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Kingdom Rush: Forums COMING SOON!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2020 6:34 pm
by EpicPhantom999
It’s been years since Vez’Nan banished Denas through a mystical portal. Little were the people who knew that, those who can correctly interpret and use the Crystals next to the Crystal Lake, a portal will open, banishing people to the other side of the Crystal lake, into a kingdom ruled by the legendary serpent Grootslang.
But every night Vez’nan had the same nightmares. That Denas would gain the respect of the Grootslang, and would be granted powers to come back and turn Vez’nan’s own bad jokes against him.
Eventually, Vez’nan couldn’t stand it anymore. He reopened the portal, allowing only his most trusted people to go through it. But those nightmares made him unable to trust anyone. He doubted even his most loyal soldiers, like Asra and Oloch.
So he journeyed the world. He found many impressive places, but none more impressive than the Ironhide Community Forums. He looked back in time, saw the Forums at its peak, and it was then he made his decision. He would choose the greatest heroes the forums had ever known, to end this threat and revive the forums once and for all!

Uranato, EpicPhantom, and Ninja found Denas weak and powerless. But they knew that Denas wasn’t going to be a problem all along. The real problem was that the registration system for the forums was broken, so they must avenge it by killing the infamous founders of Ironhide. Delebru. Vanzen. Botch. All must fall. Then the forums would rise again, and the world would be theirs!

Ashley, the Bear, Unlocked at stage 2
Uranato, the Black Baron, Unlocked after completing Level 10
EpicPhantom, the Living Nightmare: ... 86AAo/edit
Ninja-San, the Grammar Master, Premium Hero: ... I3unU/edit
Discord, the Link, Premium hero
RaZor, the Moderator, Premium Hero


First 1/3
Ninja, Uranato, and EpicPhantom tried getting to the Ironhide Developers, but one of their dedicated fans, Big Bad Bug, prepared to block them.
Level 1: Crystal Passage
Big Bad Bug’s scouts have been sent to cross the portal back to the other side of the Crystal Lake, where they will catch Vez’nan’s attention. General, we must kill them before they reach the portal and inform Vez’nan about our hidden agenda!
New Enemies:
Big Bad Fans
Fans of the Big Bad Bug, they often show up at random times to hopefully impress upon BBB their value. They come in large numbers but are very weak.
2-3 damage
90 health
Slow movement speed
Abilities: Hype Train Starts Here! (buffs close Big Bad Scouts, Big Bad Rangers, Big Bad Bug, and fellow Big Bad Fans, making them move 20% faster per fan, ability stacks)
Bounty: 5G
Big Bad Scouts
Inferior friends of Big Bad Bug he found on discord and reddit. They seek to protect the IH Developers from our army alongside Big Bad Bug.
10-23 damage on ranged attack, 5-7 damage on melee
150 health
20% armor
Medium movement speed
Abilities: Scouting for Scouts(Scouts further down the path can help scouts further back on the path find the target, so scouts further down the path can fire at the same target from where it is standing, doesn’t have to be in range)
Big Bad Boss
Commands hordes of Big Bad Scouts. Big Bad Bug handpicked these people. They were former Forumers, now refusing to come back.
500 health
50-90 damage, tosses enemies (his enemies, our allies) behind him, out of their rally range, tossed enemies can’t be moved
Fast movement speed
Abilities: Dark Glamour (All enemies around him are impervious to effects such as slows, stuns, poisons, bleeding, etc.)
Wave setup:
Wave 1: 6 Big Bad Fans coming from top path
Wave 2: 2 Big Bad Fans coming from bottom, 2 Big Bad Scouts coming from top
Wave 3: 5 Big Bad Scouts come from top, 2 Fans appear from the scenery
Wave 4: 3 Scouts from each entrance, 10 Fans appear from scenery
Wave 5: 10 scouts from upper entrance, 10 Fans from lower entrance. A random amount of Fans (1-5) appear from scenery.
Wave 6: 1 Big Bad Boss from each entrance
Starting Gold: 100G

Re: Kingdom Rush: Forums COMING SOON!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2020 4:07 pm
by MalikHammerfury
Are people alive here ? :)

Re: Kingdom Rush: Forums COMING SOON!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2020 9:39 pm
by EpicPhantom999
Yes, I think I qualify as alive.

My signature provides a list of alive people.

Re: Kingdom Rush: Forums COMING SOON!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 4:07 pm
by MalikHammerfury
Cool may be we will rise from the ashes one day.

Re: Kingdom Rush: Forums COMING SOON!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 6:06 pm
by RaZoR LeAf
This place will never rise from the ashes so long as it is ignored by the devs in favour of the Discord server, where they now regularly host contests and post the results of them all over their other social media accounts. The fact that the forums are even still hosted surprises me.

Re: Kingdom Rush: Forums COMING SOON!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 8:12 pm
by MalikHammerfury
Oh Razor Leaf ... it is pretty nostalgic to read your comment again after 7 year ;) Your art is amazing <3 Which program do you use to draw ?

Re: Kingdom Rush: Forums COMING SOON!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:58 pm
by EpicPhantom999
Yeah, Aeris seemed to doubt very much the return of the forums because apparently the registration system is broken, so he declined to join in on the elimination games and hangman.

I doubt whether the devs even check this place anymore, to be honest. If they were interested in the revival of the forums, they would've said something on the discord/reddit, or at least install a decent CAPTCHA system instead of sabotaging the registration.