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VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:47 am
by RaZoR LeAf

Voting will run until December 31st. You can change your vote.



Level i: The First Snow

Intro Comic:
(Frame One) A soldier, crossbow woman, and a dwarf sit around a table in what appears to be an outdoor cafe in the desert, seeming overall happy.
(Frame Two) The same as before, except it is considerably darkened, the three have confused looks and a single snowflake falls onto the outstretched hand of the soldier.
(Frame Three) Everything is suddenly covered in snow completely, except for their eyes.
(Frame Four) It zooms out to show multiple Barbegazis and Ice Wraiths advancing on their position.

Intro: “General! This is the first snowfall the Aszare Desert has seen in recorded history! Our troops in other regions of the world report no strange weather, so this must be a local anomaly!

The remnants of the army of Lord Malagar have noticed this as well, and are attacking the town of Lopah, we must defend the villagers before investigating this threat!”

Setting: To the north of the first level of KRF, right next to Lopah on the map. The map itself is similar to Sandhawk Hamlet in the style of housing around, but there is snow everywhere in the level.

Level Description:
Black - Path
Blue - Exit
Red Arrow - Enemy Entrance
Light Blue - Ice Path
Beige - Tower Holder
Large Ugly Grey Block - Where the main AC machine will be, explodes to reveal the boss.
Red Line - Boss’ Path
Orange Line - Amarok’s Path

Recurring Enemies: Desert Thug, Dune Raider, Desert Archer, Sand Hound, War Hound, Immortal

New Enemies: Barbegazi, Ice Wraith

Level ii: Howling Cavern

Intro: “General, we’ve traced the wind back to this huge cave, the ancestral home of the natives of the desert. It seems to expand in all directions and may lead us to the source of this infernal winter.”

Setting: Now in an expansive cave covered in ice and snow.

Level Description:
-Refer to Legend under level 1.

Recurring Enemies: Dune Raider, Desert Archer, Immortal, Barbegazi, Ice Wraith

New Enemies: Tariaq Elf, Ijiraq, Amarok

Level iii: Rigsby and Son’s AC Depot

Intro: “General, troubling news. Our scouts confirm that we are, in fact, in the Rift of Cinders. It seems that these odd gnomes we’ve been fighting are actually from a Gnomish business where they built and sold machines. They had developed a machine that converts heat into cold wind and brought it here to test, in one of the hottest regions on the continent. The evil energies here have taken hold of the cold and corrupted all the demons here. We must destroy the machine before the demons have a chance to unleash their new frigid weapon upon the world and cause an ice age!”

Setting: Similar to the Howling Cavern, except it is a lot more open now. A frozen stream and waterfall, presumably formerly made of lava, are visible. A large machine spews a stream directly upwards, the obvious source of the unnatural winter.

Level Description:
-Refer to Legend under level 1.

Recurring Enemies: Barbegazi, Ice Wraith, Tariaq Elf, Ijiraq, Amarok


Name: Barbegazi
Appearance: Evil little gnomes with large feet, blue clothes, and beards that are either made of ice or completely frozen. They attack by headbutting their foe with their frozen heads.
HP: 320/390/460
Damage: 10-20
Armour Rating: None
Speed: Average
Lives Taken: 1
Skills: -Groups of Barbegazi may appear sliding down ramps in the levels (the light blue lines on the maps) to bypass part of the level. Whenever this happens, a loud whistling sound can be heard before they appear.
-During snowstorms, they are slowed down by 20%.
Description: Gnomish tinkers, driven insane by the cold.

Name: Ice Wraith
Appearance: Ghostly, pale women with white dresses that are shredded near the end, revealing no legs. They glide above the ground and have very long fingers.
HP: 530/600/670
Damage: 19-42
Armour Rating: High/Low
Magic Resistance: None
Speed: Slow/Fast
Lives Taken: 1
Skills: -When engaging a soldier, they take on a corporeal form, reducing their armour to Low.
-During snowstorms, they take on this corporeal form as well, except they are immune to physical damage and attack twice as fast.
-Upon death, they resurrect any nearby dead enemies as much weaker Ice Wraiths with only 160/200/240 HP. The weaker Ice Wraiths cannot be resurrected.
Description: Ghostly spirits from a bygone era. They are willing to die (again) for their land.

Name: Tariaq Elf
Appearance: Tall, slender creatures with a wardrobe resembling the Barbegazis, they wield small icicle shivs that they stab enemies with, they also carry a bag over their shoulder, similarly to Santa’s bag. Their bodies, including clothes, get darker the closer they are to the creature’s face, with only two yellow eyes being visible on their black face.
HP: ? (400-800/500-900/600-1000)
Damage: ? (Any two values between 20 and 60.)
Armour Rating: ? (None-High)
Magic Resistance: ? (None-High)
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 1
Skills: -Clicking or tapping on a Tariaq Elf causes them to disappear and reappear very slightly further down the path, preventing the player from viewing their stats, which are randomized.
-During a snowstorm, they become completely invisible for the duration, unviewable even to the player, unlike the Nightscale’s invisibility. Although, this won’t persist past about ½ of the path.
-Killing one causes them to drop their bag, granting the player either additional gold (+30% of their bounty), or a Barbegazi, which grants gold as usual.
-If a Tariaq Elf has Armour, it cannot have Magic Resistance, and vice versa. But it will always have at least 10% of one or the other.
Description: A very shy elf, they instinctively evade all recognition.

Name: Ijiraq
Appearance: A furry wendigo-looking creature with cloths draped over it, and a pair of antlers. It wields a wooden staff that they hit enemies with in melee, and cast dark blue pulses of energy in range.
HP: 620/700/780
Damage: 30-50 (Melee), 70-90 (Ranged, Magic)
Magic Resistance: High
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: 3
Skills: -Constantly emits a miniature snowstorm around them, activating the snowstorm effects of nearby allies and freezing towers.
-During snowstorms (only natural ones), they slow down massively (70%), and commence some sort of ritual, extended the duration of the snowstorm by 2 seconds for every Ijiraq on the level.
Description: A shaman of some kind of nature magic, the very air around them freezes as they pass.

Name: Amarok
Appearance: Manifests as a huge white wolf during snowstorms, after which it transforms into an object resembling a large snail cocoon with massive defenses.
HP: 3200/3600/4000
Damage: N/A
Armour Rating: None/High
Magic Resistance: None/High
Speed: Very Fast/Immobile
Lives Taken: 5
Skills: -Only moves during a snowstorm, where it sheds all resistances.
-While in wolf form, any soldiers it runs over will be trampled and killed instantly.
-Every instance of damage it takes while in its cocooned form reduces both its Armour and M.Res by 2%. The resistances are refreshed if it becomes a cocoon again.
Description: An extremely powerful monster that only reveals its true form in a snowstorm.

Name: Chill-E-Breeze-MK-4000
Appearance: The main air conditioning apparatus, a pair of demonic legs and a tail extend out of holes on the bottom, allowing it to move. Upon death, the demon inside disintegrates and the machine plummets to the ground, falling apart in the process.
HP: 10000/11500/13000
Damage: 120-180
Armour Rating: None
Speed: Very Slow
Lives Taken: 20
Skills: -Instantly kills enemies that engage it directly by slamming down the machine forwards onto them. Every time it deals damage it also damages itself for 50% of the damage it deals.
-Every 20 seconds, it stops moving and turn the AC on full blast, creating a temporary snowstorm for about 5 seconds, every other time it stops it instead freezes a single tower for 15 seconds.
Description: Gnomish tinkering gone wrong; some demon has taken up residence inside of this machine.


Name: Snowstorm
Type: Negative
Trigger: Passive
Effect: Heavy snow clouds the screen for several seconds. During this time all towers are frozen solid, as well as any enemies not attributed to the cold. Lasts for about 12 seconds.

2ndry Hero

Name: Delia Brandflame (Appears during level 3)

Description: Wears a set of scaled robes, she has brown hair and wields a rod shaped like a dragon maw, that she points like a wand for her ranged attacks.

HP: 290
Melee: 10-20 (Slow)
Ranged: 25-75 (Slow)
Armor: None
Speed: Slow
Respawn: 20s

Breath Weapon
Sends a dragon-shaped ball of fire at an enemy, dealing 80-170 true damage and then bouncing to up to 2 nearby enemies for the same damage, deals double damage to ice-attributed enemies. Cooldown: 12s

Dragon’s Caress
Whenever a snowstorm occurs, Delia becomes uncontrollable and freezes in place, commanding a powerful zone of flames around her, unable to take any other action. Any towers and non-ice enemies within the zone will be unaffected by the effects of the snowstorm, and enemies take 10 damage per second (20 for ice-attributed enemies) while it is in effect.
Note: Doesn’t activate under the effects of Ijiraq’s snowstorms, but she remains immune to the freezing effect.

Quotes: “Ooh! Ssss”
“Burn, baby, burn!”
“Warm up by the fire.”
“Playing with fire, are we?”

Lore: An elemental mage, similar to Elora, but she works with the element of fire. She honed her abilities at the Stormcloud temple, and has been sent by the mages there to help with the icy threat.


North-pole Party

Level Name: Valoras harbor

General, after a long trip we have arrived at the other side of the Valoras Sea, where the renowned Santa lives. Our mission is to ask him a favor for King Denas. King Denas somehow managed to register the wishes of all the children in the kingdom and he got those wishes on paper. We have to give that list to Santa, so that he can select the appropriate presents for the children.

On the way, we encountered some hostile animals, and the weather was horrendous. The hail almost shred our ships' sails, but we still managed to get the the harbor without much damage. Hopefully, the weather clears up in the upcoming days, or the task that King Denas entrusted upon us might not be as easy as it sounds.

Setting: A very icy and cold looking terrain. The roads and landscape are completely covered in snow. The only vegetation are some dry-looking pine trees and small patches of moss. There's a small harbor on the coast with few ships.

Level Description:

The ramp highlighted by the red lines can only be crossed by sliding Penguins. The red Oval is a bazooka bear (feature form), which will shoot the penguins to the other side of the map. The ramp highlighted by the yellow lines can only be crossed by sliding penguins, reindeer and kingfisher, thus only those enemy types can spawn from the entrance at the top of the screen. The hut with the brown rectangles is the harbor, which has no effect in-game.

Recurring Enemies: winter wolf (common), Yeti (very uncommon)

New Enemies: Snow Husk (very common), Penguin (very common), Reindeer (common), Kingfisher (common on certain waves)

Level Name: Santa´s Stand

The hostile enemies we encountered on our way to Santa´s home were not just defending their territory. It turns out that they´re actually trained troops from none other than Santa Claus himself. We met up with his sister, Sista, and she told us what was going on.

Sista explained how Santa became mad over the last few years. He is angry, because he gets no appreciation and no money for what he does. This anger grew stronger, and the situation got out of hand. He recruited the local animals and payed them with toys destined for the children. He is going to put Penguin Poo into this year´s presents instead of toys, to 'teach the children a lesson'. That´s just horrible, Christmas is in danger! We have to help Sista and stop Santa with force. He is too far gone in insanity to have a nice talk with him now.

Setting: still an icy environment with little to no vegetation. It´s more rocky than the coast, with lots of caverns and deep chasms hidden under the snow. The center of the map has a ´floating´ island surrounded by a deep cleft. It can only be reached by Penguins, Reindeer and Kingfisher.

Level Description:

The ramps with the yellow lines can only be jumped over by reindeer, sliding penguins and Kingfishers. The red dot is a Bazooka bear. The grotto with a green dot is a place where you can buy a Sasquatch. You have to rain of fire it first though, just like in Icewind pass. Your soldiers and hero can't cross the thin but deep gap surrounding the floating island in the center of the map.

Recurring Enemies: Winter wolf (common), yeti (very uncommon)

New Enemies: snow husk (very common), Penguin (very common), reindeer (common), Kingfisher (common in certain waves), Polar Bear (uncommon), Santa Claus (boss)

Feature Form

Name: Bazooka bear

Type: Negative
Trigger: Passive
Effect: When a penguin comes near a Bazooka bear, it will queue up next to the Bazooka bear . No more than 3 penguins can stay in line for the bear at any given time. The Bazooka bear will pick the penguins up and tuck them into his bazooka. He then shoots the penguins to a fixed ,nearby point on the stage one by one, allowing the penguins a shortcut. The penguins are completely invulnerable while being shot.


Name: Snow Husk
Appearance: a blueish frozen husk.

HP: 200
Damage: 5-25
Armour rating: medium
Magic resistance: none
Speed: slow
Lives Taken: 1
- none (basically snow husks are just normal husks with a reskin and slightly different stats. Like, Alolan forms but then in Kindom Rush)

Description: Snow husks are reincarnated zombies of warriors that have fallen in the snow (like, they died, they didn't just fall in the snow). Not to be confused with husky's.

Name: penguin
Appearance: it's a penguin, but not your everyday penguin, certainly not. These penguins wear sunglasses, making them infinitely more awesome.

HP: 220
Damage: 10-20
Swag: 9001
Armour rating: none
Magic resistance: low
Speed: very fast/slow
Lives Taken: 1
- a penguin slides on its belly, which makes it very fast. Whenever it's forced into melee, it bumps into the unit that tries to block it, dealing 30-50 damage and stunning for 1 second. After bumping into a melee unit, it loses it's momentum, thus lowering it's speed to 'slow'.
- a penguin's unmatched swagger allows it to slide and fly over small gaps, allowing the to use different paths. This only works if the penguin is still sliding.

Description: Santa's most common units. You may ask yourself, why does Santa's army contain penguins when Santa is from the north, and penguins from the south? Yeah, like Santa gives a *NOOTNOOT*.

Name: Polar bear
Appearance: A big bipedal polar bear with a pine tree in both hands. The polar bear is really, really pissed off, and swings his pine trees around in total rage all the time. He also wears a scarf. You really gotta keep yourself warm if you want to destroy, like, just about everything in sight.

HP: 2000
Damage: 2 x 30-55 (swings once with both pine trees. slow attack speed)
Armour rating: low
Magic resistance: none
Speed: slow
Lives Taken: 3
- area damage
- whenever a polar bear nears a group of at least 3 allied units, he will arm one of his pine trees with both hands and he'll proceed to mow down a cone-shaped area in front of him with needles, as if the tree was a machine gun. This special technique deals 100-175 damage in a large cone in front of the polar bear. cooldown: 15 seconds

Description: Some stupid gorilla made the polar bear drop his Popsicle, which made him pissed (like really damn mad). Now the polar bear, enraged, wants to destroy everything in sight. FOR THE POPSICLE!

Name: reindeer
Appearance: a basic deer, but with a red nose. It has a bit of fur around Its neck to keep it warm. It also has big antlers which it uses to ram into your allied units.

HP: 450
Damage: 30-50 (slow attack speed)
Armour rating: none
Magic resistance: none
Speed: fast
Lives Taken: 1
- gracefully jumps over scorched earth and over small gaps.
- when forced into melee, it will attempt to run through the allied unit. If the allied unit has less than 100 hp, the reindeer will succeed and run straight through the unit, dealing 30-50 damage without getting slowed down.

Sometimes, mister Reindeer asks himself whether fighting the humans is really the right thing to do. After all, the humans love him. They make ugly Christmas-sweaters with his face and everything! But, running over them is just too much fun.

Name: Kingfisher
Appearance: a small, bright blue with orange bird. It wears a Santa hat to indicate that it belongs to the army of Santa. Some Kingfisher tack snowballs to their feet to serve as weapons.

HP: 140
Damage: 25-55 AoE damage (only once)
Armour rating: none
Magic resistance: low
Speed: fast
Lives Taken: 1
- flying
- drops a large snowball when flying over your allied units, dealing 25-55 area damage with a 30% to freeze any unit.

Description: the Kingfisher population are Santa's latest recruits. These little birds are surprisingly sadistic for their size, bombing the place with huge snowballs.

Name: Santa Claus
Appearance: Classic Santa in his sled. The sled is propelled foreward by four reindeer with special equipment in the form of a set of armor. Santa keeps lots of exploding presents in the back of his sled, and he isn't afraid to throw around them from time to time. He tends to laugh hysterically, a lot, like, really often. more like all the time.

HP: 12500 + 4 times 450
Damage: 100-150 (ranged, area damage. very slow attack speed, but can be used while on the move without slowing Santa down.)
Armour rating: none (the four reindeer have medium armor)
Magic resistance: none
Speed: medium
Lives Taken: 20
- Can block up to two units. The front two reindeer will both fight one of your units.
- When the front two reindeer die, Santa is slowed down to a speed of 'slow'. When the second row of two reindeer die too, the whole sled will stand still. Santa can throw a large present in front of the sled every 10 seconds, spawning two new, fully equipped deer. Newly spawned deer deal two times as much damage for first 15 seconds they're spawned.
- Santa's basic ranged attacks leave a splatter of penguin poo behind, slowing your units by 30%.
- Santa throws a large present somewhere on the road every 15 seconds , containing either:

1 polar bear, or
2 normal reindeer, or
3 kingfisher, or
3 penguins

Description: The mighty Santa Claus himself is really upset. For him, Christmas isn't the most wonderful time of the year. He lost his mind last year, when he gave his heart to the devil. Now, all he wants for Christmas, is the sweet tears of sad children, and some decent salary.

Secondary hero

Name: Sista

Description: an old, unknown woman with grey hair tied up in a knot. She uses a candy cane as walking stick, and she can somehow channel icy magic through it like it's a mage's staff. Probably with the power of granny love or something. She wears an old coat that seems way too cold for the chilly environment she lives in, but it doesn't seem to bother her.

HP: 350
Melee: 10-25 (whacks an enemy with the candy cane)
ranged: 30 - 50 (magic damage, 30% chance to freeze an enemy)
Armor: none
Speed: slow
Respawn: 15

- Sista powerfully plants her cane in the snow beneath her while channeling chilly magic into the ground. This creates a wide slowing field that stays for 5 seconds. The slow is stronger the closer an enemy is to the epicenter of the field (70% at its strongest and 25 at its weakest). Sista can move freely after generating the slowing field. cooldown: 20 seconds
- Sista gives the nearest 3/4/5 allied units a barrier of icy magic. The barrier protects your units for a total of 1/2/3 rushdown attacks from penguins or reindeer. Sista herself has a permanent barrier, thus an immunity to rushdown attacks altogether.

- Not. so. fast... huff... wait up!
- Cane I ask you a question? *resplendent laughter
- I'll teach that bearded fool!
- stop rushing!
- I was mostly dead anyway... *cough (death quote)
- Avenge me, my student! (special death quote. only triggers when Elora is your hero)

Sista is Santa's sister. Sista and Santa lived peacefully together for years, but Sista felt that their was something wrong with her brother. One night, Santa threw her out of the igloo, to make sure that Sista couldn't get in his way. Santa had big plans, about paying the children back for expecting him to give them presents. Yeah! Those children get things for free when old Santa has to work his butt off to make them happy. How is that even fair? He doesn't get any presents. And it's not like those presents are free either. Santa has to pay his bills too, you know, and do you have any idea how expensive it is to heat up an igloo? Santa wants something back, and the children must be taught a lesson. The first step is to give them something very, very nasty this Christmas. :twisted:

Sista foresaw Santa's plans and swore to stop him. Her motherheart couldn't comprehend the disaster that Santa's nasty presents could cause to the children and parents all around the world. She has stop Santa and bring the real presents around. There's nobody else to do it otherwise. Yes, Sista has decided. She is going to save Christmas!

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:41 pm
by Sir Toddalot
Wow. Tough. I think I'm going to go with the first one though.

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:57 pm
by RaZoR LeAf
Entry two gets my vote, but they are both great entries.

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:28 pm
by Manijure
Some stupid gorilla made the polar bear drop his Popsicle, which made him pissed (like really damn mad). Now the polar bear, enraged, wants to destroy everything in sight. FOR THE POPSICLE!

Bashmaster the Unbreakable from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, am I right?

Both MCs were well-developed regarding level design, enemies, and bosses, so it was hard for me to choose. I ultimately chose #2 because it made me laugh, especially Santa's abilities.

Anyways, well done to both who submitted these entries!

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:02 pm
by Magnus0
I like how Minuet and I both mentioned Elora.

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:09 pm
by FeedDaKingdom
The first entry seems to be a pretty barracks heavy campaign, the fact that snowstorm freezes every tower is already enough, but if you do go barracks heavy, you are screwed the moment an Amarok pops up, other than the Amarok, all the enemies are pretty pro barracks as well (having no troop killing ability or massive damage)
The plot, is sort of weird, but i get it in the end, the weird part is that gnomes normally lives in seclusion, so why they went to the Rift of Cinder to test their machine is either because they are stupid or don't know that the place is infested with demons
As the comedy factor, well, i really don't see any, sorry to whoever wrote it

The Second entry
seems like a more balanced campaign, some enemies have troop hindering abilities but nothing too powerful,
The plot seems fine, and the comedy factor is definitely in there
so im picking the second one

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:49 am
by Ninja
I'm voting for the 1st option since neither of them made me even crack a smile (points for effort on the part of option 2, though) and I find the first to be more well designed in regards to balance, aesthetics, and such. Snowstorm is stupidly OP for the enemies, though. ;)

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:22 am
by RaZoR LeAf
We did agree to remove the humour component as it was proving too difficult.

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:33 am
by tmn loveblue
Entry 2, it is funnier, plus the names of enemy units are not as hard to remember ;) The atmosphere of KR is - in my opinion - better integrated in 2 than in 1.

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:06 pm
by Ninja
RaZoR LeAf wrote:We did agree to remove the humour component as it was proving too difficult.

Oh, yeah. Well, then that definitely solidifies my choice.

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:17 pm
by PitNata
I would pick the second one. The second is a very good campaign, with all pinguins, and everything, which makes it more interesting to play, as the pinguins with sunglasses
come and fighting your forces. (I think it would be better to change their Special Skill to use the Fish Attack or something. It would be better than they stun you, headbutting)

The first one is coming a little serious, but i wanted to see there Gnomes/Dwarfs riding an Ice Bear, it is pretty cool, for that one.

So the second one wins.

P.S about Ice Bears riders. It could also be Elfs there too!

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:42 pm
by RaZoR LeAf
So we end 2016 Contests with this.

Congratulations to Magnus0 in first place and Minuet in second place.

I'll soon be starting a 2017 contest discussion thread. Keep your eyes peeled.

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:17 am
by Minuet
Grats Magnus. ^.^

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:30 am
by Ninja
Congratulations, Magnus! :yey: Good effort, Minuet. :)

Re: VOTING: Christmas Contest

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:57 am
by Magnus0
Ninja wrote:Congratulations, Magnus! :yey: Good effort, Minuet. :)

Thanks! :)

Minuet wrote:Grats Magnus. ^.^

Thank you, you were a worthy opponent.