Strongest towers in the series

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Strongest towers in the series

by Krfan » Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:34 am

With 4 Kingdom rush games out, we have more than enough towers to rank. This is my list for some of the strongest towers in the series based on pure strength, for each category. Would like to know your opinions as well:

This pretty easily goes to the Tesla x104. This is the strongest artilley tower by a landslide. It has it all, great area of effect damage, good range, partially ignores armor, good abilities, and attacks flying enemies. The only enemy it’s somewhat bad against is Cerberus, but the only way to beat Cerberus is to have a paladin or sorcerer tower. It’s funny to think that at one point in time they were considered weak ( they were buffed in the bandits campaign, if I recall correctly).

Runner ups include the battle mecha and the goblin war zeppelin for their high damage and great abilities, but their range and lack of targeting flying enemies puts them behind the Tesla. Battle mecha would be #2 and zeppelin would be #3. So:

1) Tesla x104

2) Battle mecha

3) Goblin war zeppelin

This is one is pretty tough, the best mage towers in the series seem to be the sorcer’s tower, archmage tower, blazing gem, and the necromancer tower. Archmage has incredible dps and pretty good abilities that allow some crowd control.Blazing gem has the best dps in the series and demolishes bosses like they’re nothing, but is weak in crowd management. The necromancer is possibly the best support tower to exist thanks to its skeletons; it puts most barracks to shame. The necromancer’s only weakness is its relatively poor damage for a mage tower. The sorcerer tower seems to be the middle ground with respect to the necromancer and the archmage. Its damage output is better than the necromancer but worse than the blazing gem, while its support is nearly as good as the necromancer, with its armor reducing curse and the elemental whose durability rivals that of 3 paladins. Overall, while it is close, it seems like the sorcerer takes the win here. I’d put the necromancers as second, blazing gem at third, and archmage at fourth, because facing swarms of enemies is more common than a few strong enemies. Definitely a very close one.

1) Sorcerer tower

2) Necrmoancer tower

3) Blazing gem

4) Archmage tower

Paladins. It’s not even really close. Stall power is really what you want in a barracks tower, since you have other towers to deal damage. No other barracks can stall as much as paladins, with their high armor and amazing healing. As a bonus, they even have holy strike which deals a lot of holy damage. I put a single paladins tower in the lower right entrance of the citedal and let them single handedly destroy the juggernaut, an actual boss (warning: it’s rare for all 3 paladins to die vs the juggernaut, but if they do stall with reinforcements).

I don’t know what comes close, really; dark knights are good because they’re two thirds of paladins, but without the healing. Assasins are pretty good because of dodging but lack defence against area attacks. Forest keepers also quite strong but way too expensive. I haven’t brought price as a factor up until this point because the towers were similarly priced, but I am taking price into account and price is a big reason why forest keepers aren’t near the top. If they costed the same as paladins, that would a close one.

1) Paladins

2) Dark knights

3) Assassins

4) Forest keepers



Just kidding, but in all honesly this category is actually close, too. On one hand, you have the ranger’s hideout, with its great damage, great range, and overpowered wrath of the forest(don’t nerf that, please ironhide), but then you have the crossbows, bone flingers, and arcane archers. Bone clingers with “got milk” seems to have the highest regular attack dps. Their other abilities are pretty for stalling, but they are comparatively lacking when it comes to crowd control and range. Crowsbows have great range and support. While their regular attack dps isn’t the highest, their barrage ability is honestly overpowered. As a result, crossbows are pretty great at crowd control. Arcane archers’ ability to reduce magic resistance is so valuable in Origins that one almost spams them, and their good dps doesn’t hurt either. While the sleeping ability isn’t too great, their area magic damage is fantastic, especially considering their ability to reduce magic resistance. The main thing preventing them from a win on this list is that their dps and range aren’t as good as some the of the others on this list. Overall, I think rangers hideout takes the win here. This is because they have solid enough dps and range to rival even the best in this category, while also having what is possibly the best crowd control ability in the series. Second place would probably go to bone flingers, and third might actually be a tie between crossbows and arcane archers. Still can’t decide on those two.


1) Rangers hideout

2) Bone flingers

3) TIE: Crossbows and Arcane archers

While all towers have strengths and weaknesses, I think that these are best in their category. One thing to notice is that all the winners are from the original kingdom rush, which I think makes sense, as the enemies with best stats are in the original. Just look at troll breakers, forest trolls, and Cerberus. One last thing I would say is that of these four winners, I think that the Tesla is actually the strongest, due to their dominating damage and crowd control, which are two of the best things in a tower. Please, do let me know what you think.
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Re: Strongest towers in the series

by SealDarklight » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:57 am

Most of it i agree but some i disagree.

Tesla having great aoe is far from it since big bertha has a far better aoe and abilities than that. I know tesla is cheap but when dealing with hordes it does little damage and serves More as an Extra dps For the tesla since 15-25 is pathetic and If speaking of the flash versions it dealt 20-40 but it fired the Same speed as big bertha. I agree that tesla is the most powerfull artillery in terms of dps but not the best aoe artillery since bertha does it better.

The best dps Mage in the series is the blazing gem since it fires fast and can deal 3 or 4 times More damage than it has the longer it deals damage and second only to archmage. The necromancer and the sorcerer arent the best dps tower but best support mages since there focused on supporting towers rather than damage.

About the barrack Well the paladins, dark knight and templars are the best tanks since they either have high armor or high health. Assasins are fourth since they can dodge and be invisible but are super weak other wise. If terms of damage Well barbarians take the crown since While paladins tanking skills are good, their dps is pathetic since even with the holy strike, the twilight elites takes second since their range attacks are strong and their high damage couple with their dodge can deal serious damage, the third are knight since spiked armor.

In terms of rangers Well its a tie between crossbow, rangers and shadow archers but shadow archers in their Basic form are the best since 20-30 dps with fast firing speed is insane, crossbow is the best in terms of upgrades since their barrage deals insane damage with their huge range, If i also speak about the golden longbows since they deal More damage on long range, has 2 good upgrades and are very good dps tower overall as 3rd dps since rangers While having good dps are focused More on crowds. Arcane archers take number 1 as best support archers since there very similair To sorcerers and tribal axethrowers Come 2nd and boneflinger as 3rd and Boomerang as 4th

I find most of it To be alright but there are certain towers that are good Way 1 to another (with the exception with the musketeers since there mostly bad) as towers have their own strength in terms of their usage but its mostly alright
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Re: Strongest towers in the series

by AerisDraco » Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:39 pm

I agree with most of the list.
Artillery: Seems about right.
Mage: I'd argue Archmage is higher than Sorcerer because of sheer DPS, and Blazing Gem is better than the Necromancer. So Archmage, Sorcerer, Blazing Gem, Necromancer.
Barracks: Agreed, though the Forest Keeper slot is debatable. Grim Cemetery might be better.
Archers: Crossbow has the highest DPS, so I put it in first. To my chagrin, Bone Flingers do deserve 2nd, and I'd tie the Rangers with them. This pushes the Arcane Archers to 4.
KRA is now complete.
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