KR upgrades effect Heroes!

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KR upgrades effect Heroes!

by PitNata » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:26 pm

Just started some analysis (or simply, looking) in some mechanics of KR (typically playing) and well, mostly looking at the heroes.
During some attacks dealt/taken of the heroes (Mirage, Thor and others simply) i have found some additional changes when they do an attack/getting attacked.
For example: Magnus & his Shadows. On level 10 he can summon 4 Shadows that deal little magic damage to an enemy. Nothing special, indeed. But let's take a look on the other side.
In KR, there's a LV 2 Mage Upgrade, that can break a portion (unknown percents, but perhaps 1%-2% or more) of enemy's armor. So if i have mage towers, they can break up armor, but at very slow rates, it's hardly seen. But try not to use Mage tower in a level with a lot of armored enemies (like Linirea level) and send in Magnus to do the job for you.
Upgrade him at least enough levels to use 2-3 shadows and use barracks or Reinforcements to block chokepoint and provide cover for Magnus, and let him summon Shadows and attack the ONE armored enemy (takes some luck but possible). Now select the enemy, and look at his armor status closely.
You should be suprised. It seems to be that the upgrades does somehow affect the heroes in a very interesting way. Magnus & Shadows of him can have an enemy's armor destroyed to Low, or even NONE if shadows do attack it in a very long time.

Now on to the Melee heroes, that have armor. You know about the last upgrade of the Barracks? The Spike Armor, that returns some % of dealt damage back to the enemy, that effect Reincforcements and Barracks. Yet it can also effect the Melee heroes that have armor. Not believing? Try it for yourself.

Still, i didn't tested the Ranged attack of Alleria or Bolin Farslayer. Perhaps the Piercing Arrows upgrade does affect them (They have the same Arrow type of damage) or not. Need some time to test it though.
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