Reworking the free heroes of Frontiers

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Reworking the free heroes of Frontiers

by tmn loveblue » Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:35 pm

The Shadow Assassin


HP: 220 (lvl 2) - 410 (lvl 10)
Attack damage: 6-11 (lvl 2) - 13-24 (lvl 10)
Armor: Low (lvl 2 - 10)
No longer is ranged.
Respawn: 15 seconds.


Shadow Dance (2 seconds, yes, two)

Blinks to and strikes an enemy, deals 40/60/80 True Damage and briefly dazzles it (aka stun, for 0.5 second).

Edge to Edge (passive)

Mirage has 40% / 50% / 60% chance to evade attacks, leaving behind a shadow to fight for 1 second. Attacker takes 30% damage, ranged attacks applied.

Crimson Rose (8 seconds)

Throws a hail of daggers at nearby enemies, deals 40/60/80 Physical Damage per dagger.

Lethal Strike (16 seconds)

Deals 100/200/300 Physical Damage to one enemy, with 25% chance to insta-kill.

Swiftness (passive)

Mirages has camouflage while moving and after not attacking for 1 second. In addition, she gains 30% / 60% / 90% bonus movement speed.
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Re: Reworking the free heroes of Frontiers

by tmn loveblue » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:17 am

Shouldn't have double posted, but I figure it is the best way to announce an update. Better than: "Added Alric rework!", IMO.

While we are on the topic: Reworking Alric.

Don't judge me, just because I like it. Also because Alric is pretty bland, nevertheless strong. He could use some variety.

Alric, the Champion

HP: 580
Armor: High
Attack damage: 20-35
Movement: Slow
Respawn: 20 seconds


+ Reduced attack damage. (27-40 down to 20-35)

+ Raised HP. (560 up to 580)

Purpose: Emphasizes more on the tank role, less on damage, in context that his kit gets a few new tools to boost overall power and utility. Respawn could have been longer, but I aim to be forgiving towards new players, who get to use Alric first among all heroes.


Valor (New Skill: Icon is a red banner; passive, AoE)

Alric's steadfast presence grants nearby soldiers 10/20/30% bonus HP. Lasts until death. In addition, Alric gains 30% bonus movement speed when running towards allies.

Explanation: Alric needs only to be present once for soldiers to get a permanent buff. This buff is lost only when the soldiers die. Effect is shown as a red hue, like Sir Gerald's Courage but red. Skeletons and sandwarriors are not affected.

Purpose: To accentuate the importance of high level Barracks, especially Templars with Toughness and Holy Grail, who will benefit the most from the percentage buff. Low level Barracks will still receive a noticeable improvement in durability, but not as significant as Advanced Barracks.

One bonus is to grant Alric a tag-team-like additional movement speed for positioning: drop some Reinforcements where he intends to go in order to move faster.

Spiked Armor (passive, global)

Alric's presence on the field grants all allies additional armor supply: +10% armor and reflect 30/60/90% damage taken.

Note: Damage reflected as True Damage, does not affect sandwarriors, but affect skeletons.

Purpose: Grants Alric's old Spiked Armor passive to all allies. It makes sense thematically that, as a Champion, Alric leads his forces and takes care of them outside of battle. This, combined with Valor, is my take on developing an image of Alric as a front-line general, moving from choke point to choke point between waves to bolster his men with Valor.

Flurry (active, 6 seconds)

Rapid maneuver that strikes 2/4/6 times, dealing physical damage.

Note: This is too good a skill to pass, it is Alric's signature strength.

Sand Warriors (active, 10 seconds)

Summons 1/2/3 sandwarriors with 80/120/160 HP each and 6-10 damage, to go forth and attack enemies. Lasts 7 seconds, when expires, blows up and stuns nearby enemies for 1 second.

Note: Changed a bit in that sandwarriors last 1 second less but stun 1 second on expiration or death.

Purpose: This is to let them buy at least a moment against very powerful enemies that can eradicate sandwarriors almost instantly. The small AoE on the stun can be life-saving in a flood of enemies.

Swordmanship (passive)

Become proficient with the blade, each consecutive strike deals 1/2/3 bonus damage (Flurry counts). Maximum bonus damage is 12-36, depends on Alric's level.

Note: Pinnacle of Alric's power, this passive is stackable by Flurry and lasts as long as fighting commerce. Combined with his good tankiness to gain lots of damage and harm even the mightiest. Use stun (sandwarriors, Shock and Awe) to buy more time to stack.
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Re: Reworking the free heroes of Frontiers

by Magnus0 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:35 am

I really like the layout. It´s very clean and easy to read.

I´m not really a fan of Mirage becoming a melee only hero because she fills the gap of physical ranged damage in the free heroes of Frontiers. Her damage is very low and she cannot tank hits well either. She would probably struggle a lot in melee only combat. Maybe she could work s similar to Dante. He has a decently frequent ranged attack, but is still primarily a melee unit.

I also don´t think a blink attack on a 2 second cooldown would work. Mirage would barely have time to attack enemies, much less use all of her other abilities if she is constantly using that new shadow dance. From the description it seems like the skill would behave very similarly too her lethal strike skill too, so I think the original shadow dance would actually be more interesting here, since it can also make up for the loss of her ranged attacks.

Crimson rose seems like a good addition.

I think Alric is much more coherently designed than Mirage. His new valor skill is great. It might give you a reason to actually use templars for once. Spiked armor has a similar effect, but I don´t think it should be global. That would defeat the purpose of valors movement speed buff designed for Alric to move between chockepoints. Flurry and swordmanship make for a nice combo against strong enemies, but I think the bonus damage should cap at a certain point. The stun on the sandwarriors seems a bit random. It works well with Alrics other skills but thematically it doesn´t make much sense to me. It´s not entirely necessary either.
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Re: Reworking the free heroes of Frontiers

by tmn loveblue » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:09 pm

Yes, I agree. I will work on better version of Alric's Spiked Armor, and another iteration of Mirage with ranged attacks is already on my mind.

Thanks for the reply, Magnus0.
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