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Re: Post Your Kingdom Rush Pictures!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:30 am
by sunnydaler
Glacial Heights Campaign (hard)
Only 5 towers - 2 teslas, 1 sorcerer mage, 1 holy order, 1 musketeer. All towers are fully upgraded except for Shrapnel Shot.
Not a single enemy entered the cave or came close to the exit either. :mrgreen:
Elora was of great help and it would have been difficult without her.
I tried the same with Bolin and 3 entered the cave. :cry:
Elora FTW!

Re: Post Your Kingdom Rush Pictures!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:20 pm
by sunnydaler
Rotten Forest Iron (hard) - I once tried to build only 5 towers and failed. :( I needed 6 at least.
This challenge is not difficult. But this time, I tried to find an efficient and consistent strategy. And I think I found it. Rain of Fire wasn't even needed :mrgreen:

4 Swamp Things appear in this challenge.
I check the timings they enter;
the 1st (south) at 8:23 and the 2nd (north) 8:25, the 3rd (south) at 11:25, the 4th (north) at 11:26.
I calculated the distance they travel for 20 seconds and was able to find the appropriate moment for Death Ray upgrade.
I upgraded 4 towers with Death Ray but 3 would have been sufficient.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:21 pm
by sunnydaler
The Wastes Iron (hard)
My goal was two-fold; Spend as little as possible. No Rain of Fire.
After several attempts, I settled on 2 each of Sorcerer's Mage and Rangers Hideout with Wrath of Forest.
I played it 5 times this way to make sure it works.
Phew, it wasn't easy with lesser heroes. Malik was a disaster. Ignus barely managed it.

Thor was much better than both but it was Oni who made it look like a piece of cake. :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:26 am
by sunnydaler
The Sunken Citadel campaign (veteran) on Steam.

Wow, this challenge is so hard but it felt so rewarding to beat it especially with Mirage.
Don't underestimate Mirage. She is an elite assassin and can instant-kill anything. 8-)

To compensate the lack of gold in this challenge, I called all waves early and earned 584 extra gold. :yey:
I don't know what made developers to make Core Drill work on Bloodshells on this platform. It was a wise decision!

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:26 am
by sunnydaler
Port Tortuga Campaign (veteran) with Bruxa.

It can be beaten with random selection of towers but I wanted to make a dependable and efficient strategy.

After many many experiments, I settled on with this setup;
3 assassins guilds (maxed dodge, maxed sneak attack), crossbow fort (maxed barrage), tribal axethrowers (maxed ToW), dwaarp (maxed furnace blast, tier 1 core drill), battle-mecha t200 (maxed wasp missiles) and three boatswains. No upgrade on any Pirate Watchtower because RoF is sufficient to kill Gunboats.

I started with 2 Militia barracks (in the middle), and battle-mecha. The next step was building 2 archers. Then I bought boatswains and built 1 more barracks in wave 7, and dwaarp in wave 9. Assassins upgrades came last.

The battle lasted just 12 minutes. :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:53 am
by sunnydaler
The Sunken Citadel Heroic [Steam] Veteran with Alric.
I had watched every online videos of this challenge and none of them was memorable. So I made a vid and put it up on youtube. :-)

My strategy starts with 1 necromancer and 2 militias on the main island.
On the east island, I built just 1 assassins- with both Dodge and Sneak Attack maxed-because enemies are rare on this side.
Next, I gradually upgraded 2 Militias to Assassins, starting from the right one.

Before the Rising Tides campaign, I used only low-level barracks, but this mini-campaign made me realize how good the assassins are. They are the reason I don't build Archmage in this campaign. :!:

*Assassins Guild with both Dodge and Sneak Attack maxed = 1445 gold
*DWAARP with tier 1 Core Drill = 1465 gold

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:35 pm
by sunnydaler
Storm Atoll Heroic [Steam] veteran with Alric

Minimalistic! :yey: :lol:
My main goal was spending as little as possible. After many experiments, I settled on with 2 assassins and 1 battle-mecha.
(You start with 3000 gold and can earn 4900 gold by killing 179 nemies.)

For 3-tower setup, building 2 assassins is more cost-effective than building one each of necromancer and assassins.

Assassins: 570 + Dodge 350 + Sneak Attack 525 = 1445
Necromancer: 800 + Pestilence 652 + Death Rider 540 = 1992

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:33 am
by sunnydaler
(Steam) The Underpass Heroic, veteran with Alric

11385 gold left! :yey:

This challenge overflows with gold, so I wanted to see how much gold I can end it with.
Strategy-wise, there is a better setup; replacing the mecha with dwaarp. In that way, I could end it without using Rain of Fire.

there seems to be a bug. I earned less gold than the calculated total, even though I called all waves instantly.
You start with 3000 gold and can earn 12990 by killing enemies.
3000+12990-(mage 800+dwaarp with furnace 1865+mecha with wasp 1590)=11735

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:07 am
by sunnydaler

[Steam] The Dark Descent campaign (veteran) with Alric

my setup is like below; almost symmetrical for both paths. :mrgreen:

(I moved Rurin to the upper path in order not to spend gold on barracks.)

Necromancers (no upgrade)
Archmages with tier 1 Twister and maxed Critical Mass
DWAARPs with tier 1 core drill and maxed furnace blast (15 Saurian Brutes were insta-killed by Core Drill!)
fullly upgraded Battle-Mechas
Crossbow Fort with maxed Barrage on the upper path
Dwarven Bastions with maxed Full Mithril Jacket
(no upgrade on Dwarf Hall)

I rarely spend gold on Twister and Waste Disposal, but
found them useful for crowd-controlling the brutes in waves 14 and 15.

fyi: The numbers of the enemies are...
Upper path: 228 Broodguards, 53 Darters, 11 Blazefangs, 38 Nightscales, 16 Myrmidons, 3 Savants, 11 Brutes, 4 Quetzals, 28 Razorwings
Lower path: 122 Broodguards, 51 Darters, 26 Blazefangs, 20 Nightscales, 25 Myrmidons, 6 Savants, 16 Brutes, 4 Quetzals, 18 Razorwings

Re: Post Your Kingdom Rush Pictures!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:42 pm
by sunnydaler
Temple of Saqra Campaign [Steam] veteran. with Alric
This map looks like Ma'qwa Urqu turned 90 degrees to the right or Nazeru's Gates turned upside down. :lol:

I chose Mecha and Archmage over Archers (no crowd-control ability) and DWAARP (too slow and unable to hit fliers).

The 2 Battle-Mechas on the inside are fully upgraded and the other 2 on the corners have just Wasp missiles.
Critical Mass are maxed on all 4 Archmages, and the 2 in the middle are also upgraded with tier 1 Twister. The outer 2 archmages are there for the boss battle and bonus mage damage (10 to 19). ;)

Enemies couldn't get out of the middle choke point. :mrgreen: Mechas stall them with oil waste and then Archmages finish those who try to escape or send them back. :yey:

I'm beginning to like Waste Disposal and Twister more and more. They pile up enemies like a deck of cards and help mechas dispose of them quickly.

Waste Disposal is a good investment in Iron challenge, too.

enemy compositions:
234 savage warriors
108 jungle spiders
42 poukai riders
36 wasps
32 gorillons
28 jungle matriarchs
24 savage hunters
22 witch doctors
18 blood tricksters
13 earth shamans
10 spirit shamans

starting gold 1400
sum of enemy bounties until the boss battle 16930

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:23 pm
by sunnydaler
[Steam] Snapvine Bridge Campaign - veteran with Alric

starting gold: 1100, the total of enemy bounties: 10929.

I had been working on a 4-tower layout. I cannot beat it with only 3 towers. :|

Battle Mecha and Necromancer are out of option.
Barracks are almost useless against Savage Hunters and Gorillons.

After many experiments, I ended up with...
2 Crossbow Forts (maxed Barrage), 1 fully upgraded Archmage (Twister is very expensive and hinders Core Drill but was necessary in order to handle the wave 15), and DWAARP (tier 1 Core Drill and maxed Furnace Blast).
and 6133 gold is left. :yey:

I chose them because...
There has to be at least 1 DWAARP for CC and 2 Crossbow Forts for Wasps and Gorillons. Axethrowers get overruned easily. And Archmage to relieve pressure and to counter Earth Shamans and Gorillons.

Re: Post Your Kingdom Rush Pictures!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:33 am
by sunnydaler
[Steam] The Underpass Campaign - veteran with Alric

Because this level is too easy and boring like Crimson Valley, I challenged myself with a gold challenge. I could beat it with 10635 gold left. :yey:
Still it is easy with 3 Battle-Mechas (one of them is fully upgraded).

dunno if I can save more gold... I'll try it later. :mrgreen:

Re: Post Your Kingdom Rush Pictures!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:00 pm
by sunnydaler
[Steam] Lost Jungle Campaign - veteran with Alric
Woah, this challenge lasted more than 17 minutes--longer than next 2 jungle levels, even though I called waves instantly.
Another gold challenge. I ended it with 8526 gold. 8-)

I built 5 towers;
3 Crossbow Forts - maxed Barrage
1 Necromancer - tier 1 Death Rider, and maxed Pestilence. Necromancer is super good and I need neither Core Drill nor Archmage.
1 DWAARP - maxed Furnace Blast

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:05 am
by sunnydaler
[Steam] Ma'qwa Urqu Campaign - veteran with Alric
One more gold challenge for me~ and 7218 gold is left! :yey: :mrgreen:
I tried this layout several times today and it worked pretty well.
As you can tell from the picture, it is consisted of...
2 Crossbow Forts (maxed Barrage) for fliers and leakeage.
4 Battle-Mechas (maxed Wasp Missiles. 1 on the north path is fully upgraded.) are positioned front to counter Tricksters.
2 Necromancer Towers (no upgrade) for stalling and meat shields
and did not remove any Overgrowth.

Starting gold: 1250, the total of enemy bounties: 15127
North: 60 Hunters, 159 Warriors , 15 Witch Doctors, 6 Earth Shamans, 4 Spirit Shamans, 79 Wasps, 3 Wasp Queens, 10 Blood Trickster, 18 Poukai Riders, 7 Gorillons
South: 60 Hunters, 170 Warriors, 8 Witch Doctors, 11 Earth Shamans, 1 Spirit Shamans, 25 Wasps, 14 Blood Tricksters, 46 Poukai Riders, 7 Gorillons

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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 1:52 pm
by sunnydaler
[Steam] KRF Beresad's Lair - veteran with Bruxa.
In the picture, the last remaining Brute is being attacked by 7 towers at the same time. :mrgreen:
4 artillery towers stun enemies continuously while Waste Disposal and Bruxa's Dread Aura slow them down. They couldn't escape the choke point. :twisted:

My layout is consisted of
2 DWAARPs with maxed Furnace Blast.I didn't upgrade Core Drill. It would miss the main target(Brute) more often than not, for it is distracted by the enemies from Southern pit.
2 Battle-Mechas, fully upgraded. I purchased Waste Disposal to make enemies stay longer in the choke point. Pricey but effective.
2 bare Necromancers to raise disposable soldiers.
3 Crossbow Forts with maxed Barrage. The top one is upgraded with tier 3 Falconer primarily to widen the range of the Necromancer.
No barracks, no Archmage.

A while ago I counted how many times the black dragon wakes up in each mode;
in Campaign mode: 17 times! That's 1700 gold.:yey: —on waves 4, 7, 9 (thrice), 10 (thrice), 12 (twice), 13, 14 (thrice), 15 (thrice)
in Heroic Challenge: 6 times—on waves 1, 2, 3, 5 (thrice)
in Iron Challenge: 4 times
If you call waves early, then it may wake up less.
I just played it again a little differently and found that slightly more efficient.
I maxed Pestilence on the left Necromancer and didn't upgrade the second Waste Disposal 'cause 1 is enough.
and upgraded Falconer on the top Crossbow Fort to tier 2, not tier 3.
It only took 11 minutes to finish it.

Re: Post Your Kingdom Rush Pictures!

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 12:48 pm
by sunnydaler
KRF [Steam] Darklight Depths - veteran with Alric

It took less time to beat this map than Beresad's Lair. 10 min.
I started with Battle-Mecha on the bottom and next came Necromancer, then Crossbow Fort on the left.

1 Tribal Axethrowers: maxed Totem of Weakness
3 Archmages: maxed Critical Mass
2 Crossbow Forts: maxed Barrage on both, maxed Falconer on the right one.
3 Battle-Mechas: maxed Wasp Missiles on all 3, maxed Waste Disposal on the one in the top middle.

I didn't build DWAARP because most enemies are not slow and the strategic point on the corner is better used for battle-mecha,
which can slow down the lizard king with oil waste.

Btw, you know what, Xyzzy is the only KRF boss that appears at the start of the last wave. All the others appear after the completion of the last wave. Nazeru, Quincon, Umbra, Leviathan, and Vasile.

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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2018 2:11 pm
by sunnydaler
KRF [Steam] Storm Atoll Campaign - veteran with Bruxa

Personally I find this level easier than Port Tortuga. Enemies travel a long way to the exits. And you have Black Corsair and Shrine of Regnos. Moreover, there is no Gunboat! :mrgreen:

I built...
2 Necromancer Towers: no upgrade.
2 Assassins Guilds: maxed both Sneak Attack & Dodge/Counterattack
2 Crossbow Forts: maxed Barrage
1 Battle-Mecha: maxed Wasp Missiles
1 DWAARP: tier 1 Core Drill and maxed Furnace Blast
(Core Drill insta-killed 4 Redspines, 2 Blacksurges, 2 Bloodshells, 2 Bluegales, 5 Greenfins, 2 War Hounds. :yey:)

No need to build Archmage when you have Assassins and CoreDrill. :twisted:

Shrine of Regnos was used on just 2 enemies on wave 15 that head to the south exit; one each of Blacksurge and Bluegale. In many youtube vids, I've seen how ugly it becomes when you don't zap them before they reach the shore. 1500 gold is hefty but worth it.

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 5:14 am
by sunnydaler
KRF [Steam] Buccaneer's Den Iron - veteran with Bruxa

On the left side: 3 Buccaneers, 2 Crossbow Forts (tier 3 Barrage on both, and tier 2 Falconer on the left one), 1 Wizard Tower
On the right side: 3 Corsairs and 2 Buccaneers

Not a single mercenary died. 8-)

It is so satisfying to watch Buccaneers throw Molotov cocktails (damage: 20-30 AoE, fire rate: 1.5 s).
All enemies died before they get to them.

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 9:51 am
by sunnydaler
KRF [Steam] Darklight Depths Iron - veteran with Bruxa

This is a showcase for Bruxa's strengths, especially Voodoo Doll and Dread Aura.
I built towers in the following order;
Battle-Mecha on the corner with maxed Wasp Missiles
DWAARP with maxed furnace blast
Crossbow Fort with maxed Barrage
Another Battle-Mecha with maxed Wasp Missiles

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 10:36 am
by RaZoR LeAf
It's with short clips like this that you can see things you didn't notice in the past. There's one Razorwing killed by arrows just as the others are killed by the Voodoo Doll, but after one of the skulls was destroyed. Only the arrow killed RW became a new skull, none of the others that were in range did. It's like the result of the Voodoo Doll killing them all acted like an insta-kill and left no remains as oppose to it just dealing a high amount of damage.