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The story of a gem

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:52 pm
by Moloch
The story of a gem

The gem was made by the godess' light and brought upon us for peace :hero:
But the darkness of two malicious queens turned it into a corruption abyss

A mage whome was already a step in the darkness fell for it's power :veznan:
He betrayed his comrades and made the land to his name cower

But the courage of the Linireans brought the dark one to his place :hero:
Yet another one has risen and the gem was taken in that pace

To free his master was his need for the gem but once more :veznan:
The dark one lost and fell into the mountain's deep core

Now the first one is rising again but the gem was lost to track :veznan:
Maybe the future will inlight us how the sky hunter got it back

This story of a gem is to make us understand in ease :star:
That the power doesn't take sides of tyrany or peace

No matter the intention, the reason or the cause :star:
It's brought in it's time, and that's one of balance's flawless flaws

By Jason "Macnair" Lamorey (me :mrgreen: )