Jokull’s Nest: Lasting Infinitely

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Jokull’s Nest: Lasting Infinitely

by Big Bad Bug » Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:16 pm


We need a proper Endless Mode so that I can get a challenge. Jokull’s Nest can be played without even using spells or moving Jigou, meaning that I can leave this running for as long as I want and gather infinite amounts of gold! This is the result of only 2 hours’ worth of playing. :veznan:

The meta here is to use instakill towers so they can keep destroying those Frost Giants, as that is all that spawns in the end. Using Shadow Archers buffed by Zeppelins to have max range allows me to have as much area covered with instakills as possible, meaning that these enemies could have infinite health and they’d still die. :twisted:

Also, Zombies on the right side reduce the probability of Jokull’s spine rain hitting important units like Jigou, helping the hero to stay completely invincible throughout the level. Before anyone asks, no, you cannot farm infinite amounts of gems from this. :P
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Re: Jokull’s Nest: Lasting Infinitely

by Ninja » Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:18 pm

Your image link is busted. This is pretty hilarious, though.
My old sig was so cringy. :lol:
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