Hero Talent Trees

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Hero Talent Trees

by drake930 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:29 pm

Hey guys my suggestion for you is make the Talents a little more remniscent of the KR talent trees.

Here's what I mean. In KR the ability descriptions have really good tooltips. I can see the damage increments and various other effects like the seconds of debuffs increase and other such things. That makes me get a better feel for which heroes i want to buy and be more excited about level ups. Leveling up has been a whole process for me in KR. So tooltips for improvement increments would make leveling up feel more meaningful.

Now the second thing is the ability count. I know whats going on of course. Since there's so much more to control, having crazy hero micro plus unit micro would be overwhelming for most. So what i'm suggesting is put in a buff or a passive of some sorts extra. That could space out the talent points and again make the leveling up feel more cool and meaningful.

Obviously just suggestions I feel have merit regarding my first impressions with the game.
Also credit where credit is due of course. The New tech tree is of course amazing. So assume more energy went in the tech tree as opposed to the standard Hero focus from your previous games.
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Re: Hero Talent Trees

by The Kingmaker » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:44 pm

I definitely agree about being able to see the buffs gained by powers and by how much, but it was a conscious decision by the Iron Marines dev team to move away from stated numbers and leave everything to imagination. It's one I don't agree with but here we are.

I also wish there was a button to set my hero's abilities to just activate if there are enemies and the ability is ready - it would make some things much easier.
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