My new type of Kingdom rush game

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My new type of Kingdom rush game

by SealDarklight » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:22 pm

I got the idea from the Zombie universe type of genre with the idea that you play as the Police or Zombie Swat units who are defending from an invading Zombies. There also immune to the virus but some zombies have the ability to infect your units either by killing them (Like the Dark spitters and Balrogs turn your unit into Shadow Warriors) Or spread stronger virus (Like Lycans can turn your unit into Werewolves). You might call it Zombie Rush or something but it plays the same as Kingdom rush and has similair story to Kingdom rush 1 where youre trying to defend People from the Zombie virus on outside that looks similair to one of the Zombie forts and later on going to the city fighting against a mad Scientist who is maybe the cause of the zombie virus.

The game borrows some of the units and enemies from other medias like Left 4 dead, Resident Evil, Call of Duty Zombies, Killing floor, John Romeros Zombie genre, The last man of earth (Zombies were Vampires in this movie), They hunger and so on.

The game has towers that are the Same as Kingdom rush and Kingdom rush frontiers with some improvements.

The Pistol tower: (Your Archer towers)
The Police Units: (Your Barrack tower)
The Monk tower: (Your mage tower)
The Grenade tower: (Your Artillery tower)

The Pistol tower is same as Archers and are two police who shoot Pistols like the Archer tower but they hit direcly. Like the Archer as you upgrate them they deal a bit more damage and shoot faster. The towers design is that of the Police office or some sort while the roof is that of the New york Buildings.

The Police Units are same as barracks and are 3 police with night sticks for a reason or two. They block enemies like the barrack units and like the barracks they deal little damage since my critisizm of the KR Barracks was they use swords but they deal little damage as if there using sticks instead of swords and the new Police is far more fitting than barracks since they use Nightstick that doesnt kill enemies like the real Nightsticks do (Only if you hit them hard enough and many times). The barracks look similair to the Kingdom rush ones like the basic one is the Police men, the second stage has police with helmets like footmen barracks and the third stage has Police that look similair to Knights barracks with glass helmets on top like Swat units use and using glass shields like the real one use. The towers design is similair to the KR 1s barrack tower but more Police like. They sadly however cost like mages like the Origins counterpart they serve their purpose.

The Monk tower is your Mage tower and for some reason they gained magic either from God or the same explanation like Zombie uprising but never the less they shoot magic bolts that are the same as mages magic bolts do. They hit slowly but hard and cost the same with level 1 mage increasing its damage or not. There design might look that of the Churches or something else if it gets too religious.

The Grenade tower is your Artillery tower and they shoot grenades that look similair to grenades in half life but as you upgrate not only does the tower change but the grenades as well. There controlled by two Swat units who launch grenade from the Giant Grenade launcher. The Grenade tower deals half true damage to armored enemies and cost the same as the KR counterparts.

I also have some level 4 tower concepts as well

Two Level 4 Pistol towers include:

Assault rifle tower
which is like Ranger but replacing their Wrath of the Forest with Barrage like the Crossbow tower in KRF

Shotgun tower
which is like musketeers but Replacing Sharpnell shot with a Passive damage that deal more damage to enemies with Magic resistance and Headshot has a redesing that has 50/50 chance of either an instakill or dealing 150,300,450 damage and it stacks well with the Passive upgrate dealing 900 damage to magic resistant enemies if both are fully upgrated.

Two Level 4 Police towers include:

Which is like Paladins but replacing Holy strike with a fast charging true damage dealing ability

The other Unit type

I dont have a name of it but they serve as the Magic resistance and true Damage sponge for the SWAT Unit counterpart while also serving as the Damage dealers like Barbarians do except it replaces it with dealing more damage the less hp they have. They gain the more health upgrate as well as increasing their magic resistance. I took the idea from Thor in KR 1 Where Thor has magic resistance but its balanced out with high damage and it was a good inclusion. They serve as Barbarians for this game.

Two Level 4 Monk towers include:

Deacon Tower

Similair to Arcane wizard but replacing instakill with passive ability to deal with Armored enemies and less than Shot-gunner tower

Cultist Tower
They might be Necromancers in this game but has polymorph ability like the sorcerers for an instakill. They also have their own Wrath of the Forest which they summon dark hands from the ground dealing with ground enemies. Their description says that they might have gotten their magic from Devil or from anything else but like the Monks any religious person gets their magic or i might say Spiritual abilities from either their gods or beings or like the zombies they got it from somewhere and given to them.

Two Level 4 Grenade tower include:

Big Bertha alike tower
I dont know what to say with this tower other than its kinda the same as big bertha

Tesla like Tower
Its like tesla but has a nerf by shoting only two enemies but you can get 5 if fully upgrated the ability to shoot more than 2 enemies. It might also get the deal more damage to non armored or resistant enemies but i also like the small damage area effect to it.

I also have the two spell ability which play nearly the same as the Kingdom rush counter part but are different

Rain of fire is basically a missile launching which launches missiles instead of meteorites. Its upgrates and playstyle is the Same As Kingdom Rush counterpart.

The reinforcements are SWAT units that play slightly the same as Kingdom Rush counter part except increasing 6-10 to 8-12 for being slightly more deadly and more usefull as well as increasing health to 125 at maximum. The biggest change to this is their range attack which they can still shoot or throw like the Reinforcements but they can shoot or throw their attack even on combat like Barbarians in KR making them less skillfull but more riskfull to use.

I also have 9 heroes that i make concepts of. The 6 heroes are kinda like the Kingdom rush counterparts who take their roles from spells and towers. Unlike the Kingdom rush ones they level up kinda like KRF ones and having 3 abilities. First two are Active while the second is passive kinda like the Iron Marines heroes. These heroes include:

1. A SWAT ELITE hero which plays like Gerald but having a Harmfull ability. He takes the Barrack role
2. A sniper Woman which can snipe all across the map. She takes the Pistol Tower role
3. An Asian monk which is the Nivus and Magnus in this game. He takes the Monk Tower Role
4. A Robot which has an area effect range attack that it only targets the ground units. It takes the Grenade tower Role.
5. An Ancient Revived Warrior Possibly Alric from The KRF. He has same abilities as Alric except Swordsman and toughness being already on him. He takes the reinforcement role.
6. A fat Guy with an airplane that functions like Ashbite and Boneheart. He takes the Air strike role (The rain of fire role for him)
7. A Black guy Gunslinger Vampire hunter that plays like Dante. He is suppoused to be like the Marvels Blade/ Will Smith in I AM LEGEND and the Gunslinger in the Dark Tower movies role being a Gunslinger and a Vampire Hunter
8. A Medic that takes the same role as Diedre except being more supportive and can heal her allies with her attack.
9. A Man that traveled with his Imp like alien friend from across the universe for Dealing against a Lovecraftian Like Monsters that possibly has caused the Zombie virus. He´s a hunter like Sha ´tra and a Slayer like Oni

I also have Enemies that are mostly Zombies and Mutated beings that Probably is the Virus. Zombies or other enemies may have 3 variants. These include:

Zombies: (First enemies and the Most common enemies you can encounter. Theres 3 variants of them which increases damage and health and final variant being faster)
Zombie Dogs: (There the Fast enemies like wolves in KR games and having 3 variants and final variant is similair to Demon Hounds and Winter Wolves with Spirit or Magic Resistance)
Boomers: (Enemies that serve as Demon spawn but bulkier and slower. The final Variant may be similair to Abominations)
Spitter: (They serve as Shadow Archers or Desert Archers for the first Variant, The second is similair to the Flareons but having poisonous explosive spit attack, the Third form Is kinda like Dark Spitters in Origin.)
Zombie Vampire (They are new variant that heal on hit and they Heal 50% health on hit while they deal 20-40 damage. They might possibly be dangerous enemies. They die faster if you pick the Vampire Slayer)
Zombie Regenerators (Like the Resident evil ones they Regenerate health and are tough. They possibly serve as the Trolls for it)
Frankenstein Monster like Zombies (Only being seen in later levels they are like Darkslayer and Marauders. Theres 3 variants and they have same stats except for their range attacks which are different. One is with a Minigun, other is with a Canon bomb and third i guess is with the chainsaws.)
Devourers (There similair appearance to Margwa in Call Of Duty Zombies but these enemies behave like Yetis and Magma Elementals but moves faster and are More tanky)
Zombie Monks (Theres 3 variants of them and they all have high magic resistances. They shoot magic but they have different abilities)
Mad Scientist (He is somewhat similair to Veznan in terms of two stages and being the final boss for the campaing. He doesnt instakill or have high damaging area effect but he has an ability to heal himself on the first form if he gets an unit (For the first form). The second form hits faster and walks faster and he looks somewhat of a zombie (Since he put a needle on him) but he is being smart.

The rest of the Zombies or Mutants can be found IN medias or games like Left 4 Dead, They Hunger, The last of Us, John Romeros Zombie movies, Resident Evil, Killing floor, I Am Legend/Last Man and others Like The Thing.

Thats all i have to say and i may make some hero, enemy and tower concepts but whats your opinion about it. I may make an art for it.

You might Call it Zombie Rush or Mutant Rush but its my new Kingdom rush Type of Concept.
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