Hero Concept : The half-blood Elf

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Hero Concept : The half-blood Elf

by Moloch » Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:10 pm

Kah'Tor The Peredhel

Hp : 275 [340] (+12/lvl)
Weapons : Giant blade (Melee) 21-37 [41-62] (3-5/lvl) slow attack rate
Crossbow (Ranged) 8-20 [18-38] (2-4/lvl) average attack rate
Armor : Low (35%) [Med (60%)] (5%/lvl)
Speed : Slow/short Fast/far
Range : As long as Eridan's

Passives :
Immune to blast curses
Deals 10% more damage to magic resistant enemies in melee

Back when Elynie visited the world of mortals as an invisible spirit, she couldn't stand witnessing the eternal bloodshed of her beloved elves of Aredhel and Duredhel (Although the Duredhelens deny her as their goddes, she pity and despise them for that. But Elynie needed to be nuteral and an example of true divinity and goodness). So she decreed that every 1000 year from that time, a half blood will be born to assist one of the nations. If he takes Duredhel's side :skull: , hope will fade in the lands 'til his soul slumbers. And if he takes Aredhel's side :hero: , peace will fill the lands 'til his soul slumbers again... (hit me with your thoughts about an origin story because that's all I have for now :geek: )

When he moves slowly he walks with his hands behind his back like a soldier, and for far distances he runs like Reg'Son but sorta faster

He wears a scarf similiar to the Heretic's and his armor is marked with words with both languages of the Aredhels & the Duredhels on the chest part saying "Brotherhood". His armor is similiar to the Harraser's but with the Avenger's shoulder pads with colors of purpel, green, black and white.

He has normal skin, purple eyes, White hair and he's as tall as Lynn.

He has deadly accuracy but he doesn't know how to use the bow so he envented the Crossbow himself :mrgreen:

His sword is a purpel version the Gnoll Warleader's (without the blood stains of course) but a bit smaller than Lynn's, and when he's idle for longer than 3 secs he puts it in his sheath on his back.

1) Dreadful Arrow : (active) 1/2/2 "1ce/wave"
Shoots a cursed arrow at the nearset enemy with the most health in an average range silencing his magical abilities permenantly and dealing 35-60/50-90/65-110 true damage, and it stays still on him until he dies then explodes dealing 30-55/55-70/70-85 area damage in a Med AoE.

2) Death Blow : (active) 3/3/3 "35 secs"
His eyes shine, then charges towards the nearest enemy with the most health or armor or resistance then dissapears and in the speed of light, he strikes him 1ce/2ice/3 times (the animation is similiar to Vinicator's) dealing melee true damage with a 5%/15%/30% chance for each hit to slay the target (the % doesn't stack), then he appears behind him putting his sword in it's sheath (basically being a badass).
(I probably should change the true damage with armor destruction).

3) Poisonous Solution : (passive) 1/2/2
Enchanted with Venom Vine poison, his all his melee and ranged attacks (exept for the abilities) poisons the enemies dealing 4/10/18 true damage per second over 1/2/3 secs slowing the enemies movement and attack speed by 15% over 3/4/5 secs (doesn't stack).

4) Quake Slam : (active) 1/2/2 "18 secs"
Slams the ground with his blade 3/4/5 time creating a shockwave around him in a small AoE dealing 15 damage per slam to nearby enemies with a 15%/35%/60% chance to stun them for 3/4/5 secs (doesn't stack).

5) Side By Side : (hero spell) 4/4/4 (1ce per 7 waves)
50/50 chance to :
A/ Summon a pure Aredhel Elf :hero: version of himself with his level 5 stats with a bow and the 1st/2nd/3rd level of his 1st and 3rd skills and his melee deals 7-10 and he lasts for 3/4/5 waves (has the +10% DPS against magic resistant enemies in both ranged and melee)
B/ Summon a pure Duredhel Elf :veznan: version of himself with his level 5 stats with his blade and the 1st/2nd/3rd level of his 2nd and 4th skills and he lasts for 3/4/5 waves (can curse non-elvish troops [Awoks/Bears/Forest Keepers/Young Ashbite/Malik/Bolverk] with blasting curse and he's immune to it)
(If the fake Kah'Tor dies before experation, he explodes dealing 45/70/95 area damage in a bit smaller area than Sha'Tra's death explosion, they don't speak when they are told to move)

Quotes :
- For peace there shall be war!!
- Yes, I'm The Half-Blood Elf.
- Unity of our nations is inevitable.
- Balance is on my side.
- (whispers) Thank you.../The deed has been done.../Elynie?

So, I think that's it for now and I don't expect much because it's my first hero. I'm open to any opinion. More heroes coming soon. PEACE from Jason :mrgreen: :star: :hero:
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