Kingdom Rush: Horizons

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Favorite Tier 4 Tower(s)?

Flame Dancer Perch
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Javelin Range
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Imperial Guard Order
Warrior Monk Monastery
Elementalist Ward
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Onmyoji Shrine
Dragon's Breath Launcher
Gatling Cannon
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Kingdom Rush: Horizons

by Kingmaster_TOG » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:42 am

First time makin one of these, so uhh.
Roast me.

- Bowman Post
Cost: 75$
Damage: 5-9
Attack Speed: Average
Range: Average
Description: Skilled, disciplined marksmen ready to shoot down any enemy.

- Archer Post
Cost: 115$
Damage: 7-11
Attack Speed: Fast
Range: Long
Description: A pair of expertly trained men. Hands graceful as water, shots quicker than wind.

- Sniper Post
Cost: 170$
Damage: 10-14
Attack Speed: Very fast
Range: Very long
Description: Godlike disciples of the bow, able to shoot flies out of the air in the blink of an eye.

"Steady there..."
"In a single strike..."
"Find your target..."

T4a- Flame Dancer Perch
Cost: 245$
Damage: 12-20
Attack Speed: Very fast
Range: Great
Description: The best archers in the realm, equipped with steel recurve bows and flaming arrows.
*Each enemy struck takes Damage over time for 3 seconds and 6 damage per second*

Ability 1:
Light ablaze: Flame Dancers throw down piles of burning straw on the enemies, causing all who walk over it to be lit on fire, on top of being slowed, and dealt damage when they stand over it.
Cost: 300$ for unlock, 150$ for upgrade.
Damage: 10-15/s -> 15-20/s -> 20-25/s
Duration: 4s -> 6s -> 8s
Desc: Litters the ground with burning straw to burn and slow your enemies for 10-15 damage per second.

Ability 2:
Straw Dummies: Very convincing* straw dummies are thrown down to distract and block enemies.
Cost: 200$ -> 100$ -> 250$
Health: 90 -> 125 -> 180*
Immune to non-magical projectiles.
Respawn: 10s-> 7s-> 5s
Lasts for: 15s
Damage: 0 -> 0 -> 65*
Note: Upon third upgrade, dummies will explode upon destruction and will be instantly destroyed by enemies that are set on fire.

"When the wind is slow and the fire's hot..."
"Red sun over paradise..."
"Ten thousand arrows..."

T4b- Javelin Range
Cost: 245$
Damage: 36-48
Attack Speed: Average
Range: Extreme
Desc: Warriors trained to skewer and pin your enemies from far far away. Your enemies will never know what hit them.
Note: Enemies hit by spears will be slowed momentarily.

Ability 1: Flame lance
Throws a fireworks-propelled spear which explodes upon impact for 28/32/36 damage. Has a 20%/40%/60%chance to instakill the targets.
Cost: 250$

Ability 2: Flagged
Throws a banner attached to a spear which sticks to an enemy for 5 seconds, causing them to take 25%/35%/50%extra damage.
Cost: 300/100

"This is the spear that will pierce the heavens!"
"Remove kebab!"
"Spear me some change, eh?"

- Infantry Fort
Cost: 80$
HP: 65
Damage: 2-4
Armour: None
Respawn: 10 s
Description: Loyal troops of the imperial army trained to block your enemies

- Soldier Fort
Cost: 125$
HP: 125
Damage: 3-6
Armour: Low
Respawn: 10 s
Description: Tough, experienced soldiers of the imperial army. Able to hold off many groups of foes.

- Warrior Fort
Cost: 175$
HP: 190
Damage: 8-13
Armour: Medium
Respawn: 10s
Description: The elite of the imperial army, battle-hardened and unrelenting men ready to lay down their lives for their kingdom.
"Know the enemy, know yourself"
"Never surrender!"
"For the Emperor!"

T4a - Imperial Guard Order
Cost: 230$
HP: 250
Damage: 10-17
Armour: High
Respawn: 12s
Description: Trained from early childhood, the emperor's personal bodyguards are a force to be reckoned with!
Innate ability: They have shields which have a 15% chance of completely negating any attack, and only take 1 damage from physical projectiles while out of combat.

Ability 1:
Steady Breath: Imperial guards regain health whenever they block an attack.
Cost: 100$/75$
Healing: 20/40/60

Ability 2:
Desperation: Imperial guards become emboldened when near death, temporarily gaining a boost to their combat abilities
Cost: 200$
When Imperial Guards reach half health or less, their attacks deal 10/15/20 more damage, and they become almost impervious to damage (90% damage reduction) until they either regen back to full health or after 5 seconds of the ability being active.

Ability 3:
Blessed Mirror Shields: Imperial Guards' shields, when struck, will release a blinding flash of light that stuns enemies around them while also dealing true damage based on the enemy’s attack.
Passive: Also boosts block chance.
Cost: 300$/200$
Chance: 20%/40%/60%
Deflected: 50%/75%/100%
Stun: 1.5s

"We walk as one!"
"At your service!"
"En Garde!"
"Stand your ground!"

T4b - Warrior Monk Monastery
Cost: 210$
HP: 300
Damage: 12-19, 27 with throwing spears.
Armour: None
Respawn: 12
Description: Godlike martial artists who have trained to push mind, body, and soul to their absolute limits.

Ability 1:
Windsweep: Monks have a 10/20/40% chance to dodge attacks, retaliating with a strong spear throw that deals 25/30/35 damage.
Cost: 150$/100$

Ability 2:
Transcendence: Monks will occasionally become invincible for 3 seconds, healing nearby allies for 50/75/100 HP per second
Passive ability- Reincarnate: Decreases respawn time to 11/10/9 seconds
Cost: 250$/175$

Ability 3:
The power of Chi: A powerful attack that pushes enemies back, dealing 22-29/28-35/34-41
Passive: Iron Body- (Final upgrade) Monks' armour status is upgraded to Low
Cost: 200$/150$

"Walk in harmony"
"The answer lies in the heart of battle"
"Be Shapeless, like water"
"You are the oceans gray waves"


- Medium Temple
Cost: 95$
Damage: 8-16
Range: Average
Fire Rate: Slow
Description: Practitioners of the occult, they fire beams of light that ignore armor

- Priest Temple
Cost: 155$
Damage: 20-39
Range: Average
Fire Rate: Slow
Description: Benders of arcane forces, firing stronger beams of light.

- Warlock Temple
Cost: 210$
Damage: 44-78
Range: Long
Fire Rate: Slow
Description: Manipulators of life and death. Their light beams can rip the souls right out of your enemies' bodies.

"Wind blows.... rain falls"
"Inner peace...."
"Be one with the universe"
Note: The beams of light fired are almost-hitscan projectiles that travel much faster than mage bolts, striking their targets almost instantaneously.

Elementalist Ward
Cost: 245$
Damage: 85-111
Range: Long
Fire Rate: Slow
Description: Benders of the elements, manipulating the forces far beyond our reach or understanding.

Ability 1:
Winds of destruction: Creates a gale wind that blows back enemies while dealing 15/25/35 damage.
Cost: 175$/125$

Ability 2:
Steel and Wood: Calls upon the power of the land to create an elemental made of steel and wood to block and attack enemies
Cost: 300$/200$
HP: 250/300/350
Damage: 50-75/ 70-95/ 90-115
Armour rating: Low/Med/High
Respawn: 20s

“Heaven and earth are mine to control!”
“Fire and water....”
“Wood and steel...”

T4b- Onmyoji Shrine
Cost: 280$
Damage: 18-36
Range: Great
Fire Rate: Average
Description: Priests that call upon the spirits of gods and demons to aid them in battle.
Note: All enemies who die within this tower's range will be added as a soul collected by this tower, to a maximum of 9 souls. Souls will fire individually at enemies for 4-9 damage and last for 6 seconds each before expiring.

Ability 1:
Ofuda Charms: Throws out an ofuda charm that weakens enemies. Weakening their armour and inhibiting their special abilities.
Armour weakening: 10%/20%/30%
Duration: 3s/5s/7s
Cost: 150$/100$

Ability 2(/3?)
Onmyodo/Summon Shikigami
Cost: 350$/400$
Onmyodo: Souls are now divided into different types, enemies will drop a soul of a random different color.
White: (default)
Red: Deals 12 damage over 3 seconds, does not stack.
Yellow: Deals physical damage
Green: Slows enemies, but deals only 3-6 damage
Blue: Deals 3-6 true damage per shot

Summon Shikigami: Onmyojis will occasionally sacrifice 3 souls of a same type to attack the enemy.
White souls will release an armoured white tiger that lasts for 6 seconds, has 100 hp, and deals 20 damage per attack.
Red souls will release a red phoenix, which deals 30 area damage on top of setting all within the blast radius on fire.
Yellow souls will release a gold dragon which creates an earthquake, slowing enemies and dealing 15 damage.
Green souls will release a serpent whose breath will freeze enemies in place for 2 seconds
Blue souls will release a black tortoise which fires a blast, dealing 100 damage to a single target.

“Death is an illusion”
“The body dies, the soul lives”
“Spirits, heed my call!”
“I dreamt I was a butterfly”


- Cannon Battery
Cost: 125$
Damage: 9-17
Attack Speed: Very Slow
Range: Average
Description: Massive firearms pointed at the enemy that can fire explosive cannonballs at high speeds.

- Mortar Battery
Cost: 220$
Damage: 27-49
Attack Speed: Very Slow
Range: Long
Description: Bigger, stronger artillery that can clear scores of enemies in a single shot.

- Siege Gun Battery
Cost: 320$
Damage: 78-124
Attack Speed: Very Slow
Range: Great
Description: Large enemies, small enemies, and even fortress walls are no difference under the barrel of this gun.

Note: Cannonfire is pointed directly at enemies instead of a lobbed trajectory, decreasing travel time.

"Need something slagged?"
"Who's giving you problems?!"

T4a - Dragon's Breath Launcher
Cost: 360$
Damage: 110-146
Attack Speed: Very Slow
Range: Extreme
Description: Incredibly ornate fireworks cannon. The Dragon's head isn't just for show, though!
*Can target Flying enemies*

Ability 1: Dragon Missile: The dragon's head on the tower flies off as a homing missile, dealing massive damage.
Damage: 175-250 -> 225-300 -> 275-350
Cost: 200$ -> 100$

Ability 2: Flame Spout: Skewer and burn your enemies with this massive volley of arrows!
Damage per shot: 13-20
# of arrows: 15 -> 18 > 22
Cost: 250$ -> 75$
"Ready? Aim! Fire!"
"Ride upon the dragon's back!"

T4b- Gatling Cannon
Cost: 360$
Damage: 36-66
Attack Speed: Fast
Range: Long
Desc: A mechanical marvel built for ship-to-ship warfare, it can turn a battlefield into a hellscape within seconds.

Ability 1:
Buckshot: Overloads the cannon to dangerous levels, spraying multiple shells everywhere at once!
Cost: 200$/150$
Bombs: 4/7/10

Ability 2:
Armour Piercing Shot: Seeks the enemy with the highest HP in range and fires a special shell which shaves off half of their max HP.

Cost: 150$/75$
Cooldown: 28s/22s/16s
“I love the smell of gunpower in the morning”
“Are you ready for an ass whoopin?!”
“Nerf this!”

Hao: Grand General
"A man who has faithfully served the emperor for many decades, one whom he even considers his brother. His combat prowess is matched only by his beard growing skills."
Base HP: 195
Base Attack: 8-11
Armour: Low(lv 1-4), Med (5-8), High (9, 10)
-The Art of War
Hao gains a passive regen in battle, healing for 15/30/45 health per second.
-Cavalry Charge
Hao charges at his enemy upon engaging, and his first strike deals 25/40/65 true damage.
-Critical Strike
Hao performs a powerful AOE attack, dealing 30/50/80 damage to surrounding enemies.
-War Cry
Hao's inspiring call heals himself and nearby allies for 25%/35%/50% of their max HP, and buffs their attack by 10%/25%/40% for 5 seconds
-Ultimate: God of War
All enemies on screen will take 10/20/30/40% more damage and all allies are invincible for 3/4/6/8 seconds.
"No mercy in battle!"
"I cannot break my oath"
"We are stronger together!"
Ult cast: Steel yourselves! Comerades!

Akira: Wandering Warrior
"A swordsman from far away, come to deliver justice by the point of his katana."
Base HP: 170
Base Attack: 12-18
Armour: None (1-6), Low (7+)
- Vantage
If Akira is idle for 7/5/3 seconds, he will deal 10/20/30% more damage to the next enemy he engages.
- Flashing Blade
Akira makes a quick dash to 2/3/4 nearby enemies and attacks them for 33/44/55 damage each while also stunning them for 1 second.
- Onigekiken
20%/40%/60% of all damage dealt by Akira is returned to him in health.
- Fatal Assault
Akira performs a flurry of slashes around his opponent, Dealing 40/70/100 true damage with a chance to instakill.
-Ultimate: Judgement Cut
Akira dashes around an area for 2 seconds, stunning all enemies in the area, before sheathing his blade, dealing 70/100/130/160 true damage to all enemies in the area.
"Need me for something?"
"Whatever you say"
"They don't know who they're messing with, heh."
"You seem nice, I'd hate to kill you"
Ultimate: Oni no ken wo kurae! (See: Genji)
Death: Well...fought.

Pyrah: Empress Archer
"The emperor's daughter and the leader of the Flame Dancers. Her arrows fly through the air like flaming robins, striking their targets true."
Base HP: 165
Base Attack: 7-10
Armour: none
-Falcon Sight
A small red bird encircles Pyrah, increasing the range of both her and nearby towers by 10/15/20%
-Hearts of Fire
Pyrah's firing speed and damage output increases as she fires consecutive shots. Stacking for a maximum of 5/10/15 extra damage per shot maximum after 7 consecutive shots fired.
-Firebird Step
When engaged in melee combat, Pyrah jumps back, firing a powerful shot that deals 25/50/75 true damage.
-Phoenix Strike
Pyrah fires a massive flaming bird down the path, dealing 40/60/80 damage to all enemies it hits, as well as lighting them on fire.
-Ultimate: Ten Thousand Arrows.
Pyrah gives orders to litter the entire map with arrows. Dealing 7/14/21/28 damage to all enemies on the map while also setting them ablaze.
"My aim is true"
"Our enemies shall burn!"
"Shot through the heart!"
"The enemy!"
Ultimate: "Our arrows shall block out the sun!"

Goldpaw: Tanuki Warlord
"The forest's deadliest warrior.... from atop his mighty deer steed, this tricky tanuki will claw and scratch all who threaten his kin..... and have money."
Base HP: 160
Base Attack: 3-6
Armour: None
-Shake 'em down!
Every one of Goldpaw's attacks have a 10/20/40% chance to steal 5/10/20$ from the enemy.
-Brutal scratching
Goldpaw climbs up to his opponent's face, scratching them mercilessly, stunning them for 2s and dealing 20/30/40 damage.
-Vicious fang
Goldpaw bites the enemy, dealing 25/40/65 damage and inflicting 5 seconds of 10 dps bleed.
-Jungle brew
Goldpaw takes a drink out of some questionable substances, restoring his health and granting him a 20/40/60% damage boost.
-Ultimate: Beat 'em up, fellas!
Goldpaw summons his band of forest critters to pummel all enemies in a large area, causing them to be stunned for 2/3/4/5 seconds, while being dealt 30/40/50/60 damage each.
"Oooh! Shiny!"
"No headpats!"
"Gimme your lunch money!"
"I'm not a rodent! I'm a mob boss!"
Ultimate: "GET EM!!!!!!"

Hector: Marquess of Ostia
"What is this? A crossover episode?"
Base HP: 200
Base Attack: 18-21
Armour: Med (1-5) High (6-8) Great (9+)
-Berserk Armads
Whenever Hector reaches half health or less, he gains a 6/12/18 boost in attack, and his special abilities' cooldown will be drastically reduced.
-Distant Counter
Hector throws a handaxe. Dealing 28/43/58 damage
Hector strikes the enemy 3/5/7 times, dealing 15 true damage per strike.
Hector swings Armads in a circle around him, dealing 40/60/80 AOE damage
-Ultimate: Thunder Armads
Hector throws Armads into the air, causing 3/5/7/9 thunderbolts to crash down on an area for 20/30/50/70 damage each
"Enough chitchat!"
"I don't back down!"
"Gutsy aren't you?"
Ultimate: "ARMADS!"
Death: "Not here...!"

Kyatsou: Head Monk
"Leader of the warrior monks. Knowing boundless wisdom, he will guide you on the right path"
Base HP: 110
Base Attack: 3-6 (Ranged magical damage)
No armour
- Samsara
Kyatsou projects a wheel around an area, causing the enemy to be either slowed or weakened.
Slow: 10/20/30%
Enemy will take 15/30/45% more damage.
- Vajra
3/5/7 of Kyatsou's prayer beads will fire out at the enemy all at once, dealing 10 true damage each.
- Nirvana (Passive)
Whenever Kyatsou defeats an enemy, he and nearby allies will be healed for 10/20/30% of his max HP and his next attack will deal 15/30/45% more damage
- Sakra Devanam Indra
When 3 or more enemies are within range, Kyatsou will achieve a form called "Sakra Devanam Indra Kyatsou" This grants him great armour, as well as boosting his abilities for 15 seconds.
- Samsara
Now applies both debuffs at once and lasts 1.5/2/3x longer
Now deals 20/30/40 damage per orb and becomes his basic attack.
- Nirvana
Now stacks until Sakra Devanam Indra Kyatsou wears off.
- (Ultimate) Brahmastra
Fires a beam from Kyatsou to the selected location that will deal 10/25/50% of any enemies' max hp.
"Be one with the universe"
"There is chaos within"
"Free your mind"
Death: "I must pass onward..."

Genbu: Bandit Lord
"Once a commander of the rebellion, he and his boys are joining us, armed with his trusty grenade launcher"
HP: 180
Base Attack: 9-13 (Ranged, AOE)
Armour: Low (1-6) Med (7+)
Genbu fires off 3/5/7 grenades at once, blanketing an area.
Genbu fires off a grenade into the ground, dealing 30/40/50 damage and stunning all nearby enemies for 1/2/3 seconds.
-Fire in the hole!
When engaged in melee combat, Genbu tosses his assailant back down the path with a bomb attached to them, dealing 25/40/65 AOE damage.
- Explosive Exit
Upon death, Genbu unloads a bunch of explosives, dealing 150/250/350 AOE damage while launching him out of the map.
- Ultimate: Death from below
An area on the map is filled with 5/7/9 landmines, each dealing 75 true damage to any enemy that steps on one.
"Y'all stupid!"
Ultimate: "Watch your step!"


In the light: The Return
"Commander, I hope you have been well.

It has been nearly half a decade since the great war, however, the times have been no easier. Tensions are higher than ever with our old rival to the west. And it is becoming clear that our great nation may once again be in need of great and powerful military men like yourself. His eminence has requested that he see you at the imperial court as soon as possible.

Safe travels."

Opening comic: A silhouette of a man, the unnamed commander, receives a letter which has been flown in through the window as he was painting. Upon reading it, he rolls it up and boards a horse-drawn carriage, beginning to make his way out of his village with a group of soldiers. Unbeknownst to him, a group of bandits were waiting in a bush, ready to strike.

Preparation music:

Battle music:

Starting money: 250$

1st wave: Thug 6x
2nd wave: Thug 9x
3rd wave: Rebel 3x
4th wave: Rebel 5x
5th wave: Rebel 3x, Thug 9x
6th wave: Rebel 6x, Thug 12x

New Enemies:
- Thug
HP: 60
Attack: 3-6
Armour: None
Speed: Avg
Description: Unskilled lowlife delinquents who know nothing but to rob and steal.

- Rebel
HP: 120
Attack: 6-9
Armour: Low
Speed: Avg
Description: Men who scream of revolution, but in reality, dream of only chaos and anarchy.
Lives: 1

In the Light: Provocation

We are pleased to hear that you are alive and well.

That bandit attack no doubt was the start of something that may very well spell the end of this fragile peace we've had with Zarkhas for the last 2 decades. Their king has gone mad, beginning to behave erratically, and we are sure the attempt on your life was no coincidence.

Make haste, Commander, the situation is more urgent than it seems!"

Unlocks: T2 Towers

Path 1:
Wave 1: Thug 9x
Wave 2: Rebel 3x, Thug 4x
Wave 4: Bear 5x
Wave 5: Bear 3x, Rebel 4x, Thug 6x
Wave 6: Red Turban 6x, Bear 3x
Wave 7: Red Turban 6x, Bear 5x, Rebel 10x, Thug 15x.

Path 2:
Wave 3: Rebel 6x
Wave 6: Rebel 4x, Thug 7x
Wave 7: Red Turban 3x, Bear 3x

New enemies:
- Bear
HP: 160
Attack: 6-9
Armour: None
Speed: Fast
Description: Violent beasts that possess great speed and ferocity.
Lives: 1

- Red Turban
HP: 200
Attack: 6-9
Armour: Med
Speed: Avg
Description: Strong, highly-trained mercenaries, often seen organizing rebellions and riots.
Lives: 1
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