Some Tower Ideas

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Some Tower Ideas

by Minuet » Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:41 am

Hi, I'm new here, I've beaten all three games and want moar, plus I have had some ideas for towers... so that led me here. :D
So anyways, please provide feedback if you feel so inclined to, and then maybe I'll add more if people want more.
*Note: All towers are based as if they come from the base towers of KR and KRF.

Iron Engineers
Damage: 30-40
Range: Long
Attack Speed: Average (1s)
Average DPS: 35
Cost: 230
Innate: Deploys mines randomly in their attack range every 3 seconds when not attacking. These deal 90-120 damage in a small AoE when stepped on by enemies. There can be up to 4 mines at once. (This functions similarly to how Bolin and The Black Corsair deploy mines.)

They aren't getting paid extra.
Cost: 250/250/250

Grants a bonus to a nearby tower that increases the damage of their next attack by 50/75/100%. After they attack, the bonus jumps to a random tower anywhere on the map, including the Iron Engineers who created it in the first place. The tower that has the bonus will gain a bright yellow sigil shaped like a gear around their base until they attack, where it will then flash white before appearing around the next tower with the same flashing effect.

Steam Golem
Beep boop beep.
Cost: 350/150/150

Damage: 20-30/30-50/50-80
Attack Speed: 2s
Armour: None/Low/Medium
Magic Resistance: None
Health: 200/250/300
Unit Count: 1
Respawn Time: 14s

Deploys a sentry that blocks and fights enemies. It deploys mines every 5 seconds (a max of 3, separate from the IE). Setting a rally point causes it to patrol a set distance back and forth along that path, centred on the instead of manually moving to that location.

Damage: 13-20
Range: Long
Attack Speed: Fast (0.5s)
Average DPS: 33
Cost: 215
Appearance: A simple tavern, with windows on either side of a central door, shadows of people can be seen through the windows moving back and forth. A drunk man on the roof drinks from a bottle, and throws them at enemies.

Inn Renovation
The inn of your dreams!♡~
Cost: 200/200/200

Re-purposes the Tavern to be used as an inn for extra revenue, generating 1/2/3 gold per second, the gold generation doesn't start until the level is started. Instead of having a quote it plays the general tower-building sound effect.

On the House
Cost: 70

Serves booze to all enemies in range, slowing them by 20% for 3 seconds. This effect can stack again to 40%, and then again to stun them for 3 seconds instead. The ability must be bought each time it's used.

Magician Academy
“A trick of the eyes!”
Damage: 10-12 (Melee), 22-32 (Ranged)
Attack Speed: 2s
Armour: None
Magic Resistance: Medium
Health: 140
Unit Count: 2
Respawn Time: 12s
Cost: 275
Appearance: Not sure how the tower itself will look, the soldiers look a lot like a real-life magic performer, with a top hat, cape, and white gloves. During their melee attacks they strike their enemy with a cane, and their ranged attacks have them 'conjure' a dove and throw it at the enemy, where it bursts into confetti and ribbons.

Mirror Image
“I require an assistant from the audience.”
No people were harmed in the making of this ability.
Cost: 175/175/175
Recharge Time: 16/12/8s

Creates an illusionary double slightly further down the path, has (50/60/70) HP and deals no damage.

Glittering Dove
“Alaka ZAM!”
Cost: 200
Recharge Time: --

Magicians’ ranged attacks stun enemies for 0.75 seconds.

Smoke Cloud
“Always have an ace in your sleeve.”
They took a ninja night course.
Cost: 250/100/00
Recharge Time: 20s

When a magician reaches 40 HP or less, they use a smoke bomb to become invisible for a short period, allowing them to regenerate some health.

Holy Chapel
“Sanctuary to all.”
Damage: 48-82
Average DPS: 43~
Range: Long
Attack Speed: Slow (1.5s)
Cost: 275
Innate: Heals all allied troops in its attack range every time it attacks, for 20 HP.
Appearance: Stereotypically church-y, has a door at the front with a cross over it, and two pillars running up the side with stained glass windows. At the very top there is a bell tower right above where the caster's pedestal is, similarly to how the High Elven Mage is laid out but with a different aesthetic.

Ability 1: Exorcise
“The power of Christ compels you!”
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Cost: 350/100/100
Recharge: 30/27/24s

Douses an enemy in holy water, converting them to an ally, causing them to travel backwards up the path they came and engage all enemies. Enemy must be under 100/200/300 HP to use.

Ability 2: Hearth Fire
“To be born good, or to overcome your evil?”
Cost: 175/175/175
Recharge: --

Empowers nearby towers and itself, causing 20/30/40% of their damage dealt to ignore enemy resistances. Doesn’t affect damage immunities. (i.e. Ghost, Bluegale)

Gnomish Chaotifer
“Dominion! Control! PURE POWER!”
Damage: 48-76
Average DPS: 67
Range: Long
Attack Speed: Average (1s)
Cost: 300
Innate: Attacks have a 50% chance to bounce to a nearby enemy.
Appearance: Similar to the gnomish houses seen in KRO, with a small garden of purple mushrooms around it, but in addition, a dark grey stone platform with alchemy symbols written on it floats above the house, held aloft by the Gnome's magic. It floats up and down identically to how the mage towers in KRO float.

Ability 1: Tiny Fury
Say hello to my little friend.
Cost: 300/300/300
Recharge Time: 10s
Damage: 150-200/200-250/250-300 (Magic)
Stun Duration: 2s

The Gnome commanding the tower may leap off onto the heads of enemies to claw at their eyes, dealing damage and stunning them for a short time, before teleporting back to his platform.

Ability 2: Awesomeness
Cost: 300
Recharge Time: 12s

The Gnome tries out an unstable spell, causing one effect from this list to happen:
-An enemy in his range is polymorphed into a bunny.
-An enemy is disintegrated.
-A group of enemies is teleported back down the path.
-He fires faster for a few seconds.
-It explodes in his face, stunning him for 2 seconds.
-The spell fizzles

A heretic monk whose powers weave the very fabric of reality.
"Open your mind's eye." (The voice is very echo-y, like Sona from LoL.)
Cost: 280
Damage: 48
Average DPS: 48 (24x2)(24x3)
Fire Rate: Constant**
Range: Great
*Innate: The transcendent’s attack can split to attack up to 3 enemies, dealing 50% damage to each.
Appearance: A pyramid with a floating eye, extremely similar to the eye of providence. A monk in a cross-legged meditative pose floats closely above a small pad of land connected to the pyramid. While attacking the eye opens (it is normally closed), firing the beams, and the space immediately around the monk glows orange.

Ability 1: Endless Cycle
"The strands of fate intertwine."
Cost: 300/100/100
Recharge: 10s

Creates a space where enemies cannot leave for 2/3/4s, if they reach the end of the zone they are teleported back to the beginning. (Creates two points on the path, where if an enemy hits the further point they are sent back to the earlier one). Always targets a zone completely within the attack range of the Transcendent.

Ability 2: Astral Projection
Cost: 200/200/200

Forces an enemy's soul out of their body, sending a phantom double slightly ahead of them that will mimic every action they take and stay a fixed distance ahead of them. The double has HP equal to 20/30/40% of that enemy's max HP and all damage taken by the double will deal 120% of that amount to the corporeal enemy.

**Constant damage is a means of having a continuous flow of damage from one tower, instead of bursts or constant attacks. It works by dealing an amount of attacks per second equal to its attack damage, each dealing 1 damage (i.e. a constant-firing tower with 10 damage would attack 10 times per second, dealing 1 damage each). How it works with resistances is that each instance of 1 damage has a % chance to be completely ignored based on the target's resistances (i.e. a constant-firing archer is attacking a Dark Knight, there is a 90% chance that each instance of 1 damage will be ignored). So it is the most efficient means of dealing damage, but very unreliable against armoured enemies.


Dwarven Mines
Damage: 35-65
Average DPS: 50
Range: Short
Attack Speed: Average (1s)
Cost: 375
Innate: Attacks deal regularly-sized splash damage.
Appearance: The quarry’s appearance is an excavated hole in the ground with a rail track running horizontally through the centre, when it attacks a dwarf on a mine cart will progress from the left side, throw a bomb, and continue into the mine out of sight.

Ability 1: Excavation Network
"Work, work."
Cost: 200/150/150
Recharge Time: 20s

When used, a team of Dwarves burrows out of the ground next to a random tower holder, creating a hole in the ground where the Mine can attack from as if it were built on that holder, the attack speed of these extensions are a bit slower than the main mine (about 1.2s compared to 1s). A maximum of (3/4/5) extensions can exist, and the mine will always produce new ones when the ability is ready, causing the oldest one to collapse if the max is hit.

Ability 2: Turbo Fuel
“Start yer engines!”
This fuel is illegal in over 10 countries.
Cost: 200/200/200
Recharge Time: 12/10/8s

Uses a special fuel that allows the mine carts to move much faster, letting the Mine and all excavations attack 30% faster for 5s.

Mounted Rail Cannon
Damage: 60-90
Average DPS: 25
Range: Global
Attack Speed: Very Slow (3s)
Cost: 400
Innate: The MRC has a minimum range it can fire at (at about the size of a Golden Longbows’ range).
Innate: Attacks deal regularly-sized splash damage.

Appearance: Very futuristic-y in the way of glowing lights and a smooth design, I'm not too sure on specifics though. It is manned by Saurians, and fires pulses of electricity that travel very quickly.

Ability 1: Blazefang
Cost: 350/350
Damage: 10-20 (x3)
Range: Short
Attack Speed: Fast (0.5s)

An extra Saurian (1/2) runs out to the side of the tower, attacking at a short range. Fires 3 shots at once, hitting up to 3 targets (the same way the High Elven Mages attacks). Giving the tower a way to fight enemies at close range.

Ability 2: Sonic Interrupter
Could you repeat that?
Cost: 250/100/100

Casters struck by the MRC have their magical abilities sealed for 2/4/6 seconds.

Mountain Giant
“The spirits beckon.” (Druid)
Damage: 50-60
Average DPS: 18.3
Range: Short (Rally Range)
Attack Speed: Very Slow (3s)
Cost: 400
Innate: Attacks have a diameter equal to the path.
Appearance: The tower itself is a large hill with a druid on top. It deploys a massive humanoid with a similar system to the Battle Mecha that the actual damaging part of the tower isn’t the tower itself. He pushes a huge boulder and lets it roll down the path to crush and damage enemies, where it gradually slows down and then falls off the path after 4 seconds. He doesn’t have to wait for a boulder to disappear before rolling a new one.

Ability 1: Earthen Runes
“My ancestors call.” (Druid)
Cost: 300/150/150
Druid Fire Rate: 6s

Grants the Druid on the hill the ability to create boulders for the giant, increasing his attack speed by 20%, and periodically targeting an enemy with a spell that causes them to be the centre of an AoE explosion after 1.5 seconds, dealing 70/90/110 magic damage.

Ability 2: Massive Impact
“Strike three, you’re out.” (Giant)
Home run!
Cost: 300/300/300
Cooldown: 16s

The mountain giant throws a smaller rock at point blank range, dealing 100-200/300-400/500-600 damage to all enemies in a short line.

Dark Apothecary
“Life is short.”
Damage: 10-15
Average DPS: 25
Range: Long
Attack Speed: Fast (0.5s)
Cost: 400
Innate: Attacks affect 50% of the normal splash area of artillery.
Innate: Attacks leave behind a gas cloud for 2 seconds that damages enemies that pass through it for 20/second for 4 seconds, constantly refreshing until they leave the cloud or it dissipates.

Plague Distribution
“The sickness spreads.”
Cost: 250/200/200
Cooldown: 10s/8s/6s

Throws a special vial that infects all enemies it hits, causing them to generate a plague cloud, dealing the same damage as a gas cloud, enemies afflicted by plague clouds will also generate plague clouds, but only once.

Festering Boils
“Toil and trouble.”
You should get that checked out.
Cost: 200/150/150

Enemies afflicted with poison are slowed by 10/15/20% and have their attack damage reduced by 20/40/60%.

-01/10/2016: Posted, woot woot.
-16/10/2016: Added Iron Engineers, Mountain Giant and Dark Apothecary.
-25/11/2016: Changed some wording, added the Transcendent.
-27/11/2016: Added the Tavern. Fixed more typos. Gnomish Wizard renamed to Gnomish Chaotifer, Tiny Fury updated. Renamed the Iron Engineers' ability "Advanced Technology" to "Overtime". Nerfed the Dark Apothecary. Reduced initial cost of Excavation Network and increased 2nd and 3rd tier costs. Added specific times to the Fire Rates of all towers. Increased fire rate of the Mountain Giant's Earthen Runes by 1 second. Reduced a lot of ability cooldowns as most are way too long.
-08/12/2016: Did some stuff then lost internet connection so I dunno what stayed and what didn't. Added some written quotes (in italics).
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Re: Some Tower Ideas

by Ruby_Hex » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:17 am

These all seem cool! Welcome to the forums, by the way. The Mounted Railgun seems interesting, but honestly, all of them are interesting.
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Re: Some Tower Ideas

by Magnus0 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:44 am

These are all very unique and complete tower concepts. The balance is solid overall too.

I especially like the quotes and ability names. They are really fitting and add to the overall feel of the tower.
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Re: Some Tower Ideas

by Minuet » Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:28 am

Added a few more towers. :o
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Re: Some Tower Ideas

by AerisDraco » Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:34 pm

You might want to put a limit on the mines of the Iron Engineers.
KRA is now complete.
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Re: Some Tower Ideas

by Minuet » Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:47 am

Added the Transcendent, it's going to be in an upcoming project thingy of mine so please tell me what you think of it.
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Re: Some Tower Ideas

by Big Bad Bug » Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:56 am

I like the Archmage-inspired mines of the Iron Engineers to add something more interesting to their attack patterns. The addition of pure damage boosts and a sentry to block enemies and deal good damage is really nice and adds to the theme of the tower, which os a focus on efficiency in dealing damage instead of being flashy. If I could nitpick, "Advanced Technology" is simplistic name and I don't get a visual of how the skill works in a battle. I also wish the golem had more control; I get that the point is to patrol a path and not stay in one spot, but I think that a rally point could ne added that lets it choose which path to guard. The smallness of my gripes goes to show how excellent this first tower really is. :)

Mages for barracks is a cool idea. I find it kind of funny that there are party trick mages in this universe as well as all the various sorts of wizards, sorcerers, witches, etc. :D

You also made it pretty unique that they use skills to maintain their durability instead of pure stats like other barracks towers. The Illusions and Invisiblity add health to them in original ways, plus the stun to keep enemies from attacking them. Well done! :mrgreen:

The Holy Chapel is another good tower. I have one question about the second skill: When the attacks ignore 20% of resistances, does that mean that an enemy with 50% armor now has 30% of it effective or 40% of it effective?

The Gnomish mage is a good adaptation of the tower in Unseelie Court. I'll take Tiny Fury over the upgrade for more Gnomes any day, although I wish I knew the exact damage and stun duration of the skill. ;)

I'll talk about the remaining towers when I have more time in real life to do so. :mrgreen:
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Re: Some Tower Ideas

by Minuet » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:59 am

Oh thank you for the review ^.^

I like the suggestion for the patrol-bot, I'll update that soon.
Also, yeah, Advanced Technology is kind of a meh name, I'll update the description soon.

For the Holy Chapel, it causes a % of the damage that the tower deals to ignore armour, so if an archer tower deals 100 damage while boosted so that 20% of their damage ignores armour to an enemy with 50% armour, it will deal 60 damage.
I didn't want it to be too strong as armour is pretty centric to the whole infrastructure of the game, plus it affects towers similarly to a CF, so it can get out of hand quickly.

I'll add more info to the Gnomish Mage as well.
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