Hero Concept-Achilles

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Hero Concept-Achilles

by Tenshi5 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:17 pm

Achilles the
This is what Achilles would look like, Clash of Olympians portrays him finely.

Bio: Achilles, son of the mortal Peleus and the Nereid Thetis, is the mightiest of the Greeks, famous for his role in the Trojan War, and the hero of Homer's Iliad.
Health: 400
Melee Damage: 16-30
Armor: None (Low/Medium/High)
Attack Speed: Average
Respawn Time: 20 seconds
Weapon: Spear made from the ash tree on Mount Pelion w/ golden spear head

Impervious Skin (Passive):
Who needs to wear armor when your skin is as strong as steel? Raise Achilles' armor rating to Low/Medium/High.
Blessing of Zeus (Active):
The enemies will be shocked to see this! Chain lightning that deals magic damages (the damage and amount of enemies in the chain increase with level).
Blessing of Hephaestus (Active):
Burn, Burn them all! Throw a flaming spear at a far away or flying enemy, has a X% chance to burn the enemy for X seconds.
Fame (Active):
Stun nearby enemies with the GLORY OF ACHILLES! For X seconds.
Breath of Athena (Passive):
Athena guides your spear, increasing your critical hit chance by X%.
Secondary: The spear can be used as a ranged weapon as well, allowing Achilles to hit far and flying enemies.

"My life is a shooting star!"
"I want to fight!"
"My rage drives me"
"There are no pacts between lions and men"
"I will cause you pain"
(Death) "Hectooooooorr!"

Ending note: Heracles is the tank character, Perseus is going to be the fast range attacker, Achilles would be the generic starter hero with average stats (besides armor after skill upgrades) and decent skills. Two of his skills came from IronHide's Clash of the Olympians and the rest were my ideas based on his legends. I would also like some suggestions for the numbers for these abilities because I want to make him a strong hero, but not an OP hero.
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