Kingdom Rush OtherSide

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The first 5 levels

by SealDarklight » Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:17 pm

Hanomas Road (Level 1)
Generalm we are under attack by the armies of the Black Templars. There attacking our kingdom and our guards cant hold that much.

Unlock all level 1 towers
16 strategic point
1 exit (West)
3 path (South, North, East)
600 gold
4 guard towers
6 waves

Black troops
Giant Spiders

Guard tower

Brichleaf edge (Level 2)
We have arrived to Brichleaf edge wich the enemies come. We arrived near an abandoned house wich was ruin for many years and swarm with many imps.

Unlock all level 2 towers
14 strategic point
1 exit (West)
3 path (South, East, North (Ruined house))
750 gold
7 waves


Imp spawner

Brichleaf forest
(Level 3)
We are in the Brichleaf forest and it seems that enemies come from the north. Soilders are worried not just from the buzz but but also from the rivers.

Unlock all level 3 towers
19 strategic point
1 exit (South)
4 path (East, North, West house, west)
800 gold
8 waves



Twinlandriver park (Level 4)
As we pass by, the enemies become more dangerous. Well luckly we found human Huntsmen who are on our side. They were also hunted by the Black Templars as well but danger warns everywhere.

Unlock Huntsmens base
12 strategic point
1 exit (West)
4 path (Northeast, Northwest, South, East)
1 free watch tower rangers
1000 gold
8 waves


Spider matriarch
Shadow archers
Church crow

Cherrytree park
(Level 5)
We arrived at the cherrytrees! Wich means we are close to the Twinlandriver bridge. Clawchampions came here to fight for us and they want to enjoy fighting any foe they met. The Black Templars arent the only thread, the fishmens from the rivers are also a thread for us so lets be brave.

Unlock Clawchampions
19 Strategic point
2 exit (South, west)
2 path (North, East)
8 waves
1250 gold
1 free claw dualist


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Re: Kingdom Rush OtherSide

by SealDarklight » Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:29 am

Now I'm not canceling that yet but since making this I often leave because BETA test. There are chages here and there like making a new version of a brute and making a better mage tower. I also think I should have made few levels instead of 21 but when I'm done with this ill first show the image what I got in my mind and some enemies and towers and heroes inspiration. Then ill make a drawing wich I made on deviant art.
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