Steam port of KR:Frontiers outsourced?

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Steam port of KR:Frontiers outsourced?

by dimumurray » Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:48 pm

So I stumbled upon this tweet recently:


Did a little digging and it appears that Kalio is another Uruguay based game dev studio. But I'm a bit curious (maybe even a bit apprehensive). How much of the game are they responsible for porting? It seems like up-scaling the art work is being done in house (based on the world map screen shot). Are they using the engine from the steam port of KR1 or are they starting from scratch? Is this a hint of many cross-studio collaborations to come? Any chance a dev from the far-flung regions of the Americas can get in on the action (you know I had to get that in there :D )?
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