Seals made KR enemy ideas

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Seals made KR enemy ideas

by SealDarklight » Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:56 am

Now i know theres another unnecesary post that i made but it was 6 months ago that i made my fan made heroes and enemies. Im usually obsessed with making enemies and heroes and im just my own style maker but i always make 5 things like a top 5 things that people like or want. I like to make my ideas or something that wasnt made or looks cool and i love to look at enemies in KR series, they come from culture, myths and popular medias. Now i dont want to be somelike a man who spreads unnecesary commercials but i put my name because there my made.

Now would you read this or go with these morons and dance on the airplane and spreading their music to entire world to listen?

So this is my 5 made enemies for KR

My first one is Brutal warrior and its my made first enemy you encounter. There humans with chestarmor with same swords as Dune raiders have. They got 100 hp, 30% armor, 4-6 damage, average speed, take one life and you get 10 golds when you kill one of them. There like as tough as Spiderbroods but unlike other enemies these guys are the first enemies you encounter like gnolls and goblins. There easy to kill and even if physical armor cant deal that much damage and mages are viable use there pretty easy to kill and become nothing but testsubject to level 4 towers but what did you suspect for a first enemy?

My second one is Shade Hunters and they are like Bandit/Shadow Archers hybrid dealing and dodging like a bandit and shooting and being magic resistant as archers but they got 250 hp and same armor as magic resistance. 250 hp, 30% armor and magic resistance, 20-30 damage, fast speed, takes one life and you get 25 gold when you kill one of these. Now i like these enemies more than twilight harrashers because it feels like these hunters are dodgy, fast and deadly. There like more dangerous versions of shadow archers and they are archers who were resurected By a new leader who is part of Vez´nans spirit.

My third one is Brute Chainsawer and its that enemy that people complain to be OP. I made a little change that they deal same amount of damage as husks and zombies do but for one damage per sec. There ability is to chainsaw the enemy wich is similar to parasites but it doesnt turn soilders into enemies instead kills them wich makes heroes useless but barracks are still used for stalling them. They have 800 hp, 40% armor, 8-12 damage, slow speed, takes two lifes and you get 50 gold when killing one of them. Now if you people still complain its OP its the same thing as complaining the Parasites or Pillager for being OP. They have a hockeymasks like rocketeers and have hair and chestarmor and their right arm is the chainsaw

My Fourth one is Brutal knights and these things arent annoying to deal single but on groups of them are wich i will explain. There similar to range enemies but unlike range enemies they attack any soilder on close combat and if theres 9 of these they can swap out your hero instantly. They can attack any blocked soilders and this is their stat, 1000 hp, 80% armor, 40-60 damage, slow speed, takes three lives and you get 75 gold when killing one of them. Now they often go 3 or 4 enemies but 10 of these enemies with ability to attack any blocked soilders and deal 40-60 damage and if 10 of them they deal 400-600 to your single barrack or hero however they best way to block them is to have a strong barrack and a storng hero. There usually OP but 3-4 of these guys are already good enough to balance it out. I could have add the ability to them having the 10% ability to return damage to the soilder like Alrics spiked armor does but it could have been too OP but they still have spikes on their armor. There resurected Dark slayers and are guardians of their new leader

My Fifth and Final one is Dark Mage and they are have same stats as Brutal Knights. They have 3 abilities, First one is range area magic damage, second is they can deal area magic damage on melee and third is they can resurect the fallen allies from the dead. The enemies are like normal ones except there half times weaker than they normaly were and slower and everything is half however they still have their abilities. Their stat is 1000 hp, 80% magic resistance, 40-60 damage, slow speed, takes three lives and you get 75 gold. I want to tell you that they can resurect at once and they cant resurect themselves because they turn into dust when killed and it would be OP and i liked to make them like How Vez´nan deals melee damage to your barracks in the first KR game. While OP maybe they hit slower than Brutal Knights and they are the resurected Necromancers and are priests of their empire.

So thats all folks, i have to clean my room because i dont want any allergies that comes from dust or plants. Leave a comments what did you like my enemy ideas.
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