Kingdom Rush Gods - New Game idea

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Kingdom Rush Gods - New Game idea

by grillonegro » Tue May 03, 2016 8:02 pm

-- INTRO --
In the world of KR :hero: , the human, undead, elfs, black eft, pirates ... all of them are fighting for glory, meanwhile up in the skies, Gods are watching these entertaining wars but a fight started between them to see which one is the mighty god of all. To settle this fight, a pact was made between the Gods: they will help their race fights again each other, the last one standing wins...

Now you are playing like a GOD, so image a course with the towers already pre set as well as the waves of enemies. As player, your job is to call your special powers and spells to help your race wins. With this mechanics in mind you either defend (help your towers stand the waves), or attack (help the waves overcome the tower defense that is in place). Also this could be the first KR multiplayer game, since the mechanics will be the same for all the players (making the programming much much simpler) and you can have any combination; for example 2 players playing on defense VS 1 player playing on offense. The game became very strategic in the sense of applying the correct spell at the correct situation, for example, a spell to reduce the speed of your enemy, just in right moment when they are crossing a crucial path... also a mastery of combining powers, to max it effectiveness.. and when playing multiplayer, combos like rain by one player and then thunder storm by another... deadly combination... :skull:

--GODS abilities--
1. POWER: This will be like thunder or meteor rain... It affects directly on the units lowering health and/or killing them.
2. HEROES: Deploy a special unit in the map that will live until it get killed. Once deployed, can behave automatically or you can control where it goes.. suggestions ?
3. SPELLS: These ones can modify the characteristics of the Units, like increase armor, or decrease speed... sick them, etc...

Every GOD will have multiple of items on these categories and that will constitute your repertoire at play time. Probably some with very interesting SPELLS, no much POWER. Other with nice HEROES with no much SPELLS... Here is where the business model can come, new GODS can be purchase and make the game very interesting...!! :yey:

Pirates Campaign: help your pirates conquer the world.

Water Wall - On defense, will create a water wall that keep enemies in the same place... subtracting energy while it last. On offense, a water bubble can surround a group of your wave defending them from druid attacks, archillery, etc.
Thunder storm - On defense will toast your opponents, same can happens on offense for those on the barracks.
Kraken - You know, a big octopus on your side, either attacking of defending.
Sirens calls - On defense, if the map have water, sirens will appear in the border, they start signing an all humans will just slowing follow it and drown. Not so effective with other races. (you guys can get very creative with this... and funny !! :lol: ). On offense, humans on towers will get distracted and won't attack, like archeries.
Heavy Rain - On defense slows enemies. On offense, towers loose precision.

--GOD EXAMPLE Time Traveler--
Extra purchase GOD

BLACK HOLE: On defense will open a black hole and anything on its path will get suck into. On offense, you can make a tower disappear.
STOP TIME: On defense, will hold everyone in the same place for a little bit. On Offense, will hold towers inactive for a little time
BACK IN TIME: On defense will take units back in the path. On offense, will slow Towers.
RANDOM PLACE: Will put units in random places.. can work in benefit or not.
INCREASE SPEED: Increase the speed of the units or the towers.

Please keep adding more ideas...I hope it gets materialized one day, this is a game I will love to play...
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Re: Kingdom Rush Gods - New Game idea

by AerisDraco » Tue May 03, 2016 8:31 pm

Very interesting ideas!
Of course, nt many numbers, but good ideas nevertheless!
It would be hard to execute however, especially because maintaining a multiplayer server costs a lot... :cry: Sorry if I dashed your hopes... :(

Also, welcome to the forums!

And, one last thing, Mod Action: Moved to the Fan Fiction Forum.
KRA is now complete.
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