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Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:43 pm
by AerisDraco
I didn't consider the fact that sound is hearable. XD
Let's just assume ultrasonic for the sake of this.


Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:27 pm
by AerisDraco
So, there's a new hero.
It's also been here for a week, but never mind that.

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:44 pm
by Big Bad Bug
AerisDraco wrote:
HP: 300 (+10) {390}
Melee/Ranged: 20-22 (+1,+2) {28-40} [Bombrista slams the ground with her staff, creating a sonic wave that deals true damage, every second, in the range of a "Short" tower range]
Movement Rate: Fast
Respawn: 20 seconds

I really like her style of attack! The AOE is incredibly huge for a base attack, and with the armies of enemies in a level, will deal hundreds of damage per second. It's original, but also immensely OP. ;)

Echo Chamber (2/2/2) (Cooldown: 12 seconds)
Creates a special field around 1/2/3 ranged enemies. For each attack that hits a soldier, the enemy is damaged for 1x/1.5x/2x that damage. Lasts for 4 seconds.

This is a cool power that I really want in the series, but why does it only effect ranged enemies? I'm fine with prioritizing them over other enemies in order to counter them, but excluding melee enemies for a skill with such a short cooldown and duration will waste it. Beyind that, it's a fine ability,. :)

b]Resonance[/b] (4/3/2) (Passive)
Each attack has a 5%/10%/15% chance of finding an enemy's resonant frequency, and the attack which does this will deal double damage. Further attacks which find this frequency will do double that, and so on and so forth.

Hopefully this actually functions unlike Kahz's version of critical attacks. I'm guessing that this applies to individual enemies, so in an AOE attack that hits multiple enemies, there's a separate 15% chance for each of them? Either way, what an awesome power! :D

Dissonance (4/2/2) (Cooldown: 30 seconds)
The user attacks with the power of a terrible, explosive sound.
Deals 300/450/600 true area damage. Affected by Resonance.
{The sound wave's edges, normally tinged white, turn red and orange.}

Cool! I've found that I recently (since making Manijure's user hero) started thinking that big, powerful, slow attacks are a lot cooler than I used to. It'd be nice if the cooldowns lined up between this and Echo Chamber, since most KRO heroes have skill cooldowns that are factors or multiples of each other in order for the player to know when a big skill is about to be used in order to not waste them.

Also, am I supposed to just be okay with 600 area True Damage plus a chance to deal 1200 True Damage to groups of enemies? For a relatively plain effect, I'd expect the balancing to be at least near perfection for the first rendition of the skill. ;)

Echoes (3/1/1) (Passive)
For each attack exchanged between her and an enemy, Bombrista has a 15%/30%/45% chance to spawn an Echo, with the following stats:
HP: 100
Damage: 10-12 {Screams, dealing damage in a small cone-shaped AoE}
Armor: Immune
Each Echo lasts for 6 seconds.

Now this is a great ability. What do you mean by, "exchanged between her and an enemy?" Does this apply when Bombrista is in melee combat and literally having an "exchange" in combat, or is it just for any moment when she's harmed or does harm to an enemy? Also, where do Echoes spawn, near her or the enemy? :)

Epic (4/2/2) (Cooldown: 50 seconds)
Changes the background music to something epic (Two Steps from Hell will do), boosting all towers' damage by 20%/40%/60% and their attack speed by 1 stage. Barracks' damage are boosted by 150%/200%/250% and their attack speed is lowered by 20%.
Lasts for 7 seconds.

A fancy version of clearing the screen of enemies/dealing massive mapwide damage. Considering how much stronger this is than Roar of Fury or Angry God, and the fact that it's a hero spell, thus having the benefit of recharging faster with early waves (compare the balancing of an instakill ability to Vindicator; the early waves bonus really matters), this is even more OP than Dissonance, which is already immensely powerful.

AerisDraco wrote:
Playstyle and Tips:
Bombrista is a hero focused on taking on many enemies, but needs help from soldiers to prevent her fairly small health pool from being drained.
Her basic attack can be quite powerful, with a long range, fairly high damage, and true damage.
Echo Chamber is interesting, and can be useful against enemies that have heavy hitting ranged attacks, especially Harassers, who can deal about a third of their health in one arrow volley.
Resonance can be very powerful, especially when it procs repetitively, which quickly stacks damage to very high levels.
Dissonance is mostly a more powerful version of her basic attack, and it also gets the boost from Resonance.
Echoes helps with her low health pool, adding a chance to summon invincible reinforcements, albeit for a short time.
Finally, Epic is a fairly standard global boosting spell. But with cool music.

I know I've only ever mentioned this one time, and it was on Discord, so I'll restate that I find your tips sections to be pretty funny. I think it's mostly your tone in writing, since everything sounds like stuff that a bunch of people decently interested in something would say to each other, then all nod their heads for a few seconds.

Anyways, this by far is your most powerful hero yet, which part of me is glad for since it gives me more to write about. When TMN or Sairi posts a perfect hero and I can only say that everything is good, I feel like I have less to say. Plus, being OP is a pretty simple issue. ;) Her playstyle from what I see looks more like Vez'nan's, dashing from one enemy-infested location to the next, than one which focuses on staying near barracks and protecting them. With her massive AOE for just a basic attack, tons of echoes will spawn to then benefit from Echo Chamber, negating the need for her to be stuck with your troops a lot of the time. Not to mention that Dissonance is effectively a miniature nuke to get rid of any group of enemies that may otherwise pose a thread, which takes away any need for blocking since everyone will be dead. :P

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:58 pm
by AerisDraco
*ignores much-wanted review*

So the base damage should be nerfed? Perhaps by about 10 points on min/max?
Hmm...Echo Chamber is meant to be ranged only. Not sure how to rectify this.
So should Dissonance being affected by Resonance be removed?
The former, and they would spawn near her. Perhaps I should add that it works if Echoes are in combat.
I think I'll lower the buffs to 15%/30%/45% and +110%/+140%/170%. Seems good.

Yay? Maybe?

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:45 pm
by Sinque2
The sound hero is pretty interesting.

I would give the hero cooldowns instead of chances, it reduces the luck. For the exchange damage one, I would change it to x amount of exchanges and then the summon happens.