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User Heroes 2

by Big Bad Bug » Thu May 21, 2015 1:24 pm

See here if you forget the rules. Now accepting second requests from previous users. :hero:

Order: (Fenrir, Flamemaster) Ninja, (Lord of all Evil, RZ Rider)

Users in () are inactive and not eligible for a hero once I start working on them again, but will be back on the list if they return.



Kowaghuz spent most of his life in the Dwarven city of Pendressi, a marvelous city where stones were carved to perfection to form entire buildings, built into the ground to become nigh immobile against threats. Underneath, houses were made, seemingly upside down, but in reality, the bottom floor was actually th lowest part of the house, where Kowaghuz usually stayed.

The Dwarved lived peaceful lives, safe from harm, until an unanticipated threat struck. An Earth Demon, shaking and shattering the ground as it traveled, wanted to challenge itself by taking down an entire civilization. It dug under the buildings, wrenching them from the ground and letting them topple over. Underneath, it shook the Dwarven homes, causing them to fall from under the ground, deep into the centre of the earth. The Dwarves evacuated immediately.

Kowaghuz ran with his parents, only to have the Earth Demon sweep by, swallowing them instantly. The creature moved on, paying no credence to Kowa and other nearby Dwarves who happened to barely miss it. However, Kowaghuz could not comprehend what had happened just then, and stood crying over the gap in the earth where his parents last stood. The remains consisted of his father's legendary hammer, rumored to crack any bone it came into contact with, and his shotgun, prohpecized to have been smithed by a legendary Dwarf in archaic times who gave it the power to create its own bullets. Kowa took them before fleeing, vowing to someday repair them to their glory and honor his father's legacy of a master warrior.

Over the years, Kowaghuz could never forget the tragedy that had befallen him. As he continued to try and find work, he eventually became too depressed to get ready for another day of the same smithing, cooking, handywork, and everything else he tried. He'd simply leave without a trace, never knowing if he was missed but always assuming he wasn't, and headed north once more.

He eventually came upon a kingdom of Elves and was captured. An outsider with far different structure than normal sentient creatures they had known, he was declared a beast and was treated like an animal. Kowa promised that he would prove his worth by serving in their army, using intelligent battle tactics and superior fighting skills that only a Dwarf could emply. He now works as an indentured servant to the Elves, with a glimmer of hope that he can finally be useful in the world. Liek if yuo cyr evrey tiem.

Kowa is a short Dwarf with balding hair and a long, scraggly beard. He has shining mithril armor, silver and blue and gleaming in sunlight areas like the Gnoll Hills and Soaring Ruins, and sparkling a darker cool color in Fae and Duredhel areas. He wields a hammer with a cross of metal across the rectangle, also shining in the light. On his back is a shotgun, with a thin middle and somewhat larger hole for bullets, and brown on the gripped portion.

HP: 500
Regen: 50
Melee: 25-50 Attacks with hammer once per second
Ranged: 50-100 Shoots with shotgun once per 2 seconds, firing a spray of bullets in a cone. Bullets have tiny AOEs, forcing the enemy to be really close to take full damage or far away to spread out the damage.
Armor: Medum (50%)
Speed: Average
Respawn: 20s

Skull Pierce: (4s) Smashes hammer on an enemy, dealing double damage stunning it for 1/2/3 seconds. (Jumps into the air and slams down the hammer upon the target in melee range. Effected by Dwarfka.)

Hammer Toss: (10s) Flings a disposable hammer at an enemy, dealing 40/60/80 damage and sending a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies for 1/2/3 seconds. (Shockwave deals no damage, but stuns flying enemies in its Fiery Nut-sized AOE.)

Dwarfka: (12s) Drowns sorrows in a bottle of imported Dwarven beer, increasing melee damage by 100/150/200% and giving a 10/20/30 health regeneration for 4/5/6 seconds. (Activated when facing any combination of enemies totalling more than 500 health, 60 average damage, both, or when his health drops below 10%.)

Big Bang: (Passive) When Kowa's shotgun is unused for at least 5 seconds, it overloads with bullets, causing the next shot fired to deal an extra 200/400/600% damage. (Signified by Kowa's shotgun vibrating violently on his back and glowing slightly orange.)

Dwarven Engineering: (Varies) Using fine Dwarven craftsmanship, automatically upgrades a tower for free every 60/50/40/30 seconds. (Selected tower's upgrade is random when given multiple options. If a lvl 4 upgrade branch is maxed out, it will upgrade the other or show a red X when no more upgrades are possible.)

Overall Playstyle:Kowaghuz has the most average stats possible, keeping a balance between ranged and melee damage and between tankiness and speed. His abilities are weak but recharge extremely fast, causing him to be able to affect enemies very often. He can stall an enemy by stunning it repeatedly in melee, barely being harmed by it at all while he attacks it. Passing enemies can be stunned as well by his AOE attack, leaving room for multiple enemies to be attacked by him and other allied units and towers. If the enemies he is dealing with are too powerful, some Dwarfka will do away with the stress and make him even more powerful, countering the damage done when enemies are not stunned. If that still doesn't work, he can hide away, regenerating health whilst his shotgun powers up, so that when he is ready again to fight, he can charge into battle with an extremely powerful attack. He well-roundedness between all fields of combat make him the perfect choice when no other option seems right.



Xstar has no memories of his younger days, only as a young adult when he lived in a forest near a river. He knew only the animals there that bonded with him or sought to kill him. He never fought back, only ran to safety, using his magic to create distractions by conjuring clones of himself. He lived peacefully with the animals for a long time.

Eventually, change found its way into Xstar's life, when Twilight Elves came to tear down the forest and set up dark fortresses for their master. The animals became increasingly cornered into deeper parts of the woods as the trees were torn down and the waters were polluted. Bloodthirsty Elves came and took the animals' lives as well.

Xstar hid from them, refusing to interact with them. He longed for his companions to come back with deep, intense passion. The more and more he wanted them, he felt power growing within. He channeled that energy and created copies of the animals he once knew. He practiced these powers until he mastered them and could generate an army of his comrades.

Xstar led an attack against the demons, with his regenrating army of clones tearing through the buildings in the forest, putting the trees back together and sealing them with magic. With the same love his friends, Xstar used the hatred of these villains to trap their souls into the darkest spaces of his mind, where he would call upon their souls to serve him rather than the animals, who he freed to roam the forests once more.

He now protects the woodland Elves and their homes, seeing the same struggle against corruption from the Twilight Elves, and uses the enemy against itself to fight fire with fire.

HP: 280
Regen: 30
Melee: 5-10 Strikes with staff once per second
Ranged: 45-90 Magic Damage. Charges a ray for a second and blasts a blue beam at an enemy, dealing damage over the course of half a second. Takes 1.5 seconds in between each blast to recharge.
Resistances: None
Speed: Fast (Creates a magical sphere that forms in a clockwise direction, teleporting parts of him to a location as it covers each individual section of his body.)
Respawn: 15s

Secondary: Dealing the killing blow with an attack contributes power to his Hero Spell.

Carbon Copy: (15s) Creates identical clones of all nearby allies near him for 4/7/10 seconds that can collect souls. (Clones stand a little bit in front of allies, appearing as light blue apparitions. They can use the abilities of clones allies with the exception of any healing skills, as they cannot regain health. When they deal the killing blow to enemies, it contibutes to the Hero Spell.)

Soul Reaper: (18s) Summons a reaper apparition for 3/4/5 seconds that collects the souls of nearby slain enemies and deals 40/60/80 to 80/100/120 True Damage per strike. (Reaper has infinite HP and will block a single target. It attacks once per second dealing AOE damage like a Pillager. It does not need to land a killng blow to collect souls, merely be near enemies when they die.)

Gluttonous Manifestation: (16s) Summons a demon in a localized area for 2/4/6 seconds that deals 30/40/50 True Damage per second and collects the souls of enemies caught in its range. (Enemies do not need to be killed by the AOE, just killed while in the area. Range is the size of Fiery Nut.)

Undulant Seeker: (12s) Fires a magical spear that undulates between 2/3/4 enemies dealing 20/30/40 to 50/75/100 True Damage to each, collecting souls. (The spear is a large ghastly-blue magical comet that strikes down into an enemy, shooting back up into the sky before striking down at another target. Cannot hit the same enemy twice.)

Soul Abomination: (60s) Summons a golem of each collected soul, comprised of 25/50/75/100% of all damage and health gathered since its last use for 5/10/15/20 seconds. (Golems have a minimum of 200 HP and 10-20 damage. All attacks are AOE slams like that of an elemental and deal true damage every 2 seconds or are thrown blue projectiles that behave the same way. No armor, heal rate, or movement. The golems are the same apparition-blue of the other summons with various circles of differing sizes and shades of bright blue. Sometimes, the souls of powerful enemies can be seen whizzing around inside a circle.)

Overall Playstyle: With the ability to summon so many units and skills that attack multipe enemies, there is a large focus on crowd control. Get Xstar to a chokepoint or make one out of reinforcements so that he can clone them while his other skills finish the job. He can snipe enemies from far away while his soldiers block them, effectively dealing damage and stalling at the same time. His spell is best used rarely, or at least sparsely if the player is very active in getting souls for the golem. It's even possible to not use it for entire level until the boss wave for an extremely powerful minion, and the degree of that extremity comes from how much involvement Xstar has had thus far.


Cursed Sorcerer

In the school of mages for Sylvan Elves, students were required to pass a rigorous test explaining their knowledge of magical history and the functions of spells and their nature. Those who completed the exam were permitted into the school where they could begin a career as any wizard they wanted to be.

Simmonds studied night and day for his exam and completed with the best score in years, one of the only tests above 90%. He was gratuitously welcomed in. In the school he knew answers to every question and quickly earned a reputation for himself. Any confusion amongst other students resulted in them consulting Simmonds, always with great results.

Impending was the first semester testing season, and to practice, their teacher would have each student demonstrate a random spell. One by one, each aspiring wizard would launch lights into the air, levitate school utilities, alter their appearance, and such.

When it came to Simmonds's turn, his teacher told him, "For my best student, I will let you impress the class once more by performing an alteration of space and time: Teleporting my desk quill into my open palm!"

Simmonds knew how space was a complex area of magic, but he also knew that with the right willpower, it was possible to alter reality in a way by forcing one's mental desire for reality to be as such to be greater than reality itself. Only master mages could do so, but he knew he was a master mage. Simmonds made the image of his teacher's quill in his mind, visualizing it appearing in his teacher's palm, every fragment of it being right where it belonged...

Suddenly, he heard a scream. Simmonds focused back to reality to see his teacher's hand impaled by the quill, blood gushing out. After the chaos of running students and cries for someone to do something, someone went and did something by getting a healer to come and fix things.

Simmonds was sent back to his seat, and was never asked for help again. Determined to redeem himself, he practiced in his room during all of his free time, trying to get the teleportation spell right. However, he never managed to place any object perfectly where he envisioned it. Simmonds tried other spells, and couldn't manage those properly, either. Weeks went on, and the studious wizard could not manage to perfectly achieve any form of magic. His hope dwindled, and doubt filled the gaps.

Although he could recite the findings of space manipulation by the recently appraised scholar, Nivus, he couldn't even project a ray of light forward. Disheartened, Simmonds packed his belongings and made his way home. However, passing the gates, he noticed a tinge on the ground. A black mark that somehow burned his eyes like the sun was there, and he reached down to touch it, and was bombarded with scorching black light around him upon making contact.

Simmonds felt like he was floating in a weightless place, with absolutely nothing going on anywhere around him for an infinite distance. Glowing green eyes burned their image into his mind, and he felt their voice echo in his head.

"We have watched you, Simmonds. You deserve greatness but have been denied it, just as we have for eons. Accept our gift, and let greatness be yours, just as you deserve; as we all deserve."

A green pendant appeared in his mind, and Simmonds contemplated. He wondered about his future, without any ability to use magic. He had no future without it. He then thought of a life with magic, accomplishing great discoveries, making milestones in magic that would make him immortal in history. He thought of the pendant, and it glowed a brighter green. The glow intensified, consuming his mind, to the point where Simmonds had no room to think about anything other than the green pendant. It quickly grasped his mind, and was everywhere, and then there was nothing.

Simmonds felt the weight of his body again, and he opened his eyes. He looked down and saw the pendant resting on his chest. He tried to tug at it, but it was immobile. He ran to get help, but nobody else could see or sense the presence of it on him. Simmonds returned to his room, and laid down on his bed. He looked to the left and saw a glass of water on his desk. He was thirsty, and longed for it to be within reach. He blinked, a quick image of the glass in his hand, and suddenly he felt cold weight in his palm. He looked at his hand and saw the glass, dropping it in surprise. He grinned wildly, in awe of his new capabilities.

He reached down to touch the glass, and cut his finger. The point pinched his hand and squeezed all the way up to his arm, reaching his torso. He felt an especially sharp pain at his chest, and was thrown into darkness. There was nothing he could see or control, but he could feel his body moving, doing things, but he didn't know what. After an eternity he could see once more, and was on the ground, constrained by magical rope. The staff members of the school were looking over at him, bewildered.

They declared that he was a demon of some type, and banished him from the school. Simmonds lived on his on since then, unable to feel safe in society out of fear that worse could happen to him. He soon discovered that whenever he was wounded, the pendant would take control of him and ravage everything in sight.

After years in the forest, he was eventually discovered by the Sylvan Elves and taken back to their lands. He was locked away, seen as a threat by most, but by great wizards, a means of study. They argued with the Sylvan leaders, and decided they could let their captive into battle to examine how his powers worked and what they could do.

Simmonds now lives as nothing but an experiment to those who don't know him, but his battle companions pity but also respect him for his kindness, wisdom, and determination. He is one of the most fearsome mages of all time, but also one of the most unstable.

Simmonds is a tall mage in orange and red robes, flowing in the wind. (We need more flowy capes, Ironhide) He wields a very long, silver staff with branching metal rods twisting around an orange gem at the center, creating what appears to be almost an atomic symbol. His chiseled chin and small neard can be seen from the dark under his hood. In beast mode, he is a large grey creature with numerous long, sharp horns coming out of his head. He has thick musclular limbs and a ripped chest, along with powerful claws for hands.

HP: 300
Regen: 30
Melee: 9-15 Overhead beating with staff every second
Ranged: 56-91 Charges up for 1 second and launches 7 magic missiles into the nearest enemies, seeking new targets. Takes 1 second between attacks to start to charge.
Resistance: None
Speed: Can teleport, or will walk, the same way Magnus does but with a much smaller walk distance.
Respawn: 25s

Secondary: Beast Mode. When struck by an attack, Simmonds enters beast mode, gaining double current/max HP as well as losing his teleport and ranged attacks, but transferong his ranged damage to his melee damage as physical. He now attacks with his clawed hands at a rate of once per 1.2 seconds and uses slightly altered abilities. This mode lasts for 6 seconds and has a 12-second period in which he cannot reform into a beast.

Shockwave: (24s) Sends a magical shockwave worth 200/350/500 damage that explodes on the final target for 100/200/300 area magic damage. (The final target refers to the enemy who has enough health to not be killed by the magical blast. The damage the shockwave can deal decreases with each enemy struck, based on the health they lost from the attack. In beast mode, he dashes Kutsao-style from enemy to enemy, instakilling them but also decreasing the amount of damage that can be dealt to the last enemy. Armor is factored in now. Upon reaching the final target, he performs a spinning slash that deals the same damage as physical damage.)

Magnification: (10s) Powerful attack dealing 50/75/100 damage that increases in damage by 50/75/100% with each consecutive use on the same enemy. (Damage doubles each time, growing exponentially as long as it's on the same enemy. Simmonds automatically targets the same enemy in range each time if it has been hit before, taking precedence over enemy strength and location. In Beast Mode, this attack is a powerful chomp on a foe's neck rather than a ranged magical beam. The chomp causes the enemy to bleed.)

Inherent Death: (16s) Causes an enemy to take 5% of their life per second as damage to themselves and nearby foes for 3/5/7 seconds. (Used as a ranged curse as a mage that creates an orange and red flame around the target and nearby enemies. In Beast Mode, it is a powerful slash with both claws that causes the enemy to bleed, spreading the damage as physical damage in a larger radius, about the size of Eldritch Doom. The damage is dealt instantly to the target and all nearby enemies.)

Unleashed: (Passive) Every 50 damage taken increases the length of Beast Mode by 1 second with a maximum transformation time of 9/12/15 seconds. (Beast Mode still requires a 12 second cooldown time between transforming.)

Rising Sun: (45s) Bathes the map in sunlight or moonlight, increasing either the physical or magical attacks of all towers by 50% for 6/9/12/15 seconds. (Towers like Arcane Archers will benefit from the magic boost when using Burst Arrows.)

Overall Playstyle: Simmonds has the ability to counter any combination of enemies by switching from a ranged hero with magical attacks to a melee hero with physical attacks. When armoured enemies are no longer a large threat, letting him enter Beast Mode for awhile can end up being more beneficial, allowing him to more efficiently deal damage to specific foes. He also swaps speed for tankiness, so that he can stop an enemy from leaking rather than just watching it leave ss he blasts other foes. On top of this, he can create a huge game changer by buffing towers across the map with enhanced damage, with similar degrees of impact as Kahz or Saitam would have.



When the great Saurian people invaded Linirea by Malagar's summoning, time become unstable, and fickle. Portals through time would occasionally open and close near the Saurians' lair hiden in the mountains. Lord Malagar instructed them not to interract with them. The Saurians served their master with loyalty, as he had promised to share with them the almighty power of the gem after his plans were carried out.

When Malagar was defeated and Umbra slain, the Saurians had lost the gem. Betrayed, they sent a lone Saurian into a time portal, to take the gem in the past at a point before Malagar had ever acquired it, and use it themselves in the present.

Travelling through the portal altered the lone warrior, giving him the ability to bring his fellow Saurian comrades through time to fight, though for a temporary amount of time. He did not discover this power soon enough, however, and was captured by the Elves, having a magical necklace placed upon him that prevented him from being too far from a Slyvan Elf at any time. The Elves came to know him simply as the Suarian, and thus became the name of his species.

Saurian discovered his ability to reach into time and call forth fellow Saurians when his life was in mortal danger. He fought with a sword of pure red energy that could cut through any armour, but he lacked protection of his own. As such, a Drider he battled with had poisoned him, leaving him unable to fight back for long. As he whittled away, Saurian thought of his allies from before, wishing that he could once more fight alongside them. His visions came true as another lizard appeared behind the mutated arachnid and stabbed it through the stomach. The warrior disappeared, and as Saurian wished for his return, he came back for a few seconds. He mastered this power and could create hordes of Saurians to fight alongside.

He worked for the Elves for many years and fought in many of their battles, and eventually made acquaintance with the wizard Vez'nan, who possessed the gem he sought. Saurian plotted to steal the gem from Vez'nan no matter the costs, but he had to find the right moment to strike. He could go charging into battle with an army of his brethren, but would not want their lives risked when it was unnecessary. Eventually, he will make his move and bring honour and the gem back to his time period.

Saurian is a taller than average lizardman wearing a cloak similar to the Savants. His retains the dark blue colour, but has a longer cape that flows like Eridan's; his is torn from battle. His hood is longer and goes over his head, though his snout peaks through and a scar can be seen on the side of his mouth. His is lightly equipped with straps of metal with glowing lights on them like the other Saurian equipment. He wields an energy sword that glows red like a Brute's whips, but is more stable and very long.

HP: 400
Regen: 25
Melee: 21-63 Slashes vertically once per second dealing True Damage
Armour: Low (20%)
Speed: Fast (Levitates and floats to a location)
Respawn: 20s

Conversion: (Passive) Uses the life energy of fallen enemies to create portals that summons a Saurian Warrior on the location for 5/10/15 seconds. (Saurian Warriors are like Broodguards, but their time travel has caused them to glow dark blue, like Saurian's cape. They have 160 HP, no armour, and deal 12-16 damage per second. There is no limit to how many can be present at once.)

Clean Cut: (21s) Leaps into the air and slashes an opponent for 10/15/20% of their health and 50/100/150 True Damage, turning them into a clone of himself if slain for 20 seconds. (Saurian leaps into the air for a second before dashing almost instantly to whichever enemy has the most health but would still die from the attack, slashing them horizontally. His clone has no abilities other than Conversion, and can be controlled like a Durax copy.)

Summon Sapper: (18s) Summons a Saurian Sapper to detonate an area with multiple enemies for 70/140/210 True Area Damage. (The Sapper has 60 HP and can be attacked by units, causing it to explode immediately upon death. Itmproceeds down the path like a Broodguard, gaining speed as it is harmed, and detonates in the presence of at least 3 enemies in the radius of an Eldritch Doom explosion)

Timelock: (28s) Saurian traps the enemies in front of him in time, preventing them from moving for 2 seconds with a 15/30/45% chance for them to be stuck for an additional 1/2/3 seconds. (Saurian sends a wave through his hand that traps each enemy. He stands still for a second as the wave travels, moving like Plague Carriers but for a shorter distance.)

Call the King: (120s) Summons the Lizard King for 5/10/15/20 seconds to bring destruction down the path. (Summons a massive portal that Xyzzy steps out of, but this time before he has his hammers. He instead uses Brute energy whips, but twice the size to be proportional. He is invincible [same HP as him as the boss for aesthetics but pretty much unkillable] and deals 60-120 True Damage with an AOE ability with a 10 second cooldown, just like a Brute. He walks at a slow pace down the lane he is summoned on, and will move backwards when he reaches the end.)

Overall Playstyle: Saurian benefits against many enemies at once, being able to summon more and more warriors. Keeping him mobile as action is occuring is key, as there's no point in keeping him near only a few remaining enemies, as the warriors summoned from theor deaths won't have anyone to fight. He is great for attacking a fresh horde of enemies, quickly getting a higher chance of killing them all as one dies to his blade. Even if he can't fight them all, his AOE and Clean Cut skill are both great for dealing damage, and can be saved up for a really big amount of enemies so that he can kill them without risking getting hurt, and then fight alongside his minions. Because of his fragility and inability to tackle situations where enemies are even semi-tough without help, his hero spell makes for a great tide-turner, ploughing through enemies and going toe-to-toe with even bosses, but must be used in true emergencies.


Dragon Lord

In the antediluvian era of the Gods walking the mortal world, they nearly wiped themselves out of existence. A great war had begun, with deities fighting other deities, unstoppable forces cancelling each other out. The rage, envy, fear, and ither emotions of the Gods were so great that they took physical form, creating the dragons. The Gods eventually ended the war by undocumented means, and left the world with mortals and immortals alike to live amongst each other.

The very first and most powerful dragons were manifestations of these emotions we feel today, and lesser dragons were separate categories of these emotions. One dragon who was the first to figure this out also realized that he could share the essence of dragons with himself, embodying all emotions at once and amassing great power.

The dragon travelled across the world, finding other ancient dragons and creating pacts with them, acquiring a portion of their power, becoming the mightiest dragon of them all. This Dragon Lord has yet to acquire every emotion, but has found a unique power in the Denas family line to make dragons serve them and the kingdom they reside in. He has willingly joined forces with them in hopes of finding every dragon and becoming as powerful as possible, even if he is already the mightiest of the dragons.

Draconian is a large dragon with extremely reflective, shining silver scales and wings coated in light green, red, and blue shiny scales. His dragonbreath is a mixture of those colours, which are infused with the arcane power of the mind that he has control over.

HP: 560
Regen: 40
Ranged: 162-198 Launches a thin, bright beam from his mouth at a single target dealing True Damage. Attacks once per 2 seconds.
Resistances: None
Speed: Slow (Moves slower than Phoenix)
Respawn: 30s

Roar of Ferment: (16s) Draconian's roar causes enemies' rage to slowly kill them, draining 2% of their life per second for every attack they receive for 3/6/9 seconds. (Draconian sends a red shockwave from his mouth that strikes enemies in an AOE. Initially drains 2% life, and continues to multiply every time a tower or allied unit hurts them, stacking infinitely. This new percentage is drained each second until the effect wears off.)

Covetous Wings: (18s) Blasts out a shockwave underneath, dealing 40 area damage and adding the damage of all stricken enemies to his attacks and abilities for 3/5/7 seconds. (Activates when an enemy is directly underneath him, just like Phoenix's sacrifice. Area is about the same size, as well, and adds damage to skills that don't normally deal damage, excluding only the hero spell.)

Fog of Trepidation: (30s) Breathes a slowly-expanding cloud that lasts for 2/3/4 seconds that paralyzes enemies, during which foes who suffer more than 300/200/100 damage will lose an extra 20/25/30% of their health. (Can deal damage multiple times in order to continuously get the effect. Paralyzed enemies will be stunned for the remaining duration of the cloud. The original size of the fog is the same as Eldritch Doom and the expansion rate is enough to double the fog's size in 5 seconds.)

Ray of Doubt: (15s) Blasts a beam at an enemy, causing them to instantly die if they lose more than 20/15/10% of their health within 3/4/5 seconds. (Can target instakill-immune enemies and bosses to get an effect similar to Vindicator, dealing 2,000 damage)

Totem of Agony: (30s) Erects a crystallized totem for 4/6/8/10 seconds that makes all enemies share sorrow, taking an additional 20% damage for every enemy within range of the totem. (Stacks infinitely, and with Hunter's Mark. Totem AOE is the same as a totem of weakness from Frontiers)

Overall Playstyle: The Dragon Lord utilizes a plethora of abilities to make sure that enemies are slain no matter what. Keeping him near towers and/or troops that deal quick, small damage will allow him to focus on bigger enemies and deal massive damage to them. Although he lacks much versatility statistically, he has better DPS than the beta Faustus (123-183 damage) and far better skills. He is great for Endless Mode, as his percentage damage and instakills help greatly against groups of powerful enemies, easily dealing high damage against them. Focus him on enemies with high stats and move him over large groups of powerful foes to gain their damage, and he will be unrivaled inndamage output.


Archon of Rage

The Archons were lesser deities that served the Gods in the Heavens. They would collect tributes from worshippers and act as assassins to heretics. Any work connecting with mortals and their dimension was deemed "dirty work" by the Gods that was left for the Archon servants to do.

Nearly every Archon served the Gods without question, as even these immortal beings knew their place amongst such powerful masters. However, one Archon named Thalia would not stand for it. She was the mightiest warrior of all the Archons, revered and feared for it. She did tasks that no other Archons could handle, always unwillingly. Her complaints were heard only by the others of her kin, but she vowed to someday escape to the mortal world and never return.

One day, Thalia brought back tributes to the Storm God, composed of heavy wheelbarrows of gold from a secluded kingdom of fortune. Thalia lugged the wheelbarrows all at once to the throne of the God and presented it to him. "Fool!" the God shouted, smacking the gold ovee into Thalia's face, "I have no use for gold. I am a God! Return this gold to the mortal realm at once, and return with readiness to receive punishment for your insolence."

Thalia swore at the God and took some of the Gold before dashing back to the mortal plane. The God sent armies of stormclouds across the continent she fled to, hoping to catch her and smite the treacherous slave. Thalia hid for what seemed like an eternity for her, as she was always impatient despite her immortality. Eventually, the clouds dispersed and the God gave up the search with a final roll of frustrated thunder.

When the Archon emerged from hiding, she was partially concerned. All these trips back and forth, yet she knew little of how to live in the mortal world. Her confidence soon took over and she marched into the nearest building: an inn. Thalia sat at a stool, as that was what many of the other humans there were doing. A man in an apron came up to her and asked, "What can I get cha to drink?"

Thalia brought out one of her bars of gold that she kept from the God and asked, "What can I get with this?"

Jaws dropped at the sight of the gold. The man told her, "Yer can have the whole inn if yer want. I'd never make that much in me lifetime with this business."

Thalia refused and decided not to get a drink. She sat for awhile, observing her surroundings. How fortunate these mortals were to not have to endure an eternity of servitude to the most arrogant beings in literally the whole universe. One mortal came up behind her, starting to say, "Hey there, I-" before Thalia's reflexes kicked in and she punched the guy, launching him through a wall. People got up and ran, screaming, and soldiers began heading over to the inn. Thalia got up to try to leave, but she was too late.

Rather than become an outcast even in the mortal world, the Archon silently gave up and allowed the guards to take her to the city for punishment. There, she had a trial, and the wounded man testified that she punched him so hard that he soared through a wall.

The judge took off her glasses and rubbed them as she contemplated the likelihood of this. "How," she began, "could anyone be strong enough to do that?"

Thalia was a built, strong woman, but she had Archon powers that augmented her strength beyond her physical capabilities. Nonetheless, she would not stand an insult in any scenario. "I certainly could! I could smack any of these soldiers through any wall!"

The judge prodded, "Really now? Can you? Well then, we shall see. You will face our strongest warrior, and if you best him in battle, you will be freed of imprisonment."

The man tried to object, but the judge interrupted him and explained, "I am the judge here, and we go by my rules. Just wait and see."

With that, an arena was set up, where Thalia was given a longsword and sheild, both as rusty as her armour. A gate opened up, and a tall, wide knight fully clad in silver stepped out. His huge greatsword rested on his right shoulder, and a massive greatsheild resided on his left side. Thalia had been given unfair odds, and she was furious. Her anger boiled her equipment, and it began to gleam a brilliant white, becoming Archon armour and a large white greatsword. She grinned evilly and proclaimed, "My sword's longer than yours." before charging into battle.

Thalia ran, sluggish from her heavy armour but mentally unstoppable. The knight, taken aback, tried to swing at her with his sword, but she swatted it away with her shield, flinging it out of the arena with inhumane strength. The knight cowered behind his shield as the Archon slashed at it unremittingly. Thalia would break the metal barrier soon, but not soon enough. Her power surged into her blade, coating it in white fire as she slashed, disintegrating the shield and bashing the knight with her hilt, knocking him over.

"Please, no more!" He begged.

"My only mercy will be giving you a quick death." Thalia declared as she raised her sword to pierce the fallen soldier.

"WAIT!" The judge cried out. She and a group of guards ran toward Thalia, seizing her and telling her to stop.

"You've shown that you are more than capable of what you are accused of. A deal is a deal, so you will not be sent to prison for your crime." The judge told her, making Thalia smile before the judge continued, "However, a crime is a crime. We will send a strong, able warrior such as yourself into service for the distant Elven army for as long as you live. Take her."

Rather than continue to fight, Thalia decided that she would go along with their plan. Perhaps she could escape when she reached the Elven lands. Unfortunately, they sent her by boat, and had her heavily constrained with many guards. They made it to the other continent within a week, and sailed away, leaving Thalia in the hands of the Elves.

Thalia grew to like the Elves. Being unable to age as well, they understood each other better. Even with her branding as a bellicose, deadly warrior of impulse and destruction, she was treated like a friend as long as she kept in line, and this time, Thalia made sure to do so.

Now, Thalia is proud to be a member of the Elven army, and is by far one of the most relentless and formidable soldiers there. Her rage is a tool for battle, allowing her to slay any foe with ease, and make her revered and feared in the mortal realms just like when she was a servant Archon, but this time, she enjoyed her vocation.

Thalia the Archon is a humanoid woman with white and red heavy armour. She has gladiator-like equipment, and her eyes are the only ones in the series to glow pure white, an intense white. Her majestically white greatsword is on par with Lynn's in terms of size, but she can wield it one-handedly and still have a shield. All of her battle items gleam from their holy powers, and her sword can be coated in many layers of thick, white flames that pierce the soul.

HP: 580
Regen: 20
Melee: 11-27 Attacks twice per second, with quick, curved slashes of her sword.
Armour: Medium (60%)
Speed: Slow
Respawn: 25s

Archfire: (16s) Thalia coats her sword in white Archon fire magic, causing her next 2/4/6 attacks to cleave an additional 10% of health from enemies. (Deals the 10% plus her normal melee damage. Can stack up to 12 attacks on her sword at once.)

Soul Fire: (Passive) Nearby slain enemies have a 20/35/50% chance of having their souls turned into an additional Archfire for Thalia's sword.

Archwinds: (21s) Creates a whirlpool of Archfire on the ground for 3/4/5 seconds, slowing enemies by 20/40/60% and negating 5% health per second. (Whirlpool is the size of Eldritch Slash and is able to harm flying enemies. Can be used on enemies from a distance.)

Ashes of Rage: (24s) Thalia stabs the ground, stunning enemies in a small range for 2 seconds and pulling it out, causing an explosion in a larger range that burns off 20/30/40% of the health of stricken enemies. (Stun range is about the size of Fiery Nut, and the explosion is triple that amount. If any Archfires are active on Thalia's sword, the explosion will be coated in white fire instead of being a red dome, and each Archfire will add an extra 5% to the explosion's health reduction.)

Path of the Archon: (80s) Sends 3 Archon warriors forward along the path with 2/4/6/8 attacks that each take 10% health from the enemies they attack. (Similar to Bruce's lions, they travel down the path and attack the first enemies they see. However, they each attack in swirling motions once per second, keeping the targeted enemy stopped until they die, and can move on to more enemies if they die before all of the strikes have been used up. The warriors each take up one third of the path.)

Overall Playstyle: Thalia is the pinnacle of both high and low damage. She is useless against weaker enemies, despite her AOE abilities, but untrammeled against large foes. She is the best hero for Endless Mode, as her damage grows with the enemies, and she is durable enough to survive quite a few strong blows. Stacking her Archfires to instakill groups of enemies with her explosion attack can result in the single most powerful attack in the game. With all of her attack power and quick skills, she can stay in battle as long as enemies don't damage her too much. Her heal rate is very low along with a morbid respawn time, making it vital to try and keep her safe from harm when her health runs low. With a versatile Hero Spell that stacks up to a double instakill and more, she gives Reg'son a run for his money.

Quendil (SairiRM)

Rogue Assassin

A common knight in the Elven army, Quendil didn't have the physical prowess of his comrades. He was quick and sly, thinking and moving on his feet to outperform the enemy even when he lacked comparable strength. Although he was a formidable force in battle, Quendil was looked down on by his fellow warriors, and he loathed it.

Quendil petitioned for warriors to be given choice of equipment, so that more fragile fighters such as himself could still battle with equally powerful weaponry as the burlier warriors, but there were too few who shared his issue or could smypathize with him. Fed up, Quendil decided to desert the army and find his own way.

Out in the grasslands, he was lost, but he had the confidence that things would at least be better than the military, no matter how it turned out. He came across a large cave hidden beneath a massive waterfall, and ventured in. Corpses littered the ground, their armour and weapons shattered and the rotting bodies positioned in agonizing states of mercy-begging. Sweat beads as numerous as the dead soldiers formed on Quendil's forehead as his imagination built nightmares that could he waiting at the end of this cave.

When Quendil got the end, his entire body quivering, he saw one extraordinary corpse, with faded white robes amd dual daggers, still stabbing another soldier, but fallen over and with 2 arrows in his neck. A note by the corpse read,

"I have slain the rogue assassin Irias at last, but am grim when I write that none of my comrades on this expedition survived the hunt for the hunter, myself included. I write this note in my last dying breaths, and I hope that someday these words will prevent the reawakening of a vile evil. Let it be known that he, Irias, possessed a grim evil in his hands known as the Grimblades, dual daggers that would wrench apart the soul of the bearer whose blood they touched bit by agonizing bit. Of whom that may read this, I neg of you to never let those Grimblades fall into the hands of any living being able to wield them, for they bring nothing but death and sorrow."

"-Idrali of the Green Wardens"

Curiosity exceeded caution, and Quendil took the blades from the corpse. He felt no evil within them, only power. He was fully revived with energy that outclassed anything he had felt before then. He quickly returned to Aredhel with his newfound discovery.

The expeditions of the Green Wardens to hunt down Irias were lost from documentation, and none of the warriors knew of the Grimblades. As such, they welcomed the finding of his new weaponry, and Quendil was allowed to don a white robe for more manouevrability rather than defence, and he now slays him foes with ease. Quendil hopes to someday bring his unorthodox fighting style to Linirea when some of the Elves migrate with Princess Alleria, but for now, he is his own warrior with greater killing skills than any other Elf.

HP: 440
Regen: 55
Melee: 4-16 Attacks once per 0.25s with daggers
Armour: None
Speed: Very Fast (Moves like Reg'son but attacks faster)
Respawn: 15s

Grimblades: (Passive) Every attack and ability has an innate 2/4/6% chance to deal critical damage, havling enemy HP.
(Criticals to minibosses and bosses deal 10% of their max HP as damage. Twilight Golems are between this, losing 25% health. When Grimblades activate, they glow black as the attack is executed, and shows a black slash quickly carve out from top to bottom on the enemy, frozen in fear aimilar to Vindicator with a single slash.)

Backstabbing Fiend: (Passive) When attacking an enemy already fighting an ally, Quendil can backstab them for 50/100/150% extra damage per attack with increased critical damage.
(Criticals deal 20% of a boss or miniboss's max HP and 75% to regular foes.)

Pierce the Veil (Passive) Every time an enemy is struck more than 10 times total by Quendil, it takes an additional 25/50/75% damage from him.
(Stacks infinitely for every 10 attacks, and works in combination with backstabbing.)

Onslaught: (25s) Leaps unto an enemy's back and performs 10 slashes per second for 1/2/3 seconds.
(Must be facing the enemy from behind to attack. Whilst slashing them, they can move forward and melee other units when they encounter them. Quendil is invulnerable to ranged attacks and AOE. Stacks with Backstabbing Fiend if used on an enemy currently in combat.)

Daggerfall: (50s) Rains down 4/8/12/16 daggers that automatically seek the nearest targets and backstab them for 10 damage each and a 10/15/20/25% critical chance.
(Daggers can strike the same enemy multiple times. Normal damage ignores armour.)

Overall Playstyle: Quendil is a frail hero with a pure focus on offensive usage. He has many passives that can all stack together to deal massive, constantly growing damage to a single target in a very short amount of time. Not only this, but he works extremely well with reinforcements, becoming invulnerable to the enemy by attacking from behind or leaping into them and delivering a barrage of attacks, all stacking up to massive amounts of quick yet also highly-damaging blows. Enemies who have just too much health will be instantly slain by him so that he can move on to the next foe, ready to tear it apart as well. He is the ultimate killer, moreso than Reg'son, at the price of more frailty that can be countered by smart, observant players. Finally, his hero spell is enough to take down a boss instantly if just 10 daggers get criticals, making him able to destroy any enemy type. His luck-oriented aspects aren't a worry, as he grows in power no matter what, making it possible to not get a single instakill, and still be very powerful. He's the first melee hero who can make it through an entire level without taking any damage while still causing melee harm to other foes.

Deycom (RaZoR leAf)

Sarcasm Elemental

There once was a man who had an unrivaled wit. From a young age, his ability to make people laugh had a serendipity to it, inspiring him to continue to make fun of things and be sardonic. However, as he grew older, his sense of humor was unappreciated by those around him, as some were too snooty to take any form of criticism, even light-hearted jokes. He grew to hate them as they continued to further hate him.

One day, he came across a powerful wizard walking into Aredhel to trade some of his rare goods. The wizard showed him a necklace enchanted with a symbol of a bird, which granted the ability to fly to those who wore it. He explained to Deycom, "This Bird Necklace is enchanted with the soul of a bird, thus granting the wearer of it the ability to fly, like a bird. Only the spirit of a flying animal, such as a bird, would be able to enchant the necklace with the powers of flight, and as such, I filled this Bird Necklace with the spirits of all the birds I could find and destroy, infusing the souls of the birds into what is now the Bird Necklace."

"Wait," Deycom exclaimed, "go back a bit. Which animal is this necklace infused with?"

"Birds! Not just a bird, either, but many birds! I hunted these birds to acquire their souls, as bird souls have the magical power of flight, which is perfect for the Bird Becklace because..."

The wizard went on and on, with Deycom continuing to encourage him to explain to the finest detail just why birds mattered to the necklace. Eventually, the mage caught on, and was infuriated and indignant.

"Petty mongrel! Have you nothing better to do than waste my time for your amusement?!?"

"Nope, this is the highlight of my day so far."

"Waste of life! I will make you regret your words for an eternity!"

The wizard blasted Deycom with magical bolts, transforming him. Deycom felt himself being lifted from the ground, but somehow still weighted down. He felt lighter but at the same time much heavier.

"You are an abomination of the insults constantly spewing from your wretched mouth! A monster, a manifestation, the physical embodiment of sarcasm! Live the rest of your life as an outcast in this world!"

The wizard left Deycom where he was, helpless in his new form, and disappeared from Deycom's sight. The transformed being looked into the water and saw his reflection, a humanoid creature made of dark grey, moving orbs of light. He looked at each one and felt a different kind of insulted, as if he had been ridiculed without anything actually happening. These were the abstractions of his previous sarcastic remarks, made real.

Days went by with Deycom trying to figure out his situation. He lurked in the nearby forests, avoiding any sentient beings he came across. Fortunately, he had no need of eating or drinking, so he could avoid risking getting caught by chasing after animals. He wanted to avoid any people because they would surely see a monstrosity and kill it.

Deycom was right, as one day, Elven hunters came by to look for food, and they came across the elemental while he was carving rocks, trying to pass the time. They looked at his form and felt an evil from it, some sort of contempt emanating from the creature. It was an obviously evil monster and had to by slain.

An arrow whistled by and struck one of the orbs, bursting it. Deycom turned around and was prepared to fight, but he didn't want to even for self defense. He was once one of them. The passivity released from him, and the Elven hunters felt tickled, and started laughing joyously. They got the urge to no longer fight him, but their common sense told them that he could be mind controlling them, and tried to fight him again.

He was torn between fighting them and leaving them be, and his own thoughts fused into their minds, among them feel confused and disoriented. He shouted, "Stay back!" sending a wave of fear over the hunters.

"I don't want to fight you." Deycom backed up to a tree as he spoke.

The hunters didn't want to fight anymore, either, and they instead took him back to the castle under their protection, assuring the other villagers that he was good. Back at Aredhel, the Eldritch mages discovered that he was an embodiment of his own personality, and had the power to physically use his feelings to affect others. He was the perfect weapon for war, and before he knew it, he was thrown into the battlefield.

Deycom was scared for only moments, as he found his powers to be greatly effective against the enemies, and he has them under his control. He could share laughs with his allies at the expense of the enemy, making his work enjoyable rather than a chore. To this day, Deycom fights with words, which speak louder than actions in his case.

HP: 450
Regen: 45
Melee: 22-33 Jabs once per second; physical damage
Armor: None
Speed: Slow
Respawn: 25s

Ridicule: (15s) Deycom turns an enemy's strength into something to be ashamed of, inverting its resistance for 3/5/7 seconds.
(Enemies who have, for example, 50% physical resistance will now be 50% more vulnerable to physical attacks. Applies to both resistance types, and is used as a ranged attack. Shown by a blue glow at enemy feet.)

Context Sensitive: (18s) Deycom knows the enemy well, and makes sure his allies do as well, permanently making the enemy take 10/20/30% more damage.
(Shown by a golden glow at the enemies feet, which matches the Hunter's Mark)

Comparison: (21s) Shows that enemies are equally worthless, making them all share each other's debuffs for an additional 3/4/5 seconds.
(Shown by red glows underneath all enemies in the area.)

Punchline: (16s) Delivers the final insult to foes, causing 100/200/300 physical or magical damage based on the targets resistances, and spreading to up to 2/3/4 foes.
(Used in Melee that spreads to additional enemies near the target. Deals physical to a target with magic resistance and vice versa, but can't change damage types to chained enemies; they all take the same damage as the initial target in melee.)

Rumor: (40s) Spreads a rumor of a certain enemy type, making enemies near the targeted enemy's type become hostile toward them for 4/6/8/10 seconds.
(Applies to all enemies of the type, not just the targeted foe.)

Overall Playstyle: Deycom focuses on weakening all of his enemies, making them extremely vulnerable to damage before unleashing his one damaging skill, which can destroy foes instantly. Like a good joke, it needs to be set up and used at the right time for maximum efficiency, and similar to Lynn, he weakens enemies to his Punchline ability with his other skills, but to a greater extent and with the ability to do more harm to enemy groups than a single target. The longer you wait, the more debuff skills will finish cooking down and the more damage can be done to the enemies. His hero spell is a great way to cause chaos among the enemy, when all of the setting up and preparations are waiting after all being used, helping to buy more time for the skills to recharge as enemies fight each other, unknowing of the insults that await them.
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Re: User Heroes 2

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Braddock (RZRider)

Tank Rider

A Dwarf abandoned as a child, Braddock was found and adopted by a family of Gnomes who raised him to be a genius. He could build machines that were far ahead of his time, impressing everyone in the Gnome village daily with a new creation.

His prowess eventually caught the attention of the Dwarves, who could use this legendary inventor to create their own machines. They sent Braddock a letter, inviting him to come far north and study with Dwarven engineers, but Braddock refused. The Dwarves kept sending him letters with increasingly large sums of scholarship money. Greatly in need of the resources, his parents urged Braddock to go, for everyone's sake, and he eventually submitted.

Braddock proved to be outstanding even amongst the Dwarven engineers, creating machines of incredible abilities. He lived a good life there, with respect from his peers as a talented but humble creator who helped others become nearly as great as he. This would eventually fade, when Dwarven agents snatched him away in the night and took him to a military fortress they had set up.

Here, Braddock was held captive and forced to make machines of war. These Dwarves learned how to use explosives and artillery from the young inventor, and we're in their way to perfecting Mecha technology. However, Braddock decided to halt the Mecha research to create vehicles, which Dwarves could ride in at high speeds with incredible power. With the resources provided, Braddock created one ultimate killing machine, and test drove it for the Dwarves.

To the ignorant Dwarves' surprise, Braddock escaped in his vehicle and made his way past all of their defences with his superior firepower. When he returned to the Fae Forest, there was no solace, for it had been ravaged by the Twilight Elves and corrupt Gnomes that had take over the fungi.

Braddock couldn't find his parents, but he did manage to locate a note from his friend Hacksaw, a fellow lover of invention. It informed him that Hacksaw had left to Linirea to protect the Sylvan Elves, who had helped the Gnomes during the Sylvan invasion. He should go southwest to Aredhel, and help the Elves in any way that he could to avenge the villagers lost during the attack.

Now, Braddock works with Elven warriors in the woods to vanquish evil, using his incredible machine to take out anything in his way.

Braddock is a young, happy teenage Dwarf in a shiny car, but not just any car. This baby is protected by sleek, triangular, blue metal shields on the left and right sides, with 2 heavy turrets in the centre that fire large, deadly fast bullets. A heat-controlling leather seat at the top of the thin line of unprotected metal gives Braddock a view of everything around him while maintaining maximum comfort. Underneath that chair at the back of the car is an arsenal of extremely deadly layers, missiles, and more with which to not only kill, but eradicate enemies with the push of a few, extremely complicated buttons.

HP: 750
Heal Rate: 5 per second, and takes 5 seconds of idleness to begin the auto repair.
Melee: 15-35 True, charged up electricity between the edges of the triangular metal plates for 3 seconds before releases a shock wave inside that harms all enemies in melee with Braddock.
Ranged: 15-35 Physical, shoots every 0.75s per turret, once every 0.375s total.
Armour: High (60%)
Speed: Very Fast, like a full moon Frontiers Bat, but is very slow to turn to a new direction and must stop frequently on curved paths.
Respawn: 60s Small explosions erupt across the vehicle before a final mushroom cloud comes from the core of the car, destroying it and anything inside. Despite the effects, it doesn't do any harm to enemies or allies outside of the car.

Secondary: Braddock can still shoot with his main guns while using an ability weapon, but cannot use 2 ability weapons at once.

Side Gunners: (Passive) Adds 2/3/4 side turrets for reinforcements to use to shoot much more quickly.
(Places one turret on the left and right of the vehicle, inside the metal plates. The upgrades add a turret to the right and then to the left, for 4 total. Players must place reinforcements on the vehicle, which will put the pair of them in 2 of the gunner seats, where they can fire Elven throwing stars from the turrets every 0.5s. Excess reinforcements will spawn next to the vehicle.)

Doominator: (30s) Fires a laser cannon that deals 500/750/1,000 True Damage to a single target and enemies near it.
(A huge, blue and silver laser gun emerges from the back of the car and reaches over Braddock's head, aiming a thin blue laser at the strongest enemy for 2 seconds before unleashing a huge, pure white beam that instantly deals the damage to it and enemies very close to the target, similar in range to Bonehart's base attack. While the laser is targeting an enemy, Braddock shouts, "Try this on for size!")

Carpet Bomb: (35s) Unleashes a volley of 8/16/24 missiles on a large ground area that explode for 20/30/40 True Damage.
(A huge box storing white missiles tipped with blue emerges from the back of the car over Braddock's head in a single second, and waits for one more second before launching all of the missiles at once in an Eldritch-Doom sized area, evenly distributing the missiles. Each missiles targets the ground, not an enemy, and explodes in a normal Wasp Missile range with a white flash. Upon the emergence of the missile launcher, Braddock shouts, "Let's see what you've got!" Finishing right before launching all of the missiles.)

Death Coil: (40s) Releases an arc of concentrated electricity that evenly distributes 400/800/1,200 True Damage amongst all chained enemies.
(From the back of the car, a huge blue and silver gun tipped with the same top as a Tesla, surrounded by 3 rings that charge up over 3 seconds to unleash the electricity emerges. The electricity will chain to enemies within double the normal gun range per chain, and divide the damage dealt per chain, with a white flash similar to the thunderbolts from the spell. If the electricity only chains to 2 or less enemies, they will be stunned for 2 seconds. As the gun charges up, Braddock shouts, "How do you like me now!?!")

Fat Boy: (Varies) Brings in the heaviest weapon possible to instantly wipe the map of all enemy life with a cooldown of 420/360/300/240 seconds.
(A missile that makes modern Fatboy look like a crude prototype, dropped by a plane similar to Wilbur's on the selected location. The missile is blue and silvery white, and turns the whole screen white upon the explosion. Bosses and minibosses take 4,000 damage from the missile.)

Overall Playstyle:Braddock is designed to be a statistically supreme hero, with powers that, while flashy, aren't as strong compared to other hero skills that recharge faster. He maintains a constant level of incredible power, and can be bolstered greatly with reinforcements, effectively making them mobile while able to deal quadruple the ranged damage per second. He possesses the early, somehow stronger versions of weapons that would later be invented by the Dwarves and Gnomes in Linirea, making Braddock vastly ahead of his time. With his skills, he can deal rare, quick bursts of devastating damage like no other hero can at once, evening out the lower DPS with better stats, favouring style over efficiency. like most impudent people do with their cars.

Carter (Chimto)


A long-time unappreciated author, Carter took inspiration for a lot of his work from his own life, be it historical information he had learned or dreams he had experienced. As fate would have it, his writing and especially his dream-based work would somehow work its way into reality.

Thought to be some type of soothsayer or omniscient being, the Elves took him unexpectedly and used powerful spells to look into his dreams. They sensed a hidden power in his mind, unlike that of any other being, but it could not be reached easily. The strongest wizards could not tap into the cosmic knowledge he contained, nor could Carter himself, willingly. The only solution was to send him into mortal danger to force his powers to show.

Carter is now a forced participant in the Twilight War, who uses his spare time to write more stories about his experiences in the battlefield as well as his inexorable cosmic dreams.

HP: 380
Regen: 57
Melee: 4-8 Stabs with a makeshift dagger every 0.5 seconds
Armor: None
Speed: Fast (Like Reg'son)
Respawn: 15

Notes: (Passive) When idle, takes notes on enemies battling, gaining a 1/2/3% damage bonus with all attacks against them for each second that notes are taken.
(Applies to a specific enemy type when notes are taken. Can only take notes when not in combat and while an enemy is attacking another unit in melee. Stacks infinitely for all enemy types during a level, with the bonus applying to all abilities and the Hero Spell.)

Wild Secrets: (15s) Using magic passed down from his ancestors, Carter puts an enemy to sleep for 3/4/5 seconds and doubles its vulnerability to damage during its slumber.
(Used in melee only.)

Insight: (24s) From an enemy's mind, summons a replica with 50/100/150% of its health and damage for 6/8/10 seconds.
(Activates with enemies in melee. Used before Wild Secrets if both are active.)

Cosmic Call: (30s) Mentally tortures nearby enemies, dealing 130/260/390 True Damage to each but fainting for 1 second per enemy harmed.
(Fainting renders Carter immobilized, as well as vulnerable to ranged and AOE attacks. He cannot regenerate health or be moved in this state.)

Dream Quest: (150s) Disappears on an adventure in his dreams for 20 seconds, returning with an unfathomable diety that torments the battlefield for 6/8/10/12 seconds.
(Various afflictions plague enemies instantly, with newly appearing enemies also receiving the effects. Every 2 seconds, another affliction is applied to foes who have already been harmed by the spell. Each power has an equal chance to occur to an enemy if it is applicable. Effects can stack if they repeat on the same foe.
-Lights enemy on fire for 3 seconds, burning for 50 damage per second.
-Poisons enemy for 5 seconds, dealing 30 damage per second.
-Stuns an enemy or puts it to sleep for 4 seconds.
-Freezes for 3 seconds, dealing 20 True Damage per second.
-Encases a foe in vines for 3 seconds, dealing 30 physical damage per second.
-Teleports an enemy back to the start of the level.
-A fiery explosion dealing 80 AOE artillery damage.
-A blast of white light dealing 120 True damage.
-A flying rock that deals 200 physical damage.
-A magical bolt dealing 150 magic damage.
-A bolt of light that deals 40 True Damage with a 20% instant kill chance.
-A streak of lightning that chains to 2 other foes, dealing 60 True Damage to each.
-Slows an enemy by 50% for 5 seconds.
-Lowers a foe's damage value by half permanently. Enemies without damage values are targeted by other applicable effects.
-Halves all resistances of an enemy permanently. Enemies with no resistance are targeted by effects other than this one.
-Silences an enemy for 8 seconds.
-Makes an enemy vulnerable to 40% more damage for 4 seconds.
-A flash of golden light dealing 20 True Damage with a 60% chance to polymorph an enemy into a sheep with half health and no attack, resistance, or abilities.
-Curses an enemy, halving its armor and dealing 10 True Damage per second for 4 seconds.
-Transforms an enemy into a Ragdoll for 3 seconds.
-Gives an enemy the plague, dealing 6 damage per second for 6 seconds and dealing 90 AOE True Damage if it dies.)

OP: Carter specializes in careful consideration of the right moment to strike. Good players will allow him time to take notes, gaining bonus damage against foes so that he transforms from a frail weakling to a glass cannon. When allies to melee enemies for note-taking are scarce, Carter can summon a clone of an enemy to force it to be in melee. With good enough damage, he can be sent into battle, stunning his opponent and dealing massive damage, sometimes even being able to slay a tough unit like an Avenger with the damage that he accumulates from his notes and debuff. He also has the capability to sacrifice some time spent fighting or note-taking by stunning himself while dealing massive damage in an AOE, as a last-minute resort. Finally, if the player is aware of a dire threat approaching, he or she can use Dream Quest ahead of time to ensure the annihilation of enemies across the map.

The Defiler (AerisDraco)

Super Weapon

Long ago, when the evil diety Umbra had just been sealed away in the Emberspike Mountains, one of his greatest servants survived, and unleashed a near-equal devastation upon the world. Weakened by their efforts to contain Umbra, the humans could do little to stop Umbra's servant, so it was up to the Elves and Dwarves to combine their efforts in order to vanquish the last of the dark god's evil.

The Elves concentrated a vast amount of magic into a single, almost-living entity with their superior magical powers, whilst the Dwarves built the ultimate suit of armor with their superior craftsmanship. Together, they created a construct of magical and mechanical might to eradicate Umbra's most powerful servant.

The skies filled with darkness as hope drained from every soul at the presence of a mere fragment of Umbra's power. Emotionless, the construct stood firm against the wave of darkness.

The terrible shadows conjoined, forming a giant humanoid silhouette of pure darkness. Towering over the Elves' and Dwarves' guardian, the demon had no doubt in its own ability to destroy the world. The two battled for days, in what seemed like an eternal match, until the servant of Umbra made a decision: He would corrode the guardian, taking over its form at the cost of his own dark figure. However, the plan failed.

The construct was so powerful that it absorbed the evil of Umbra's servant, containing it forever. Although the construct survived, it still occasionally feels the grip of darkness attempting to take over, and it sometimes releases that darkness with its magic as it fights evil, and it has been named The Defiler for the evil it sometimes generates.

The construct is as tall as Durax, though much thicker. Dense metal plates make up its body, limbs, and head. Magical fire can be seen seeping through parts of the shoulders, stomach, head, and hands, which originates in its extremely powerful magical core. The metal plates are silver lined with gold, while the magical fire is light blue, which turns a dark burgundy red similar to Oni's swords under certain circumstances.

HP: 500
Regen: 35
Melee: 18-62 Conjures a blade of magical fire and slashes every 1.5s
Ranged: 18-62 Blasts an orb of magical fire every 2.5s
Armor: Medium (55%)
Speed: Slow (Struts toward an area with a very straight posture)
Respawn: 25s

Secondary: Attacks and abilities burn for 20 magic damage for 1 second after making contact. Enemies burned by Overload fire take 20 True Damage per second for 1.5 seconds.

Detonation: (Passive) When slain, The Defiler explodes for 120/240/360 Magic Damage, reducing its respawn time by 1/2/3 seconds for every foe killed by the explosion.
(Respawn time can also be reduced by any enemies killed while burning from the magical fire left by the explosion or any other attacks still in use after death.)

Overload: (Passive) When allowed to fully execute an attack, The Defiler can overload additional damage as well as other effects at the cost of 50/33/25% of its health.
(If The Defiler isn't moved after using a skill, it will glow with red magical fire and unleash an additional part of the attack for extra damage, but taking off a chunk of health. There is a brief half second after a skill is used before the part shooting magic flashes, glowing dark red and having more power. Moving the hero during this brief second allows it to contain some power, saving its health.)

Defiler's Rage: (20s) Unleashes a beam that deals 50/65/80 Magic Damage and burns the lane for 30 True Damage per second for 2/3/4 seconds.
(Takes 2 seconds to trace over the lane with blue fire beams from its eyes. If allowed to Overload, the beams turn red and traces over a larger portion of the path at a higher speed, turning every burned part of the lane red and dealing 50 True Damage per second for a total of 4/5/6 seconds. He eye beam can hurt flying enemies.)

Arcane Wrath: (24s) Unleashes 5/10/15 missiles of fiery magic that home in and deal 20 AOE Magic Damage each.
(Chest armor opens up, revealing the core, which glows brightly as it shoots missiles, taking 1 second per 5 missiles to release them all. If left to overload, instantly unleashes an additional 10 red missiles in a dark red flash that deal 25 True Damage each in a 50% larger AOE explosion. Missiles behave like normal missiles, homing in on targets and never missing. This attack has infinite detection range and will immediately send bolts to the densest group of enemies.)

Annihilation: (16s) Shoots a wave of magical energy for 3 seconds, dealing 60/80/100 magic damage per second to a single target.
(Targets slain in between the attack allow The Defiler to switch to a new one, but taking a quarter second to switch, losing some damage. Can be interrupted by moving. If Overloaded, the beam flashes, changing to dark red, and lasts for an additional 2 seconds dealing 150% of the original damage as True Damage.)

OP: The Defiler dies quickly, not because it lacks good HP or armor, but because of its skills. Players must be very tactical in making sure that they use Overload at the right times to avoid bringing the Defiler to fatal levels of health as well as understanding the balance between good opportunities for extra damage and keeping their hero alive. He has 2 crutches for less skilled players, the first being his melee and ranged damage. While he has a large gap between his minimum and maximum, the burn damage adds a flat bonus to ensure that he deals decent damage, with the chance to cause great harm. His second crutch is Detonation, which provides the opportunity to revive much faster by dealing lots of damage if he somehow gets killed. The Defiler is best used when he has the access to fighting lots of powerful enemies, dealing incredibly massive damage to groups at a very high cost.

Godan (Manijure)

Pale Wizard

Godan the Pale is millennia old, having lived through many ages of war. His wisdom is profound, his knowledge of spells immaculate, yet he is still skilled in sword fighting.

Godan wanders the lands in search of troubled souls to set them on the right path, or vanquish them before they can cause great harm. Though not officially part of the Elven Army, Godan makes sure to impact the battles taking place with his incredibly powerful spells.

Faded white robes and a hooded cape shroud Godan. He leaves his hood down, revealing long white hair and a matching beard. He has tired, but piercing light blue eyes. In his right hand is a long pale staff topped with a magically spinning, flat white circle. The staff has a horizontal line on the middle, which can be used to split the staff in half, revealing 2 silver blades hidden inside.

HP: 400
Regen: 40
Melee: 18-54 Swings both swords dealing physical damage every 0.75 seconds.
Ranged: 18-54 Shoots a bolt of white light to a single target dealing magic damage every 1.25 seconds.
Armour: None
Speed: Slow
Respawn: 25s

Mana Drain: (12s) Silences enemies in an AOE for 2/4/6 seconds, recharging all of Godan's skills by 1/2/3 seconds per ability silenced.
(AOE is the size of Eldritch Doom. Effected enemies have a blue swirl around them, and Godan receives a light blue glow that intensifies based on how many enemies were harmed. Mana Drain itself cannot be recharged by its own effects, but the Hero Spell can.)

Voice of Thunder: (32s) Godan's mighty voice is channeled into a thunder ball dealing 200/350/500 True Damage to a single target creating an AOE of the remaining damage should the target die.
(Takes 3 seconds for Godan to shout, "I am no conjurer of cheap tricks!" creating a growing ball of grey light with lightning running through it. It is then launched at the weakest opponent in range to maximise AOE damage, but will strike the strongest foe if no other enemies are nearby or if no targets are weak enough to be slain by the initial attack. The explosion creates a louder version of the Lightning Strike sound effect, and takes up an Eldritch Doom range. Enemies are stunned for 2 seconds by the hit.)

Blitz of Wrath: (28s) Creates up to 3/5/7 bolts of lightning that trap enemies and deal 25/40/55 True Damage per second for 2/3/4 seconds.
(Godan must stay in place, holding his staff to the heavens to call down lightning to it and then distribute to nearby enemies. Bluish-white lightning will wrap in a dome around enemies, stunning them and dealing damage. Enemies who come into range later will be struck by additional bolts for the remaining time as long as the limit hasn't yet been reached. In the presence of enemies immune to stunning, all available lightning bolts will stack and deal pure damage to the foe. Otherwise, bolts cannot stack.)

Wizard's Fireworks: (24s) Shoots a fireball missile that explodes for 40/60/80 to 120/180/240 fire damage, turning slain enemies into 1/2/3 smaller missiles each dealing half damage.
(AOE is on par with Fiery Nut. Smaller missiles have half the AOE range, deal exactly half of the damage dealt by the original missile, and can also turn slain foes into missiles of the same status. Missiles move the same way the Wasp Missiles and other seeking-projectiles do.)

Word of Power: (80s) Unleashes a wave of magical blue energy that deals 150/300/450/600 magical AOE damage in a massive area.
(AOE is equal to the range of a Wierdwood. Takes 3 seconds for energy to charge up in the area before exploding.)

Overall Playstyle: Godan is a mage hero who emphasises crowd control with heavily-damaging abilities. He silences foes, preventing them from fighting back as he unleashes a wave of thunder, lightning, and fire to destroy them all, and by the end of it, he drains their magic again to further recharge his abilities. Word of Power can slay an army of enemies immediately, like Arrow Volley but with much greater range and damage. The combination of calling early waves and Mana Drain makes it slightly spam-able, but still a power to consider before executing. Against magic-resistant enemies, Godan can engage in melee, dealing excellent damage and tanking a few hits before needing to retreat, to slowly heal. Because of his purely ranged skill set, enemies with no resistances are still more vulnerable to his ranged magic damage than his melee physical attacks.

The Kingmaker

False God


An ancient warlock who defected years ago to pursue his own methods of practicing and improving his magic. He wandered to many lands and explored territories that no other would dare to venture. One day, the warlock encountered a mysterious being who hid itself in a cloak made of energy. He being offered him a power that could only be acquired if he was granted it by the being. The warlock didn't trust the being, but he could tell that it did possess great power, and he could gain much if he was wise and kept himself a step ahead of the being. So, the warlock agreed, and followed the energy being's orders.

The warlock spent years travelling the continent to collect pieces of a shattered mask, known in legends to be capable of channeling magic within one that would otherwise be forever hidden. The being knew how to forge the mask back to its original state and unlock powers beyond mortal capability, and sent the warlock to gather everything needed, for the being lacked the power needed to acquire them himself since part of his own magic was imbued inside of it. After over a decade, both had seemed to gain the others' trust, as the items were gathered efficiently and the mask was becoming more complete with each of their efforts contributing. When the mask was finally complete, the being told the warlock to put on the mask and meditate, channeling all of his magic into it so that the mask would be able to absorb it and amplify it to unheard of power. After the years of working together, the warlock told the being that he had his trust, and did as he was told.

While the warlock was meditating, the energy being cast a spell to drain all of the magic from the warlock, betrayig his trust. However, the warlock never trusted the being at all, either. Instead of imbuing his magic into the mask, he had woven a spell to capture the magic of the energy being, absorbing it into himself. Both had betrayed the other, and both had used the same, malevolent spell to steal the other's power. Thus, with the mask between the power exchange of both of them, both of them had the majority of their powers fused inside the mask with no way to use it. The two fought for days until eventually, the warlock won, taking the mask. He held on to it for the vast power stored within, but no way to take advantage of it.

Later, he discovered that the power could be granted to others and used, through them, to meet his own needs. So, he donned the title of "The Kingmaker," a diety who could grant chosen ones incredible power. For more years, he explorrd the continent to find a disciple to use. However, he underestimated the abilities of the mask, for it would allow others to exert so much power that it burned through their souls, leaving them weak and on the verge of death. The warlock would need to find an incredibly powerful being that could handle the power of the mask. So, he joined the forces of the Sylvan Elven Army, who were far more trusting and less likely to betray him back compared to the Twilight Elves. He hopes to prove himself so powerful and useful an addition to their forces that he is promoted to a position where he can communicate with and coerce the strongest beings available, using them to meet his own needs. Many are wary to trust his power-hungry demeanor, but more are too afraid of even the sound of a being called "The Kingmaker" to dare to question him.

HP: 200
Regen: 25
Melee: 14-17 Magic
Creates a dark red sword of energy and slashes with it every 2 seconds.
Ranged: 24-33 Magic
Channels a dark red magic missile above his hand, launching it every 2 seconds.
Armor: None (0%)
Speed: Fast
Becomes a large red orb with a fiery aura which travels very quickly to locations, similar to Durax.
Respawn: 15 seconds

Description: What you see in the image above. His mask is a milky silver color, complimented by the dark red of his eyes and magical attacks. His robes are all a dark gray color that borders on being black. In-game, he floats above the ground at all times, with his arms folded, and only raises one in order to cast an attack.

Temptation: (3/3/3 points) 20 seconds after the death of the enemy.

Tempts an enemy with the ultimate power, permanently converting it and granting an additional 100/200/300 HP and 10/15/20 damage.

- Performed in melee only. Holds his glowing red hand over the enemy's face, saying one of the possible lines of dialogue specific to the skill, and converting the enemy. Converted foes have a fiery red aura around them and glowing red eyes. When The Kingmaker moves, the enemy also becomes a fiery red orb, traveling with him at the same speed. Also, since enemies don't have animations for walking to an opponent (they always let the good guys come to them) the same, faster orb motion is used.
- Enemies only keep purely useful skills, such as Harasser's bows or Redcaps' life steal. Potentially detrimental things (like Blasting Curse or the Harasser's leap) and complicated skills (Like Hoplites' ability to summon Satyr Cutthroats) are unavailable. Enemies can heal at the same rate as the Kingmaker.

Soul Siphon: (2/2/2) 18 seconds.

Absorbs the soul of a nearby dead foe, permanently adding 10/20/30% of its damage and HP to the captured enemy, stacking until it reaches double stats. Afterwards, souls grant a 50% damage reduction for 2/3/4 seconds.

- Based off of the stats of the enemy after it is buffed by temptation, so that instead of a Gnoll only being able to acquire an extra 60 HP, it can have an extra 360 HP. Animation is a red, fiery orb being dragged from the dead enemy, and going into the captured enemy. Damage reductions have a shield similar to Demon Lords, but a darker red color.

- Souls will not be absorbed if there is an enemy nearby with greater stats, even if the skill is ready to be used.

Fatal Frenzy: (1/2/3) 27 seconds after wearing off.

Burns the soul as fuel, draining 33% of the enemy's HP over 4/6/8 seconds to magnify the enemy's damage by 100/150/200%.

Soul Scourge: (3/3/3) 36 seconds.

Absorbs 33% of the enemy's HP to create a magical wave that travels down the path, dealing the same amount as True Damage to an entire lane.

- Takes 1.5 seconds to steal life from the captured enemy, with an animation of red electricity going into The Kingmaker's hands. He then pushes them forward, sending a dense, fiery red wave quickly down the path.

Power Within: (3/3/3) 75 seconds.

Corrupts a new enemy's soul, permanently granting it an additional 100/200/250/300% stats. The immense power expels 3% of its HP per second.

Playstyle: The Kingmaker's power comes from using enemies against each other, similar to Razz and Rags, but instead of creating chaos by converting enemies back and forth, The Kingmaker takes a single foe and makes it his disciple, gradually providing more power to it until the disciple becomes a truly fearsome threat. If a weak foe is captured, there is a flat stat boost to make sure no enemy is entirely useless, and the health drain of his skills will help make use of the enemy's life quickly and move on to the next, maintaining efficiency. Alternatively, large and powerful enemies can become boss-tier in minutes or less if used right. The slow heal rate forces players to take long breaks for such OP enemies, especially with the percentage-based health drain that can quickly make even tanks vulnerable. This allows players to choose between fostering an enemy to great power and maintain it, or get through converted enemies quickly, killing both the converted and other foes rapidly in exchange for not having a higher-maintenance, stronger enemy.


(Selection) "One king to rule them all."
"I will make a king out of you!"
"My kind do not heed the toothless."
"I am the king of kings."
"You have yet to see true power!"
(Death) "A legacy never dies!!"

(Using Temptation)

"Madness calls, my puppet."
"I can unlock your true potential."
"If you only knew the power of the dark side!"
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Big Bad Bug » Thu May 21, 2015 1:25 pm

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Re: User Heroes 2

by Big Bad Bug » Thu May 21, 2015 1:28 pm

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Re: User Heroes 2

by Draconian » Thu May 21, 2015 4:48 pm

I would like to request a user hero! Anything having to do with dragons would be nice.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by SairiRM » Thu May 21, 2015 6:17 pm

I'd like to have a second hero too. Something like an assassin/rogue type of class.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Big Bad Bug » Thu May 21, 2015 11:55 pm

I hope you like your hero, Xstar. :D

Simmonds91 wrote:You know next to nothing about me and we aren't close at all but do me next, do me! :lol:

Any specific requests before I get started?
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Re: User Heroes 2

by RaZoR LeAf » Fri May 22, 2015 6:09 am

Arivan but not magic.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by xstargaming » Fri May 22, 2015 10:57 am

Big Bad Bug wrote:I hope you like your hero, Xstar. :D

Indeed! It is a most unique interpretation of myself compared to those who have made a character for me in the past. Thank you! :D :yey:
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Big Bad Bug » Fri May 22, 2015 1:22 pm

RaZoR LeAf wrote:Arivan but not magic.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by RaZoR LeAf » Fri May 22, 2015 6:11 pm

Big Bad Bug wrote:
RaZoR LeAf wrote:Arivan but not magic.

Fair enough, and I remembered I've actually made Korra as a hero too.

Ok then. In work today I was referred to as the "physical embodiment of sarcasm". A "sarcasm elemental". Do with that what you will.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by AerisDraco » Sat May 23, 2015 12:19 am

I would like a hero called "The Defiler, Plague-Spreader."
Probably would have a quick-respawn and death-focused/self-sacrifice skills.
More of an entity/construct-type hero.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Juice Box » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:54 am

but bbb pls ;-;
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Big Bad Bug » Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:26 pm

Simmonds now has a hero! :yey: :yey: :yey: I wouldn't let this topic die! Now, let the forum discussions prosper once more!

So, who's next now? :)
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Draconian » Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:46 pm

Me possibly?
So if I lied in order to get the color I wanted, would I still be black because that means I am willing to do anything to achieve my goals?
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Re: User Heroes 2

by AerisDraco » Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:06 am

Cool hero for Simmonds.

I believe the current order is: (based on this thread only)
1. Draconian
2. SairiRM
3. RaZoR
4. Myself
5. JB
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Juice Box » Fri Jun 05, 2015 5:17 am

AerisDraco wrote:Cool hero for Simmonds.

I believe the current order is: (based on this thread only)
1. Draconian
2. SairiRM
3. RaZoR
4. Myself
5. JB

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm pretty sure I'm way up higher on that list. I asked for my hero quite a long time ago.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by AerisDraco » Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:49 pm

That was according to this thread. With the last thread factored:
1. Draconian (Still on top because they don't have a hero)
2. JB
3. Myself
4. Sairi
5. RaZoR
KRA is now complete.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Big Bad Bug » Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:18 am

I checked myself, and Saurian is next, requesting a "Warrior Spirit Summon Guy," so he's number one, bumping everyone else up by 1 on the list.
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Re: User Heroes 2

by Juice Box » Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:24 am

... Who's Saurian?
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