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Fanfic Concept #1: Prelude to Shadowmoon

PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:33 am
by GeminiSparkSP
This is something I've been thinking about for a while. It's not exactly a full story, more like concepts I've thought up, hence the title. I may or may not do more of this in the future, and may or may not fully develop these concepts into full stories. For now, it's time to visit Bonesburg.

I've talked about DanteXLucrezia before in my shipping thread. However, after a lot of thinking, I might be able to expand the story.

Story summary:

Part 1 - The Dragon Slayers of Linirea
During the reign of Denas' father, a terrifying dragon turned Valardul Valley into a plagued wasteland overnight. The king called for Sir William Ericsson, Leon Morrison, and Vasile - also known as the Dragon Slayers of Linirea - to slay the dragon. They embarked on a quest, and confronted the dragon on Rotwick. Braving the dragon's attack, Sir William severely wounded the dragon, forcing it to fly away to recover. Being severely wounded himself, Sir William was unable to continue the quest, and so only Leon and Vasile remained.

They chased the dragon to Jonesburg, where it had almost turned into a wasteland as well. With their combined effort, Leon and Vasile managed to kill the dragon, with Vasile delivering the final blow. Later, the Dragon Slayers of Linirea received their rewards. Sir William was given the title Blackburn and had personally requested to rebuild Rotwick, so he was made the lord of the land. Vasile was made the lord of the land around Jonesburg, while Leon was elected mayor of Jonesburg shortly afterwards.

Part 2 - The fall of Jonesburg
Years passed after the Dragon Slayers of Linirea was disbanded. Having fallen out of touch with Sir William, both Leon and Vasile moved on with their own lives. Leon met Lily, a mysterious woman with a strange aura. He courted her, and they later got married. Vasile met Mona, a woman of his liking and married her as well. From their marriages children came. Leon had two children, Dante and Dierdre. However, Vasile's happy life didn't last long. After giving birth to their daughter Lucrezia, his wife died a few days later.

Years later, Dante and Lucrezia met and slowly fell in love with each other. On the age of 27, they got married. However, during the wedding day, Vasile suddenly attacked the city with his strange power. Unbeknownst to them, Vasile had slowly gone mad and made a deal with the underworld to receive a new power. Dante and Dierdre managed to escape with their mother, but everybody else didn't. Consumed with bitter sorrow, Dante dedicated himself to become a demon hunter.


Dante Morrison
The son of Lily and Leon Morrison. A rather suave delinquent in his younger days. He matured up after he met, befriended, went out with, and proposed to Lord Vasile's daughter, Lucrezia. However, after the fall of Jonesburg, he became a bitter shell of his former self.

Note: The 'Morisson' last name went through some thought process. When you think about vampire hunters in video games, you usually think of Simon Belmont from Castlevania. Using Belmont as a vampire hunter's last name would be too cliché, so I turned to the lesser known characters, and I found Jonathan Morris. He is one of the main characters of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Still, Morris sounds too obvious because it came from a DS game, so I went with Morrison.

Personality wise, if the description didn't give it away, he's DMC Dante when young. This also ties in with his father's name. As for his mother, I have an interesting idea. To make long story short, Lily is actually Lilith from KRO. Not only this is a further shout-out to DMC by making Dante a half-divine human, but it also explains his Beacon of Light ability and how he can come back from the dead.

Dierdre Morrison
Dante's younger sister by 10 years. Quiet and disciplined, a total opposite of her brother. She's been a devout follower of the Holy Order since she was little. When Jonesburg fell, she escaped with her mother and brother. Later, she joined the Holy Order's Priest Guild and married Sir Gerald. After the war with Malagar, she heard about her mother and brother returning to Bonesburg to liberate it, and so she set out for a family reunion as well as introducing her husband to her family.

Note: This idea just came recently because of the concept of light vs. dark, and Dierdre is the embodiment of light in KRF. Besides, it would explain her Wings of Light.

As for her marital status, TaTs didn't really give much detail about religious celibacy in KR universe, so I have to get creative. Even though the Holy Order is clearly based on the Catholics, I'm using Christians as the basis here, meaning active religious figures are allowed to have a spouse.

Lucrezia Harken
Lord Vasile's daughter. Being neglected by her father, she often slipped out of the manor to hang out in the nearby town, Jonesburg. There she met the resident bad boy, Dante. They both matured up together as their relationship blooms. However, on her wedding day, her father suddenly crashed the party and bit her. After being turned into a vampire, she escaped before her father could brainwash her. Afterwards, she denounced her father's family name and took her mother's.

Lord Vasile
Formerly one of the three dragon slayers of Linirea, he specialized in magic, and the one who killed Cinderplague, the dragon that had been terrorizing Bonesburg. In return, he was made lord of the land. He had a happy life with his wife Mona Harken, but it all changed when Lucrezia was born. Due to complications, she died a few days after giving birth. Consumed with sorrow, Vasile slowly spiraled down into madness, neglecting his only daughter. The final straw was when he denounced his devotion to the heaven and made a deal with the underworld. His wife would be returned at the expense of an angel's soul, and he was told there's one in Jonesburg. Thus, he received the powers of a vampire, and turned his daughter into one, although she escaped before he could brainwash her.

Note: If you can't tell it already, his origin is somewhat based on Dracula's from the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula. His wife's name, Mona, has two layers of depth here. The obvious one is that it's a shout-out to Mona Lisa, which is made by Da Vinci, which is Italian. The not-so-obvious one is that it's a shout-out to Dracula's wife, Mina Harker.

Also, obviously his backstory is very far from the canon.

Frank Jackson
Bonesburg's biggest guy with the biggest heart. The only son of Dr. Victor Jackson and his wife Mary, and Dante's best friend and voice of reason. During the fall of Jonesburg, he died being torn apart by zombies when stalling them so his parents could activate the Dark Forge. Not wanting to lose their only son, Dr, Jackson gathered his body parts, made the missing ones from steel, reattached them together, and gave a little jolt to revive him.

Note: As you can tell, his name is taken from Frankenstein, his last name from Jax of Mortal Kombat, and his parents' name from Frankenstein's first name and creator respectively.

I also came up with an explanation as to why he's only in Bonesburg. He's running on rechargeable battery, and the Dark Forge can't be moved. This also means I'm ignoring Bonesburg's Iron Challenge.

The dragon that had been tainting the Valardul wastelands with its deadly plague breath before being driven away by the three dragon slayers of Linirea, setting its eyes on Jonesburg instead, where it met its fate. After its death, its bones were hung as decoration in front of Lord Vasile's manor.

Note: While this is called Prelude to Shadowmoon, I feel like I should at least include Boneheart here.

Leon Morrison
Dante and Dierdre's father, the mayor of Jonesburg, and formerly one of the three dragon slayers of Linirea. He specialized in swordplay and firearms, and assisted Vasile in taking down Cinderplague. He was elected as the mayor of Jonesburg afterwards. Curiously, when Jonesburg fell, he was captured by Vasile instead of being killed.

Note: In DMC, Dante is the son of Sparda. Sparda sounds like Sparta, and even Ace Attorney made a joke about it. When you think of Sparta, you think of 300. The main character of 300 is King Leonidas. Thus, I took the name Leon from there.

Lily Morrison
Dante and Dierdre's mother. She is actually Lilith from KRO. Having realized one way or another that evil can never truly be vanquished from the world and thus she would never have her redemption, she gave up her crusade and lived a quiet life at Jonesburg. When Jonesburg fell, she escaped with her children. Vigor renewed, she started hunting demons again with her children in tow. After Dierdre decided to join the Holy Order, it's just her and Dante.

Jack O' Lantern
Vasile's general stationed at Desecrated Grove to keep Lucrezia from escaping. A real enigma, as he just suddenly appeared one day and pledged loyalty to Vasile.

Note: The Jack O' Lantern is actually just the pumpkin head. In order for it to be alive, it needs a body as a vessel.

Sir Gerald Ericsson
Leader of the Holy Order knights, and Dierdre's husband. He was given the title Lightseeker when he became the leader. Hearing his wife's plea, he, along with a few Holy Order knights, accompanied her to liberate Bonesburg, saying he had experience dealing with dark forces before. Besides, he was looking forward to meeting her family.

Note: Again, more light vs. dark theme. Plus, KR1 needs some love.

Sir William Ericsson
Former member and leader of the three dragon slayers of Linirea, as well as Gerald's uncle. He specialized in heavy weapons and tanking attacks, and the one who drove Cinderplague away from the Valardul wasteland, though he nearly got killed for it. He was made lord afterwards, and proudly bore the title Blackburn, named after the result of taking Cinderplague's plague breath head-on. However, it seems that his body wasn't the only thing that was affected by the plague breath...

Note: This is the furthest thing away from Shadowmoon, but if I want to link everything together, I might as well put him here.

General notes:

Bonesburg and its surrounding area weren't called like that until after the attack. Dusk Chateau used to be Vasile Manor, Desecrated Grove used to be Tranquil Forest, and Bonesburg used to be Jonesburg.

Lucrezia can't just leave the land because she's a vampire, and only the land is covered in eternal night. If she steps out, she's toast.

Lucrezia's vampirism is both magical and biological. Magical in the sense that her life force is directly linked to Vasile's, thus killing him would mean killing Lucrezia as well, and biological in the sense that even if her life force isn't linked to Vasile's, she would still remain a vampire after Vasile's death.

At one point, Lucrezia would die, and Lilith would give up her life force to revive Lucrezia and turning her human, fulfilling her quest for redemption.
Note: I thought this up based on what should be the Aesop of Lilith's redemption quest, and I based it on John Constantine's: It's not about hunting demons, it's about sacrificing yourself to save another.

I'm upgrading Dante's armament. He will not be wielding a pair of old pistols and a rifle. He will be wielding a pair of five-shooter revolver with one chamber always empty for safety. This matches his maximum Guns Akimbo upgrade. As for his rifle, it will be a bolt-action rifle similar to the one you get in Resident Evil 4. His axe remains the same.

The Jack O' Lantern can take over bodies without the need of decapitation, kinda like wearing a helmet. This could make a good setup for a dramatic reveal.

Early draft:

Vasile and Lucrezia originally wasn't related.
Note: I only changed it because I thought vampires looking for brides is too cliché for a vampire story. While by making them father and daughter could potentially turn this into another kind of cliché, namely a Romeo and Juliet plot, I decided that Vasile doesn't care about his daughter at all, let alone who she loves. They fought because Vasile is a threat to the kingdom, not because he opposed her relationship.

Dante was supposed to be an immortal, but otherwise normal human.
Note: I thought this up to justify his Beacon of Light ability: He took a holy oath saying that his body and soul shall not rest until he killed Vasile. This also works as a backup plan for Lucrezia's vampirism in case it was biological. I thought up of how Vasile's gonna be killed, which is by having Boneheart devour him. Since Dante's oath specifically said that he's the one who had to deliver the killing blow, he would be stuck ageless forever. Coupled with Lucrezia's vampirism, they would make an immortal couple. Once Lilith joined in, I scrapped this idea altogether.

Vasile killed Boneheart after he became a vampire.
Note: This is a concept from my "Hero Joining Point" thread. When I made that thread, the dragon slayer idea hadn't come up.

Leon was originally just a hunter.
Note: This is just an attempt to justify Dante's skillset; his father taught him to hunt. Later down the road, I decided to make him a dragon slayer, with the hunter aspect shoved in as firearms skill.

Lilith wasn't originally included.
Note: I didn't even think much about Dante's mother aside from the name Beatrice, which is another shout-out to Devil May Cry/Divine Comedy. However, an idea from another concept I thought up crept in, and so Lilith joined the story.

Boneheart was Faustus.
Note: I thought of following this popular fan theory, but ultimately I decided to give Boneheart its own origin story separate from Faustus.

Jack O' Lantern almost didn't make it.
Note: I was really stumped with the pumpkinhead. I didn't know where to put him, to the point of not using him altogether. However, when the dragon slayer idea came to me, so did a solution to Jack's situation. See if you can't figure it out.

There were no dragon slayers.
Note: Originally I didn't even intend anyone to be a dragon slayer. However, I took a look at the name Dracula and its inspiration, Vlad Tepes. Apparently, its meaning is "dragon" or something (which somewhat makes sense. Dragon -> draco -> dracul). Once that settled in, I decided to make Vasile a former dragon slayer. The others just followed suit.

Sir Gerald wasn't originally included.
Note: I didn't even think of Gerald when I thought this up. However, after I included Dierdre, I decided to include Gerald for more light vs. dark theme. However, I had to justify Gerald's presence in KRF territory, so I made him Dierdre's husband.

Lord Blackburn wasn't supposed to be a dragon slayer.
Note: Blackburn's backstory originally was the same as canon. However, I realized that I made Cinderplague destroy the Valardul Wasteland first, and Blackburn's castle is located there as well. I decided to make him a dragon slayer just to give Cinderplague an excuse to leave the wasteland and target Bonesburg instead.

Vampire movies
General fantasy stuff
Real-life Dracula
Devil May Cry

Well, ain't that a concept and a half. See you in the next fanfic concept!

Re: Fanfic Concept #1: Prelude to Shadowmoon

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:46 am
by GeminiSparkSP
Double post. Changed Lucrezia and Vasile's relationship, added Boneheart, and some extra detail.

Re: Fanfic Concept #1: Prelude to Shadowmoon

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:34 am
by GeminiSparkSP
Triple post. Added the profiles for Dierdre, Leon, Lily, and Jack O' Lantern, and some details. Also changed Vasile's target and Dante's arsenal.

I could use some feedback from you guys. Particularly, I need a last name for Vasile. Also, can you guess who Jack O' Lantern took over? Finally, what do you guys think of everything so far?

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:35 am
by RaZoR LeAf
I'd rather read a story than a load of character notes.

Re: Fanfic Concept #1: Prelude to Shadowmoon

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:57 am
by GeminiSparkSP
RaZoR LeAf wrote:I'd rather read a story than a load of character notes.

Hence the topic title.

Re: Fanfic Concept #1: Prelude to Shadowmoon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:28 pm
by GeminiSparkSP
Double post again. Added more stuff.

This might actually be the final update for this concept. I can't believe it all started with a simple scenario to justify DanteXLucrezia. Look forward to the next concept.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:25 am
by Ruby_Hex
Very interesting... I like the idea of Vasile being the father of Lucrezia. Not to mention Vasile being a dragon-slayer. That's just awesome, plain and simple.

Re: Fanfic Concept #1: Prelude to Shadowmoon

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:30 am
by GeminiSparkSP
DLC update! Added even more details and early draft, and tied up loose ends.

Okay, this should be the definitive final update. No more rethinking, no more regrets. With this, I officially announce I'm done with Prelude to Shadowmoon. See you in my next fanfic concept!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:32 am
by Ninja
GeminiSparkSP wrote:DLC update! Added even more details and early draft, and tied up loose ends.

Okay, this should be the definitive final update. No more rethinking, no more regrets. With this, I officially announce I'm done with Prelude to Shadowmoon. See you in my next fanfic concept!

This is a really cool concept! If you ever made a story that followed this plot, then it would be hype. ;)

Re: Fanfic Concept #1: Prelude to Shadowmoon

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:15 pm
by GeminiSparkSP
Added story summary and inspirations.

Okay, this should be the legit end. I've said what I wanted to say. I've summarized everything.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:50 pm
by Ninja
Cool. :D