Kingdom rush Ancient Aliens

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Kingdom rush Ancient Aliens

by nova_n » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:21 pm


I was inspired by ancient aliens(not a specific epsiode), with the idea that ancient gods are aliens. So that gave me the idea, that if primitive ancient humans were shown even modern technology of our age, that they would think we are gods. At this point, IM still uses our technology for weapons. Seeing the conflict between the IM and the other aliens at war with them atm, here is how they would describe the weapons.

The iron marines are human beings. Their planet is running low on resources, and their colonies on other planets have just started. They cannot suffice for any longer. Robots would cost many resources, and in addition, would require personel to maintain them. A solution was given to make life forms that mine resources for them. Deciding if this was humane or not wasnt even asked, because the existence of their planet was in question. Life forms mining resources would be placed on a planet where they could eat and reproduce by them selves, without much maintainence. The found the planet, and decided they would populate it. To save time, they decided to make the life forms in their image, but with less intelligence so they wouldnt question their authority. Efficiency in design would have taken too long. They created 100 humans to begin with, and placed them on the planet. To not have to supervise them after a while, the IM programmed authority and fear, so that certain humans could manage the resource operations.They were given instructions to mine resources of uranium, gold, copper,iron, and coal, and that it was a sacrifice for the gods. Every week, the gods would return to accept their sacrifices. This proved very great for the IM, and their planet was flouroshing once more. The Fell, eager to gain resources in the same way, did not have the understanding to replicate life forms. So they went to the new planet, and created a separate cult of people to gain resources from them. The IM and Fell fought directly for a while, until both ides had to pull out due to surprisingly high losses. Not wanting to sacrifice their own lives, the IM programmed aggression, fighting, and improved inteligence to the humans. The fell didnt have these models of human beings, and so they were being over run for a while. The fell decided to breed the new humans with the old humans.This created what would eventually become the elves, and the orcs, after many years of evolution. Eventually, the fighting stopped after social rovolts deemed the mining operations inhumane and terrible. And the world formed into Lineria, Hammerhold, and Ardhel

Anyways, here are how the humans would have described the weapons they saw while the humans and fell were in direct confrontation. These are towers.

Type:Magic tower
Damage per hit:75-125
Fire rate:Average

Damager per blow:400-1500
Rate of fire:Extrememly extrememly slow
Drawback:Kills troops around it, renders nearby tower spaces empty
AOE:Entire range, Damage stronger I closer to center
Fallout:5 secs, will give all enemies fhat enter it 30% weakness
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I will add more towers soon
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Re: Kingdom rush Ancient Aliens

by Moloch » Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:52 am

Did you finish lvl 6 in Iron Marines ? Because it has a HUUUUUGE relation to KRF
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