1- 15% chance to creat one sand warrior of his uncostomized self lasting for 20/45/indefinently with lvl1 of spiked armor/and level 1 of sword's play/and level one of toughness and with half his current stats but no regeneration.
2- Alric becomes one with sand granting him teleportation.

Extras :

1- Diffrent poster.
2- Selection quote : "Honored to serve general"

- Poses like she does in the poster
- Assasins' Guild hood
- Passive aura
- Uses regular daggers instead of Kunais
- More realistic shadows (a version of her regular/uncostomized self but sotra invisible)

Skills :

1- After 3 secs when idel, Mirage drops her pose turning invisible until she uses Lethal Strike or throws 3 daggers.
2- The shadows from Shadow Dance skill stuns the hitten enemies for 0.5/1/1.5 each (stacks)

Extras :

1- Diffrent poster.
2- Selection quote : "We're all ears general"


- Bigger skulls from tough enemies
- Stabs the voodoo doll with a knife
- Sparkly skulls
- Carries a shoulder bag to take the knife and voodoo doll from
- The voodoo dolls are shaped as the targeted enemy

Skills :

1- Can take skulls from dead soldiers as well.
2- Enemies effected with Dread Aura has a 5%/10%/15% to be killed instantly when using Voodoo Doll on them.

Extras :

1- Diffrent poster.
2- Selection quote : "May the darkness aid us"

So what did you think ? Any other ideas ? Please answer, PEACE from Jason :mrgreen:
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Hero customization

by jehanRive » Fri Aug 02, 2019 7:19 am

This game still isnt giving any points when you play it. Just as msridgerunner has stated, after you go all the way through the game if just sits there

Very annoying
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