Idea for NEW BONUS BOSS in KR:V ! Version : 1.0

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Idea for NEW BONUS BOSS in KR:V ! Version : 1.0

by DancheZi » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:44 pm

Hello great rushers,
You all are propably playing Kingdom Rush. If you are true Kingdom Rush fan , you propably know that Kingdom Rush:Vengence
will come out soon and as every other Kingdom Rush game in Franchise, it has Main and Bonus Bosses.

Everybody likes Bonus Bosses, they add a new Enemies,Maps,Heroes etc. and they expand the game.I was thinking about possible Kingdom Rush: Vengence Bosses that would fit perfectly in game. After a long time, an idea has came in my Mind...

Do you remember old good gnomish inventor that has created giant mechanical machine made out of old tree.Yes, i am talking about HACKSAW.

Hacksaw was a really good hero in Kingdom Rush because he added Machinery. Machines could be Hacksaw's Creations that would protect the Forest around Lineria. Location for those missions would be around mission in KR 1 called Silveroak Forest , because there is a bunch of empty space. There could be awsome amount of new enemies that would have rifles, drills etc. .
A lot of new staff could be added and i have bunch of ideas.

This is just version 1 of my idea and i hope that you like it :)
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