When 2 Furnace Blasts are active

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When 2 Furnace Blasts are active

by sunnydaler » Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:21 am

I tested it on Steam.
I built 2 DWAARPs where 2 paths meet and upgraded both with Furnace Blast (tier 3).
I had expected enemies would receive 400 (2x200) damage even though they get burned again while already being burned.
But in that case, the fire damage didn't stack up on each other like Tesla's overcharge. :(

That Saurian Myrmidon between 2 DWAARPs received only 270 net damage from 2 Furnace Blasts (the 2nd Furnace Blast was activated 0.92 second after the 1st one).
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