Monic, the monk (Origins Hero)

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Monic, the monk (Origins Hero)

by Magnus0 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:21 pm

Monic is an untroubled monk with a floaty nature. He wears wide maroon trousers, tight but comfy sandals and a loose dark green shirt held together by a leather chestplate. He has brown, spiky, layered hair, kind of like the manes of a lion. Monic is absolutely restless if it comes to dashing. Exercise and helping people are very important to him, and take up most of his time every day.

Hp: 400
Damage: 10-20 (both ranged and melee, very short-ranged magical aerowave)
Attack speed: fast
Armor: low
Speed: fast
Respawn: 12s

Innite: dash a small distance away from the enemy after every ranged attack.


Breath of Life (passive)
Heal allied units for 50/75/100 health over 5 seconds when running past them. Heal Monic for 10/20/30% of the total healing to allied units. Healing doesn't stack.

Tempest Blast (passive)
Gain the ability to teleport after using 4/3/2 regular attacks. Increase movement and attacking speed of allied units by 30% for 3/5/7 seconds upon reappearing.

Left Lingering (passive)
All attacks slow enemy movement and attacking speed by 30% for 3/5/7 seconds and push enemies back the very slightly. Monic always priorities enemies that aren't slowed yet.

Raging Current (25s)
Gain a 30% speed bonus and automatically deal 100%/200%/300% of attack damage to enemies by running past them for 10 seconds (Left Lingering applies). Automatically (and only) activates when running towards at least 3 enemies. Enemies become immune to the effect for 5 seconds after getting hit. Monic can still attack when standing still to activate Tempest Blast, but it won't deal bonus damage.

Hero Spell: Miscellaneous Magnificence (30s)
Deal 200/400/600% of attack damage as area magic damage; increase movement and attacking speed of allied units (including Monic himself) by 50% for 3/5/7 and heal them for 100/150/200 health over 5 seconds; decrease movement and attacking speed of enemy units by 50% for 3/5/7 seconds and push them back 'a little more than very slightly'. Has two charges. It's literally Monic's entire kit in an instant AoE attack.
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