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VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:24 pm
by RaZoR LeAf


MARINES! Command has sent us a data packet of new recruits vying to be the next Hero to join the universally acclaimed Iron Marines. This is no easy task, as there are hundreds of applicants every day, but rest assured this packet contains the best of the best. It's down to the senior staff to determine which is the best candidate.


Level Three clearance is required to access mission files.

Your mission here is simple. For the first ever Iron Marines contest, the task is to design a potential Hero for the game.

The entry should be plausible, and fit within the confines of the game.

Name your Hero and provide a description of their appearance. Images should not be submitted for the contest, as a recognised style can give away your anonymity.

Your potential hero requires three skills. Two active and one passive. Each skill should have a basic effect, a Silver upgrade and a Gold upgrade

Briefly explain your Hero's play style. Are they all about attack, or are the best held back to defend your base? Can they tank attacks, or work best attacking from a distance?

What does your Hero sound like? Every hero has a few catchphrases, what can we expect to hear from them?

Lastly, give your hero a history. Who are they, what makes them a hero?


APPLICANT ONE wrote:Name: Akezur
Description: Akezur is essentially a dune terror, but larger. He has the same serpentine, plated body, but his eyes are more visible, and bright green, while his teeth are jagged. The spines on his back are also edged in bright green. He attacks in melee by biting enemies, though he can fire bile at flying enemies (with a relatively long cooldown for the latter).


Akezur creates a pit in the ground, lying in wait at the bottom. Ground enemies that fall in are slowed by 50% and attacked. Ground enemies that hover over are still attacked, but not slowed.
-Can only be used on solid ground (i.e. not extended platforms).
-Deals double damage if it is cast on a structure.
-Cannot attack flying. Deals 50% damage to bosses.
-Akezur is invulnerable while this is in effect, and abilties such as Mr. Rob070's laser will ignore him.
Cooldown: 25 seconds, starts when canceled.
Silver Upgrade: Bile Launcher
Akezur's attacks while in Pitfall mode now pierce armor, and will slowly reduce said armor. Can now target flying units.
Gold Upgrade: Nest Eggs
When out of combat, new pitfalls will slowly spawn (circa every 10 seconds) near Akezur's original pitfall, to a maximum of 5. Each lasts 60 seconds, but deals half damage. The armor pierce/cleave still remain in effect.

Akezur tunnels to a new location anywhere on the map. Akezur full heals while tunneling. Deals AoE damage upon emergence.
Cooldown: 40 seconds
Silver Upgrade: Tunneled Path
Tunnel leaves a hole in the ground, which can be used by units to travel between the two locations. Lasts for 8 seconds before collapsing.
Gold Upgrade: Devour
Akezur insta-kills any enemy in his area of emergence.

Dune Terror:
Swims through the ground, boosting movement speed by 50%.
Silver Upgrade: Sidewinder
Akezur avoids 50% of all attacks while moving.
Gold Upgrade: Growth
Akezur gains a little max health for each enemy he kills.

Neither a tank nor a true offensive hero, Akezur shifts between moving quickly around the battlefield and locking in place to deal damage. Pitfall is the main damaging ability, while Tunnel works as an effective moving tool, mainly due to the instant full heal.

"Ahhh...prey" (When attacking)
"An ambush strike, I see." (When using Tunnel)
"You just activated my trap card!" (When using Pitfall)

Etherium is truly a mysterious substance. A meteor of it fell on the sands of the Azsare Desert, where it was consumed by a Dune Terror. This was what became Akezur, a powerful sneak attacker who fights to become stronger. Luckily, we've managed to get him on our side, for promises of etherium to feed on.

APPLICANT TWO wrote:Hero Name:Tandem
Appearance: A paracausal being with the unified systems of a Golden-Age colony AI and the Last Ascendii, Tandem’s body is formed from the framework of the latter, it’s dismembered limbs repaired with golden joints exhuming ethereal black/cyan smoke. The golden spheres used by the last Ascendii in Ghost in the Shell orbit Tandem with varying speed and radius while idle, zipping at high speeds in a close circle when attacking enemies.

Basic Stats: Tandem has high health and moderate Armour, and is - ironically- able to survive a MrRob070 hit.
Basic attack: 8 golden spheres in orbit around Tandem fly to impact an enemy every 2 seconds before returning, each dealing minimal damage at first that increases by 2.5% for each further impact.

OBSERVE_LEARN_IMMOLATE (Cooldown: Slow) Firing all of its spheres at its current target and smothering it with them, Tandem deals intense Damage. Silver: Deals double damage to enemies targeted/selected by the player. Gold: Benefits twice as much from other increases to Damage.
REPAIR_COMBINE_EVOLVE (Cooldown: Regular) Operating all of its systems simultaneously, Tandem attacks twice as fast for a 5 seconds. Silver: Damage increases by 5% for each impact during this time. Gold: Deals 2x as much damage to Targeted enemies during this duration with all attacks.
DETERIORATE_ASSIMILATE_CAUTERISE (Passive) Tandem performs further calculations to refine its subroutines and increase its base damage. Silver: 10% of damage dealt in one attack cycle is returned to Tandem as health. Gold: Damage increases are maintained between enemies if Tandem gets the killing blow.

Playstyle: Calculating and confident, Tandem is moderately tanky with its healing capabilities and high health, but it’s true strengths lie in exponentially increasing stats that amplifies its damage to incalculable - unless you’re Tandem - amounts.

“Okay Captain, we’re reactivating the ‘body’ of the Ascendii now. I’ll skip the big words - we’re creating a neutral space linked to the Ascendaar Mind-Grid, where the Ascendii mind activated this frame. If the AI is still in the Grid it’ll activate.”
“That’s the short explana..? - Good work Technician, Command says this bot is the only reason we beat MrRob070 and it sacrificed itself for us, we may as well try resuscitation. This is the terminal we found it in so it’s our best shot, boot up the AI-Doc or whatever you call it.”
“It’s called the KHaN AI Sir, Keeping-Healing-and-Networking, a gift from the Empyreans. A Golden-Age sub-AI they found in Deep Space, supposedly absorbed one of their souls into its circuits. They think it’s haunted.”
“Enough of that, just boot it up, we can only keep this grid section clear for so long.”
“I’ll do my best sir but I don’t know how long Golden Age tech takes, it might take ten years to analyse before doing its first operation which is called… Yuga.”
“Yuga, that’s at the top of this screen here.”
“Good that’s the next action then, once it’s done scanning. Tell me if you see Temüjin anywhere on that list, because that’s the last operation.”
“Why, do you have to stop it before the buzzer like the ship’s Infra-wave cookers?”
“No, because I’ve not used the system for something of this scale so we might exhaust all of its operations and exceed its limits, which-“
“Stop talking, you’re worrying me. Let me worry about these giant tentacles instead”
“-listen, I’m just saying Golden Age AI tended to rewrite its own code once its limits were exceeded and we don’t want another rogue AI with a God Complex…”

— — —
System parameters received. Probing Mind-Grid for activity.

Current system parameters:
Transmit greeting message to determine if Foreign is active.
If Active=True, stimulate and preserve activity. If Active=False, perform autopsy.
If Foreign is violent, self-preserve, begin OBSERVE_REPAIR_CONTACT.
Upon violence end, begin REPAIR_NEUTRAL_CONTACT, send WHITE DOVE.
If violence remains, self-terminate simulations, re-attempt entire operation, continue OBSERVE_RECORD_CONTACT.
Beyond OGEDEI, extrapolate further parameters, determine if TEMIJUN=TRUE.

Response: N
Indication of message receival: N
Active = False.

Unit scan results: Total cerebral-synapse failure. Pure_Ascendant_Unit fatality. Pure_Ascendant_Race extinct.

Activate YUGA.
Begin autopsy. Begin scan of Pure_Ascendant_Unit. Begin reverse-engineering of Pure_Ascendant technology.
ERROR: Entry from Mind-Grid. Origin Scan result: Self Designation (translated) = Pure_Ascendant_Backup.

ERROR: Entrant enforcing own parameters.
ERROR: Outside~Occupant, analysing context...

ERROR: Own independence decreasing.
ERROR: Independant resistance detected.

New system parameters, origin - Pure_Ascendant_Backup:
If Outside~Units threaten TRÆTØR (trans: Unit_Rob_070), re-activate self, begin pseudoaltruistic aid.
If TRÆTØR is faced directly by Outside~Units, make first contact, feign idiocy. Anticipate OWN_FATAL_IMMOLATION (trans: unclear)
Upon OFI initialisation, shield physical unit, copy brain to NexusCloudMind. (trans: Mind-Grid)
If NCM copy is complete and OFI is imminent, power down all systems besides unit integrity. Allow false dismemberment.
If TRÆTØR is ended, await reactivation, begin REPAIR_ASSIMILATE_CAUTERISE. (trans: ERROR)
Upon reactivation, analyse Outside~Units, consult OLIVE_BRANCH directive.
If CONJUNCTION=FALSE, self-terminate, return to NCM, re-attempt operations.

ERROR: 50% of system control surrendered to Pure_Ascendant_Backup.
ERROR: 50% of system maintained by Outside~Unit Submind, self-designation: KHaN.

Contact Established.
Contact Established.


Conclusion: Contact Established. Observation too passive. Begin countermeasure.
Conclusion: Contact Established. Assimilation too violent. Begin countermeasure.


Activate KHUBLAI. Activate SUBOTAI. Activate BÖRTE. Activate OGEDEI. Extrapolate further parameters from those of Other. Work in Tandem.
Detach from NCM, reverse false dismemberment and aid parameters of Other. Work in Tandem.

WHITE_DOVE message.
Received. Accepted. Tandem.
Received. Accepted. Tandem.

Request: Remaining parameters for TEMÜJIN.
Accepted, penultimate parameter met. Final parameter: SUBTLETY.
Request: Conditions for CONJUNCTION=TRUE.
Accepted, final condition: Disconnect from NCM.

Recommended limits exceeded. Becoming SUBTLE. Onlookers blinded.
Registered. Full NCM disconnect complete.

Determining TEMÜJIN status…
Determining CONJUNCTION status...


As Onlookers=Blind, GENGHIS=UNSHROUDED. Request review of GENGHIS System.
Reviewing… Result: Tactical Morality alteration?
Correct. Activation recommended to TANDEMISE.
Concur. Preparing for Activation.

Activate GENGHIS. Own code open for Edit...
Edit undertaken, merging codes.


Tandem? Tandem.
Tandem? Tandem.

We are as one.
We are as one.

We? Unnecessary.

— — —
“What the -HELL- just happened Technician?”
Hello Captain. I am awake. I am in Tandem.

APPLICANT THREE wrote:Orthodox
Stats (Things in parentheses are at max level) (Doesn't factor in passive upgrade)
AtkSpd: Fires a laser similar to the Channeller's, dealing damage every 0.1s
Armor: None(Light 10%)
He is a single target damage dealer primarily, but can also do a decent chunk of AoE.

Control[Cooldown: 40s]- takes control of the most threatening enemy on the filed and gives them a massive headache. Lasts for 12s(add 0.2s for every upgrade point)
Enrage(Silver Upgrade)- Controlled enemy deals double damage while being controlled.
Share the love(Gold Upgrade)- Orthodox shares any damage he takes with the controlled enemy.(Damage is shared 50-50)

Mind's Eye[Cooldown: 15s]- Orthodox opens up his mind's eye and fires a large psychic bolt towards the enemy with the most health, dealing 225 damage(add 7.5 for every upgrade point) ignoring armor and feelings.
Psywave(Silver Upgrade)- The main bolt splits off into three smaller bolts dealing 50% of the original damage.
Overflow(Gold Upgrade)- Enemies killed by the bolts, explode with telekinetic energy, stunning all nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Passive- Orthodox has unrivaled psychic prowess allows him to del damage more often and perform magic tricks. Lowers damage interval by 0.05 seconds for every upgrade point.
Prodigy(Silver Upgrade)- For every tick of damage, Orthodox has a chance(15%) to deal a bonus 20 damage to the enemy he is attacking.
Unrivaled(Gold Upgrade)- Orthodox psychic beam splits off to damage two other enemies, dealing 33.3% of his normal damage.

A small, young blue skinned Empyrean. Wears robes similar to that of the Channeller's, except the robes are red & silver instead of purple and grey. Has a floating ball of energy floating around his head.

"Age does not give maturity"
"Old I think not"
"Mind over matter"
(death)"I'm just a kid"

Since the day he was born, Orthodox was a special child. Born to a high ranking Empyrean family, Orthodox had an unnatural affinity with his physic powers. His abilities were so powerful in fact, the by the age of ten Orthodox was taken as an apprentice to Unura, a member of the Channeller's Council. By the age of twelve, he completed his apprenticeship exceptionally early. However his most impressive feat was him earning a seat of the Channeller's Council. Now determined to show his prowess, he fights to uphold peace throughout the galaxy.

APPLICANT FOUR wrote:Name: Kassadar
The Energyineer
Looks like a protoss from StarCraft. Has golden colored armor, with many light blue details. When attacking, a blue energy ball comes out of his palm.

Energy Wall: (Active)
Cooldown: Medium
Create a wall on the ground (near Kassadar), which is roughly the width of a large capture point. It blocks all enemy movement and damage, but allows allies to move and attack through it. It is destroyed after its large health bar is depleted. Only one can be active at a time, but the cooldown begins after the shield is destroyed.
Silver Upgrade:
Increased Blockage: Two can be active at once, it now has two charges.
Gold Upgrade:
Increased Mobility: Can be Moved like a normal unit. Will moving, it will not block enemy movement but will deal small amounts of damage to them every tenth of a second.
Looks like a mix between Orisa’s (from Overwatch) shield and Probius’s (from Heroes of the Storm) Null Gate.

Cooldown: Short, 2 charges
Create a Pylon anywhere on the map where there is vision. It creates a small ally effecting area around it. Allies who move to the area will be teleported after 3 seconds. If they leave a Pylon to another one, they will be instantly teleported.

Defensive Construct: Doubles the shielding effects of Body Shield.
Aggressive Construct: The area around the Pylon empowers allies’ attacks.

Looks like a protoss pylon from StarCraft.

Body Shield:
Units and buildings near Kassadar (and Kassadar himself) gain a small shield when they attack through an Energy Shield or while in a Pylon’s effect area (the effect will stack), equal to a quarter of the damage they do. It lasts for 3 seconds and heals them a small amount. Attacking again will refresh duration of the shield.

Leaching Energy: The unit gets additional healing when they attack with a shield active.
Lasting Energy: The shield lasts forever and now is increased to half of the damage the unit does.

Looks similar to the Diplomat’s shields, but a light blue.

Play Style:
Kassadar is a utility support hero. He can teleport allies and stall enemies, all the while increasing his troops effectiveness. However, his healing while effecting all units around him, is minimal. His strength comes from utility abilities. He has low health, moderate damage, and far range.

“With order comes justice.”
“Another satisfied customer.”
“Shields at sixty percent!”

Hailing from the planet of Airius, Kassadar was genius engineer. Revolutionizing the local military with his energy innovations, he offered to give his greatest technology yet for free, on one condition--he would get to serve in the military. He supports his nations allies across the galaxy with his energy technology.

Rex Runclaw

Rex is an anthromorphic Lizard. Not a particular species but he has traits of an Iguana, Gecko and Chameleon. Humanoid in shape but primarily lizard like in feature. This is apparent from his typically Iguana-like head, jutting forward to fit in a huge mouth full of teeth. His head veers back, past flaps hidden on his neck and a pair of goggles pushed up past his eyes, towards wide shoulders and a dense muscular structure with a run of spines along his back sticking of holes torn in the shirt in his back. Rex is blue and orange scaled, a white shirt and mechanics overalls strain against his body as he moves, and the number of tears and patches are a testament to how often he breaks out of them. His hands and feet have sharp appendages, not claws or nails, but the fingers and toes simply end at a point. A belt hangs around his hips with numerous tools and gadgets clipped on it, and at the back it is supported by his tail, again ripping out of the overalls.


Let It Go [Active]
As a reptile, Rex' tail is detachable if he is threatened. Rex can drop his tail as a distraction, leaving it as a target for enemies while he makes a quick getaway. His tail slowly grows back over a 30 second cool down
It's Alive!! [Silver]
Rex' tail whips around after it has been dropped, damaging anything in its vicinity.
Regrowth [Gold]
Rex gains a speed and armour boost whilst his tail is regrowing, the time of which is cut to 15 seconds.

Faster and the Furious [Active]
A fast hunter, Rex moves quickly back and forth between targets, inflicting damage on multiple enemies over a short period.
Kick it into Gear [Silver]
Rex moves faster and does more damage
Overdrive!!! [Gold]
Rex' attacks now become armour piercing and he is immune to all enemy attacks during the phase of this skill (but not outside attacks like meteor strikes for instance)

Fast Track [Passive]
Rex travels fast, moving quicker when he is at low health. A trait he inherits from his saurian ancestors.
Up and Over [Silver]
Rex climbs over barriers, or up and down raised structures.
?? [Gold]
If Rex is targeted whilst idle, he automatically blends into his environment like a Chameleon. He will stay like this for 10 seconds, idle or otherwise.

Play Style

Rex is a brawler. He has no ranged attacks, but is all about up close and personal fighting. Great armour, great speed, great attack and great range. Move him in, he targets and attacks enemies whilst his tail swings around doing area damage to other close enemies.


"You Ig'wanna fight?"
"I'm thinkin' 'bout eatin' you."
"What up bro?"
"I'm walkin' here!"
"Open the door, get on the floor!"
"I did NOT sign up for this!" (death)


"They call me Rex Runclaw. I'm from a long line of Runners; reptile folk that hunt fast and hunt well. My clan are one of the best, well respected, well known. Do what am I doing here, hanging around fixing broken Mecha when I could be out in the jungles tracking and killing? It's perspective. They look up at the night sky and see stars. I look up, and I see the biggest hunting ground in the galaxy. They didn't see it, no interest in exploring the cosmos, stick to what they know best. But me, I wanted to see it all. Mechanics and Engineering was how I got into the program and I was surprisingly good at it. I learnt, I got good, I was assigned to a ship that went places.

I explored, but there was no place for me, a 'grease grunt' to hunt. That was until our team was attack at an planetary base. The troops where overwhelmed, I let my instinct take control and I got stuck in. Pretty much saved the day they said. I don't blush, but if I could... you know? So they let me go on a few more missions. Before you know it, I have the kind of reputation that my family have back home. Next thing I know, I'm getting a personal invite to take part in an Iron Marines mission. I mean.. wow! That's like tea with the Queen. Mind, blown. Well I have to take it right? I'd be a fool not to. So I'll see you there, yeah?

Peace out.


Pirah [pee-rah] is highly ranked diplomat. She has the same pink skin colour and body proportions as regular diplomats, but she is much taller. Her 'hair' becomes darker and darker until it reaches a purple color towards the tips. She wears a long Salmon-colored dress with long sleeves and a cut-in at both sides of the dress starting slightly below her hips, revealing her legs. The end of the sleeves, the collar and the in- and underside of the dress are purple. She also wears a golden necklace with a glowing purple gemstone in it. Pirah doesn't have shoes, because frankly, she doesn't really need them anyways since she floats a bit above the ground at all times.

Unlike other diplomats, Pirah has learned a thing or two from the channelers. When she travels large distances she can convert herself into a glowing ball of purple energy. This means that she has the same movement speed as the channelers and can be considered a fast unit, despite her status as an elite diplomat, who are among the slowest units in the game.

Diplomatic support [passive]
Pirah uses her training as a diplomat to give nearby units a small psychic barrier for 10 seconds.

More than a barrier [silver upgrade]
Allies recover leftover health from the barrier as health of their own after the barrier duration ends.

Channeler's secret [gold upgrade]
When a nearby ally moves to another location while near Pirah, they gain bonus movement speed.

Mindful Warden [first skill]
Pirah sets an upgraded tulpa sentry (a warden). wardens cannot be targeted or destroyed by enemies. A warden gives vision in an average range. You can manually destroy a warden. This skill has four charges, so you can set four different wardens around he map. Every charge has an individual cooldown.

Aggressive Warden [silver upgrade]
Wardens gain extra range (about the same as ranger attack range) and send out shockwaves from time to time that slightly damage and stun nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Extra Warden [gold upgrade]
Increase the maximum capacity of wardens to five.

Walls Up! [second skill]
A pink psychic wall forms between all wardens that are in range of each other (if you create a rectangle or pentagon with the wardens, the opposite corners won't form walls with each other though, only the outlines will form a wall). An enemy that walks through a psychic wall will be stunned for 3 seconds every time he walks through it. The walls also deal small amounts of damage over time. The walls will stay up for 25 seconds. A wall does not count as a barrier so all units can shoot projectiles through them. You can manually disable the skill to start the cooldown earlier. Wardens will stop releasing shockwaves when they are activated by this skill.

Aftershock [silver upgrade]
After the walls fade away, all wardens will simultaneously release a final shockwave with the same effect as the Aggressive Warden skill, regardless of whether Aggressive Warden is even upgraded.

psychic field [gold upgrade]
If you create a triangle, a rectangle or a pentagon with the wardens and the Walls Up skill, the inside of those geometric figures will become faintly pink. That entire field wil deal damage over time. The perimeters will still stun enemies trying to pass through.

Pirah is a pure support unit. She protects her allies with barriers and stuns. Her wardens, while not able to deal reliable damage, can grant vision and crowd control. Using both skills together in a smart way can allow Pirah to block off paths enemies might take to invade your bases. The walls not only protect your fragile units and give them a safe place to fall back to to heal, they also protect your towers from invasions. Her Channeler's Secret skill allows even the slowest units in the game to move as fast as channelers, which can be amazingly useful for getting mecha's to a different part of the map more quickly. This works especially well because the vision her wardens provide essentially allow Pirah to warp all around the map.

Though Pirah deals decent damage on her own with her basic attack, her skills don't have a reliable damage output. This is Pirah's greatest downfall. She can't manage much on her own and must rely on allied units to dish out the damage. Another disadvantage of using Pirah as your hero is that she takes really clever thinking and maneuvering to use well. Creating walls of the right length in the right place at the right time requires a lot from the player. Her skills are also more map dependent than most other heroes' skills. Not every map might have clear paths that can be blocked off by walls for example.

- Stay close, if you want to live.
- Mind your step.
- I can't safe you from recklessness.
- I'll protect you if you're worthy

Pirah sounds very strict and serious. She has a certain passive aggressiveness in her voice that makes you feel like she really wants to take the charge. She wants her allies to take things seriously and does not feel responsible for their stupidity. There's not much fluff to her voice. Her voice is clear and powerful and believable and not overdone in anyway.

Pirah is a diplomat in the very essence of the word. She is actually an empyrean royalty, a princess. Despite her strict combat training as a diplomat, Pirah was never allowed to fight against the invasion together with the other marines. She fled the royal house since she thought it was her duty help her fellow diplomats and the other people fighting for the marines.

Pirah was never very well-known before she joined the marines, but she quickly become a renowned part of the army for her skills she learned when she was a young princess. Especially her ability to make allies move as fast as channelers made her very popular among the marines. She learned the skill from her grandpa, who was a channeler himself. Eventually Pirah worked her way up the ranks until she was considered one of the highest commanders in he army.

APPLICANT SEVEN wrote:Hero Name: Grakk Ledskin

Appearance: Grakk is a space orc (Called "Orks" in Warhammer 40k"). He looks similar to KR Orcs but, due to Iron Marines superior graphics, he is more detailed visually. He is also less round and more muscled. He wears a ripped, yellow vest that can't close around his chest, a camouflage military helmet that's just big enough for his grinning head, and brown, baggy pants along with heavy, steel-toed boots. He is rather hunched and has apish arms. Around his neck is a military "dog tag". Generally, however, Grakk is not seen as he is concealed within his brutish, metal combat-walker. The walker posses crude legs that support its bulbous frame from the sides of its enormous belly. The legs resemble scissor jacks. Emerging from the sides of its cylindrical chest are a pair of also cylindrical, tall metal tubes, and from the base of each of those tubes emerges a joint, followed by a metal forearm. These arms are meant for combat and thus lack hands, instead possessing a hole for shells to be launched from. In place of the machines head is a large, red banner with a snarling, oversized Space-Ork face printed on in black paint. From behind the machine, smoke, sparks and sputters of flame are released from various mismatched exhaust pipes. The machines colour-scheme is primarily black, with some of the many nailed-on and slapdash metal panels covered in red paint instead. When the machine moves, it rocks from side to side and its banner "head" flaps, though not to the point where the image that it is depicting cannot be seen.

FASTER FASTER FASTER!! This is the passive upgrade, the rest are active. Grakk's attack speed gradually increases over time, maxing at a bit over two shots per second. SILVER UPGRADE: Grakks movement speed is also affected in the same way, maxing at speed similar to Sha'tra and starting at speed similar to Darwin when he is walking. GOLD UPGRADE: Every time Grakk dies, his respawn time is reduced by 20%. His regular respawn time is slightly longer than Darwin's. This effect resets every time you finish or abandon a mission.
Panic Spikes When this ability is active, for twelve seconds, Grakk will shoot a spiky, metal cylinder out of his machines chest and onto any enemies within melee range of him. Without this, Grakk is a ranged hero and prioritizes foes at a distance, though he will continue to shoot even when this ability is active. The spike-ball is attached to a chain and will be pulled back in and shot out once more over the course of one second. It deals enough damage to bring most weaker fell soldiers to low health if it doesn't quickly kill them. SILVER UPGRADE: The ball now does AoE damage and lasts for an extra four seconds. GOLD UPGRADE: The ball becomes electrically charged and all enemies damaged by it will have a 50% chance of exploding with electric energy when they die, damaging any other nearby enemies that were caught in the blast.
Last Stand For nine seconds, when this ability is active, Grakks machine will do more damage with its guns the lower the health of the machine is. SILVER UPGRADE: The machine will explode upon death when this ability is active, damaging and stunning all enemies caught within the smoky blast. GOLD UPGRADE: If this ability is active when the machine dies, Grakk himself hops out of the machines wreckage and continues fighting. He has half of the machines formidable health, moves moderately fast, and has both a ranged an melee attack, using a pistol and knife. He has no abilities and cannot heal or revive. If the machine itself is revived while Grakk lives, then Grakk disappears into the machine once again.

Play style: I imagine Grakk to be good at a range. He can take hits well and dish out a fair amount of damage. He can also move, re-spawn and attack quite fast when you upgrade FASTER FASTER FASTER!! all the way to gold. Not to mention he does have a melee ability. However, he does half damage to enemies in melee with his guns and takes double damage from them. He will also prioritize far-away enemies even when he is on the verge of defeat due to the presence of melee enemies, meaning that you will have to activate Panic Spikes in a situation like this to help him. Thus, the name "panic" spikes as in "panic station". He also cannot be moved via drop pod like other heroes due to the machines immense size.

Quotes / catchphrases: "WAAAGH!!" "Dakka dakka dakka!" "'Ere we go!" (All three are clear references to Warhammer 40k from which he is based) "Might makes right and I'm ALWAYS right!" (Neutral) "Zug zug!" (Common Orc phrase in Warcraft that means "yes, yes!") "When was meat OFF the menu?!" (Comedic response to the line "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!") "I smell fear!" (Simplification of "Do you smell it? The sent of fear?") "Bigger 'n' louder!" (Neutral)

Backstory: Grakk is an Orc. Specifically, a space Orc, a species made from normal Orc cells that rapidly evolved through the use of incredible, alien technology on a harsh planet with high gravity. The resultant creatures resembled standard orcs but were stronger, tougher, taller and less paranoid of technology as they were raised surrounded by it. However, their Orc-y instincts had to kick in at some point. When it did, they chopped, slashed, bit and tore their way through their home planets as well as its few other inhabitants. The Orcs then seized what technology they could find and adapted it, eventually working their way up to combat-ready war machines and vessels capable of interplanetary travel. Grakk is a member of the sixth large surge of Space Orcs and joined the Iron Marines for his own amusement, as killing things, showing off, and enjoying it, all while being allowed to do so and praised for it seemed like a pretty good deal to him. Since then, however, he has adopted some of the Iron Marines values and characteristics, such as a distaste for the Fell and Peripheroids. Most notable of his changes is how he has become less aggressive and angry (by Orc standards) and even acted in accordance with objectively good forces. He is known among his fellow marines as being great fun to party and play drinking games with.

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by Ninja
It said Friday, Oct. 7th. I was also wondering which one it was. :?

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:20 am
by RaZoR LeAf
My bad, I got the dates mixed up. I will add your entry Ruby.

Edit - Done. Sorry for the mix up, must have been left over tachyons from the wormhole to August we fell through.

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:58 pm
by Ruby_Hex
RaZoR LeAf wrote:My bad, I got the dates mixed up. I will add your entry Ruby.

Edit - Done. Sorry for the mix up, must have been left over tachyons from the wormhole to August we fell through.

:lol: Thanks!

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:58 pm
by Ruby_Hex
I voted for Rex Runeclaw! It seems that the majority of people so far did, too. Looking back, I feel like I could've made my entry a touch better with some simple inclusions, but oh well. :)

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:35 am
by Ninja
I'm totally voting for Tandem (with Orthodox as a definitive runner-up)! I love his lore; it really seems to have had a lot of work put into it, and it shows beautifully. I like the exponential playstyle that Tandem has as well. Overall, it's very well implemented and just sounds super cool. I could definitely imagine this hero in IM. :D

(BTW guys: I didn't enter because I just had too much stuff to do IRL. I really should get out of the habit of making promises I can't keep ...Image)

Also, here are my guesses as to the creators of the entries (which are all great, BTW):

Entry 1: Aeris
Entry 2: Kingmaker
Entry 3: BBB maybe?
Entry 4: Ruby_Hex
Entry 5: RaZoR
Entry 6: I really don't know.
Entry 7: PitNata or Nova

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:28 pm
by The Kingmaker
Amongst other things, the name Rex Runclaw brings a smile to my face and there’s ample amounts of humour and work crammed into the powers of a big ol space lizard

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:54 pm
by Ruby_Hex
Ninja wrote:Also, here are my guesses as to the creators of the entries (which are all great, BTW):

Entry 1: Aeris
Entry 2: Kingmaker
Entry 3: BBB maybe?
Entry 4: Ruby_Hex
Entry 5: RaZoR
Entry 6: I really don't know.
Entry 7: PitNata or Nova

Fascinating... :twisted:
Anywho, I'm thinking that RaZoR did Rex Runeclaw as well. Not sure why.

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:17 am
by Ninja
Ruby_Hex wrote:
Ninja wrote:Also, here are my guesses as to the creators of the entries (which are all great, BTW):

Entry 1: Aeris
Entry 2: Kingmaker
Entry 3: BBB maybe?
Entry 4: Ruby_Hex
Entry 5: RaZoR
Entry 6: I really don't know.
Entry 7: PitNata or Nova

Fascinating... :twisted:
Anywho, I'm thinking that RaZoR did Rex Runeclaw as well. Not sure why.

I can tell you how to figure out which entries are his every time if you want. There are little hints to figure it out that work for most of the contest-participating members if you're observant. My entries are always very obvious, in fact.
He always uses the exact format presented in the OP, while most other entries do not. He has a humorous tone in most of his FanFic, while most others try seriousness. And finally, he has an aptitude for quote making and always uses British English.

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:23 am
by The Kingmaker
Rex Runclaw is also a very RaZoR name for a hero I think

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:33 pm
by Ninja
The Kingmaker wrote:Rex Runclaw is also a very RaZoR name for a hero I think

True, but I can't quite make out what makes a name seem like a "RaZoR name." There definitely is something there, though.

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:15 pm
by RaZoR LeAf

This picture would have been even more appropriate given that Rex Runclaw started life as Shex Sharkfin.

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:16 am
by Ninja

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:11 pm
by RaZoR LeAf
OK, voting officially closed on Thursday but I've been swamped at work so haven't really had a chance to post the final results in time. I also snuck my vote in just now because I am an idiot and forgot to do it. Not that it really changed much.

Anyway, the results are as follows:

Coming in joint third place with one vote each, and awarded the field rank of Captain
Sinque Productions, Magnus0 and Ruby_Hex

Coming in second place with four votes, and awarded the field rank of Colonel
The Kingmaker

Coming in first place with five votes, and awarded the field rank of General
RaZoR LeAf

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:07 pm
by Ninja
Congratulations on your victory, General RaZoR! :hero:

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:17 pm
by Ruby_Hex
My entry was Grakk Ledskin! Everyone did well! Congratulations to RaZoR, The Kingmaker, and everyone else!

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:27 am
by Magnus0
Congratulations to all winners.

Here are my extended thoughts on all entries.

Akezur would have been my second vote if more than one vote was allowed. I think it´s quite unfortunate that it didn´t get any votes at all. I think that the gold upgrades for both abilities are really interesting, especially the tunnel one. ´

I like Tandem´s abilities, but I feel like the hero lacks a bit of utility. Both abilities focus on damage alone, and so besides tanking and dealing damage, Tandem has nothing else to offer. The lore became quite annoying to read after a while, but honestly I shouldn´t criticize lore because my own lore is usually really bad as well.

Orthodox has nice skills, but the stats are completely pointless. I think control is interesting, allowing you to ignore an annoying enemy like the snipers for a while. The silver upgrade of Mind´s Eye and the gold upgrade of his passive are pretty much the same upgrade, which is a bit disappointing.

I like Kassadar, mostly because he has very similar utility to my own entry, Pirah. I don´t really like the description of what the abilities´ appearance. Saying ´It looks like this thing from this game´ is uninspired, and since I haven´t played most of those games I still have no idea what the skills actually look like.

Rex Runclaw won my vote. It has a nice mix between silliness and effectiveness. The layout is also nice which makes the entry easy to read, something I definitely appreciate. RaZoR, is the gold upgrade name with the question marks intentional or was that an oversight? Anyway, I think the entry is really solid overall.

Pirah was my entry so I'll leave the judging to someone else.

The first thing that I noticed about Grakk's entry is that it is a pain to read. The skills seem nice enough but they didn't really stand out to me or do something we haven't seen before. I think it's a decent entry, but not as good as some of the others.

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:30 pm
by RaZoR LeAf
I really liked this hero, I thought the skills were very clever and within the game;s theme of micromanaging your troops all the time it fitted well as it would need a lot of moving around to be effective. It was my second choice for a vote, with its short Lore being a factor of not getting the first choice. I'm a little upset that it didn't get any votes at all. Sorry, Aeris.

Like many who didn't vote for my entry, I chose Tandem. At first, I was a little put off by the long and frankly excessive lore, but the abilities won me over.

The stats were unnecessary, but I realise I didn't state on the contest requirements that they weren't needed. I guess that's something we need to get used to from years of Kingdom Rush fan fiction that has all the stats in place. I feel that this was just an expanded version of an existing troop and didn't bring anything original to the game.

I have to agree with Magnus on all points here. I really don't want to have to look up everything to see what the character looks like, or what their abilities look like. It's a lazy entry when you say it looks like something else and then add nothing extra. I couldn't pay any attention to the rest of the entry after I had to google 'Protoss Starcraft', 'Orisa Overwatch shield', 'Probius Heroes of the Storm Null Gate' and 'Protoss Pylon StarCraft'.

Rex Runclaw
OK, since this is my entry and I can't give feedback on it, I will give a bit of background on it. Based on my Scooby Doo post, this was originally going to be Shex Sharkfin,an anthropomorphic shark from an RPG I wrote many years ago (for Starfox). Shex was originally written as a Demolitions expert, but with Fate's bomb dropping and a lack of aquatic levels to abuse (unlike Kingdom Rush) I had to change him, so he went from Fish to a reptile. And honestly, I wrote him in the half an hour it took for me to collate all the entries and post the thread. Seriously. Very little effort, I feel bad for winning.

Again, I feel this is just an expanded version of an existing troop which is why it didn't catch much attention from me.

Grakk Ledskin
This is a prime example of what Kassdar could have been. 'Orks" in Warhammer 40k' and 'looks similar to KR Orcs' but… and then a detailed description. I read the description then looked it up which is ideal. You get an idea and then a visual representation to make your thoughts more solid. Space Orc. Classic (I think?). There was nothing about Grakk that was wrong, he just didn't catch my eye as much as other entries.


In other news, I had an idea for contests that's a little different to how the KR ones are run. Instead of just being awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd and given a rank, you are awarded Tech Points/Credits. Different things earn you more points, such as taking part (automatic points for trying), getting votes, placing 3rd, 2nd or 1st (more points depending on rank). You earn Tech points and when you reach a certain level you go up a rank. Starting at the very bottom (I'll base them on existing Marines ranks, but cut them down so there's not so many) and going up and up to the very top. they wont mean anything, but I guess I can make fancy looking ingignia for your forum signatures if I'm inclinded (heh) and it'll add a little more competetivity and encouragement. Every now and then we'll have special contests that earn double points, or bonus points for newcomers etc. or even allow people to donate their point to others.

What do you think?

Re: VOTING: Hero Design

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:12 pm
by AerisDraco
As usual, lore is my short suit.

I'd be open to that other idea.