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IM promotions

by nova_n » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:33 am

Harkman had an idea for IM promotions in which excess tech points can be used to improve every aspect of every unit rather than individual aspects like on the tech tree. So i tweaked the idea, giving more promotions for tactical situations. His promotions are generalist promotions, giving basic mechanics a buff with no drawbacks. My promotions are tactical, specialist promotions, intended for one task, but horrendous and ill equipped for others. Each first promotion is harkman's. My promotions are the other 2.

        Rangers are promoted to commandos, given better, stronger armor of the same weight, and endurance training that gives them slightly more speed and health. They are given plasma beam gun that fire a continuous thin beam of plasma, which can ignore enemy armor. They are also equipped with more powerful grenades.

        Heavy Infantry:
        Though slower than regular rangers, they carry much deadlier weapons. They carry a portable 25.4mm machine gun with grenade launchers attached to them. Their grenades are meant to take out armor, so they pack serious punch with their shaped charge. The shaped charge however only focuses the blast to a small area. Their heavy bullets dig themselves deep into tough targets, and pierce weaker ones. This gives them use in many situations. Their gun fires a little more slowly than the standard ranger assault rifle because of the immense caliber of the bullet. Due to their slow speed and heavy armor, these soldiers should be used primarily for defending a point.

        Special Ops Soldiers:
        Nimble, and discrete, these quick moving soldiers are designed to make way efficiently. They use lighter weapons and have no armor, as they need to be quick. Instead of assault rifles, they are given light weight pump action and semi automatic shotguns. In training, they are also given the skills to silently insta kill small targets with knives. This allows them to clear paths near the backline and flanks of the enemy, where their tanks are least likely to be. It also is good for anti air. The men are equipped with stealth vests, though they will temporarily reveal the user if damaged. Their grenades are smoke grenades, used to cover their trail instead of damaging enemies. These are intended to be spearhead support, giving your main force a foothold in deep enemy territory.

        Equipped with a railgun sniper rifle, the snipers lock on so that their shot will kill multiple enemies. As a cyborg, efficiency is their root function, and their accuracy is improved, meaning lock on time is reduced. Their weapon also gives the bullet more punch.

        Cold, unfeeling, and calculating, these snipers are trained to take out important targets above all else. They take out the unit that is the potentially most dangerous to your army at the moment. Their training also gives them the ability to shoot at a greater range. Once discovered, they can escape quickly by running, as they have no armor. These are back line troopers.

        Mortar Crew:
        Like snipers, the mortar men are to take out enemies at long range. However, they focus on an area rather than specific targets. They are armed with a light, portable 75mm mortar, and for close quarters combat have grape shot shells that scatter a burst of cone shaped plasma to pierce enemies. Their shells have a medium wide AoE, and are great for approaching infantry with armor. These men fire at a decent rate, but are equipped with no armor as they are not expected to be on the front lines.


        As saboteurs, the engineer's gun becomes much more effective at destroying buildings while also staying effective at shooting down aliens. They also get the ability to lay down magnetic mines, which slow and damage enemies that walk over them. The closer they are, the more damage they do. Due to their magnetism, the mines also slowly damage structures over time by pulling small loose parts of it off.

        Demolition Squadron:
        Their role in combat is completely stripped from them, as their kit is built to maximize their effects on fortifications. They are meant to go under cover fire to deliver a charge that will instantly either destroy it completely, or weaken it severely. The blast, though not intended, can cause nearby units and enemies to zombify as the charge is quantum leaped based. This means that body parts of those unfortunate to be close will be scattered randomly and completely deformed atomically due to Heisenberg's law. The blast will detonate once the units are safely out of range of the explosion. The bigger the structure, the bigger the charge required to take it down. This means that bigger explosions come with bigger buildings.

        Combat Engineer:
        The opposite of the demolition unit, this engineer is specifically used for assistance in combat. They build turrets, increase refinery rate, decrease tower/unit build time, and can even bolster towers. Their guns can also extract resources from enemies as they are being shot by it. This engineer is meant to alternate between backline and frontline, as to maximize their building and harvesting function.

      Flame walker:
        The titan gains the ability to sprout a continuous cone of fire, like a chainsaw. It swings it, as if it is an extension of the titan itself. The titan also gains more burn damage and burn AoE due to its swinging motion. It also gains armor to protect it from its own heat, giving it 50% more armor.

        Ground Liquefier:
        The titan gains a support role, becoming an area denial system. The titan heats the ground by melting tungsten carbide and putting it on the ground. This takes a while to do however. The pay off is that enemies that cross the ground get slowed and damaged at the same time. Enemies that are intelligent enough will attempt to avoid it. This allows you to create tight chokepoints on the map,however the heated ground will not last forever however. Units will be damaged if they cross over the heated ground.

        Radiator Mech:
        The titan scraps the flamethrower in exchange for a deadlier emitter of energy- Gamma radiation. The titan gains a ray gun that focusses radiation on a single target, disrupting the biochemical bonds and processes. "Fallout" comes off the target as it is being focussed on. These particles can hit nearby targets and disrupt them too. The closer they are to the beam, the more "fallout" they receive. Since the beam damages the body and it's functions, enemies affected by the beam will receive exponential damage, exponential slow down, and loose their ability to shoot or use special abilities.

        The acronym stands for Moblie Walking Artillery. This titan gets rocket launchers with a wider diameter, and longer barrels. This means each attack goes further and dos more damage. It also gets an armor buff. To maximize this titan, it must remain stationary, that way, it can run it's calculations more smoothly, giving it more range.

        Drone Storm:
        Instead of filling the sky with rockets, the titan fills it with drones that are capable of shooting bullets and rockets. Drones must be in range of the titan or other drones to be functional, as there needs to be a transmission to operate them. As drones are further away from the titan, it will take longer for it to move with it. The drones can be set to target different enemies, or to focus all their fire power on an area or group. Which is most effective depends on the situation. Drones can also shoot while moving with the titan. Drones are not vulnerable to ranged attack completely because they have dodging maneuvers in their program. The titan, because of its need to transmit signals, has lower armor.

        AA-Specialist Mech:
        The titan devotes all its fire power to flying foes. It has a broad arsenal of ammunition- Flak missiles for small weak enemies, Smoke missiles for more deadly ranged flying enemies, Shaped charge missiles for tough enemies, and First strike missiles for extremely tough enemies. The first strike missiles comprise of a shaped charge to enter the target, and then a deadly nuclear charge, to severely damage the target. The more deadly the missile, the longer it's recharge is. It also has ground support capabilities, because it has a flare missile that distrancts enemies below and lowers enemy speed.

        The titan gains a significant buff to it's brawl capabilities by getting more punch, more armor, and health. The titan also gains thrusters to ram enemies in a straight line. This is short ranged however. The titan gains better tanking, damage dealing, and now crowd control.

        Now equipped with rocket feet, the titan is meant to jump into a group of tough enemies and knock them out of the way in the process. This will allow you to establish a foot hold in the front lines. As a specialty, the titan can bayblade into the group to cause massive damage. This has high cool down however. To make it have leaping capabilities, its armor needed to be reduced.

        Built as an initiator, the titan uses its new vacuum to suck in tough enemies and fight them. As it fights, the enemy gains damage from two sources- the fist, and the blades inside the vacuum. It has a special ability where it can launch the dismembered parts of the enemy back into the crowd. This slows enemies down. Because of its heavy duty weapon and heavy armor, the mech is much slower than normal.

        The highest in rank in the order of traditional Emperyan warriors, they have high endurance, more powerful swings, and higher movement speed. This rank also unlocks the technique called "empty strike", in which they charge up energy when idle to swing at an enemy at a long distance from them. This attack is also devastating, as it reduces armor while doing serious damage. The sheer force also stuns the affected enemy temporarily.

        Emperyan Combat Artist
        Rejected as guardians because they choose to fight in a non traditional way, they gain acceptance in our ranks because they prove to be very capable of fighting. Their fighting style focusses on their agility, dodging, and efficient striking. This means they are very resilient and can jab multiple times in quick succession. Their training allows them to also stun enemies if they get lucky, and gives them the ability where they use biological fluid as a whip to attack at long range.. To allow them to have such high agility, their armor is completely stripped.

        Weapon Specialist Emperyans
        These warriors a special unit in the Emperyan army. They use a variety of weapons to handle different combat situations, each carying a unique set of weapons. Each carries an energy flail for normal combat, electric spears for armor piercing, maces for heavy duty targets, and biological fluid boomerangs for ranged attacks. The last carries As their armor and weapons weigh them down, they have low mobility.

        As naturals at their duty, these promoted diplomats can stun enemies longer. They also gain the ability to reduce all enemy damage in a large area, as they are able to devote all their energy on harm prevention.

        War Maker:
        The complete opposite of the peace maker, the War Maker were rowdy and contentious diplomats in diplomat school. Now they apply their innate talent to the battle field, using their fiery rhetoric and motivational auras to bolster troop morale. Troops receive a damage buff if they wield not guns, and a greater fire rate if they do wield guns. They also give units a chance of surviving death. The warmaker though does have a tendency to accidentally bolster enemy units too,

        Infrastructure Counsel Member
        These Emperyans are members of the Infra Structure Counsel at home, where they dictated the transportation routs and building schedule. On the battle field, they dictate troop movement, resource distribution, and manage projects for new transportation technology. Troops will gain better movement protocols on the battle field, meaning to get to an area, you as the commander can dictate their route with markers. Refinery generation is also buffed.

        Adepts are channelers with higher mental capacity, allowing them to focus a much more potent beam onto oncoming enemies. The beam gains better damage, and improved slowdown. In addition the gain higher mobility for long range sprints. Due to their heightened mental capacity, they can create gravity spikes that cause enemies to become completely immobile for a while and makes them take damage.

        Beams of energy are replaced with beams of communication. A psychic will flood an enemy's mind with unimportant, repetitive information, clouding his focus and movement. While being bomarded, enemies become exponentially slower, and cannot activate special abilities or used ranged attacks. The psychic needs time to establish this, and can only focus on one enemy at a time. The larger the target, the more psychics are needed to focus on the enemy at once. Psychics have a special ability to connect to each other. This then allows them to hypnotize an enemy. Due to the immense focus of this ritual, it has a long cool down.

        Instead of using an energy beam to damage enemies, the healer uses a highly concentrated beam to heal nearby allies. Though weaker in mirroring the channeler's beam, it conpensates by healing units significantly more as they take damage.

    THE GUNS OF THE MILITARY--for ranger upgrades and sniper upgrades

    Sci-fi bombs, quantum leaps, and heisenberg's law -- demolition expert

    Liquid Tungsten Cannon from SAS zombie TD -- ground melter

    NUKES -- for radiator mech

    Drone strikes -- Drone Storm

    Ballistic missiles, first strike missile from BTD 5 -- special missile for AA mech

    Winston from OW -- Displacer

    Devastator from TF -- devastator

    Martial arts -- Emperyan combat artist

    Heptapod communication fluid from the movie Arrival -- Emperyan combat artist fluid whip

    Many medieval weapons -- Emperyan combat artist

    Hypnoshroom from PvZ -- Psychic's hypnotize ability.

    Mercy's Heal beam from OW -- Healers
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