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*Ill add animations later. Give it about till july? Im fucking busy as hell. and animations will be here. Also , these numbers are arbritrary. I will try balancing them later*

So for endless mode, since it becomes extremely difficlut to extend the time your presence on the battle field, i propose tower special abilities to help you. These abilities only are availible for endless mode, since if they weee availible for regular campaign, theyd be op.

So first lets classify towers into 4 groups.

Skill focus towers: These towers are doing what each tower class does best.

Musketeer(because long range is what the star upgrades focus on alot, and the musketeer does great dps. They may not be powerful alone, but as they are more numerous, their effect is exponential!,just like how archer towers are great in groups, the musketeer is great in groups, but its effect is more prominent when they are numerous, since multiple musketeers shooting the same enemy takes them down quickly from great burst damage. They can also be considered "grouped up", even if they are far away, since their range can invlove them in many locations)

Archmage(Sheer dps, burst damage. Nuff said)

Holy order(Great crowd control. This is due to it having a nice balance of damage, armor and health. The abilities also make them more durrable)

Tesla(Great crowd control. Not splash damage, but it does high damage to multiple targets, resulting in many corpses.)

Damage/support hybrid towers. They are specialized to support towers, but are also great dps, making them fairly versitile

Crossbow fort(This offers alot of support by increasing the range of MANY towers at once. This tower in addition to that, has crazy dps, especially with barrage, which can be used for taking out 1 strong target, or many up to 10 weak targets)

Sorcerer(Yes, this does have great dps and crowd control. It also seems to be a favorite of this forum. In addition to having this, it has an armor reducer, which can be paired up with any archer tower, and especially artillery. It also has a crowd control ability)

Germanic peoples, or people that dont speak latinBarbarians(These men offer decent crowd control, but also have heavy high damaging axes, and are great when they gang up on enemies. Their throwing axes and more axes make improves their dps)

Battle mech(This offers great concentrated aoe damage, which can splatter enemies so satasfyingly, or tenderize them. What makes this great at supporting towers is its oil spill, which slows enemies to a crawl! Great with anything!)

Heavy towers: These towers were meant to take a heavy load of enemies, and deal with them in ways that their tower class does not.

Rangers(In addition to having great dps, to deal with a huge mass of weak enemies, it has retargeting, and a concentric stall aoe damager, rather than relying on dps or range alone)

Necromancer(Instead of stunning dps, the necromancer makes friends, or creates an army to deal with mases of weak enemies, and even has a mini "hero" to help with moderately strong targets)

Templars(These templars, in addtition to durability, can revive themselves. They do die easily when focussed on, but their revive is how they deal with things)

Dwaarp(To deal with tanks, this has an insta kill. Artillery is not meant to do that. It also does not deal with masses by focussing on an area or specific targets, but instead by applying damage, and a little stun concentrically)

Special towers: These towers have something the other towers dont have.

Tribal axemen(This is special, because none of its abilities do any damage. It is also primarily used as a support tower. Also in 2 articles, it said that he axes have a chance to stun enemies)

Arcanist(The only reason why this is special, is because it is the only "normal" tower. It does not have any passive. But even with this, it is still an excelent tower. Great for burst magic damage, anti tank, and decent crowd control)

Assasin(Invisibility, and dodging is something the other 3 dont have)

Big bertha(It is special, because it is the only "normaly operating" artilery tower. It is still great however, since it offers great concentrated aoe, spread aoe, and burst damage)

Now lets maximize these strengths, and make these abilities related to the warriros of the tower.

Musket: Target volley fire

This will summon 8 more musketeers, and separate into 2 lines, 1 behind the other. They fire in 10 volleys in any area you specify in any where on the screen, and have an increased fire rate. These bullets can hit multiple enemies, or the same target. This is great, since it increases range and dps.

Cost: 5 round wait,enemies hit 75 times, 1 instakill, 10 shrapnel shots

Archmage:Strategic targeting

As a wizard specialized in war, he should know how to priorotize enemies. The archmage gains a huge burst of energy(almost like in the avatar state, or nano boosted, or on steroids), and attacks rapidly, each strike doing the equivilant of 3 regular bolts. He focusses down strong targets first, then hoses down the weaklings. Almost like a ww1 machinegunner. Lasts for 3 seconds

Cost: 3 round wait, 3000 damage done, 30 enemies blown back

Holy order:Angelic wings

As powerful professional soldiers, being able to target anything would change the tide of the battle field. In addtiotion to this, they are holy. So this equates to them gaining angel wings. Now you can select certain soldiers to target ground or air troops. In addition to this, their healing light is more frequent, thier shield of valor changes to great, and thier holy strike is more frequent.Lasts for a minute

Cost:5 round wait. Valor shield, 500 healing, 20 strikes

Tesla:Path of "X" resistance.

The tesla becomes supercharged, and can target infinetely without falloff. In addition to this you can prioritize it to target the relatively strongest/weaest/avg health, for it to factor in armor, or for anything with special attacks. Lasts for 10 seconds

Cost:3000 damage, 5 round wait

Crossbow:Crank balista

A balista appear out of a trap door from the tower. This balista has a crank, and fires rapidly. It shoots spears with heavy tips, pinning down any enemy it hits permenantly. these towers, however, can still be targeted by your towers. Lasts for 5 seconds

Cost: 2 towers boosted, 30 barrages, 2 round wait

Sorcerer: Teleporter

No, you cant make them fall infinetely. But this portal is allowed to be place anywhere. After it is place, you place another portal. This portal allows towers to attack through it. Lasts a minute

Cost: max elemental, 50 dearmorizations, 10 round wait


Barbarians become enraged, and attack rapidly. Each hit does improved damage, and a stun. The stun starts off small, but overtime gets longer. After hitting an enemy, they move on to other targets. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Cost:1 round wait, 500 damage, 100 enemies stalled

Battle mech: Mechastator

Combines with 2 other near by mechs to form the mechastator. It can be moved anywhere on the screen, and sucks enemies in. It takes 2 seconds for enemies to escape, and while enemies are sucked, they take 100 true damage per second. It can suck infinite enemies. Lasts for a minute.

cost:2 other mechs, 100 enemies slowed. each mech, 4 round wait

Ranger: Hideout. They summon bandits and archers of archers of their own concentrically. Total of 30 entities. They can stall and do decent damage. In addtition to this, all weapons are laced with poison. bandits can steal money for you as well. lasts until they are all dead.

Costs:150 enemies stalled, 150 enemies poisoned, 5 round wait.

Necromancer:Grim reaper

All enemies in range will die instantly. This is great for restoring an army. Its an instant effect.

Cost:20 skeletons present from this necromancer, 1 death rider,10 round wait

Templar: Holy water rain

It rains holy water in its range, healing and reviving all allies in its range. Lasts for 1 minute

Costs: 5 round wait.revived 5 times

Dwaarp:11 magnitude earthquake.

Creates a 3 second earth quake that damages, and stunns all enemies in range. The ground is so distorted, that the lava comes out.

Cost: 10 furnace blasts, 150 stuns, 5 round wait

Tribesmen:Diety summon. A ufo appears, and abducts all enemies in a radius. After a second It then turns them into zombies that fight for you. They go the opposite direction of the track. Sadly, artillery and aoe still affects them

Cost:both max totems, 100 enemies affected, 7 round wait

Arcanist:Space is an illusion

You enter a higher dimension, and you are allowed to tinker with the positioning of enemies, and all arcanists are allowed to attack anywhere on the screen. Simply drag and drop any enemy you want to anywhere! Lasts for 3 seconds. Better have fast fingers!

cost:2 instakills, 1000 damage, 100 teleports, 3 round wait

Assasin:Camp sabotage

Assasins sneak to the enemy camp, and reduce the next wave's enemy ammount by 15% for each enemy. Numbers are rounded down.

Cost:2 round wait, 300 counter attacks or sneak attacks

Big bertha:Fatter boy
The big bertha launces a mini nuke. This nuke however, ALL turns enemies into zombies with only 50 hp, and no specials. It also leaves radiation, meaning any incomming enemy will recieve damage over time as they progress through the map.

cost: 10 round wait. 10 cluster bombs,20 mislles.

Pls tell me if any of these need any nerfs buffs, or improvements in general! thanks
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