VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

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VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by RaZoR LeAf » Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:10 pm


If you were unfamiliar with the requirements of the contest, you'll find them in the spoiler below.

Towers to be designed:
x1 Level 4 Barracks
x1 Level 4 Mage
x1 Level 4 Archer
x1 Level 4 Artillery/Druid

Hero to be designed:
x1 Origins Style Hero


Your four towers and hero must have a Halloween or Horror Theme!

What subjects you choose for your towers and hero are up to you, but they must have a Halloween (or generic Horror) theme to them.

Requirements (My lawyer made me write these)
  • Please keep your entries in the below format, do not reorder the fields. Do not include pictures.
  • Your entries must be based on anything to do with Halloween, or a generic Horror theme. Try not to use specific characters or features from tv shows, films or books that may not be known to all audiences.
  • You have until 25th October to submit your entry (14 days).
  • All entries must be submitted to me via a Private Message.
  • I will accept edits and updates on your entries up until the closing date. Please resend the entire entry and I will use your most recent submission.
  • I need your entire entry (four towers and a hero) in one PM. Sections sent separately will not be counted.

For Artillery/Mage/Archer

Tower Name The tower name
Description What the tower looks like
About A brief introduction to the tower (like you'd see in the games)
Cost Build cost of the tower

Fire Rate How fast it attacks
Damage How much damage the tower causes
Range How far the tower reaches

Skills State the two skills the tower has, and include how much the skills cost per upgrade, and what the difference in stats are.

Skill Name (Cost)

Quote The quote spoken when the tower is first built

For Barracks

Tower Name The tower name
Description What the tower looks like
About A brief introduction to the tower (like you'd see in the games)
Cost Build cost of the tower

Unit HP The HP of the units
Unit Armour The Armour rating of the units
Unit Damage How much damage the unit causes
Unit Respawn How fast new soldiers are spawned

Skills State the three skills the tower has, and include how much the skills cost per upgrade, and what the difference in stats are.

Skill Name (Cost)

Quote The quote spoken when the tower is first built

For Hero

Name The Hero's name
Title Their title, like "Warlord", "Knight" or "Wizard"

HP All stats should be fully maxed at level 10
Ranged Omit this field if the hero does not have a ranged attack
Magic Omit this field if the hero does not have a magic attack


Skills Include four regular skills, and one Hero Spell

Skill Name (points)

Quotes Include three regular quotes and one death quote.

My apologies in the delay getting the voting thread up. It should have been last night, but I was feeling a bit weird so I went to bed early. Anyway, we're here now. Please use the poll to pick your favourite entry. Voting will run until Monday 31st October. You can change your vote.



Tower Name Ritual Summoners
Description A red summoning circle in surrounded by dilapidated ruins. Two robed figures stand around the circle, summoning spirits that rise out of the glowing symbol and circle above the tower. The spirits circle until an enemy is in range, then fly out to attack it. When it hits, a new spirit is summoned.
About Ritualist's call upon spirits of the afterlife to aid us in battle.
Cost 300

Fire Rate Slow
Damage 40-90
Range Great

Soul Merge (300/200/200)
When no enemies are in range, the summoned spirits merge together to form a stronger spirit, which then does a multiple of damage on impact. This can be added to by an additional spirit for each upgrade, +1/1/1 to a maximum of five times the damage.

Perish Song (150/150/100)
A summon circle can be placed on the path (with a rally point). From the circle, a banshee like spirit emerges and begins to wail. As enemies move past and are caught within the range of the song, their speed is reduced by 10/20/30%. The banshee's range also increases by 5% with each upgrade.

Quote "Is there anybody there!?"

For Archer

Tower Name Haunted House
Description A rather quaint looking cottage, with typically cheap looking Halloween decorations on and around it. Cobwebs, a sheet ghost on a stick, etc. The first floor windows are both open and two kids are leaning out of them, throwing water bombs at passing enemies.
About Trick or treat, what will you choose? Here you have no choice.
Cost 220

Fire Rate Average
Damage 30-75
Range Wide

Sneaky Trick (250/200/200)
The kids start to throw additional objects, namely eggs/tomatoes/toilet rolls. Each projectile deals 30/50/70% magical damage in addition to the regular damage

Sticky Treat (200/150/150)
The front door opens and an old lady throws a bowl of toffees at 2/4/6 enemies, getting them stuck in one place for 4/5/6 seconds.

Quote "Trick or treat, smell my feet!"


Tower Name Old Apple Tree
Description A large gnarled tree with bright red apples on. A cauldron sits beneath the tree with two small druids around it. One is hanging on the side of the cauldron the other is standing by the truck with a bat. It hits the tree and an apple pops out of the top and onto the path, bursting open when it hits the ground.
About Forest druids use apples to both feed and defend themselves.
Cost 350

Fire Rate Medium
Damage 45-70
Range Average

Bobbing (250/200/150)
The Druid hanging off the cauldron dunks his head in and resurfaces with an apple in his mouth. Every time the tree throws out an apple an additional 1/1/1 smaller apple will follow it dealing 75/50/25% percent the damage. (The numbers are for the individual apples, so there are four apples that consecutively deal 100, 75, 50, 25% in a row)

Cursed Apple (200/200)
Every 25/20 seconds tosses a single sickly purple apple onto the path that spreads poison onto the area when it bursts. Poison causes 30/50 damage over 5/6 seconds

Quote "How about them apples!?"


Tower Name Undertaker's Yard
Description A grey patch of land with a few gravestones. Two dwarves in dark clothes and grey beards are standing around. One of them is digging a hole, the other is standing beside a pile of black bags. Every time a unit dies, the stationary dwarf tosses a new bag into the hole the other dwarf is digging. When all three units are out, the digger leans back on his shovel and pauses. Units look like zombie soldiers with helmets and swords.
About They're resting in pieces, it's time to put them to use.
Cost 250

Unit HP 220
Unit Armour None
Unit Damage 14-18
Unit Respawn 8 seconds


Phantomime (200/200/200)
Units have a 10/20/30% chance to become ghosts for 2 seconds and take no damage. Additionally, units become immune to non-magic projectiles when stationary (like Assassins; to dark archers, but not necromancers)

Braaaaaiiins! (300)
Units regain 50% HP if they kill an enemy

Re-Dead (250/150/150)
Upon defeat, each unit has a 10/20/30% chance of getting right back up.

Quote "We commit this body to the ground." (Dwarf accent)


b]Name[/b] Bolger
Title the Scarecrow
Appearance Unlike a typical scarecrow that is seen hanging in a field, he is a lot more muscular in appearance, about the size and shape of a Troll Champion. His clothes are ragged and torn, and a hat covers much of his sewn on face but his eyes glow white. Straw pokes out everywhere, covering his hands but he is carrying a pumpkin lantern. A small flame flickers at the top of the lantern.

HP 600
Melee 42-66

Armor None
Speed Slow
Respawn 20 seconds


Lantern Light (1/1/1)
The glow from his lantern affects enemies in range by reducing their armour by 10/20/30% be it magical or physical.

Voodoo Child (2/2/2)
Summons a straw voodoo doll to distract an enemy. It doesn't attack. It engages the enemy as a unit. When the doll is killed, it's HP amount is inflicted upon the enemy attacking it and an additional 1/1 enemies of the same species.

Jack'o (1/2/3)
A burst of flame explodes out of the lantern dealing 50/100/150 true damage. It has a 5% chance of burning enemies (individually) for 30 damage over 5 seconds

Crow Murder (2/2/2)
Bolger lifts his hat and a murder of 6/9/12 crows fly out and head up the path. They move fast and individually attack enemies for 50 one time damage each.

Hero Skill: Haystack Needles (2/3/4)
A haystack falls onto the target area stunning the enemies that are stuck under it. A rain of 12/16/20/24 needles shower down on the haystack dealing 25/30/40/55 damage each.

"Pumpkins scream in the dead of night."
"Go do that voodoo that you do."
"I'm made of tougher things than just straw."
(Death) "If I only had a brain!"


Tower Name Jack 'o' Lantern Druid.
Description The tower itself is tall and cylindrical with a base that is slightly thicker than the top. It is constructed from faded brown branches and roots that are twisted together and appear to be very dry and dead. At it's base are several Jack 'o' lanterns that glow from the inside. the top of the tower is surrounded by a fence made from sharpened wood sticks and the towers door is round and wooden with the doorknob located directly in the center. (Like a Hobbit door.) The tower has no windows and a druid sits at the very top in the middle of the sharpened fence. The druid itself is tall and thin and wears a black robe, has orange hands with pointed fingers and a carved pumpkin as a head. The druid also has a simple twisted wooden staff in his left hand that is used to conduct his magic. When he attacks, he magically conjures up an explosive pumpkin which then gets tossed at nearby enemies.
About This cooky druid comes around every October to rain hell on his enemies using bizarre pumpkin magic! (Unfortunately, he's gotten most of the troops hooked on a mysterious elixir called "Pumpkin spice latte...")

Cost 300
Fire Rate Slow
Damage 40 - 60 (AoE fire damage.)
Range Long

Skill Name Pumpkin Golem
Cost 225 / 225 / 250
Rally Point Range Average
Description: Summons a Pumpkin Golem with 500 / 600 / 750 HP that moves as fast as a a Worg when movement is necessary. This Golem also does 35 - 55 damage on each attack and has a fast attack rate. It has no armor or magic resistance and gets re-summoned every 10 seconds. It explodes in a burst of flame upon death, dealing damage equivalent to the Golems current health in an AoE magic damage. The pumpkin Golem has thin limbs that are made from green vines. His stomach and chest are each made from an individual pumpkin and in his right hand is a scythe, which is what he uses to attack. His head looks like a pumpkin but it is far more sinister looking than the cheerful head of the pumpkin druid. The pumpkin Golem has a pair of horns that each look like a pumpkin stem.

Skill Name Pumpkin Patch
Cost 200 / 150 / 150
Description The Pumpkin druid magically conjures up a pumpkin-filled cluster of thorny roots and grass on the road that slows down all enemies passing through it by 50% / 60% / 70% while also doing 40 / 50 / 60 physical damage per second to all enemies caught within it. If an enemy dies in the pumpkin patch, it ads 1.5 seconds to it's 5 / 6 / 7 second timer.

Quote "I AM the Pumpkin king!"

Tower Name Soul-render Totem
Description The totem looks like a tall, jet black rectangle with a large black skull sitting at it's top. The totem sits amid a pool of glowing pale green slime made from the souls of it's foes. Ancient runes cover the totem. The totem doesn't attack like a normal tower. Instead, it summons a "Soul Monger" once it collects 3 souls from enemies that die near it. Once the maximum number of Soul Mongers have been summoned (3), the tower will heal the Soul Monger with the lowest HP by 150 when it collects three souls, rather than summon another Soul Monger. When the tower collects a soul, the soul flies out of the enemy, leaving a pile of dust behind, and gets absorbed into the towers skull which begins to float in midair, open its mouth and have it's eyes glow green, as well as the rest of the skull and the runes on the totem. A Soul Monger is the size of Oni from KR. They have entirely green bodies with thick limbs and black skull-like heads with tusks. They also have a tail, as well as a black rib cage within their green chest. Soul mongers have no armor, no magic resistance, 500 HP each and deal 80 - 100 magic damage on each hit.
About A sinister magical totem that gorges on the souls of fallen foes to empower itself and cause more carnage.

Cost 280
Fire Rate N/A
Damage N/A
Range N/A
Rally Point Range Great

Skill Name Soul Charge
Cost 150 / 100 / 100
Description: Soul charge allows the tower to attack every 5 / 4 / 3 seconds with a green blast that looks like some sort of electric shock-wave or something. The blast surrounds the entire tower and stuns all enemies caught within it for
2 / 3 / 4 seconds. The blast also does 100 / 150 / 200 magic damage. The Soul Charges range would categorize under "long."

Skill Name Aura of Anti-magic
Cost 150 / 100 / 100
Description This ability causes the totem to innately cause an effect to all enemies near it that removes all of their magic resistance and silences their spell casting ability for 5 / 7 / 8 seconds after they've moved out of the totems anti-magic field. The anti-magic field covers a "long" range.

Quote "I beckon you to your doom!

Tower Name Monster Hunter
Description The tower looks like a sturdy, stone fortress or survival bunker with a thick wood door, no windows and a wide base. The top of the tower is open and has four large windows with no glass in them. The towers roof is faded red, like the colour of a brick. At the top of the roof is the skull of some monster, and at the base of the structure are several wooden stakes sticking out of the ground that are topped by decaying heads. Gruesome, isn't it? Anyhoo, a man looks out of the window at the top of the tower. The man has a sniper and a black leather jacket. He also has a brown cowboy hat with a black band wrapping around it and faded blonde hair. Lastly, he has a long, grey goatee and a cigar in his mouth. The way he rests his sniper on the windowsill is rather casual.
About A vengeful hunter who speaks little of his motives. All we know is that his goal is to seek and destroy evil creatures. (Even if they aren't monsters.)
Quote "I feel like a monster."

Cost 280
Fire Rate Very Slow
Damage 80 - 100
Range Great

Skill Name Armor Eater
Cost 100 / 100 / 120
Description: Every time the Monster Hunter shoots an enemy with any level of armor, he has a 50% / 75% / 100% chance to shoot an "Armor Eater" bullet that bypasses all armor and does 25 / 35 / 45 extra damage for each level of armor the enemy has. (Example: If armor eater is at max level, an enemy with high armor would take 215 - 235 damage.)

Skill Name Divine Bomb
Cost 200 / 150 / 150
Description Recharge time is 12 / 10 / 8 seconds. The Monster Hunter pulls out a large shotgun lookin' thing which he then fires, releasing a large bullet made of glass that is filled with a pale blue liquid. (Holy water.) The bullet explodes on impact, dealing 250 - 300 true damage in an AoE with no splash-reduction. It also causes an effect that acts like fire, dealing 25 true damage per second for 5 / 6 / 7 seconds.

Quote "I beckon you to your doom!

Tower Name Haunted Hanging Tree
Description The tower looks like a gnarled, chestnut brown tree with no leaves and a face. The face has two large orange eyes and a gaping, toothy maw. Hanging from the trees dead branches are three nooses which end in a corpse. Eww. The soldiers are Zombies and all look different. (like reinforcements do.) They are wearing light armor and sometimes carry simple weapons. If they don't have a weapon, they attack with their claws. They have a 25% chance to poison the enemy that they just hit.
About An old hanging tree turned into an ent by the souls of those who died on it's branches. It now makes use of it's powers by fighting evil.
Cost 250

Unit HP 210
Unit Armour low
Unit Damage 30 - 40
Unit Respawn 12 seconds.
Rally Point Range Average

Skill Name Tainted Earth
Cost 150 / 100 / 100
Description The tree corrupts the earth around it for 5 / 6 / 7 seconds, poisoning and slowing all enemies that walk through it. The corrupted earth is darker in colour and covered in green glowing cracks. If an enemy dies while in the corrupted earth, the zombies that are currently alive will be healed by 80 / 100 / 120 HP.

Skill Name Blaze of Gory (A parody of the term "Blaze of glory.")
Cost 120 / 100 / 100
Description If one of the zombie soldiers dies, they explode dealing 150 / 200 / 250 AoE damage while also poisoning any enemies caught in the blast.

Skill Name Undead Talons
Cost 120 / 100 / 100
Description When a zombie soldier attacks, they have a 25% / 30 / 35% chance to deal true damage to their opponent. If an enemy is affected by Undead Talons, they will be guaranteed to be poisoned.

Quote "MUAHAHAHA!!" (I couldn't think of anything better. :| )

Name Count Mathias
Title The Vampire Lord
Appearance Count Mathias looks like a fairly typical vampire with pale skin, a permanent scowl, black outfit and Dracula-like widows peak hairstyle. He has pointed ears and his eyes glow a faint red and he wears a fancy white shirt under a black coat with coattails. he has boots that curl up at the toes and dark grey pants. He also has a cape that is black on the outside and red on the inside. His arms are almost always crossed and his fangs can be seen even when his mouth is closed. He wears a decorative talisman around his neck and his black coat has red accents.

HP 380
Melee 40 - 60 (Magic, fast attack rate)
Ranged 35 - 70 (Magic, average attack rate)
Armor None
Speed As fast as Lilith. When he is moved a long distance, he floats in midair. Otherwise, he walks normally.
Respawn Time 18 seconds
Heal Rate 32 per second

Skill Name Otherworldly Magic
Points 1 / 1 / 2
Description Every time Count Mathias attacks, he has a 30% / 40% / 50% chance to ignore all magic resistance.

Skill Name Blood Feast
Points 2 / 2 / 2
Description Count Mathias has the ability to feast upon an enemies blood every 36 / 34 / 32 seconds. Count Mathias can only perform this attack on enemies with 400 / 500 / 600 health or less. When he does this attack, he has a 40% / 50% / 60% chance to instakill the enemy. Otherwise, he does 300 / 400 / 500 damage. When he performs this attack, he heals himself for 150 / 200 / 250 HP. The animation has Count Mathias suck a red orb from the enemy which gets absorbed into his open mouth. If the enemy is killed by this attack, they disintegrate into a pile of ash.

Skill Name Bat Swarm
Points 2 / 3 / 3
Description Count Mathias summons a swarm of vampire bats that fly around himself in a circle. The swarm lasts for
4 / 5 / 6 seconds. The swarm covers a range equivalent to max level rain of fire and any enemy caught within the swarm is slowed to 70% / 60% / 50% of their normal speed and takes 25 / 30 / 35 damage per second. If an enemy dies while within the swarm, the swarm lasts for 1 more second.

Skill Name Blood Missiles
Points 2 / 2 / 3
Description Count Mathias shoots 3 / 4 / 5 red orbs of energy from his hand that seek out enemies and deal
300 / 400 / 500 magic damage each. If their are less targets than their are orbs, the orbs will converge on the target in order to make use of all of the orbs.

Hero Spell Name Vampires Rage
Points 3 / 4 / 4
Description Vampires Rage is a hero spell that causes a red burst of energy at the targeted point. This wave of red energy looks almost as if it's made from a blood-like substance. All enemies caught within the blast take
400-500 / 500-600 / 600-700 AoE magic damage. If lord Mathias is dead when the spell is used, the blast will deal 200 extra damage. The AoE covers a space equivalent to Vez'nans arcane nova.

"What is a man?"
"Listen to them...The children of night."
Upon death: How irritating...

Entry Two has had fields re-ordered and removed as they did not follow the requirements laid out in the original topic.


Name: Silken Spindle
Desc: A tightly woven silk base with small spiderlings crawling around it, on top it holds a rotating wooden disc with 6 stationary spikes (starting at the top, each an equal 60 degrees away from each other). It fires all six at once, but they each only go in one direction, so it can’t hit enemies even slightly out of its reach. The rest of the structure is covered in webs and small barbs.
About: A rotating structure woven of arachnid cunning that shoots barbs at foes.
Cost: 230

Fire Rate: Average (1s)
Damage: 55-85
Range: Extreme

Sticky Coat (300/300)
Lvl 1: Coats barbs in a web that impedes enemies. (1s duration.)
Lvl 2: Creates silk that can only be broken by the barbs of its creator. (Enemy immobilized until hit by another spike.)
Covers the barbs in a sticky web that traps the foe hit to the ground for a short time. Can only proc on an enemy once per each directional spike. (i.e. the upward-facing one can root an enemy, but then it can never be rooted by that one again, but it can be rooted once by any of the others.)

Widow Queen (350/250/250)
Lvl 1: Spawns a Widow Queen who will pounce on enemies to inject lethal venom. (75 DMG over 3s, 8s CD)
Lvl 2: Increases the lethality of the Widow Queen’s venom. (125 DMG)
Lvl 3: Maximizes the lethality of the Widow Queen’s venom. (175 DMG)
A spider queen appears atop the tower, every once in awhile she leaps upon an enemy, temporarily stopping them to inject venom into them that deals true damage over time.

Quote: “Trap the flies!”

Name: Weeping Hollow
Desc: A pale woman in a white gown with hair covering her face, sitting on a stone altar in a hollowed out tree. For attacking, pale blue wisps flow between the branches of the dead tree before flying at their target.
About: The souls of the tormented dead find no rest, thankfully this one is on your side.
Cost: 300

Fire Rate: Slow (1.5s)
Damage: 50-100
Range: Long

Banshee’s Cry (300/200/200)
Lvl 1: Unleash the ghost maiden’s anger, damaging and stunning all enemies in a cone. (100 DMG, 30° AoE, 1s stun)
Lvl 2: Widens the range and increases stun duration. (30°-60°)(1s-1.5s)
Lvl 3: Widens the range and increases stun duration. (60°-90°)(1.5s-2s)
The ghastly woman screams in a cone (with the targeted enemy in the centre), damaging and stunning all enemies hit. 10s cooldown.

Maiden’s Tear (350/300)
Lvl 1: Eliminates an ally or enemy to create a Mournful Treant that blocks enemies. (20s CD, 250 HP, 10-15 DMG, 0% Armor)
Lvl 2: Increases the health and damage of Mournful Treants. (300 HP, 15-20 DMG)
Note: If she targets a barracks soldier, and then the barracks they spawned from is sold or destroyed, that Mourning Treant will disappear.

Quote: “They will pay.”

Name: Hemophage
Desc: A vampiric mage standing atop a tower, for attacking he has no projectile, but causes an enemy’s blood to burst, dealing instantaneous damage to them and enemies around them.
About: Untapped blood flows within our foes, that this vampiric wizard will feast upon.
Cost: 375

Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: 40-85
Range: Long

Blood Fervor (300/200/200)
Lvl 1: Rapidly attacks three times, killing an enemy increases attack speed temporarily. (100% AD, 15s CD)
Lvl 2: Increases the damage of the barrage. (120% AD)
Lvl 3: Increases the damage of the barrage. (140% AD)
The Hemophage attacks three times in a row quickly, if any of the attacks kill an enemy the Hemophage gains a 30% bonus to attack speed temporarily.

Sanguine Flood (250/250/250)
Lvl 1: Dead enemies infuse the Hemophage, dealing damage to all enemies in its range. (20% of their max health, caps at 200)
Lvl 2: Further increases damage dealt. (20%-30%, caps at 300)
Lvl 3: Further increases damage dealt. (30%-40%, caps at 400)
Every time an enemy dies in the Hemophage’s range, their blood infuses the tower, causing all enemies within range of the tower to take (20/30/40)% of the dead enemy’s max health as magic damage. This ability has a 13 second cooldown.

Quote: “The rivers will run red.”

Name: Abandoned Carnival
Desc: A decaying wooden fence surrounds a small semi-visible zone with a ferris wheel and a stand, presumably for some game but none of that is visible enough. All the lights are off but turn on one by one when abilities are purchased. The soldiers are undead clowns with tattered clothes and heavy makeup, and holding small knives.
About: The eerie residents of this old fair have come back from the dead to bring more excitement.
Cost: 230

HP: 200
Armour: Low
Damage: 15-25
Respawn: 10s

Wheel of Chance (200/100) (Lights up the fence.)
Lvl 1: Spins a magical wheel for a boon or a curse. (20s cooldown)
Lvl 2: Lowers chances of a bad result.
A wheel appears next to the user which they spin, it takes 3 seconds to finish spinning and the clown can perform other actions and ignore it during this time. When it finishes one of three things happen:
-2x attack damage for 10s. (40/45%)
-High armour for 10s. (40/45%)
-Death to the user. (20/10%)

Psychopathy (300) (Lights up the ferris wheel.)
Lvl 1: Clowns gain attack speed as the health of their enemy decreases.
Increases attack speed by up to 100% (if the enemy is at 20% HP or below). The enemy simply needs to be at that value, not to actually have lost health while facing the clown. (1.25% AS per 1% HP lost.)

Glasgow Smile (200/150/150) (Lights up the stand.)
Lvl 1: Gashes their foe’s mouth, dealing 20-40 damage and silencing them.
Lvl 2: Increases damage dealt to 40-60.
Lvl 3: Increases damage dealt to 60-80.
Attack that cleaves a permanent smile on the enemy they are currently fighting. Silences spellcasters. 15 second cooldown. Uses it regardless of the enemy being a spellcaster or not.

Quote: “Step right up.”

Name: Timothy
Title: The Candy Hunter
Appearance: Appears as a small child in a shoddily-made ghost costume (i.e. a tablecloth with eye holes cut in) his eyes are completely black and the skin visible on his arms is a sickly shade of pale blue. He carries a plastic pumpkin-shaped trick or treating pail. For melee attacks he whacks his enemy with his it, and ranged attacks have him lift it up where it glows momentarily, before firing an orange orb at his target.

HP: 350
Melee: 15-30
Magic: 16-48

Armour: None
Speed: Average
Respawn: 15s

Trick (2/2/2)
Lvl 1: A powerful blast of magic that deals 80 extra damage and stuns enemies in an area.
Lvl 2: Increases damage to 160.
Lvl 3: Increases damage to 240.
When ready, the pumpkin pail glows brightly. Accompanies his next attack when used. Stuns for 1 second.

Treat (1/1/1)
Lvl 1: Eats a candy, restoring 50 health.
Lvl 2: Eats a candy, restoring 100 health.
Lvl 3: Eats a candy, fully restoring health.
A candy levitates out of his pail and flies right through his costume. The healing also affects the Sugar Ghast.

Sugar Ghast (3/3/3)
Lvl 1: Raises an abomination made of candy to fight and block foes.
Lvl 2: Increases health and damage.
Lvl 3: Increases health and damage.
Functions nearly identically to Alleria’s Wildcat and appears similarly to the Earth Elemental except made of cotton candy and various other candies stuck to it. Its attacks deal damage in a small AoE. It has 400/525/650 health and deals 20-30/25-30/35-40 damage. Low (20%) armour.

Phantom Form (3/1/1)
Lvl 1: Becomes a pure ghost temporarily, gaining immunity to physical damage and 30% increased move speed.
Lvl 2: Further increases the speed bonus to 50%.
Lvl 3: Further increases the speed bonus to 70%.
Timothy glows blue and his body disappears, the pail floating. He moves much faster and is immune to physical damage.

Hero Spell - Sugar Rush (4/4/4)
Lvl 1: Empowers up to 3 towers, increasing their attack speed by 80%.
Lvl 2: Increases the bonus to 160% and affects an additional tower.
Lvl 3: Increases the bonus to 160% and affects an additional tower.
The closest 3/4/5 towers to the use point will gain a pink aura with floating candy around them, granting +80/160/240% attack speed for 5 seconds.

Selection/Idle: “Give me something good to eat.”
“This is gonna be a pain to sort…”
“Pacts with the devil let you carry more candy.”
Death: “Th- that’s not part of the deal!”


Artillery tower
Tower Name PumpkinLauncher2000-inator
Description A big wooden howitzer with steel straps for support. On the left there's a pipe. A scarecrow loads pumpkin ammunition in the pipe that connects to the howitzer. Another scarecrow operates a the main mortar by revolving a handle for all eternity.
About These scarecrow do what they do best. Scaring the hell out of enemies by bombarding them with rotten pumpkins.
Cost 375

Fire Rate slow
Damage 45-85
Range average

Skills State the two skills the tower has, and include how much the skills cost per upgrade, and what the difference in stats are.

Candeluxe (200/200/200) (passive)
Pumpkins now come shipped with deluxe candles, for that extra creepy halloween look (now for sale for only 2.99!). The candles inside the pumpkins shatter upon impact, leaving a small blue flare on the ground for 5 seconds. The flare deals 10/20/30 magic damage per second.

Pumpkin Party (300/100/100) (18s)
Fires 3/4/5 pumpkins at once in a line.

Quote *irritated nose exhale*, stop with that mushy stuf.

Archer tower
Tower Name Graveyard Grounds
Description This tower isn't actually a tower, but rather a small hill. It's a really sad and creepy looking hill with graves and bones everywhere. There's a square fence around the entire graveyard. On the top of the hill stands an old gravekeeper with a brown jacket and a rucksack full of bones. The gravekeeper tosses the bones of the deceased at enemies.
About If you look at the gravekeeper you would think: why does he dig up skeletons? But what nobody knows is that he a skeleton himself! Maybe he just wants some friends.
Cost 230

Fire Rate average
Damage 2 x 12-20 (throws a bone with each hand)
Range long

Headshot (125/125/125) (8s)
The gravekeeper throws a skull at an enemy with both hands. The skull deals 60/100/140 damage and slows an enemy by half for 3 seconds. This sku... skill has a 10%/20%/30% chance to kill the enemy instantly.

Skeletal pal (300/150/150) (passive)
The gravekeeper calls 3/4/5 friends. These skeletal pals can be moved around freely and individually within the tower's range. When a skeleton dies, it shatters and leaves 4 bones on the ground. These can be picked up and thrown by other nearby skeletons, dealing 6-10/10-14/14-18 damage. After a 10 second respawn time, a new skeleton spawns in the place where the last one died. The skeletons have the following stats:

Health: 100
health regen: 2
damage: 10-18
armor: none (25% chance of low armor when spawn)
respawn: 10s
speed: medium

Quote Ha! That just tickles my funny bone.

Mage tower
Tower Name Science Lab
Description The tower looks like a science lab :roll: . The roof can open up, making room for huge laser canon. A mad scientist controls the laser from his control panel, which is attached to the left of the laser. The laser absorbs the enemies' energy, which is stored inside the laboratorium.
About The mad scientist is called Willy. He works hard to fulfill his long-life dream of creating an artificially-created man.
Cost 325

Fire Rate continuous
Damage 25 damage per second
Range average

passive: When the laser kills an enemy, the enemy disintegrates and it's energy (it's total health value) gets absorbed by the laser. When the tower has absorbed a value of 1500 worth of energy, the scientist starts to laugh and a large zombie-like man opens his eyes inside the lab. The Frankenstein (appropriately called Frank) can be controlled with a rally point. He has the following stats:

health: 500
regen: varies
damage: 20-50 area damage
armor: low
speed slow
respawn: varies

When Frank gets below 150 health, the ray will briefly target him and heal him for 1/3 of the energy value that has been gathered by the ray up until that point.

More. Lasers. (400/400) (passive)
attaches one/one more extra laser to the main laser canon. Each mini-laser does 10 dps.

Overdrive (250/150/150) (15s)
The tower generates a shockwave that deals 50/70/90 magic damage in the entire range of the tower. All the damage done gets absorbed by the laser. The added total is then divided by three and added as a health barrier for Frank. The barrier starts to decay after 5 seconds, decreasing by 1/10 every second.

Quote He is alive. ALIVE!

Barrack tower
Tower Name Reaper abbatoire
Description A sort of torture chamber. Screams can be heard from inside the cabin. The torturers are grim reapers of the universal kind. They wear a black cape and use scythes as weapons.
About When you see a reaper, you know the end is nigh. Better prepare yourself mentally.
Cost 230

Unit HP 230
Unit Armour none
Unit Damage 20-34 (average attack speed)
Unit Respawn 10s

passive: very small chance of instantly killing an enemy with every attack.

Reaper Roundabout (300/100/100) (30s/26s/22s)
*can only be used when all three reapers are alive. The reapers hold their scythes toward each other, and then spin around relentlessly. This kills all enemies in a small area instantly.

Empower (200/75/75) (12s)
A reaper steals 30/40/50% of an enemies' attack damage to use for his own for 6 seconds. The enemy will get his power back if the reaper dies during those 6 seconds.

Dark ritual (150) (20s)
When all three reapers are idle, the one that has been alive the longest up until that point kills one of the other reapers and gains 50% of it's stats. The health barrier and damage boost stay until the reaper dies. When the health barrier depletes, it cannot be regenerated. So the reaper can only regenerate until 230 health, even if he had more health before that.

Quote I prefer my coffee black, like my soul.

Name Cereza
Title the witch
Appearance Cereza is young and a total diva. She wears a dark blue dress with purple sleeves. It has a cut near her legs. Her witch hat is dark blue as well. Cereza's hair is dark, and her eyes blue. She usually sits on her flying broom, both legs on one side. Her appearance is very important to her.

HP 400
Melee none
Ranged 40-75 magic damage
Magic see above

Armor none
Speed fast
Respawn 20s

passive: flying

glitter and glamour (3/3/3) (20s)
Cereza sprinkles glitterpowder on the ground below her for 4 seconds. She is fully mobile during this. Exposure to glitter slows enemies by 10 10%/20%/30% for 5 seconds. Every 0.5 seconds after that, the enemy slows down by another 10%/20%/30%. This adds up cumulatively, thus it's possible to completely immobilize enemies for a while.

Cate army (3/2/1)
Cereza calls her pet, a black cat. It can block and damage enemies on the ground. It moves along with Ceraza. It has the following stats:

health: 150/200/250
damage: 4-10/8-14/12-18
armor: none
respawn: 15s
passive: Cereza's attacks and abilities do 30% bonus damage when attack the same enemy as her pet.

Bat Tactics (2/2/2) (10s)
Cereza raises her hand and spawns five bats around her. The five bats seek a target and fly through it with great speed, dealing 25/35/45 damage each. Deals more damage the slower the target. (very fast enemies are set at a value of 100, non-moving ones at a value of 0. Slow is 25, average 50 and fast is 75. The damage multiplier is calculated by the formula: damage muliplier = 100 - speed value. so this attack does 100% more damage to non-moving enemies.) The cat's passive applies.

comfy broom (3/1/1) (passive)
allows Cereza to attack enemies while on the move, at a reduced attack speed. attacks fired while moving slow enemies by 30% for 1/2/3 seconds.

Hero skill: brewing stew (4/4/4) (60s)
Summons a brewing pot in the selected area. The 3/5/7/9 nearest enemies are stuffed into the pot and stay there for 4 seconds, dealing 10/15/20/25 damage per second. After that, the pot spews out the potion that has been brewed from the enemies, and rains it down over a large area around itself. This potion gives soldiers 50% bonus damage and health regeneration for 2/3/4/5 seconds.

Which dress should I wear today?
Don't mess with a witch.
Let's dance boys!
(death quote) I... I broke my nail. *snif :cry:
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Ruby_Hex » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:41 pm

Voted for entry one! :D
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Minuet » Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:48 pm

Ruby_Hex wrote:Voted for entry one! :D

Me too : ooooo
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Ninja » Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:46 pm

Entry One is by far the superior one here. Sorry, other entrants. ;)

I would have entered this contest if I had a little more time. I only had to type out the Artillery Tower and the Hero. Oh, well. I guess I'll post my entry in another thread today or tomorrow. :)
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Ruby_Hex » Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:40 pm

How so is entry one the best? Just curious. :)
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Ninja » Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:16 am

Ruby_Hex wrote:How so is entry one the best? Just curious. :)

It is the most balanced, it has the best formatting (Despite what you may say, this is a factor to consider. It makes things more appealing if they are well formatted.), and is the most interesting to me personally.
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Ruby_Hex » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:21 am

Fair enough.
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by tmn loveblue » Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:26 pm

Entry One got such great quotes :) I am late so I could not participate in the voting, but I would have voted for One anyway :D
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by RaZoR LeAf » Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:54 pm

Since the timer I put on the poll has come about and locked it, I'm going to draw this voting period to a close and announce the winners now (also since I'm going out tonight to avoid ToT'ers).

In first place, Entry One is RaZoR LeAf
In second place, Entry Three is Minuet
In joint third place, Ruby_Hex and Magnus0

Here's some feedback on all the entries.

First off, it's upsetting that people have voted but not replied. Your opinions matter, even if you didn't enter.

Entry One is my entry, so thanks for all your votes, but I'd still like to hear feedback and critiques other than I have nice formatting. I have it because I quote the post and maintain the bold and italic tags rather than highlighting and copying.

Entry Two, aside from formatting issues, why does every tower have a range point unit? Barracks fine, maybe one somewhere else but you have it for your Druid, Mage and Archer. It's excessive.

Your magic tower is very complicated too. Even after you buy it, you have to wait for it to be ready, then buy upgrades in order for it to be more than a glorified Reinforcement.

Blood Feast has too many stats to worry about, and I can't picture time, damage, HP, instakill, alternate damage and regent all fitting into the explanation box in the Hero Room. I like Bat Swarm. I'm sure it's badly balanced, but I'm not BBB so I could've say for certain, and he's too busy chatting on Discord to comment.

Entry Three is the one I voted for. It has nice formatting for the skills (which I may steal for future contests) but that's not what got my vote.

I had so much stress trying to come up with an archery tower, and I'm not that fond of what I came up with anyway. I love the spiders concept, I can picture it as a special tower in a dark forest. I like the idea that the mage's Treant could be made by the tower attacking your own units, making placement a concern.

The fact that your artillery isn't a dwarf or a Druid is nice, even if it is a bit odd. Zombie Clowns, the less said of those the better *shudder*. The hero is similar to my original idea of an old lady handing out candy, but I couldn't think of enough skills, so I was happy to see a Trick or Treater.

Entry Four, just like two has units on two more towers and the hero. It's an excess of units for one set of designs. I'm also not a fan of how the magic tower works, does Frank (nice job copying the Dark Forge unit there) do magic or physical AoE?
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Minuet » Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:21 pm

I didn't want to post a review of all the entries before the end cause I was entered and skipping myself would give it away. :?

I won't be talking about the heroes cause frankly I'm just not too interested in heroes in general. :(
Just assume that I like them all because I do. :D

Aaaanyways, Entry One was definitely the best in my opinion, not for balance or formatting (even though those were great) but just because it had a good feel to it in the concept of each tower.
The mages I felt were slightly uninspired (gahd damn the passive damage stacking >>>>>>.<<<<<<), but still a solid tower, Perish Song made it stand out a lot, as you still have to pay attention to the tower and the placement of the banshee instead of just plopping it down like you would with an Archmage.
The concept of the archer tower is really cool, but it does seem just a bit strong (maybe cause I tend to make all my towers really weak to begin with idk), in the way of dealing hybrid damage with base damage that is already higher than any other tower except the Golden Longbows, maybe I'm missing something.
The druids are by far my favourite, the whole concept is just so ridiculous when Druids thus far are solely portrayed as being completely serious, and having the elders of a whole faction using a baseball bat and bobbing for apples is pretty funny. Bobbing as an ability is a fun idea and would be cool to see in action the more I think about it. Cursed Apple does seem a little bit weak though.
I like how the Undertaker's Yard's abilities flow together and work with the concept of death, having bonuses for death both to them and around them is the most fitting thing you can get for zombies. ^.^ Although the % chance to revive reminds me of Lilith and that triggers me. :lol:

On to Entry Two.
I like the visuals of the Druid tower you made, otherwise it's pretty standard, still good, just standard. How does the Golem's death explosion work? You wrote that it deals damage equal to its current health but upon death it wouldn't have any health... did you mean maximum health? Or does it use it on its own? Pumpkin Patch also reminds me of the Forest Keepers and Bravebark, but it still fits on this tower so I like it. I like how you can extend the duration by killing enemies, further increasing the tower's effectiveness on clusters of weak enemies, such as most Artillery and Druids are great at.
The mage tower is very weird, I have to say. Swapping its passive effect with Soul Charge would probably be much more beneficial to it. Try not to make your towers too dependent on upgrades. As it is, almost every level 4 tower in KR can hold their own without upgrades, and it's not even a mage tower without Soul Charge, more of a glorified barracks. Aura of Anti-Magic is too strong as well, if that existed in a game it would render all physical damage completely worthless as you could just pop a few of these out with the other level 4 mage tower, no barracks even as it is a barracks, and there would be no enemy, unless immune to magic, that would survive that.
The Monster Hunter tower in the concept is similar to what my archer tower idea was at first, but that isn't relevant to the review :?. It seems overpowered honestly, I do really like the abilities you made but that's nearly solely a numbers issue, so I can ignore that. ;) Other than that it's a pretty good tower, I like the old, battle-weary veteran-style, "get off my lawn" guy that shoots. :lol:
Ohhh my god you did a Barracks where the tower does something I love that so much. This is probably your best tower, I like how all the abilities revolve around the central concept of poisoning.

Eeeentry Three
Wow obviously the best I can do no wrong. ;)

Aaaand last but not least, Entry Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuur
The artillery is completely ridiculous and I love it. Other than the theme it's fairly standard, but pretty well balanced.
The base damage on the Ranged tower is a bit low, Arcane Archers deal around 20-40 (more than that I'm sure), and this only deals 12-20. :? Which does set up a dependency on the skills. Headshot feels like a weaker version of Sniper Shot which already isn't that good, maybe the slow has more effect than I'm seeing. But usually slows are better as AoE I find.
Uhh, the Science Lab is kind of a rip-off of the Dark Forge... and Overdrive is basically the ability with a similar name (I forgot what it was god damnit I was playing KR an hour ago >.<) that the Tesla has. The passive is a bit complicated, you'll need visual indicators on the tower itself to show what general charge level its at. Otherwise I do like the continuous damage effect of the main weapon.
I don't like the abilities of the Reapers too much. I like the actual tower itself (muahaha torture chambers, eeeexcellent), but Reaper Roundabout sounds like it would be ridiculously weak or ridiculously powerful and have no mid point. Empower is ok, and Dark Ritual just bothers me for the same reason I prefer Bladesingers over Forest Keepers, I like having all three of my soldiers >.<, the quote is hilarious though, I love that.

Ok done with this text wall woohoo.
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Re: VOTING: Halloween Tower and Hero set

by Ruby_Hex » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:28 pm

By "current health" I meant the Golems current maximum health. :mrgreen:
Thanks for the feedback, by the way.
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