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Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:11 am
by AerisDraco
Kintana, the Star-Caller


Kintana wears a robe emblazoned with star symbols, made chiefly out of reddish-brown material. Her two knives are made of black meteoric iron.

HP: 250 (+25) [475]
Melee: 9-13 (+2,+2) [18-22] (Slashes with dual knives, every second)
Movement Rate: Medium
Armor: 10%
Respawn: 20 seconds


Starfall (2/2/2) (Cooldown: 20 seconds)
Calls 2/4/6 meteors, falling to the path and detonating for 75 true AoE damage, and dealing 50 physical damage to any enemy they land on.

Animation: Jabs her palms forward, starting at the sides and moving toward the middle.

Superstar (2/2/2) (Cooldown: 35 seconds)
Boosts the damage of all barracks and reinforcements on the map by 3%/5%/7% per alive soldier. Boost applies to specials. Lasts for 6 seconds.

Affected barracks have a bright yellow star pattern in the earth below them.

Star's Destruction (1/2/3) (Cooldown: 25 seconds)
Places a rune on the track ahead of herself. In 8/6/4 seconds, a gigantic meteor will fall on the area.
The meteor deals 100/200/300 true AoE damage, but also damages any allied soldiers and Kintana for 30% of the damage. If Kintana is in the rune when the meteor lands, it gets a power modifier of 1.5x.

Note: If the 1.5x damage multiplier is active, soldiers still take the original 30% damage, rather than the 30% after multiplied by 1.5.

Cosmic Overdrive (2/2/2) (Passive)
For every enemy she kills, she will gain points toward "Cosmic" mode, where she gains +2/4/6 damage and improves her speed to Fast.
She must kill 60/50/40 enemies to activate the mode, and it lasts for 8 seconds.
Her abilities are slightly affected by this as well.
-Starfall fires 1.5x more meteors
-Superstar lasts for 4 add. seconds
-The multiplier for Star's Destruction when Kintana is in it's AoE is now 2x; and she takes no damage from it.

When in the mode, she glows yellowish-orange.

Meteor Shower (4/4/4) (Cooldown: 70/65/60/55 seconds)
Calls a meteor shower, which rains meteors in the sky. There is a chance for 4 different showers to be called, each having a different effect: (Each effect lasts for 6 seconds)
-The Leonids: Higher chance of meteor storm (40%). Boosts soldier attack damage by 15% (25%). Stacks with Superstar, though Superstar is applied first.
-The Draconids: All enemies are burned at 6 (12) dps.
-The Ursids: Boosts the resilience of all soldiers. Boosts HP by 20% (30%) of their normal HP and gives them 10% (20%) add. armor. Runed Bears get a straight 1.5x multiplier on all stats but armor.
-The Taurids: Enemies across the map are slowed by 20% (35%) and receive a damage reduction of 45% (65%).
Each shower also has a 30% chance of being a meteor storm, boosting certain effects.

Depending on the shower, if Kintana is alive, she will cast a small symbol, showing what type of shower it is. The options are a Lion, Dragon, Bear, or Bull.

Order of Importance:
If all of Kintana's skills are charged, he will use them in this order:
1. Superstar
2. Starfall
3. Star's Destruction

Playstyle and Tips:
Kintana is a hero who uses skills at a distance but must engage in melee to use her basic attacks.

Starfall is a typical AoE skill, with a minimal chance of overkill, though a higher chance of missing.

Superstar is a powerful, map-wide skill, boosting the power of any barracks by a very high amount. Especially good for the barracks oriented player.

Since Star's Destruction has a cast time, and since it is last in her order of importance, it gives the player a window to micro her onto the AoE and get the maximum damage, if they can risk the HP.

Cosmic mode is very powerful. Not only does it strengthen her basic attacks by a decent margin, it also boosts her speed. Chiefly though, is the boost to her specials. Starfall gets a simple boost, but even that makes it stronger. The boost for Star's Destruction also pairs nicely with her increased speed; but the real powerhouse is Superstar. The incredible boost is extended much further, probably to the point of being OP.

Finally, the Hero Spell has a bunch of unique and powerful effects; but, as a direct consequence, is unpredictable for the player. As such, most times are a good time to try it.
The Leonid shower is a nice barracks boost, especially considering the stack with Superstar.
The Draconid shower is a map-wide enemy effect, dealing not much damage to a single enemy, but enough to severely weaken crowds.
The Ursid shower provides a counterpart to the Leonids, boosting the tankiness of barracks. Also makes the Runed Bears much more useful.
Finally, the Taurid shower is an amazingly powerful slow, and to a lesser extent, damage reducer.

-"The stars show your doom."
-"Cause you're a superstar!"
-"The stars align..."
-"PK Starstorm!"

Almer & Chalia, the Devoted


Almer and Chalia, a couple, are dressed in twin outfits, Almer's in yellow, and Chalia's in red. The outfits are similar to Eridan's gear, but without the flowing cape.

HP: 520 (Health is shared between the two. As such, the shades of green used for their health are different) [+20] {700}
Melee: 5-9 (+1,+3) [14-36] (Each elf slashes with a thin sword, every 1.25 seconds)
Movement Rate: Medium
Respawn: 20 seconds

Innate Ability: All skills deal fire damage, at 8 dps for 5 seconds.


Flame Dance (2/3/3) (Cooldown: 30 seconds)
Sacrificing 5% of their max HP each, the two dance together. A fire begins to form between them, starting with embers at the beginning, and after 4/3/2 seconds, a full blown bonfire. For every 1.25/1/0.75 seconds they dance, a pulse of flame dealing 20-40/30-55/40-70 damage erupts from the center, going to about an "Average" tower range.

The ability does not trigger if either hero is below 15% max HP. The dance stops when melee is triggered.
The two can be moved slightly while the dance is active, but commanding them across the map will stop it.

Animation: They take each other's hands and perform a spinning dance. They are eventually obscured by the flame.

Desire (2/2/3) (Passive)
If either hero dies, the other takes their fallen partner's sword, and runs to the nearest enemy, plunging the swords into them before burning up in a blaze of fire, dealing 250/450/650 AoE damage, and igniting enemies.

Fire Bubbles (2/3/3) (Cooldown: 15 seconds)
Casts a fire bubble, which stays on the track for 100 seconds, and when stepped on, erupts in a column of flame. This deals 50/100/150 true damage and traps the enemy for 2/2.5/3 seconds.

Firelight (1/1/2) (Passive)
For every 10/7.5/5 damage the other takes, the elves boost their damage by 5% (off the normal damage). The buff resets at 15/20/25 seconds. Boosts the skills, but only by the same number as the basic damage.

Flames Crossed (3/3/3) (Cooldown: 80 seconds)
From the starting point, two flames extend 5 meters in either direction, always staying at a set distance from either side of the track. So, the lines will go around curves.
One line is yellow, representing Almer, and the other is red, for Chalia.
Each line has a special effect, while also dealing fire damage of 5/7/9/11 dps for every second spent on the line, and for 2 seconds afterward. Chalia's line will reduce damage by 60%, while Almer's disables special abilities.
Best of all, if both lines are stepped on by an enemy at the same time, for each step they take, an explosion dealing 10/12/14/16 AoE damage occurs.
The lines last for 10 seconds.

Order of Importance:
If all of their skills are charged, they will use them in this order:
1. Fire Bubble
2. Flame Dance

Playstyle and Tips:
Almer and Chalia are a paired hero, based around staying still to activate abilities and then going all out on opponents.

Flame Dance is the core of the duo, and, after a "spin-up" time, it can get quite powerful, dealing a lot of true damage every second, and in a sizable range as well. Of course, the player has to be careful, and keep them away from ranged enemies or melee. So, really all enemies... :lol:

As with most death skills, it has fairly limited usage, considering most players don't want to let the hero die. Nevertheless, it is quite powerful.

Firelight, another boosting passive, can make the pair very strong, especially on low health. Also, considering the fact that it boosts skills, Flame Dance is even stronger.

Finally, Fire Bubbles can be used as a way to make sure the enemy doesn't get too close to the heroes, trapping them and dealing damage for a short while.

And the Hero Spell, Flames Crossed, is an interesting spell with two main strategies. First, you can place down a single lane, harming many enemies with many AoE explosions, or down a split in the path, damaging many more enemies but negating the bonus.

And of course, having fire damage on every damaging skill is quite nice.

-"In love..." "...and in motion..."
-"Rising flames..."
-"By light of flame..."
-"We'll burn bright!"
-"My precious!" (on death)

Mui-Dicsid, the Riftweaver

A dark cloaked figure, with a single dark purple eye visible under their cloak. Carries a bright red blade.

HP: 260 (+10) {350}
Melee: N/A (4 hits from Mui-Dicsid kill an enemy. For each attack, it will scan an enemy for 4 seconds, before dealing a blow.)
Movement Rate: Teleport (Slashes the air, opens a rift, and teleports.)
Magic Resist: 50% (Deal with it BBB)
Respawn: 20 seconds (The nearest ally (excluding secondary heroes/Bears) will undergo the Rift Parasite animation)

Innate Ability: Each attack, in order, does the following:
-Halves damage output
-Reduces damage output to 10%.
-Slows movement by 50%.


Rift of the Lost (1/1/2) (Cooldown: 25 seconds)
Slices the air, opening a rift to the nether between realms. Lost souls grab any nearby enemy, damaging them for 5/10/15 dps as long as they are within a meter of the portal.

Rift of Ruin (1/1/2) (Cooldown: 35 seconds)
Slices the air, opening a rift to a desolate land of fire and ash. Up to 1/2/3 enemies are sucked in, insta-killing them. Also creates a cosmetic explosion upon sucking them in.

Aether Rift (3/2/2) (Cooldown: 35 seconds)
Opens a rift to a world of gods, stunning any unit, allied or enemy, in front of the portal for 6/8/10 seconds.

Rift Parasite (3/2/1) (Cooldown: 50/40/30 seconds)
Mui-Dicsid's cloak leaves them, and begins to encircle another enemy.
Where Mui-Discid once was, a figure corresponding to their old figure will fall flat, seeping darkness into the ground.
The shadows around the targeted enemy will thicken, before reforming around the enemy as a "new" Mui-Discid.

Hyperspace Fury (5/5/5) (Cooldown: 120 seconds)
If Mui-Discid is dead, they are immediately revived. In either case, they are immediately teleported to the target location.
Strange bulges begin to form under the cloak, before Mui-Discid grows in size, with another set of arms. They sheath their sword, and with new, crystal-clawed hands, select an enemy. During this, any nearby enemies are stunned.
Over the course of 2 seconds, Mui-Discid punches the target 4 times, dealing 40/60/80/100 damage each time. However, the enemy won't die.
Then, Mui-Discid takes out their sword, jumps in the air, and smashes the target with the blade, falling down to earth and impacting with enough force to open a rift, insta-killing the closest enemies and dealing 300/400/500/600 damage elsewise, with respect to splash.

Order of Importance:
If all of their skills are charged, they will use them in this order:
1. Rift of Ruin
2. Aether Rift
3. Rift of the Lost
4. Rift Parasite

Playstyle and Tips:
An extremely heavy hitting hero, Mui-Discid relies on powerful abilities, but on quite lengthy cooldowns. For example, without outside help, their basic attack will kill 2 enemies, only barely being better than their Rift of Ruin at level 2.
Given their movement speed, it would likely be best to use them as a jumper, jumping around the map, reducing the power of threats such as Twilight Golems.
Rift of the Lost is their main damage ability, inflicting damage over time to nearby enemies. Very useful when paired with Aether Rift.
Rift of Ruin is a secondary damage ability, instakilling a few enemies at a time. Certain enemies, mostly large ones, aren't affected though.
Aether Rift is honestly one of the strongest skills. Its sheer versatility with a long stun is very nice, especially considering most of Mui-Discid's skills have long CDs.
Rift Parasite is... interesting. It isn't as strong as most other skills, but unlike Rift of Ruin it can target anything but a Boss or Endless Boss.
Hyperspace Fury is a very showy ability. The long animation time (likely around 5 seconds in total) means it can distract Mui-Discid from important threats, so it is best used in the back of the map, where enemies will get stunned. Elsewise, it essentially a more powerful Rift of Ruin.

Quotes (Speaks in a variety of tones and pitches)
-"I am but one of many."
-"Rifts are dangerous, you know."
-"My blade... is sharper than anything you know."
-" are dead."
-"ha...ha...hahaha" (Spoken in a deep tone upon activation of Hyperspace Fury.)
-"My return is... inevitable..." (on death)

pls respect pronouns
(Character is meant to be genderless)

Bombrista, the Sound Magus

Bombrista wears a blue robe, with wave-like white hair. She holds a metal staff.

HP: 300 (+10) {390}
Melee/Ranged: 20-22 (+1,+2) {28-40} [Bombrista slams the ground with her staff, creating a sonic wave that deals true damage, every second, in the range of a "Short" tower range]
Movement Rate: Fast
Respawn: 20 seconds


Echo Chamber (2/2/2) (Cooldown: 12 seconds)
Creates a special field around 1/2/3 ranged enemies. For each attack that hits a soldier, the enemy is damaged for 1x/1.5x/2x that damage. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Resonance (4/3/2) (Passive)
Each attack has a 5%/10%/15% chance of finding an enemy's resonant frequency, and the attack which does this will deal double damage. Further attacks which find this frequency will do double that, and so on and so forth.

Dissonance (4/2/2) (Cooldown: 30 seconds)
The user attacks with the power of a terrible, explosive sound.
Deals 300/450/600 true area damage. Affected by Resonance.
{The sound wave's edges, normally tinged white, turn red and orange.}

Echoes (3/1/1) (Passive)
For each attack exchanged between her and an enemy, Bombrista has a 15%/30%/45% chance to spawn an Echo, with the following stats:
HP: 100
Damage: 10-12 {Screams, dealing damage in a small cone-shaped AoE}
Armor: Immune
Each Echo lasts for 6 seconds.

Epic (4/2/2) (Cooldown: 50 seconds)
Changes the background music to something epic (Two Steps from Hell will do), boosting all towers' damage by 20%/40%/60% and their attack speed by 1 stage. Barracks' damage are boosted by 150%/200%/250% and their attack speed is lowered by 20%.
Lasts for 7 seconds.

Order of Importance:
If all of her skills are charged, she will use them in this order:
1. Dissonance
2. Echo Chamber

Playstyle and Tips:
Bombrista is a hero focused on taking on many enemies, but needs help from soldiers to prevent her fairly small health pool from being drained.
Her basic attack can be quite powerful, with a long range, fairly high damage, and true damage.
Echo Chamber is interesting, and can be useful against enemies that have heavy hitting ranged attacks, especially Harassers, who can deal about a third of their health in one arrow volley.
Resonance can be very powerful, especially when it procs repetitively, which quickly stacks damage to very high levels.
Dissonance is mostly a more powerful version of her basic attack, and it also gets the boost from Resonance.
Echoes helps with her low health pool, adding a chance to summon invincible reinforcements, albeit for a short time.
Finally, Epic is a fairly standard global boosting spell. But with cool music.

-"Here comes the drop."
-"Delelele whooop"
-"Words never die."
-"Silverbird" (on death)

Rakotra, the Whisperer


HP: 55 (+5) {100}
Melee: 13-17 (+2,+2) {31-35} [Grabs an enemy and electrocutes them, dealing damage every 0.75 seconds.]
Armor: Immune {Note, to prevent boss stalling, physical attacks from enemies of 1500+ HP deal 5% of their normal damage.}
Movement Rate: Fast
Respawn: 25 seconds


Whispers of Oblivion (Innate)
Has a 50% chance to activate on every attack.
Whispers to an enemy.
The enemy is afflicted with the 'Whisper' status, taking an add. 10% damage from towers and an add. 30% from . Afflicted enemies have a purple aura.
Can stack, up to 5 times; increasing levels are signified by a transition to a red aura.

Shroud of Delirium (2/1/1) (Passive)
For every whisper on an enemy, gains a 5% chance to dodge attacks (up to 60%/70%/80%).

On the Edge (2/1/1) (Passive)
Saves soldiers from death, once per soldier. Restores them to half health, takes 0.5 seconds.
Does not proc Blessing of Elynie.
The soldiers deal 150%/200%/250% of normal damage until they die from basic attacks.

Saving Light (3/2/1) (Passive)
Revives herself, taking away the Whisper status of up to 4/3/2 nearby enemies.
As long as there are 'Whispered' enemies, she can remain alive.

Voices (3/3/3) (Cooldown: 30/25/20 seconds)
All nearby enemies gain negative effects based on Whisper level:
1 - Damage reduced by 50% for 8 seconds
2 - Slowed by 50% for 8 seconds (First tier applies)
3 - Stunned for 4 seconds (Tier 1/2 apply)
4 - Attacks any nearby unit for 10 seconds (Tier 2 applies)
5 - Attacks deal 200% more damage for 10 seconds (Tier 4 applies)
{Tiers 1/2/3 apply to bosses}

Power Construct (4/4/5) (Cooldown: 65 seconds)
Creates a massive construct which gains power based on the average whisper level of nearby enemies. Lasts for 15/15/15/20 seconds. Deals AoE magic damage.
Base stats:
HP: 500
Damage: 20-50

1 - Gains 0%/10%/30%/50% magic resist. Buffs health by 90/110/130/150 points.
2 - Can blast beams of energy as a ranged area attack. Buffs damage by 5/10/15/20 points.
3 - Passively triggers the Voices skill effects
4 - If about to die and fighting an enemy with 1000/900/800/700+ HP in melee, insta-kills the enemy upon death.
5 - Stuns all nearby enemies for 1/2/3/4 seconds upon spawning

Playstyle and Tips:
Focused on sowing maythem among enemies, Rakotra is meant to destablize your enemy through debilitating effects, rather than having much of an effect, damage-wise on the battle itself.
Her main gimmick is the Whispers passive, which in and of itself is fairly nice, with a more or less 100% chance to trigger every 1.5 seconds. The damage boost can be much appreciated.
The first major buff from the Whispers is the Shroud, which makes her even more immune to attacks then she already is.
On the Edge can be a bit niche, but can help in a pinch.
Saving Light is also useful in a pinch, especially considering her normal immunities.
Voices is her main skill, having many effects and tying into her Whispers, making them that much more powerful. The relatively short skill cooldown is also useful.
Finally, Power Construct has very high potential, though relatively weak (at least compared to Dark Pact). The Construct makes up for it with powerful abilities based on the whisper levels. Hence, casting it on a high density area of Whispers can be very beneficial.

-"If I fall..."
-"Whispers of darkness..."
-"These voices..."
-"Cloaking activated."
-"Be my saving light..." (on death)

More will be added. The heroes are based off different songs, in a way (Excluding Mui-Discid, that is). Props to anyone who finds them. (Hint: A quote of each hero has a lyric)

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:13 pm
by Big Bad Bug
As of right now, this thread is just "Aeris' hero." :P

Kintana has a catchy name and neat powers. I wouldn't consider her a melee mage, though, since a) her melee damage and health are very poor, b) all of her skills focus on ranged attacks, and c) she has to damage herself to deal bonus damage to enemies. She'll need time to heal even without going into melee just from that one skill, plus all of the ranged attacks from enemies in Origins will keep her at half health or below.

Cosmic Overdrive is kind of a wasted skill, as she doesn't deal that much more damage and it takes forever to activate it. I think it would be cool if her overdrive was caused by damage or when she was completely filled with energy, so it only activates when all of her other skills are fully charged, which would then make it easier to deal more damage because all of her skills would be ready to be used as soon as they are buffed.

Super Star feels rather UP as it requires the player to invest in soldiers rather than towers, which already means that less damage is being dealt. While barracks towers are capable of doing really good damage, they are more expensive and don't really need to be upgraded at all in a level anyways, so an extra 3% per unit isn't very much and lasts for a small amount of time for such a long cooldown. I appreciate the attempt at recreating a Roar of Fury/Angry God skill in KRO, though. ;)

Star Destruction is my favorite of her powers. There's not much I can offer for improvement on it since a neutral-damage skill that gives the player time to trap enemies in the pre-determined AOE and an opportunity for bonus damage is a fun tactical ability with lots of possiblities, and will be extra satisfying when the bonus damage kicks in.

Meteor Shower is also cool since it has a chance to be extra strong, though it could be heavily OP or UP due to how different the effects are and how rare the chance of a bonus is.

She's a neat hero with tricky balancing, but a lot of the powers have good ideas in them that would be really fun to have in Origins. Just edit her stats and some of the skills and she'll be perfect. :D

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:07 pm
by AerisDraco
Yes, yes. As I said, I have more ideas, currently numbered at 3.

Okay. She may need a buff in base stats. Though, her damage is double, dual knives, remember? ;)

Hmmm. Originally, Overdrive only required 50 kills to proc, but is seems I debuffed it too much.

As for Superstar, while creating it, I made the rough calculation of about 3 barracks per map, as I think that seems like a good amount, and 4 reinforcements, as there is never a reason to not have them out. At that point, the damage buff is 39%, pretty good, I think. Perhaps I should make it 1%/3%/5%?

Good. May I note, you didn't review Starfall, but it is a simple ability.

Can you tell me which effects of Meteor Shower are OP and which are UP?

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:18 pm
by Ninja
I think he didn't review Starfall because it's so simple. There's not much to say about it, especially since it's balanced. ;)

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:08 pm
by Big Bad Bug
Ninja wrote:I think he didn't review Starfall because it's so simple. There's not much to say about it, especially since it's balanced. ;)

Exactly. If I have nothing to say, then I won't speak. :ugeek:

AerisDraco wrote:Okay. She may need a buff in base stats. Though, her damage is double, dual knives, remember? ;)

Reg'son has dual daggers but his hero room damage is the actual damage that he deals per attack. ;)

AerisDraco wrote:As for Superstar, while creating it, I made the rough calculation of about 3 barracks per map, as I think that seems like a good amount, and 4 reinforcements, as there is never a reason to not have them out. At that point, the damage buff is 39%, pretty good, I think. Perhaps I should make it 1%/3%/5%?

Saitam also adds 65% damage with Angry God, but, damage in KRO should be higher than that in KRF and Saitam's skill effected the damage of all attacks, not just that of barracks. I recommend 3/5/7% for the skill.

AerisDraco wrote:Can you tell me which effects of Meteor Shower are OP and which are UP?

Yes, I can, but I won't. :twisted:

Leonids would be neat to stack with Superstar, but the damage bonus is still very weak. Another percentage bonus to make soldier damage grow exponentially would be better, especially if it caused more damage so it's not UP.

Draconids seems like it should be strong because it hurts the whole map, but the damage to each enemy is so insignificant that the attacks that do kill the enemies are just going to have slightly more overkill on them.

Ursids is balanced, as soldiers need more survivability in this game, and this provides it. However, a 5% chance to double the health bonus is extreme and should be evened out to a higher chance for a less powerful bonus.

Taurids is heavily UP. 1% slow? Why would that matter at all? I actually find it kind of funny that this exists at all, no offense. lol: A 33% slow and 50% damage reduction won't be so weak.

My main problem with this Hero Spell is that the chance for a bonus effect is so low that it makes it highyl unlikely to happen, which just isn't as fun and makes the balance of the skill become confusing. Boost the probability of a meteor shower for every skill and I won't take any issue with it anymore.

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:56 pm
by Ninja
Big Bad Bug wrote:Reg'son has dual daggers but his hero room damage is the actual damage that he deals per attack. ;)

That's because he attacks with both of them at once. Whenever a hero dual wields and uses the weapons separately in an attack sequence, he deals double the damage displayed in the Hero Room. Oni implements this mechanic, for instance. (And if you want another, than Sha'tra does too. ;) )

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:24 pm
by Big Bad Bug
Ninja wrote:
Big Bad Bug wrote:Reg'son has dual daggers but his hero room damage is the actual damage that he deals per attack. ;)

That's because he attacks with both of them at once. Whenever a hero dual wields and uses the weapons separately in an attack sequence, he deals double the damage displayed in the Hero Room. Oni implements this mechanic, for instance. (And if you want another, than Sha'tra does too. ;) )

Not on the Ipad version. Oni deals extra damage because of the Spiked Armor bonus, but only 1 of the 2 strikes from multi-hit heroes like Oni, Sha'tra, Karkinos, and Kutsao actually have frames that deal damage. ;)

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:20 am
by AerisDraco

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:38 pm
by Magnus0
Wait, can the two elfs be moved independently like Durax´ crystallities? Because that's pretty cool.

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:45 am
by AerisDraco
Ehhh.... no.
Doesn't really make sense for the playstyle I made.

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:05 pm
by The Kingmaker
Is their health equal when it is split?

Also is the other immune while using the on-death ability, at least while winding up the ability? Because I'd imagine enough Harassers to deal 350 damage would deal another 350 pretty quickly.

I'm also dying for some lore on these two.

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:56 pm
by AerisDraco
They each have a health of half the amount. So, 260 at L1 and 350 at L10.
Uhhhhhhh... That's not my best department.

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:39 pm
by The Kingmaker
Do I need to define still? The second line makes it look like you understand.

I would offer but I'm a bit inundated and I haven't even started the new contest yet soooooooooo

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:13 pm
by AerisDraco

hero: new (Mui-Discid)
occupation: Riftweaver

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:59 pm
by Big Bad Bug
I don't know if I love or hate this hero.

The base attack is what has me hung up so much. If I'm understanding this correctly, it comes into effect every 4 seconds, which basically executes a 16 second instakill. The extremity is a nice way to balance this (and make an excuse to one-shot more OP Endless Mode enemies) but also makes it so frustrating to try to kill regular enemies. Taking down high-HP enemies is hardly a concern in KRO when it's the crowd-controlling Druids and Barracks thay are UP, not the DPS towers like Golden Longbows and Wild Magi. ;)

The skills are all very cool, if vague. How long does the portal last? What is the size of it? How much damage does the cosmetic explosion deal after Rift of Ruin? What is the explosion's AOE size?

Rift of the Lost makes up for the otherwise poor crowd control of the hero, so that the focus isn't solely on instakills. I like this since it doesn't distract from the hero's high DPS, yet gives another power to use that will definitely help. UP, but only as an individual skill, since Rift of Ruin makes up for it.

Rift of Ruin would be a perfect skill if not for the order of importance. I think it should he used first, then the stun, since young Vez'nan has taught me that stunning an opponent right before one-shotting them makes the stun pointless. ;)

I have nothing to say to criticize Aether Rift since I already made my point above. I like how epic the stun is; this skill is the stun of all stuns, and well-justified. :mrgreen:

So, does Rift Parasite instakill an enemy and make a clone of the hero, or does it kill the hero and replace it with the clone, made from the dead enemy?

I love the animation for the Hero Spell. I think it's a well-done skill, except it breaks the cardinal Ironhide rule that enemies can't be moved by your units unless it's covered up somehow, like through a teleport or being caught in a twister. If the slashes make such a large attack trail animation that it covers up even a Twilight Golem, I suppose that could work, but it would still be off-putting in my mind. What about the hero spinning with those claws so fast that it becomes a tornado, which damages and stuns the enemies before the hero crashes down with the sword dealing the AOE damage and instakilling the closest enemies?

I suppose I do like this hero more than I dislike it, so I'll give my unofficial good stamp. :)


Trigger-Happy Aeris wrote:Magic Resist: 50% (Deal with it BBB)



Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:26 am
by AerisDraco
Base Atk: True, but ah well.
The portals would likely be about the size of the kind you see in the Portal game. (A little less than 2 meters tall, about half that wide)
Not sure what you mean by how long the portal lasts. Each portal disappears at the end of the respective skill.
As for the cosmetic explosion, it is just that. Cosmetic. No damage, just looks cool.
I'll change OoI.
Rift Parasite "kills" the hero and replaces the enemy.
I'll change it so Mui-Discid simply slashes.

lol I knew the magic resist would trigger you, but, tell me, does it make more sense for an interdimensional parasite to have physical armor or magic resist? Huh? HUH?

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:07 pm
by Big Bad Bug
Oh... cosmetic...

I may or may not have misread that as cosmic. :oops:

I like your changes to the hero. Those are perfect fixes. :)

Don't worry about the magic resistance; I'm just playing along with this sudden stereotype that I've been given. :P With all of the connection to cosmic powers and gods, I feel like this hero is somewhat beyond even magic, and these powers are just natural for a being of such power. Magic comes from wise wizards who master techniques to bend reality, but this seems like a natural ability for Mui Dicsid. I'm probably the only one who gets that vibe, so leave the magic resistance if you really want it.

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:34 pm
by Ninja
Big Bad Bug wrote:Don't worry about the magic resistance; I'm just playing along with this sudden stereotype that I've been given. :P

It's hardly sudden. You've been seemingly very averse to the idea of heroes having Magic Resistance in the past on multiple occasions. ;)

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:38 pm
by AerisDraco
is of new

Re: Aeris' Heroes

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:52 pm
by The Kingmaker
That's an amazing concept.

And spawnable immune to attach sentient sound echoes? Damn, you're blowing my mind here.

I would argue that she could do with a little more health or some armour to counteract that she works best while in harms way. Just a personal thing, but if the sound wave occurs every second, and makes noise, it might be a bit intrusive or off putting, if it's visual (it's above the frequency of human hearing!) then it's make using her not aggravating.
I love the idea of a true damage area nuke, and it's damage and cooldown are normally reserved for hero spells, and while I love the unexpectedness, with her long range it could be very hard to keep her from using it without constant micro, either diverting the players attention or leaving the hero with essentially one less power, because they used it on that one Spiderbrood that got past them. Perhaps having to have a minimum of 2 enemies for it to trigger would be a somewhat suitable catchment, like have Lynn can't use the Purple Curse on a Single Enemy