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Hero customization

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 12:38 pm
by Moloch
Hello everyone :mrgreen: . I was just thinking "what if we can customize our heroes :?: "
I'm doing this on KRF's and KRO's heroes because the ones of the original don't need any (in my personal opinion)

So this is how it's done :
Each hero has 5 customizations, 2 can be obtained through playing (you get a random one when you get him/her/it to level 10 and you can buy another for a certain amount of gems) but you need to pay for the rest. If you collect all 5 you get 2 other abilities (fun but doesn't make that much diffrnce when playing), a selecting Quote, and a new hero poster. The customizations must all be applied for the extras to work, you can activate these customs or deactivate them from the hero room.

I did it for these three and I did my best. Please tell me your opinion, I'm open to any critisisem. If you like theis I promise I'll make more :


- Blood stains on the sword
- The banner of Hammerhold instead of the regular grave
- Passive aura
- Mark of Lineria on the shield
- Marks on Sand Warriors and Rune when summoning them

Skills :

1- 15% chance to creat one sand warrior of his uncostomized self lasting for 20/45/indefinently with lvl1 of spiked armor/and level 1 of sword's play/and level one of toughness and with half his current stats but no regeneration.
2- Alric becomes one with sand granting him teleportation.

Extras :

1- Diffrent poster.
2- Selection quote : "Honored to serve general"

- Poses like she does in the poster
- Assasins' Guild hood
- Passive aura
- Uses regular daggers instead of Kunais
- More realistic shadows (a version of her regular/uncostomized self but sotra invisible)

Skills :

1- After 3 secs when idel, Mirage drops her pose turning invisible until she uses Lethal Strike or throws 3 daggers.
2- The shadows from Shadow Dance skill stuns the hitten enemies for 0.5/1/1.5 each (stacks)

Extras :

1- Diffrent poster.
2- Selection quote : "We're all ears general"


- Bigger skulls from tough enemies
- Stabs the voodoo doll with a knife
- Sparkly skulls
- Carries a shoulder bag to take the knife and voodoo doll from
- The voodoo dolls are shaped as the targeted enemy

Skills :

1- Can take skulls from dead soldiers as well.
2- Enemies effected with Dread Aura has a 5%/10%/15% to be killed instantly when using Voodoo Doll on them.

Extras :

1- Diffrent poster.
2- Selection quote : "May the darkness aid us"

So what did you think ? Any other ideas ? Please answer, PEACE from Jason :mrgreen: