My Personal Opinion about KR:O's Heroes

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My Personal Opinion about KR:O's Heroes

by Sentry » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:27 am

I'm new to this forums but i'd like to share quite a bit of experience with these heroes. But do bear in mind that i would be ranking them in usefulness in their terms of style, i would explain as this: Denas, Bruce, Bravebark, and possibly Lynn, are what i would classify as a tanker.

1. Bruce - It was hard to pick between Denas and Bruce, but i would give him the title of the best tank. Bruce has a ult which deals a medium amount of damage with an additional stun. He has 680 health and medium armour compared to Denas which has 400 health and high armour. He also deal significant damage with his passive abilities such as possible bleeding with each attack. High durability combined with medium attack gives him a lot of performance score.

2. Prince Denas - Denas has mediocre health with the highest armour in-game, he deals at least normal amount of damage which is a setback from being a tank, combined with an heal ability. His ult spawns 5 guards with a fine amount of durability which excels at blocking enemies, as a tank should.

3. Bravebark - Simple. He has saplings which blocks enemies, has an heal area heal, insta-kill, AoE stun ult.

4. Lynn - She is what i would call an hybrid, she has everything. Ranging from debuffs, buffs, AoE, Medium Health-Armour, and attack. Her curse which slows and decreases damage at the same time is really helpful for troops and towers, plus her curse which decreases armour. I would include her from every list except the Marksmen.

5. Xin - Has a double damage buff to allies. Other than that, has decent survivability rate.

1. Reg'son - He has poor performance against Harassers which is a drawback, but if matched with enemies like an Avenger, none stands a chance. His ult destroys any blockade with a balancing set of poor cooldown and, non-helpful against bosses. I'd say his price range is alright, the only role he can play in the entire game is a duelist. I wouldn't use him against Harassers or any end-game mobs, but he's fine.

2. Lynn - The reason she is lower than Reg'son is because of his ult. Without that ult, Lynn would be higher. First of all, she can solo Champions (Those Godieth's sons), but sometimes not, because her dodge is not always activated. Her curses combined with an ability that deals 360 true damage, plus, dodge rate gives her this undefeatable title.

3. Bravebark - Insta-kill, Heal, additional troops, stun. None more should be said.

4. Durax - Pure true damage, but comes with low hp. Impossible to take on againts Golems.

1. Arivan - His ult is really good. AoE, True damage, Freeze, what more could you want?

2. Vez'nan - I know he has insta-kill, but not often triggered. He has AoE, which Arivan also has. He has Shackles, which is alright. His ult is a strong unit, but not that strong in later levels and comes with a long cooldown.

3. Eridan - I find this guy worse than Xin. The dodge is unnecessary since he's already a marksman which makes his melee upgrades a waste of slots. His ult deals less single target damage than Xin's ult, but deals more damage AoE.

1. Catha - Sleep + 4 extra troops that also sleeps enemies + Nearby heal = Ultimate blocker.

2. Durax - Good at blocking on lower to mid levels, terrible at end stages. Also comes with a spammable stun ult.

3. Bravebark - Read the previous descriptions.

4. Lynn - Curse.

Air-Focused Heroes:
1. Phoenix - I don't like her ult, but she's amazing. Ridiculously fast respawn time, constant damage per death, the more enemies the better. Easily the best hero in-game.

2. That dwarf guy, i forgot his name: Constant ult which deals significant damage, useless skill slot which is the speed one, those lil' bomby dudes. Yeah, great hero.

3. Faustus: No, not worth the money. Obsolete on later stages, weak ult. But really good at early stages.
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