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Re: Big Five Personality Test

by Juice Box » Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:17 pm

tmn loveblue wrote:#Juice Box, MBTI is quite inaccurate for me. Partly because I choose answers differently each time I test, and partly because the questions are usually quite vague and difficult to answer. The definitions are not easy to understand and sometimes do not match with the traits of real people, for example, I am very introverted, I good at intellectual patterns and sucks at utilizing my 5 senses, I am very much reliant on my logical thoughts, and I am my observant than decisive. That makes me INTP. But I do not totally fit in the definition of INTP found in many popular MBTI sites. I only fit in one, in A Little Bit of Personality. Although, not completely still.

Like I said, there are actually a ton of MBTI tests out there, and sadly, the most common ones are the most inaccurate because of how general and mass-media they are. But even real MBTI tests, like the ones they give out at schools or businesses, tend to be lackluster. Different individuals interpret similar questions in different ways, people have a tendency to answer what they want to be instead of what they actually are, a person's current mood or mode of thought cannot be accounted for, and basically a ton of other things hinder testing from being a viable method of type determination. You just can't assume that a simple test can do something as complex as finding a person's type. Oftentimes, the only real, reliable method is to visit a type practitioner, since direct exposure to the person in question does wonders while avoiding most of the problems a test would bring about.

Also, don't forget: Big Five is basically the same as MBTI but with an extra category: Neuroticism. If you look at it:

Extroversion = Introversion (I) vs Extroversion (E)
Openness = Intuition (N) vs Sensation (S)
Agreeableness = Feeling (F) vs Thinking (T)
Conscientiousness = Perception(P) vs Judgement (J)

Big Five and MBTI have a ton of similarities. In fact, most of psychological typology are similar and work as one, gigantic union: Socionics, Big Five, MBTI, Jungian cognitive functions, Keirsey temperaments and Berens interaction styles are the six leading theories for psychological typology, and most of them work in pretty much the same way as each other. It's difficult to call MBTI inaccurate while saying Big Five is, because the two are extraordinarily similar and share a ton of common traits.

Trust me on all of this, though: I've studied all six of those theories to a pretty excessive extent, so I know what I mean :b .
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Re: Big Five Personality Test

by Chimto » Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:19 am

Openness: 75%
Conscientiousness: 45%
Extraversion: 12.5%
Agreeableness: 35%
Neuroticism: 60%

About MBTI... Seriously, did anyone read the type descriptions comprehensively? Or did you just take some kind of test? Your type is not determined by a test! The test merely gives you an idea of what your type *might* be. The only way to truly know your type is to understand the personality system on a conceptual level, and to understand yourself in general, big-picture terms.
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Re: Big Five Personality Test

by FeedDaKingdom » Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:48 pm

I landed into ISTJ, which i'd say okay, because i'd tend to observe stuff a bit more, although sometimes i still act intuitively, i tend to not start stuff, but end them. :veznan:
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Re: Big Five Personality Test

by Ninja » Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:17 pm

Chimto wrote:About MBTI... Seriously, did anyone read the type descriptions comprehensively?

I did.
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