Templars vs Assassins Strategy Discussion

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Re: Templars vs Assassins Strategy Discussion

by MelioiBoi » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:50 pm

Honestly, I prefer the Assasin, and here is just why, so let's look at the attack first. The Templars do 20-30 physical damage, where the Assassins do 10-14 physical damage, and that seems like a big difference, but I did a little experiment, and found out the Assassins attack almost 3× faster than the Templars, so when the Templars are hitting the enemy once, the Assassins have already attacked almost three times, so that shifts the damage towards the Assasins. Now Middle Special, in the barracks you have three specials you can buy, I will now talk about the Assasins Counterattack, and the Templars Arterial Strike. The Arterial Strike at max does 165 bleeding damage over three seconds, which I really like, and the Assasins Counterattack at max is 70% chance to dodge an attack and do a quick counter of 40-44, which I also like a lot. Now, I choose the Assasins because the dodge chance is so high, that they counter a lot more than Arterial Strike even activates, so the Assasins do way more damage with dodging in the end. Now let's talk about specials on the left, the Assasins, with Sneak Attack, and the Templars with Toughness. Now Toughness is pretty simple, each time you buy it, the Templars gain 50 base health, with the max leaving them at 400 health, and even more with certain upgrades, which is perfect for tanking and letting other towers get damage in on the enemy. Now the Assasins Sneak Attack is a high-damaging attack that ignores armor when used, and is a chance to be hit with, but the Assasins attack so fast it happens pretty often for me, and not only that, but the attack has a chance to insta-kill, which is even better. Finally, the right specials, the Assasins Pickpocket, and Templars Holy Grail. Assasins Pickpocket is pretty bad in my opinion, only a couple gold is taken when used, and you can really pay earn it back, so I dont upgrade this. Templars Holy Grail is pretty good if you want the tanks to keep up the fight, cause of it's chance to ignore lethal damage done to them. I dont plan on changing your opinions, its just what I think. :hero:
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Re: Templars vs Assassins Strategy Discussion

by RaZoR LeAf » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:00 pm

This topic is FIVE YEARS OLD!!

Hell no.
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