Pokemon in Kingdom Rush!

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Pokemon in Kingdom Rush!

by Magnus0 » Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:05 pm

A while ago I started working on pokemon as heroes in KR. I didn´t have much time then and I came to forget about it. Because of Manijure´s thread about a LoL hero I remembered that I still have this draft of my old pokemon idea. So yeah, there.

I often use pokemon moves as inspiration for my hero's abilities, because many pokemon moves translate well into the Kingdom Rush gameplay and they usually make for some really interesting effects and playstyles. At a certain point, I thought it would be a cool idea to make heroes completely based on pokemon moves, because so many people on the forum seem to really pokemon (except for BBB and JB, who are both total doofuses anyway).

I am lazy, so I won't create unique heroes that have abilities that are based on pokemon moves. I'll just literally take a pokemon and its moves and translate it to the KR games. So basically, the heroes in this thread are more about playstyle and less about original concepts and things like that. Anyway, here are two of my favorite starters. ;)

(I actually did't finish my idea fully back then, so some changes have been made now. I gave some moves some cool side effects to make them more interesting. So yeah, don't be surprised if some of the moves don't really correspond with the actual pokemon moved they're based on :roll: )

Meganium KRO


Health: 580
Melee (vine whip): 20-28, medium attacking speed
Ranged (razor leaf): 38-58, very slow attacking speed, has a 25% chance to deal double damage.
Armor: none
Magical resistance: medium
Movement speed: slow
Respawn time: 30s
passive (synthesis): Meganium passively heals 3% of her own missing health and the missing health of all nearby allied units every second.


1. Reflect (15s): Meganium creates a small/medium/large pink box that increases the armor of all allies that stand inside it by 1 stage. It also deflects ranged attacks. The box can deflect up to 20/40/60 ranged attacks before breaking; otherwise it will stay on the field for 12 seconds.

2. Aromatherapy(5s): a green, growing circle forms around Meganium. It heals all nearby soldiers of their status ailments. Additionally, all nearby soldier also permanently gain a 2/4/6% increase in their maximum health, which stacks 5 times (up to maximum of 10/20/30% extra health). The extra max health is lost if the unit dies.

3. Sweet Scent (passive): Meganium emits a sweet scent around her that slows enemies by 10/20/30%. Nearby enemies with a dodge chance won't be able to dodge.

4. Petal Dance(15s): Meganium scatters blossoms all around herself for 2 to 3 times, dealing 30-55/45-70/60-85 area magic damage per time. After that, Meganium is unable to move for 3 seconds.

Hero Skill. Frenzy Plant(90/75/60s): 8 thorny vines sprout out of the ground in a circular formation on the selected location. They begin whipping nearby enemies for a total of 350/650/950 damage, each individual vine dealing 20/30/40 damage. If enemies happen to be caught inside the circle of vines, they will be trapped there. If the total damage is not reached within 5 seconds, the vines will go away.

Playstyle: Meganium is a true support hero. She makes for incredibly solid chockepoints by making barrack units very resilient. Meganium herself is also very sturdy, capable of sponging up many hits, just like in the actual pokemon games. Her hero skill deals quite some damage and it it is awesome at catching leaks. She cannot support towers though and her damage output is relatively low and unreliable. Maganium is also very slow, so she cannot really protect multiple barrack towers scattered around the level.



Health: 490
Melee (slash): 34-67, only when on the ground, average attacking speed
ranged (ember): 45-75, fire area damage, only when airborne, very slow attacking speed
armor: none
movement speed: high (he always flies to the selected destination, even when not airborne already)
respawn: 25
Passive: Charizards fire based abilities burn enemies for 6 seconds. Burning enemies take 1/16 of their health every 3 seconds and deal 25% less damage. Ember and fire based abilities refresh the burn duration.


1. Fly(26s): after being idle for 3 seconds, Charizard flies up high. his basic attack changes to a fireball-like attack (ember). after 26 seconds of being airborne, Charizard flies down a set distance, dealing 60/90/120 damage to all enemies he passes through. Charizard only flies down whenever there are enemies nearby. The cooldown starts once Charizard is on the ground again. Fly has a long wind-up, meaning that you can cancel it quite easily if you want to.

2. Flamethrower(9s): Charizard breathes fire in a cone in front of him that deals 30/50/70 true damage over 3 seconds. Charizard can move around while using this ability if airborne, allowing him to possibly burn more enemies.

3. Fire Blast(16s): Charizard launches a large fireball from almost anywhere on the map. Upon impact, it explodes and a fiery star formation forms. The blast deals 80/160/240 true area damage. Deals 30/50/70 bonus damage to enemies that were already burnt.

4. Dragon Claw(10s): Charizard attacks the enemy with his sharp claws, dealing 50/75/100 bonus damage on his basic attack. The cooldown resets immediately when the attack kills it's target. Can only be used while on the ground, or, when airborne, on nearby flying enemies.

5. Blast Burn(70s): A giant eruption forms at the targeted location. Two rings of flaming geysers burst out of the ground around the eruption. The eruption deals 120/250/380/510 true area damage. The flaming geysers around it linger on the road for 5 more seconds, dealing 15/30/45/60 true damage per second. After the flames disappear, a crater is left on the road for 10 more seconds, slowing enemies that walk trough it by 10/20/30/40%.

Playstyle: Charizard is both a flying hero, and a melee hero, meaning he can both move anywhere on the map and block enemies, although not at the same time. With proper timing and placement, you can burn enemies for very long. Because Charizard has true damage and percentage based damage, he can easily dispatch groups of armored enemies. Charizard is a pure damage dealer, having no utility outside of the damage reduction from burns and a slow on Blast Burn.
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Re: Pokemon in Kingdom Rush!

by Big Bad Bug » Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:10 pm

I'm too much of a doofus to be able to critique this. :P
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