Wrath of Vulcano-Mini Champain

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Wrath of Vulcano-Mini Champain

by _Quin » Sat Jul 09, 2016 6:51 am

Hello Iam here new and I have a idea :o

Wrath of Vulcano

Missions: Ash Wolley - Scenery: Strategic Point 10x
Bouldered 2x
Ballon Monkey

How it looks: it will be a map which one path from up to down and at down side of road there is jungle but the up side of the map there is ash and other lavatic things

Vulcano Cliff - Scenery: Strategic Point 9x
Bouldered 5x

How it looks: It will be two paths which later morph into one which go to healts and the terrain got volcanos and lava that flows down from the top whith one crashed comet on the to right

HellDust Vulcano - Scenery: Strategic Point 12x
Bouldered 2x

How it looks: It will be a top of a vulcano a where is a lava in the Vulcani and lava vhich flows down and three roads and two finishs


310 Hp
11-22 Damage
Average speed
1 :skull:


1 000 Hp
14-20 Damage
Average speed
1 :skull:
Special: After is on half of healt turn into berserk mode which grants: 28-40 Damage
Fast speed
Berserk look: he is converted in blue flmes
He dealt true damage

Magma Rogue
280 Hp
Average speed
special: Ranged Attack

Magma Wraith
700 Hp
slow speed
2 :skull:
Special: Ranged attack, can summon(like saurian savant) Fire spirith,and rise fire spirits from death allies(like blood trickerer)
Magic resistence: Great

Fire spirit

3-20 damage
1 :skull:

Lava Brute
3 000 Hp
70-190 damage
slow speed
5 :skull:
Psychical resistence: Medium

Dragon Fly

700 Hp
0-0 damage
Fast speed
1 :skull:
Special: Fly

:skull: Marma-Boss
12 000 Hp
8 000- 9 000 Damage
Psychical resistence: Low
Slow Speed
20 :skull:



Like Owergrowt and rubble Cost: 150

Ballon Monkey

In the Ash walley in Jungle part of map there is a monkey next to a bush when you tap to the monkey a ballon will fly away from the bush and the monkey will pop the monkey with dart it will tigger archivent: Popping Powerv :yey:


When is wave 6 a mage will teleport next to the comet when you click in a row to comet the comet will explode and kill the mage and spawn a Comet tail a enemy-killing it gives archivent: Comet Tail

Comet Tail

500 Hp
900-5 000
Slow speed
1 :skull:
Psychical resistence: Immune


Popping Power

Explanation up...

Hot Lava

Kill Marma

Comet Tail

Explanition up...
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