VOTING: Unit Design

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VOTING: Unit Design

by RaZoR LeAf » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:18 pm



MARINES! Our victories at Sagan-1 and Ascendaar have once again cemented our reputation for being one of, if not the best military operation in the galaxy. We win the fights that nobody else dares to face. In order to maintain that reputation, we need to learn from mistakes we've made in the past and extend our pool of resources. That's why we've been granted a bigger budget for our Research and Development department. Those egg heads down in R&D know there's nothing better than experience to make the mind work. They've asked that you, our frontline soldiers, tell them what is needed. In addition, we have the Empyrean Ambassador on board, and she is going to take any recommendations you have for her people as they continue to be our great allies.


Level Three clearance is required to access mission files.

If the General's briefing was unclear, R&D along with the Empyrean Ambassador is asking for a new field unit that will be added to the current ranks of our troopers.

A Soldier Unit; to fight alongside the Ranger, Sniper and Engineer

A Mecha Unit; to fight alongside the Flamewalker, Shellstorm and Brawler

An Empyrean Unit; to fight alongside the Guardian, Diplomat and Channeller

A Refinery Tower; to be built alongside the Minigun Tower, Rocket Battery and Laser Tower.

You are required to name and describe the unit, explain its purpose, state strengths and any weaknesses it may have, and, since you can't go into a battle silent, whatever catchphrase you think would sound best being yelled at our enemies. Specific statistics are not required.



ENTRY ONE wrote:Reapers
Fast moving infantry unit that uses automatic shotguns to deadly effect, Short range.

The reapers wear dark grey armor suits, slightly less bulky than a ranger's, they wield auto shotguns, which looks somewhat like the shotguns the colonists use on some levels, but has a belt fed magazine and some other details that makes the weapon looks more intimidating .
Their helmet is a glass HUD that covers their whole face.

This infantry unit is created to utilize state of the art phasing technology as well as to address the issue of our infantry lacking area damage.

The reapers have health thats slightly more than the engineers, but only has light armor.
They have the movement speed similar to Guardians.
Their weapons deal heavy AoE damage and are most effective against lightly armored targets.
Unlike Trabuco's shotgun that fires slowly for high damage, Reapers fire rapidly but deal low damage, as well as having a short range.

Abilities : (from tech tree)
Phase cloak(cooldown : 25s)
Short duration cloak that triggers when the unit first takes damage, if any member of the squad takes damage, all 3 will cloak simulatinously.

When cloaking, unit becomes immune to all damage but cannot attack, when exiting cloak, they will deal an area burst damage
Upgrades increases the burst damage

Candela grenade (Cooldown : 50s)
Throws a grenade, this special grenade contains some hallucinogens, packed in a flashbang style explosion.
When detonated, its like the flamewalker's grenade, but it creates multiple small flashbang explosions instead of just one.
Affected enemies are confused / panicked and temporarily attack each other randomly, ignoring friendlies for a duration
Upgrades increases the effect duration.

Keep your enemies close

ENTRY TWO wrote:Recon Scouts
"We're going in, commencing radio silence."

Quick footed soldiers who sneak past enemy forces. They infiltrate enemy bases to allow quick and immediate entry points for more battle hardened marines.

Smaller than Snipers, the Recon Scout has a color scheme unique to the level it's on, so it can blend into the background more. They have a very close range, almost tight against them, but that is also their detection field. Enemies will not know they are there unless they practically walk on top of them. Once detected, their range expands but they will not survive for long.

The one thing Recon Scouts have going is that they can place transport beacons. These beacons effectively allow a single instant transport of any active unit to that spot. Only one beacon can be in use at any given time.

* Fast Movement
* Camouflage

* No armor
* Poor damage

* Places Beacons

ENTRY THREE wrote:Unit Name: Xeno Cavalry

Description: By taming a friendly alien species, these Marines are much faster than their counterparts.
Appearance: Marines in light armor riding some kind of quadruped alien. The marines are armed with pistols.

Purpose: Fast raiding, scouting
Strengths: Fast, high damage
Weaknesses: Slow fire rate, little health

-Surprise Strike: 2x damage on first hit
-Light armor

"Run 'em down!"

Possible Upgrades:
-Raider Training: Can fire while moving.
-Aggressive Conditioning: Beast will attack while in melee range for x damage. Upgrades multiply it by 2x and 3x respectively.

Part of the Colony Guard, these brave soldiers will meet any threat with lead.
They let every foe know who’s boss.

Light Armor
Long Range
Medium rate of fire

Protect good, destroy bad.

The Colonial Trooper looks like the base guards in Settlement Alpha. They are equipped
with long range bolt-action M1 Garand.

The Colonial Trooper is a light, high speed unit that specializes in taking out lightly armored units at medium distance. Unfortunately, due to a medium rate of fire, they are best used along side a Ranger Squad.


A powerful hybrid mech forged form Peripheroid technology and our own.
Their far-ranged laser cannons ensure death from afar.

Light armor
Very Long range
Ignores armor

Lets wreak some havoc.

The Scorchstrider is a four-legged mech, all four legs attach to a burnt-black cockpit (which resembles the Shellstorm’s) in which the pilot sits. From the exterior of the cockpit, four small red tubes attach to the twin shoulder-mounted heavy laser cannons. The laser cannons are cylinder in shape and slightly resemble massive sniper-rifles.

The Scorchstrider is a fast moving anti-armor unit. Its powerful laser cannons deal high damage and ignore armor on a single target. It has light armor so it is best used behind other defenses. It can target both land and air units

ENTRY TWO wrote:Unit Name: Nanohive

Description: This AI mecha releases hordes of nanobots to destroy enemies from the inside out.
Appearance: A tripod mecha with no pilot. The top of the mech is fairly square, with lots of "drawers". When attacking, these will open to unleash drones.

Purpose: Whittling enemy hordes
Strengths: Armor-piercing, decent range, somewhat tanky
Weaknesses: Low damage, defenseless

-Nanodrone Cloud: Deals damage over time to all enemies in range.

*a sickly mechanical buzz*

Possible Upgrades:
-Utility Fog: Nanohive now increases the armor of all troops in range.
-Volatile Drones: Increases damage.

ENTRY THREE wrote:Crusader

The Crusader is a mech, it has a slightly taller profile than a flamewalker, but has a more sleek and narrow hull, resulting in an overall slimmer build.

Its main hull is more boxy, with the cockpit being around the size of the brawler's embedded partially into the main hull. Its arms and legs are more skeletal compared to the other mechs. The whole mech hull is painted in grey with some dark red highlights.
On top of the mech's main body and cockpit, there's a small hexagonally shaped compartment thats protruding out of the mech's roof, this is actually its drone compartment, and this section will detach itself from the mech when a drone is released.

Both of its arms holds the mech's primary weapon, a heavy pulse cannon, which looks like a much bigger​ version of a ranger rifle, with white glowing parts. Theres also some features from the MG Turret, such as an ammo feed, and more rounded edges. It fires white, energy actuated rounds at a rapid rate.

Engagements in both Sagan-1 and Ascendaar proved that mechs lacked the raw damage needed to destroy or aid in destroying high priority targets,
Their slow speed also prevented them from operating independently from other supporting units. Relegating their role instead to crowd control and support duties.

The crusader was built with both of these issues in mind, creating a fast and powerful mech for short but decisive strikes on enemy targets, while still able to provide heavy supporting fire and defense for the marines.

It has about the same hp as a Shellstorm, but slightly less armor.
However, it is much faster than any other mechs, as it can match the speed of our rangers. When moving, the mech literally 'runs' instead of just walking at a steady pace like the others.

Its weapon is a heavy rapid firing pulse cannon, dealing heavy sustained damage to single targets only. Effective against ground and air targets, and ignores armor entirely as it fires energy infused rounds. Its effective range is similar to our rangers.
Its good enough to take down medium sized targets like Spitterbugs quickly, while larger targets such as hammergrubs or nortrons can be taken down in a reasonable amount of time on its own.

Abilities (from tech tree upgrades) :
Terminator Drone
Releases an airborne drone, which has a shape of a 3 dimensional hexagon. The drone is armed with a rocket launcher thats similar to a rocket turret, and a fast firing pulse laser, like the one from a jackbot, but fires faster.
This drone is targetable by enemies and stray splash damage alike, and if destroyed, it will be rebuilt by the mech after 60 seconds. Since it is just a drone, it is rather fragile. Only one can be active at any given time.
Upgrades increases the drone's HP and damage.

Electric smoke
Launches a smoke screen charged with electricity in front of the mech, enemies inside are slowed and dealt moderate amounts of damage overtime. This damage ignores armor entirely.
Has a cooldown of 45 seconds, upgrades increase smoke duration.

In case of doubt, attack

ENTRY FOUR wrote:Mecha: Long Range Laser
"Charging main battery."

This slow moving but heavy damaging Mecha transports a massive laser that can cut through barriers and foes alike.

The pilot of this Mecha is barely visible, as the unit is taken up almost entirely by the huge cannon and battery on its back. The Mecha plods along, carrying a heavy load, but once idle it plants its feet into the ground, and lowers the cannon, aiming for the highest HP target in its considerable range. It charges for a fairly long time, before letting loose a massive laser shot that burns through obstacles and any other unit (friend or foe) that gets in its way.

* Massive damage
* Great armor

* Slow movement
* Slow attack speed
* Can damage own units

* Shoots through barriers


ENTRY ONE wrote:Unit Name: Space-Warper

Description: Powerful psychics which can create teleportation matrices between different locations.
Appearance: Dark-blue-skinned Empryeans with metal rings around their arms. When creating a wormhole, these rings expand. When attacking, they throw little particle-type things.

Purpose: Fast map movement
Strengths: Allows fast travel for slow units, slows enemies
Weaknesses: Low damage

-Wormhole: Each Empryean in the squad can be moved separately. If separate and still for >5 seconds, they'll form a wormhole between themselves. Other units will automatically path through the wormhole.
-Warp Rift: Attacks slow enemies in a small area for a few seconds each.
-Light armor

"Warping on target."

Possible Upgrades:
-Teleport: Individual Space-Warpers can now teleport over short distances.
-Unstable Rifts: Warp Rifts now explode for heavy damage after a few seconds.

ENTRY TWO wrote:Zephirem
"I am a leaf on the wind"

Empyrean monks that train their bodies and minds to control the flow of air.

The Zephirem are green skinned Empyreans, with their head tentacles coming down around their head (like Dipolmats) but also covering their eyes rendering them visually blind. They have a hat/headdress where a piece of Etherium sits, so it is exposed to the air at all times. Their attire is simple, close fitting gray robes much like the Channeller. The Zephirem are psychics like their Channeller brothers, but they use telekinesis and use the air around them to detect and attack foes. They are able to 'see' through the wind and spot enemies well outside of their attack range and can also deflect any ranged attacks away from them.

* Immune to ranged attacks
* Very fast movement

* No armor
* Poor damage

* Highlight enemies within darkened range area

The Resurrector uses her powerful psychic powers to bring fallen units back to life.
She makes sure our front lines stay strong.

Deals damage over time
Resurrects dead allies and enemies to fight for her
No armor

The dead walk for me.

The Resurrector wears simple black and green silk robes, she has perfect green skin and two glowing purple eyes. She a white bone headdress, much like the Diplomat.

The Resurrector is a powerful support unit, she can hold even the most broken of lines for as long as you need until you are able to send reinforcements. Her ability to do damage over time is essential to support units, slowly whittling down stronger enemies health so that other squads can take the kill. She has the powerful ability to resurrect the dead, bringing back dead squads and even enemies as zombie versions that have less health, do less damage, and are slower. They follow her for a time, and her max minion count is three.

ENTRY FOUR wrote:Avatar
The Empyrian avatar has a similar skin color tone as the channelers, but wear red armor and robes instead of purple ones. Their eyes glow bright purple. They look significantly more menacing than the other empyrian units.

In game, they are an offensive spellcaster. Psionic experts trained in the art of war, a result of the recent conflict. Where the empyrians often find themselves severely outgunned by large groups of enemies.

They have low health, similar to channelers, and move by hovering similar to channelers, but faster, however, they cant turn into an energy ball to move long distances.
Their basic attack is a weak psi bolt, it fires at a moderate rate, and is psionic damage, as well as having a good range.
But this auto attack is just simply very weak, comparable to a single ranger firing in terms of DPS.
The key though is that Avatars have multiple psionic abilites at their disposal

NOTE : ALL Damage dealt by the Avatar is Psionic, and has 25% armor piercing (as with any other psionic based damage in the game)

(comes with the unit, doesn't need to be unlocked from tech tree. Cooldown : 25s)
Fires a beam of pure psionic energy for a very short period in a straight line, the beam can pierce anything and deal heavy damage to all enemies caught. Also prioritizes enemies that are targeted by you
Note that the Avatar will stop any other action and focus on firing his mind lance when this ability is active

Rift (tech tree upgrade, cooldown : 50s)
A large area is targeted and a purple, dimensional rift appears, enemies inside will be dealt a moderate amount of damage at first when the rift triggers, Enemies inside suffer a move speed penalty
after a short duration, the rift collapses, dealing terrible, terrible damage to all enemies caught within.
Upgrades increases damage and slow even further.
This ability has a short casting time, during which the avatar has to focus

Stasis (tech tree, Cooldown : 25s)
Puts an enemy into stasis, during which it is stunned, but becomes immune to outside damage.
A small amount of damage is dealt when in stasis.
upgrades increases damage when in stasis as well as stasis duration.
This ability prioritizes enemies that are targeted by you.
Cannot target buildings.
This ability has an instant cast time, in this case, the avatar just fires a larger psi bolt that puts the target into stasis

The mind shall vanquish all


ENTRY ONE wrote:Unit Name: Kinetic Artillery

Description: A very powerful railgun that fires at enemies from a very long range.

Purpose: Destroying high HP enemies
Strengths: Armor-piercing, high damage, extreme range
Weaknesses: Needs vision of an area, very slow fire rate

Possible Upgrades:
-High-Density Munitions: Projectiles pierce targets.
-Loader Efficiency: Fires 2/3/4 slugs with every firing cycle

ENTRY TWO wrote:Slagthrower Turret (100 Etherium)
This turret is a scaled up and modified version of a flamewalker's flamethrower. Consisting of 2 large tubes arranged over and under.
The lower tube is a flamethrower, with a smaller barrel for the pilot light beside it. At the back of the flamer barrel lies the red armored compartments for all the fuel.
The top barrel is slightly smaller and used to fire the tower's powers, with a glowing white and another glowing green canister thats slightly smaller in size at it's back.
An armored shield protects the turret so that its rear area for all the fuel is not exposed from the front and sides.
When firing, the tower fires blue flames due to the richer fuel mix used in the turret.

The slagthrower turret was designed after lessons learned in Ascendaar and Sagan proved that bases require more means of protection against large groups of enemies, while simultaneously solving a need for a support option to forces guarding a base.

Its durability is around similar to a Rocket turret, damage caused by it is a more than the Flamewalker, and it has a longer range than the Flamewalker, around the same as a ranger. As expected, it cant hit air targets

Cryo launcher (cooldown : 30s)
Loads the top barrel of the turret with liquid O2, sprayed across a large area, enemies affected will be frozen, similar to the frostbite warhead.

In this case the top barrel will fire a small white glob that will rapidly expand and blanket an area. The white glow on the magazine canister will temporarily dissappear as its loaded into the turret, before being refilled shortly after.

Corrosive Launcher (cooldown : 40s)
Launches a canister filled with a chemical compound, massively more potent than those used by Shellstorms or Mk.X, it will land in a large area, creating a green pool of acid. Enemies hit will suffer a permanent armor reduction , while taking 50% increased damage from all sources for a short duration.

Same thing will happen as with the cryo launcher but with the green canister.

Please napalm responsibly

A powerful tower that will hold off even the thickest of hordes. Its supercharged bolts of electricity is sure to knock their socks off!

Hits multiple enemies
Medium range
Slows enemies

Just organized lightning!

The Tesla Tower has the base of about half the size a super battery (the ones used to charge the Plasma Cannon) and a tall metal spire, with a blinking blue light at the tip. Before it fires, energy arcs up to the tip of the pole and fires several arcs of blue electricity at any enemies within range, slowing their movement speed and dealing medium damage.

The Tesla has very little health, but trades off the low health with excellent firepower. It is able to target multiple enemies at once, making it a powerful crowd control tower.
It is also able to target land and air units, vaporizing any threat.

ENTRY FOUR wrote:Pulse Cannon
"Wub wub wub wub wub"

Using sound instead of a projectile or energy, the pulse cannon emits a blast of sound on a modulating frequency so it is able to both damage and confuse.

The Pulse Cannon appears as a megaphone attached to a larger black speaker. Where it targets, it points the megaphone in that direction, sending a visible wave of sound out towards enemies.

* Long range
* Slows enemies

* Low damage
* Ineffective against ranged enemies
* Works best against a horde

* Repel: Pushes enemies backwards
* Low Band: Increases damage, the closer the enemy is to the tower


  • There were four entrants overall, and their entries have been randomised within the categories (so one person is all entry one).
  • As there are too many entries for a poll, please submit your votes in post in bold, clearly stating each category (for example, Infantry Entry One, Mecha Entry One etc.
  • Please do not vote for yourself
  • Please only vote once
  • You have until Sunday 10th to submit your vote (8 days)

Earning Image

Points will be awarded slightly differently as there are four chances to be ranked.
  • Take part in a forum contest - 100 points (unchanged)
  • Receive a vote - 5 points (per vote) (unchanged)
  • Place 3rd - 6 points (reduced from 10)
  • Place 2nd - 8 points (reduced from 20)
  • Place 1st - 10 points (reduced from 30)

Though these reductions may seem severe, if you are lucky enough to place first in all four categories, you would earn 10 more points than coming first in a regular contest.
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by FeedDaKingdom » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:08 pm

Infantry - Entry 3
Mech -Entry 4
Empyrian - Entry 3
Tower - Entry 1
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by BigBadWolf » Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:59 pm

Infantry Entry 1
Mech Entry 1
Empyrean Entry 4
Tower Entry 1
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by AerisDraco » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:05 pm

Infantry Entry 1
Mecha Entry 4
Empryean Entry 3
Tower Entry 2
KRA is now complete.
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by Ruby_Hex » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:34 am

3 for the Soldiers
1 for the Mechas
4 for the Empyreans
2 for the Turret
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by Harkmen » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:03 am

3 for Infantry
3 for Mecha
1 for Empyrean
4 for Turret
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by RaZoR LeAf » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:27 pm

Infantry - Entry Three
Mecha - Entry Two
Empyrean - Entry One
Tower - Entry Two
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by Ninja » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:27 pm

This new forum layout is awesome! (Oh, look, I'm an administrator now. I have received the fabled orange. :P )

Infantry - Entry 1
Mech - Entry 3
Empyrean - Entry 1 (This one is very similar to a hero I'm working on right now. :idea: )
Tower - Entry 2
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Re: VOTING: Unit Design

by RaZoR LeAf » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:44 pm

Sorry, I'm a day late. Christmas deccies went up yesterday so I was distracted by the shiny!

Anyway, whilst I total these up and work out all the winners, runners-up and all the points, feel free to guess at who did what and to provide some critique for them all. Too late!


1st - Aeris Draco (4)
2nd - Feed Da Kingdom (3)
Razor Leaf & BigBadWolf (0)

1st - Aeris Draco, Feed Da Kingdom & BigBadWolf (2)
2nd - Razor Leaf (1)

1st - Aeris Draco (3)
2nd - Feed Da Kingdom & BigBadWolf (2)
Razor Leaf (0)

1st - Feed Da Kingdom (4)
2nd - Aeris Draco (2)
3rd - Razor Leaf (1)
BigBadWolf (0)

Points Earned

Aeris Draco
Entry (100)
Votes (55 (11x5))
First (30 (3x10))
Second (8 (1x8))
Contest Total - 193
Overall Total - 293
RANK UP - Ensign

Feed Da Kingdom
Entry (100)
Votes (55 (11x5))
First (20 (2x10))
Second (16 (2x8))
Contest Total - 191
Overall Total - 191

Entry (100)
Votes (20 (4x5))
First (10 (1x10))
Second (8 (1x8))
Contest Total - 138
Overall Total - 138

Razor Leaf
Entry (100)
Votes (5 (1x5))
Second (8 (1x8))
Third (6 (1x6))
Contest Total - 118
Overall Total - 283
RANK UP - Ensign
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