Tykers the Musketeer

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Tykers the Musketeer

by FeedDaKingdom » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:53 pm

Tykers the Musketeer

Straight outta the slaughter thread
Tykers is a musketeer, plain and simple, similar to Eridan, thematically, as he is just a much better Musketeer
He wears the standard blue uniform, hat, and pants as regular musketeers, but he also wears an olive green scarf that covers his face and waves in the wind (like Alric)
He can be seen carrying some ammo pouches around his body, so that the blue uniform on is partially covered, he also carries a set of binoculars which hangs around his neck
For close encounters he'll whip out his personal collapsible folding sword that he stows on his belt
His rifle is different from the other musketeers, he uses a bolt action rifle that can be fired more rapidly than a single shot musket.

HP : 425 (250)
Regen : 30/s
Ranged Damage : 64-101 (46-74) (Physical)
Melee Damage : 15-20 (6-11) (Physical)
Armor : Light (30%), no armor below level 5
Speed : Medium (same as Eridan)
Range : Long (as in any tower with the range of long)
Attack speed : 1s (ranged), 1s (melee)

Respawn : 20s
Innate : After every 4 shots, Tykers must pause for 3s to reload, if he enters melee combat or move during this time, the timer is reset and he must move back to a safe distance to reload, if he doesn't use a ranged attack after 5s, he will reload automatically

Mark for Death (15s)
Marks a target for 5/7/9 seconds, which will become prioritized by towers and take 50%/75%/100% extra damage, Tykers will always target the highest health enemy inside his attack range with this ability.

Buckshot (6/5/4s)
Fires a shot that will do max true damage, stuns the primary target for 1s, and has a small AoE, stun becomes a 50% slow for bosses or minibosses
this ability will use an ammo out of Tykers' 4 round magazine, and takes priority over standard ranged attacks

Lay Waste (28s)
Towers and Soldiers in a radius (of average) around Tykers gain AoE (with the radius of standard druid hits) with their ranged attacks and a 10%/20%/30% attack speed bonus for 5/6/7s
Tykers himself is not affected. Druids don't have their splash reduction to boost their AoE. Cooldown starts after the duration ends.

Watch Tower (passive)
Every 15 idle seconds, Tykers summons a watchtower for 15/30/45 seconds. Troops moved to it and reinforcements spawned on it gain 50/75/100% more range and deal double damage.
Troops inside the watchtower will jump down to block on melee.

Hero Spell : Fortify (30s)
Fortify a part of the path (which will have some banners, palisades, sandbags, spikes, etc. on it), any soldier inside the fortified section gains a 30%/50%/70% bonus damage for their attacks. Enemies inside the fortified section are slowed down by 15%/25%/35%
Soldiers inside the fortified section gains a 20%/35%/50% resistance to ranged attacks coming from outside the fortified section.
Tykers is affected by this.
fortification lasts for 30/30/45/60s
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