Futuristic Tower ideas

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Futuristic Tower ideas

by Gravitysuitguy » Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:45 am

For the last couple of days, I've had the idea of designing some more futuristic towers.
I mean, after all, it doesn't seem like that much of a stretch considering all of the alien technology strewn about Linirea.
Besides, lasers are cool!

~Servant Bot Workshop~
level 4 barracks

Description: The lovechild of Alien technology and Dwarven ingenuity, the servant bots are ready for orders.

Appearance: The tower is a square factory, with a blast door entrance and sun panels on the roof.
The Servant bots are floating and painted to have tuxedos and mustaches. They hold a tray with a drink on it, which they use to hit enemies with when engaged.

Tower info

"Servant bots, re-purposed for fighting off enemies."

Hp: 50 hp
Damage: 3-6 (Standard Barrack attack speed)
Armor: None
Re spawn: 14 secs
Special: 6 soldiers deployed total
Cost: 230

Ability 1

Hardware upgrade
"Built to last."

The Servant bots' armor is increased to low (25%)/medium (50%)/ High (75%).
Cost: 100/200/300

Ability 2

Advanced Repair Bay
"''I r becom fixed."

Reduces the re spawn time of broken Servant bots' by 1/2/4 secs.
Cost: 200/200/200

Ability 3

Self-destruct Sequence
"Here is the Earth-shattering kaboom."

When killed, Servant bots will explode, dealing 80 physical damage in an AoE (bombard blast range)
cost: 400


"Yes master."
"I live to serve."
"As you wish."
"'Ello, old bean."

~Laser Gunslingers~
level 4 archers

Description: Adept and adaptable, the Laser Gunslingers are notorious for taking over alien crafts and using the technology for their own designs.

Appearance: The tower is a crashed alien UFO with two headset wearing soldiers looking out of the portholes.
The soldiers are shooting laser pistols, which they have to recharge every time they fire.

Tower info

"Fight fire with fire with these laser-firing pistoleers!"

Damage: 30-50
Range: Average
Rate of Fire: Average (0.7 - 0.9 secs)
Special: Charges up next shot up to 2x damage (1.05x dmg per second) while idle
Cost: 230

Ability 1

Stun Beam
"Set phasers to stun!"

Shots have a 5% chance to stun enemies for 0.5/1/1.5 seconds.
Cost: 250/150/150

Ability 2

Plasma beam
"The armors, they do nothing!"

Shots ignore 33%/66%/100% of physical armor.
Cost: 300/300/300


"Laser pistols authorized."

~Bard Crib~
level 4 mage

Description: Dropping beats like they drop enemies, these bards and their hi-tech cribs will dazzle the competition!

Appearance: The tower is a gigantic turntable with party spot light surrounding the base.
A top the tower is a bard, who controls the machine using a smaller turntable.
The bard plays music for a while, and then shoots a rift toward an enemy.

Tower info

"Heavy music playing magicians who enhance their magic through technology."

Damage: 120 -160
Range: Great
Rate of fire: Very Slow (4.00 secs)
Cost: 300

Ability 1

Spotlight Special
"Party till you're homeless!"

The bard points a spotlight toward an enemy, making said enemy lose all of their armor, magic resistance and skills.
The Cool down is 15/13/10 secs.
Cost 400/200/200

Ability 2

Laser Light Show
"Let's keep this thing goin'!"

The bard turns on the turntable's party lights, causing all enemies in the bard's range have their speed reduced by 5%/10%/15% from disorientation.
Cost: 250/250/250


"Let's get this party started!"

~Watch D.O.G. Station~
level 4 artillery

Description: A network of interlocking light beams, this Dwarven marvel will incinerate any enemy that dare engage it.

Appearance: A satellite tower with a look off. The look off has two dwarves sitting down, drinking something as they look out toward the battlefield.
The range of the tower is littered with interlocking beams of white light.

Tower info

"This highly advanced, technical nightmare spells death for anybody dumb enough to cross it."

Damage 4-6
Range: Average
Rate of Fire: Extreme (0.5 secs)
Special: Tower damages all enemies in range
Cost: 400

Ability 1

Overclocked Processes
"Warning: Reduced Lifespan expected!"

The Watch D.O.G. increases its damage the longer it continues to fire by 1/2/3 damage every 5 seconds, capping at 9-11/14-16/19-21 damage after 25 seconds.
It loses this bonus once all enemies leave the Watch D.O.G.'s range, and must rebuild it.
Cost: 400/200/200

Ability 2

Defense Matrix
"Re-route power to weapons!"

The Watch D.O.G.'s range increases to long/very long/extreme.
Cost: 300/300/300


"Watch_DOG.exe online!"

*Edit 1: The Servant bots have been rewired to be completely different drones.

*Edit 2: The Star Seers decided to keep their elder nap going a little bit longer, and are instead replaced by the Bards and their sick cribs!
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Re: Futuristic Tower ideas

by FastAndBlast » Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:12 am

Cool ideas! Amazing names as well :)

Few notes:
The Servant bots are OP with 9 bots it can keep up to 4 enemies blocked for ever, as well as on death dealing 80 TRUE damage!
This can hold a lane by itself, because the tower does splash damage which deals with swarms of enemies as well as holding the boss/mini-boss indefinitely.

Star Seer seem generic but balanced

Watch D.O.G. Station is a well balanced, great tower!
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Re: Futuristic Tower ideas

by AerisDraco » Mon Nov 14, 2016 11:13 pm

Anyway, my take:
-Cool ideas
-Stun Beam could be OP if spammed
-Plasma Beam basically makes them deal true damage. Perhaps lesser armor ignore or make it a cd ability?
-Spotlight Special and Laser Show seem a little strong
-WatchDOG seems cool
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