Kingdom Rush Heroes-Valcedon

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Kingdom Rush Heroes-Valcedon

by valcedon » Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:13 pm

Crimson Warlock

Valcedon is a great and powerful warlock. He was always very ambitious and would seek to further his knowledge and power until the end of his life. He started off as a simple mage, but he showed much promise and would be praised for his immense power over magic and for his great insight. But he always sought after more. He began studied other schools of magic, including: necromancy, demonology and much more dark and forbidden knowledge. He eventually discovered the dreaded Redflame; a powerful and forbidden form of magic. This got him exiled from the kingdom. But he continued pursuing knowledge of other magic to further his already great power. His understanding of many schools of magic gives him an edge over almost any magic user and he continues to be feared as a great and powerful warlock who would go through any lengths to further his power. But at the end of the day, he still fights for the side of good, or at least for now...

Health regen:30
Magic resistance:high
Attack speed:slow
Respawn:15 seconds
Movement:slow(can teleport)
Ranged magic attack dealing 15-80 damage

Enslave Soul
-Disintegrates any single enemy and resurrecting it as an Enslaved Spirit. The Enslaved Spirit has 140/200/260 health and deals 5-10/5-30/5-50 magic damage.

Cyclopian Tome
-Valcedon takes out a tome that releases a floating eye that fires beams at enemies dealing 10-40/10-55/10-70 magic damage.

Fire Ball
-Valcedon shoots a flaming ball into the air hits an enemy dealing 50/70/90 fire damage to the enemy and all surrounding enemies

Hellish Support
-Valcedon summons a demon for 7/10/13 seconds that can block and attack enemies dealing 10-15/15-20/20-25 fire damage and himself is immune to all damage.

Hero Spell
Gates of Hell
Valcedon opens hellish gates in front of him for 2/3/4 seconds. All enemies that walk into the gate instantly DIE...

"To hell with you!"
"Shadow and Flame!"
"Unleash hell!"
"Magic over might!"

It's been ages since i posted but here's another hero. Leave any suggestions down below thanks! :D
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Re: Kingdom Rush Heroes-Valcedon

by Big Bad Bug » Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:35 pm

Hey, I really like the effort you put into drawing up both the hero portrait and the in-game appearance of the hero. That helps a lot when imaging the hero in the game. :D

Enslave Soul is an awesome skill, combining an instakill into a summon. In KRO it’s quite commom for there to be more than one tough enemy in a vicinity, so this is especially useful.

Cyclopian Tome is neat, though I want to know more about it. Does it deal damage over the course of a few seconds, or instantly? This reminds me that I’d also like to know all the ability cooldowns for reference, too. ;)

Fire Ball is a straight to the point skill, but made less standard by the fact that it is the only ability with a guaranteed damage value. The other skills require luck to be good and from Lilith’s luck-based attributes that can get frustrating. My recommendation is to make this Fireball skill gain additional damage on the next use based on the missing damage from all of the other skills. How cool would that be? Imagine the player banking on Cyclopian Tome dealing good damage only for it to do 10, but then they can make up for that by skillfully keeping enemies grouped together so that when Fire Ball is charged, it deals even more damage! :D

Hellish Support is verging on OP considering it’s Dark Pact but infinitely tankier albeit with less damage output capabilities. Still, 2 summons on one hero is really neat to have so I’m glad it’s a part of this hero’s skill set, even if it’s balanced clunkily; the duration seems peculiarly long for an invincible unit.

Gates of Hell is epic! What does it do to units immune to instakills? How much damage do they receive per second in the gate’s range?

Overall, a decent hero. Take my suggestion for Fireball and he’ll be 10 times more fun. ;)
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Re: Kingdom Rush Heroes-Valcedon

by valcedon » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:00 am

Thanks for the feedback I'll definitely use your suggestions and update the character and add anything that was missing.
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