Parasyte's attack damage is really strange.

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Parasyte's attack damage is really strange.

by sunnydaler » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:54 pm

According to the in-game encyclopedia, the damage is 10-20. Actually it differs from victim to victim, and seems that it depends on the victim's health.

Reinforcements (110 HP): 44 damage
Militia (55 HP): 22 damage
Footmen (110 HP): 44 damage
Knights (165 HP): 66 damage
Assassins Guild (220 HP): 88 damage
Knights Templar (275 HP): 110 damage
Knights Templar with level 1 Toughness (325 HP): 130 damage
Knights Templar with level 2 Toughness (375 HP): 150 damage
Knights Templar with level 3 Toughness (425 HP): 170 damage
Level 1 Death Rider (250 HP): 100 damage

So, it seems they are designed to kill soldiers in 2 seconds.
I don't know how much damage soldiers receive from the face-hugging attack when they are not in their full health.

In case of heroes,

Alric without Spiked Armor (560 HP): 112 damage
Alric with Spiked Armor (560 HP): He survived! They attacked him just once(Normal) or twice(Veteran) and then died.
Cronan (550 HP): 110 damage
Mirage (300 HP): 60 damage
Sha'tra (400 HP): 80 damage
Dante (500 HP): 100 damage
Nivus (250 HP): 50 damage
By virtue of his Spiked Armor, Alric is the only hero who can survive after being attacked by them.
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