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Planet Design

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Entry One - The Wanderer
Entry Two - Oasis
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VOTING: Planet Design

by RaZoR LeAf » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:42 pm




With Sagan-1 and Ascendaar well established in the Iron Marine history books, and Borealis fresh in the public minds, we are turning to you, our rookie recruits for information. You have come to us from the far corners of the galaxy, and whilst the Iron Marine Corps recognises a great number of worlds, we are not perfect. Your knowledge of the stars is invaluable to us. We want to know what you know.

Did you misunderstand me rook? Well you’re lucky I am such an agreeable officer that I’ll explain this in more detail for you. We want to know about a single planet that you know about. We need to know it’s history, it’s climate, it’s economical status, whatever you can tell us about it. And we need to know about it’s inhabitants, the people who live there and what kind of dangers they might be facing. Invasive wildlife, obnoxious plant life or invading overlords, we want to know everything.

Well get to it Rook, I won’t explain myself again!


Level Three clearance is required to access mission files.


Please excuse the General, he’s under a lot of stress at the moment from the Iron Council. I’ll break things down for you so you know exactly what we need.

A Location. It can be a Planet, a Planetoid, a functioning Asteroid, or even a Space Station. So long as it’s a significantly populated location that has a strategic interest either to us or to someone or something else.

We need to know everything we can about that Planet, so you need to give us some background on it. I think our historians referred to it as Lore.

Tell us about the inhabitants, if we can find Allies amongst the people there, and what skills they have to offer.

Don't forget the rogue aspects. The part of the planet that causes trouble and threatens the peace. The Enemies that the Iron Marine Corps takes out. We don’t need all of them, five will suffice, so long as they are varied. And don’t forget that there’s probably some kind of leadership, some sort of Boss.

It’s wildlife and geography. What indigenous life forms will we encounter, be they animal or plant. What about the environment itself? Basically, what kind of Hazards can we expect to deal with?


Entry One wrote:UFP-47931, or, The Wanderer


Commander, days ago, an unknown object the size of a small moon began entering our capital system's space. It has been moving at incredible speed, though it lacks any form of visible propulsion. It doesn't seem to be on a collision course, but it still holds mystery.
We have sent survey probes to analyze the object, but they fell silent after entering the planet's atmosphere. Our astronomers have observed it from a distance, and though the quality of data is low, it seems as though the object, despite being green on the surface, is in fact primarily composed of an unknown metal alloy.
Our main fleet has been recalled to aid a small survey team in landing on the object to learn what it is, the threat it holds, and most of all, why it is here.

Stage 1: The Landing Site

Commander, we have began to land our forces on the planetoid, while fighting a running battle with the defensive armada which has appeared in orbit. We are taking heavy casualties, and from the looks of it, our crews on the surface are not faring much better. We've lost communication with many of the battle groups, and most are without support.
We have managed to contact one surviving platoon. Your directive is to aid them in recovering any lost divisions and securing a forward base on the planet.

  • Alpha Objective: Secure a landing site and activate the long-range transmitter.
  • Beta Objective: Defend the landing site until reinforcements arrive.
  • Bonus Objective: Find the lost platoons scattered throughout the map. Each one found rewards a free squad and command point for it.


Expedition Rover
Survey robots designed to help us explore a new world.

Effect: Since this is a new planet, the fog of war remains black on the map unless a Rover is brought along. As such, it is recommended that you bring it along. It acts as a secondary hero, with minor offensive capabilities. It will respawn at your nearest active base if destroyed.


Orbital Debris
Falling debris from the ongoing space battle. Beware!

Effect: Similar to the Meteor Showers on Sagan-1, debris will occasionally fall from the sky. However, the size of these debris can vary significantly, and also drops randomly, leading to a different level layout on each playthrough. The larger hulks will block your path.

Organometal Terrain
Our enemy holds control of this world. Be prepared for anything.

Effect: The terrain of the world will shift while you are in a level.
Starting on Level 1, it may spawn hills, which slow your units.


Biot Strider
Scouting drones that analyze whatever they come across.

Threat Level: Low
  • Analysis: Any attack from a Strider will decrease armor by 1%. Stacks, down to 0%.
  • Low Armor
  • Dissolve: Dissolves into a liquid slurry on death. This dissolution slows nearby units by 50% for 2 seconds.

Appearance: Tripod walkers, with long legs and a single eye on the top. They are armed with a small laser.

Biot Conductor
Flying constructs with a powerful control of electricity.

Threat Level: Moderate
  • Aerial Enemy
  • Low Armor
  • Static Charge: When 3 or more Conductors are in close proximity, they form a perfect polygon in the air, before charging for 9 seconds, divided by the amount of Conductors. After this, they unleash a blast of electricity in the area between them, which deals heavy damage to all allied units.
  • Dissolve: Dissolves into a liquid slurry on death. This dissolution slows nearby units by 50% for 3 seconds.

Appearance: Bird-like metal fliers, with flapping wings. A constant static halo surrounds them.

Additional Information

  • Because of the ongoing space battle, the dropgun is intially disabled, until you reach and secure the Alpha Objective.

Stage 2: The Plain of Silence

Having secured a forward base, and seemingly winning the ongoing space battle, High Command sees it a fitting risk to send an expeditionary crew to explore the world to solve its mysteries. Your first objective will be to establish a usable map of the vast plain our base is centered in.
Furthermore, our scientists, curious of the technologies within these so called "Biots", would like us to obtain samples for study. They say they can aid our exploration team if we can spare the time to help.

  • Alpha Objective: Map 75% of the plain with the Expedition Rover.
  • Bonus Objective: Kill 100 Biot Striders. Accomplishing this upgrades the Expedition Rover.


Expedition Rover
Upgraded rovers with an prebuilt drone launcher.

Effect: If you tap on the Expedition Rover alone, your hero's icon on the screen is replaced with the Rover. You gain access to the Drone Launch ability. It has a medium CD, and launches a drone to reveal a large area around the Rover.


Organometal Terrain
Our enemy holds control of this world. Be prepared for anything.

Effect: The terrain of the world will shift while you are in a level. All powers carry between levels.
Starting on Level 2, it may spawn forests to block your vision.


Biot Abductor
Dangerous artillery like creatures that steal away our troops from long range.

Threat Level: High
  • Medium Armor
  • Abducting Probe: Fires a long-range probe that will begin to pull in a target unit. This probe and the wire holding it can be severed by manually tapping on it.
  • Processor Cannon: After pulling in a target to its location, the target is instantly killed. The Abductor then fires 5 AoE shots dealing damage equivalent to 10% of a unit's HP.
  • Dissolve: Dissolves into a liquid slurry on death. This dissolution slows nearby units by 50% for 5 seconds.

Appearance: Quadrupeds with heavy armor plate, and a cannon mounted to its back. In lieu of tails, it has 3 sucker-tipped appendages, which abduct units and drag them to its mouth.

Stage 3: The Fabrication Matrix

Originally, we had assumed that the brick like structures up ahead were some kind of city or town, but given the intelligence of the Biots, our scientists have deemed it unlikely.
Further scans indicate the area up ahead is infested with Biots, including new forms we have not seen before, and their numbers seem to multiply by the minute. Our biologists argue this is where they are hatched, while our roboticists argue this is where they are built.
At any rate, Commander, your objective is to shut down this facility with haste, before it becomes a thorn in our side.

  • Alpha Objective: Destroy the Biot creation centers.
  • Bonus Objective: Hack into the marked, sealed structures in the area. Specifically, Engineers will use their structure grenades and Guardians will slice through. Completing the objective unlocks the Holographic Construction perk, which instantly constructs base buildings while on this planet.


Expedition Rover


Organometal Terrain
Our enemy holds control of this world. Be prepared for anything.

Effect: The terrain of the world will shift while you are in a level. All powers carry between levels.
Starting on Level 3, it may spawn ravines, which, after a few seconds and a visible notification, will swallow any units in the area.


Biot Maker
Creator Biots that make more of their own.

Threat Level: High
  • No Armor
  • Reprocessing: Makers come in 3 different varieties, red, yellow, and blue. After an enemy dies in proximity, they gather slurry, which is used to create a new Biot. Slurry is given in values equal to the slow time from Dissolution.
  • Red: Creates Striders. Requires 4 Slurry.
  • Yellow: Creates Conductors. Requires 6 Slurry.
  • Blue: Creates Abductors. Requires 10 Slurry.

Appearance: Spider-like Biots that weave new Biots from slurry, as it magnetizes to their appendages.

Biot Colossus
Massive, variable-threat constructs skilled in defense and offense.

Threat Level: High
  • High Armor
  • Reconfigure: The Colossus has two modes of operation, a Ranged form and a Melee form. Reconfiguring occurs when units enter or leave melee range, and takes 1.5 seconds.
  • Artillery Configuration: Fires shots from far out of vision, dealing heavy AoE damage. A warning splat is displayed on the ground as it fires.
  • Defender Configuration: Deploys into a wall-like form, blocking all ranged projectiles, even if units are forced to target behind it.
  • Dissolve: Dissolves into a liquid slurry on death. This dissolution slows nearby units by 50% for 12 seconds.

Appearance: Hexaped creatures with two modes. In artillery, the main body is a massive cannon, with small side pieces which the legs attach to. In defender, the cannon retracts into its torso, as panels near the front flip out and extend into a massive protective wall.

Stage 4: The Metal Ocean

We have set our sights on a faraway peak for further analysis into this world. Ideally, our geologists will be able to discover what makes this planet tick. But to get there, we have to cross a massive "sea".
The name may be a misnomer, because it is in fact a slurry of metal compounds, mixed with water, which we believe is used to engineer the Biots. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to make the dangerous crossing, but beware of waterborne threats.

  • Alpha Objective: Cross the Metal Sea.
  • Beta Objective: Hold a base on both sides of the Sea.
  • Bonus Objective: Kill 50 Makers. Accomplishing this upgrades the Expedition Rover.


Expedition Rover
Upgraded rovers with an EMP generator.

Effect: If you tap on the Expedition Rover alone, your hero's icon on the screen is replaced with the Rover. You gain access to the EMP ability. It has a long CD, but clears all Dissolution slows in the immediate area, and silences any Makers for 8 seconds.


Organometal Terrain
Our enemy holds control of this world. Be prepared for anything.

Effect: The terrain of the world will shift while you are in a level. All powers carry between levels.
Starting on Level 4, it may spawn mountains, blocking your way.

The Metal Sea
A sea of suspicious compounds, slurry which our enemies can use.

Effect Forms a mostly impenetrable barrier across various areas of the map. Waterborne, sharklike Biots roam the waves, attacking anything close to the shore or in the water for heavy damage.


Biot Consumer
Worm-like creatures that emerge from the ground only to feed and destroy.

Threat Level: Very High
  • Medium Armor
  • Tunnel: Normally immune to damage. Moves by tunneling underground. Slowly heals over time while underground.
  • Emergence: Upon emerging from the ground over 1.5 seconds, knocks back all units in the area. Swipes twice as an attack.
  • Dive: After 2 attacks, dives into the ground again in a different area. Any ally in the area is instantly killed, healing the Consumer.
  • Dissolve: Dissolves into a liquid slurry on death. This dissolution slows nearby units by 50% for 15 seconds.

Appearance: Massive worms that burrow underneath the ground. When they emerge, their trilateral symmetry splits to reveal a gaping mouth and razor teeth.

Additional Information

  • When you find the sea, you will get a boat, which can hold units and transport them across.
  • The boat can take up to 5 "Weight Points". A Mecha squad is worth 3, Heroes/Bots 2, and Empryeans/Marine squads 1. The boat leaves when swipe-moved.
  • Due to the weight requirement, you must make multiple trips, meaning you must micro across and hold both sides of the sea.

Stage 5: The Deep Caves

Having crossed the Sea, our next operation would have been to investigate the mountain on its shore. However, to our surprise, analysis indicates that the peak seems to be a giant antenna. We don't know where it is broadcasting to, but we predict it controls the movements of the Biots.
Beneath the antenna, we have discovered a massive network of subterranean tunnels that extends miles in every direction. Commander, lead our expedition into the caves, and destroy the Biot menace!

  • Alpha Objective: Find the Biot Command Center.


Drill Rover
An Expedition Rover modified with mining technology to help us reach deeper into the planet.

Effect: Another secondary hero, the Drill-bot will be used to dig between the sub-levels of a subterranean cave you explore in Deep Caves. It will respawn at your nearest active base if destroyed. If you have unlocked additional Expedition Rover gear, the Drill Rover can use it.


Rivers of Lava
Beware the tides of lava, they can easily melt anything they touch!

Effect Certain low-lying areas may flood with lava, dealing very high damage per second to anything that touches it.

Additional Information

  • The level is separated into 3 distinct sub-levels. At the start of each, you are given a base. At the end of each, you must defend the Drill Rover for a short time, while it mines to the next sub-level.
  • The first sub-level is a simple jaunt through a dark cave, trying to find an adequate spot to dig deeper into the cave network.
  • The second sub-level introduces the lava hazard, but is otherwise similar to the first.
  • The third sub-level has a much more complicated layout, but preserves the terrain hazards of the second. At the end of it, you find a runed gateway, where the level ends.

Stage 6: The Core

We lost many brave men and women in the tunnels leading here, but we believe we have finally found the heart of the planet. Our psychic allies sense a massive, looming presence beyond this final threshold, and warn us to be ready for combat.
The final battle approaches, Commander! Lead us to battle and solve the mystery of this place!

  • Alpha Objective: Slay The Voyageur.

Boss Battle: The Voyageur

A guardian of this world, with an unknown creator and an unknown purpose.

Threat Level: Extreme

Stage 1
Apperance: The Voyageur appears as a humanoid, with dark armor lined with yellow, as well as a single purple eye. Magenta tendrils sprout from the back of its head. It stands on a blue circular pad, with an array of dark monitors behind it.

The Voyageur begins by taunting you, as any good boss does. It tells you:
"You lesser lifeforms are no match for me, or my mission."
It shrugs.
"Since your fate is sealed, I suppose I'll tell you."
"I am here to consume. You, and your worlds, are my target."
"This shall prove to be an amusing diversion."

The Voyageur then steps down from its platform, buzzing with blue tinted energy.

Note, The Voyageur will move around during Stage 1 of the fight.

  • Energy Siphon: Disables all units in the target area after a delay.
  • Mining Laser: Blasts a straight beam laser, dealing heavy damage to units caught in the blast.
  • Holograph: Can split into 3 clones, one with 50% of its current HP, and 2 with 25% HP. All clones must be killed for it to remerge. It remerges at 75% of the HP it had before splitting. All clones can use abilities.
  • Terraform: Utilizes the Organometal Terrain hazard.
After defeating this form, the magenta tendrils lash into the floor beside the Voyageur, and begin to siphon energy from it.

Stage 2

"You are stronger than I believed. I commend you for you efforts."
"But nonetheless, your life is still forfeit before me."

  • Matter Editation: Randomly changes the unit type of a squad (e.g. Ranger to Sniper or Engineer) and randomly teleports them.
  • Compression Explosion: Raises a tendril, decompressing it to fire a storm of flechettes in the target direction. This tendril quickly regenerates.
  • Terraform: Utilizes the Organometal Terrain hazard.
  • De-entropy: New type of terraforming hazard. De-frictions the terrain, meaning any move commands will result in units moving infinitely until they hit a wall.
After The Voyageur is killed, it's body explodes, and head falls off, eye going dark.

Stage 3

A monitor on the back wall lights up, displaying a hologram of the Voyageur.

"You think it would be that easy? I am this world! You will die!"

Between your base and the battlefield, the floor drops away to reveal a metal river, like the Chemical Sea. There is only a thin bridge allowing passage for reinforcements.

  • Dark Eddy: Charges a dark projectile, before throwing it. It expands over time into a large wave, pushing any units caught in it until it dissapates over the river.
  • Accelerate: Accelerates the movement of the planet, jerking all player units in a single direction. Move commands will not work during this time.
  • Remaker: The river at the end will not normally allow unit pathing, but a unit getting pushed in means that they will die and be converted into Slurry based on a percentage of their HP. The Voyageur will then randomly spawn units with the Slurry.

As it explodes, the Voyageur has one last quote:

"After all these millennia... who would've thought that... the Grand Voyage... would come to an end."

Stage 4
After The Voyageur explodes, a panel behind the boss lights up, displaying a yellow triangular symbol. After a second, it switches to a message:

"Beginning sterilization process."

A small black singularity forms near the panel. It begins to grow.

After this, the whole room begins shaking, as the planet begins to lose stability.

The singularity grows larger, and you are guided to another area of the level.

This necessitates a quick loading screen, but you essentially have to run through the caves and part of the plains, to escape to a landing site, where your crew can evacuate the planet.

In the end comic, the whole planet is engulfed in the singularity, before it explodes, leaving only broken shards behind.

Post-boss unlocks a Spec Ops to recover the Voyageur's technology, which includes holographic models of the world and its invasion, allowing you to replay the planet.

Entry Two wrote:Oasis

Description: Dense, heavy stones of a desert brown color litter the northeast of this planet, forming a labyrinth maze. Occasionally the tentacles of what appears to be a Star Wars Sarlacc writhe from behind the stone walls, and pick up a passing Ranger. In the southeast, the terrain is more flat and arid, with a few outcroppings of modest villages. A couple of musician aliens can be seen touring the villages, playing music and inspiring the villagers to come out and dance. Finally, to the far west, intense winds create sand tornadoes that constantly move in random directions, occasionally colliding with each other, canceling out.

In-game info: "An isolated planet shrouded from the galactic war by its dust storms and seeming-emptiness, now in turmoil after rumors spread of a hidden, massive Etherium deposit."

Mespar Village

“We have set foot on Oasis, a planet that dropped from intergalactic attention ages ago. That is, until Bravo Team was sent to investigate the reports of a massive Etherium deposit but uploaded distress signals mere hours later.
The village of Mespar houses the most recent distress signal, so our troops will look into this, then resume our mission of searching for the Etherium deposit.”

Opening Comic:
Panel 1: Depicts some Iron Marines infantry roaming the desert.
2: One is seen closer to the viewer, kneeling down to scan the floor. Another Marine is standing farther away, asking the closer Marine, “Do you think we’ll ever find Etherium here?”
3: The kneeling Marine looks up with a terrified expression, a shadow looming over his face.
4: An Etheradon is seen looming over both of them, with the kneeling Marine saying, “I think the Etherium found us!”

Enemies: Etheradon, Etheraptor
Hazards: None
Special: None

The level entails the player’s troops and hero in the village of Mespar, pursuing an Etheradon that terrorizes different parts of the village. It keeps running away after reaching half HP, forcing the player to chase it to new parts of the village and save the villagers and their houses from, all while encountering Etheraptors on the way that swarm troops. They accompany the Etheradon on later attempts to slay it, and even later will also swarm the player right after the Etheradon flees. The level ends with the Etheradon being cornered in a cave atop a hill that looks over the village, where its eggs nest and are destroyed.



HP: 5000
Armor: 60
Dmg: 40 - 60 Physical

“Huge reptilians that appear to have been mutated by Etherium, making them tougher… and much more aggressive.”

Massive beasts with a lizard-like anatomy. They crawl on their 4 legs and have thick, longer neck, along with an even thicker and longer tail. Their whole body is randomly littered with Etherium spikes, with smaller ones appearing on their limbs and crystals ranging between a centimeter to two whole meters jutting out from their backs. They also have two horns of Etherium crystals on their heads.
Etheradons move by crawling on all fours, though under any of two conditions, they will employ an alternative form of movement, which is to curl into a disc and spin, cutting through the ground with their Etherium protuberances and rapidly slice their way elsewhere. This is when crossing large distances, such as to travel in packs for an attack. It is also used to retreat after reaching below 50% HP, though they will stay and fight if other companions are with them until they all collectively reach low enough health to retreat.
Attacks by mashing its front legs in front of it. Enemies behind it will be swatted at with its tail for a slower attack with significantly more range. Also has an ability to whip its tail forward, turning 180 degrees, spreading a green mist that causes Etherium spikes to erupt from the ground, dealing heavy damage. Flying enemies that can only be hit with ranged attacks will force the Etheradon to swing its tail forward, shooting spikes at the target for half damage.


HP: 500
Armor: 0
Dmg: 15 - 45 Physical

“Vicious beasts that swarm their enemies. They even when moving and will chase down retreating troops. Watch your backs!”

Tiny arms, elongated faces, large legs for fast running, and rows of Etherium spikes on their backs, Etheraptors come in large numbers and attack with a melee bite. They prioritize attacking enemies that are running away, as well as enemies being targeted by other Etheraptors so that they can guarantee kills. They can whip their tails forward to shoot a small spray of Etherium crystals that deals negligible damage that they only use when facing flying enemies.

Living Like Larry: Free Larry.
In the final confrontation with the Etheradon, the back of the cave has a giant lobster alien trapped to be eaten later. Standing near him like a capture point frees him.

Eos Mosley

“The possibility of an Etherium presence here is long since confirmed. But the threat of this falling into the wrong hands looms over us all. It is imperative that we reach the Etherium ourselves, even if we must lie to do so. We are having a secret meeting with the leader of this planet, President Aspero, in the inconspicuous cantina of Eos Mosley to discuss our plans to silence these rumors by claiming it as Galactic Federation property, even though we have yet to actually obtain it.
Stay wary, soldiers! We may not be alone here...”

Enemies: Etheradon, Etheraptor, Raider of the West, Sand Savant
Hazards: Raider Warships
Special: Sandstorm Mk IV

The level starts with a few Rangers and the hero inside of the cantina, speaking with the planet’s leader amongst the camouflage of several other aliens. Each has distinct features and appears to come from a different part of the galaxy. The leader is dressed in a suit and has a coarse, layered head fit to withstand many sandstorms. There is dialogue from him:
“Then it is settled. We will announce that the Etherium has all been found and claimed by the Galactic Federation.”
Suddenly, a wall bursts open, causing the other customers to flee. From the smoke of the impact, 2 glowing red eyes can be seen peering through. As the smoke clears, it reveals a figure draped in several layers of torn brown cloth, each layer longer than the one on top of it, reaching the ground. He wears a mask over his face with small holes for ventilation and 2 slits for his eyes that burn red eternally.
“I am afraid that cannot happen.” He states.
“Solomon!” The leader seethes.
Solomon replies, “That Etherium is mine, and I cannot have the galaxy wondering where the Federation’s Etherium is because I got to it first.”
“You’ll never find it!”
“On the contrary, you never will. Because you won’t live to see it, nor to deliver your message.”

Solomon extends one arm, spreading his palm. A spire of red crystals bursts through the ground, impaling him.
The troops start firing at Solomon. He puts up both arms with clenched fists next to his face, revealing small red crystals on his wrists that glow, summoning a wall of red crystals that absorb the gunfire. When they shatter, empty space is left where Solomon stood.

The level begins with the objective to secure the perimeter until medical help can be sent for the planet’s leader. Eos Mosely is a rectangular building with empty space all around it. The area to the left is flat and open while the right part is on an elevated platform with 2 building spots on the upper and lower part of this elevation, where special towers can be built.

Waves of increasing powerful enemies spawn; either Etherium mutants or Western soldiers will make up each individual wave, attacking the player from either the left or right of the map. Any downtime between attacks can be used to explore the upper and lower parts of the map, where refinery lots and more command points can be discovered to increase the player’s power.

The level ends with medical ships appearing to take the leader just as a horde of Etheradons and Airships appear at the same time, fighting each other. The Iron Marines retreat in the confusion.
A visible counter of 20 hearts is shown. Every enemy that enters the cantina reduces the counter by 1; Etheradons reduce it by 3. The level is lost if the counter reaches 0.


Raiders of the West

HP: 300
Armor: 0
Dmg: 15 - 25 Physical

“Notorious outlaws from the west unified only by their respect for their leader Solomon. Watch for their deadly specialized weapons!”

Although shape and size of humanoids, the fact that they are wrapped in dark brown tattered cloth from head to toe prevents one from drawing the conclusion that they are definitely human. A small gap in their wrappings reveals a dark space where two evil, yellow eyes peek out. Many strands of torn cloth blow behind them in the wind, particularly from the back of their head and on their shins and wrists.
Most wield small rifles that they fire relatively quickly at single targets for moderate damage and with moderate range. However, some wield unique weapons:

Flamethrowers, which have an AOE that lights enemies on fire, dealing double damage to Marines and Empyreans but half damage to the metal surfaces of Mechs.

Rocketeers, who can only attack when they are far enough away from their target but deal great damage and stun mechs for 2 seconds after impact.

Sand Savant

HP: 1000
Armor: 0
Damage: 55 - 95

“Solomon rewards his most devout followers with the arcane arts of manipulating Etherium.”

Taller humanoids clothed in tattered, dark cloth. They have Etherium wristbands and headbands that glow when they attack. They wear hoods that cloak their face, showing only the dim glow of their eyes and headband crystals. Each crystal is shaped differently based on the style of attacks they use:

Square - Will engage in melee with enemies, slamming their fist knuckles-first into the ground to generate a spire of Etherium crystals that deals heavy damage to units and even heavier damage to structures. They have the ability to slam their fist on the side where their pinky finger is onto the ground, causing a long trails of Etherium crystals to erupt from the ground, tracing a path that damages units it can reach. This fighting style is used primarily when they want to attack structures or know they have support and can fight in the front lines.

Sphere - Stays in the middle of their allies, generating auras of Etherium around units that absorb damage for them. They have an ability that allows them to put both fists up, close to their faces, which generates a large wall of Etherium between enemies and allies that must be broken down by enemies. Primarily used as a fighting style when no other Savants are presently using this, so they can offer support to their allies.

Diamond - Stays back and summons thin crystals of Etherium from the ground that they levitate into the air and launch at enemies, dealing multiplicatively increased damage to units with low or no armor but shattering and dealing reduced damage against higher-armor targets. Their ability is to summon small Etherium crystals from the ground that trap units on the floor, allowing to attack but not to move, and must be destroyed with attacks to free them. Primarily used when facing infantry and when they are protected by other melee allies.

Each ability is on a 30-second cooldown that overlaps with each style. So if a square Savant is halfway done charging and switches to sphere, the sphere ability will be halfway done charging.


Raider Airship

“Flying war machines crafted by the Raiders in order to survive the storms in the West.”

Airships appear periodically to assail the player’s base and/or army. They typically signal their arrival because of an increasing-in-volume droning sound as they approach, and visible shadows they cast over the area they are landing in.

Transport ships may drop off Raider and Savant units to the battlefield. Assault ships have guns on the side that shoot sluggish bullets at nearby targets. Some ships can be both transport and assault vehicles at the same time.

They can be repelled either after dropping off enough units, dealing enough damage, or sustaining enough damage, in which they retreat to the sky. If dealt even more damage as they retreat, they can explode, but this has no benefit.


Sandstorm Mk IV

“Designed by desert engineers to channel the static of the sands to create arcs of lightning that weaken over time.”

Costs 150 Etherium.
Damage: 50 per 0.25 seconds
Each second of uninterrupted firing, damage decreases until it reaches 0, forcing the tower to recharge. Takes 10 seconds to either go from 50 to 0 or 0 to 50.
Range: Long

A special tower that can be constructed on some designated land plots. Has a long tesla coil that points to the sky. Its base is surrounded by wires that act like the roots of a tree, digging into the ground.

Static Field: (100/150/200) Enemies near the tower take 20/35/50 damage per second.
Redirection: (100/200/300) Enemies slain by another source while being attacked cause up to 2/3/4 lightning chains to shoot out, zapping nearby enemies for 100/250/500 damage.
Friction Absorption: (200) Units walking within the range of the tower help charge its damage to last longer and recharge faster.

For the King!: Beat Eos Mosley with no lives lost.
The Equalizer: Defeat 100 Raiders with Marines or 100 Savants with Empyreans.
I’m a Believer: Slay 20 Savants before they can change fighting styles.

No Man’s Valley

“With President Aspero in our finest medical facilities, he will be ready to deliver his message soon. However, with the Raiders of the West in pursuit of the Etherium deposit as well, it is imperative that we locate it first.
In order to do so, we are uniting with Bravo Team to search for it among No Man’s Valley, a notoriously vast and unexplored region on Oasis. Stay watchful… we hear the roars of Etherium mutants prowling and of Raider warships taking to the skies.”

Enemies: Raider, Sand Savant
Special: Sandstorm Mk IV, Madman’s Mirage, Bravo Team Base + Units
Hazards: Raider Airships, Raider Base

This level begins with the Iron Marines with one Refinery on the far left of the map. They must progress across the map and take out all 4 Raider Bases to win the level. Raider Bases are heavily guarded, with teams of Savants on Circle style waiting for the player to appear so they can use their specials at the same time, creating a massive wall of red Etherium to protect the base. Rocketeer Raiders are present to shoot over the wall, and several other troops await closer to the base.
When the player gains control of more than half of the map, the Raiders begin calling in airships. Many airship shadows can be seen heading towards one of the player’s bases, and it is up to the player to bunker down and prepare to defend. Airship formation has assault ships in front, transports in the middle, and dual-purpose in the back.
After all bases have been taken, any enemy units and fleets still present will retreat.


Madman’s Mirage

"Utilizing mysterious desert magics, this tower takes control of the enemy's very minds and uses it against them."

Cost: 200 Etherwatts
Rather than deal damage, the tower takes control of an enemy’s mind, using it to attack others. The enemy can be moved by the player but leaving the tower’s range will cause it to regain will. Slowly loses health over time.

A special tower that can be built on any of the slots that other special towers can be built on. It has what appears to be water constantly drying and appearing in different locations on the ground around it. The tower itself is a bizarre palm tree with red leaves that spin rapidly when in use.

Matter Over Mind: (75/150/225) Possessed enemies deal 20/35/50% more damage.
Mindbreak: (100/150/200) After possessing an enemy, nearby enemies are stunned for 1/3/5 seconds.
Mental Mettle: (400) Can control 2 enemies at a time.

Bravo Base

Fully-upgraded Refineries unlock access to the Bravo Team abilities. For some Etherwatts, each upgrade slot becomes a temporary power. The shield slot can be used for 50 Etherwatts to activate a cloaking device that makes the base unable to be attacked for 10 seconds. The Radar slot for 100 Etherwatts will give all towers in its range 50% more attack speed for 5 seconds, including special towers.

Additionally, units recruited from a Bravo Base cost 67% more Etherwatts but are reskinned with Desert themed outfits and have a bonus 20% to all stats. Infantry of different shades of brown camouflage armor, Empyreans are dressed in light tan armor and have a tattered cloth scarf that blows behind them, and Mechs are larger and have jetpacks that let them float to move at greater speeds.

Sky Rim: Destroy 100 total Ariships.
Every Man’s Valley: Beat No Man’s Valley without any units dying.

The Serpent’s Pass

“We have no chance of outpacing the Raiders. Their aircraft was built to withstand the fierce sandstorms of the West and is better-suited to navigate this planet than ours.
Our only chance at beating the Raiders to the Etherium is to take the notorious shortcut through the Serpent’s Pass. Few have dared traverse it. None have returned. However, no one will survive if the deposit is discovered and misused. We must take this risk to avoid an even greater consequence.”

Enemies: Etheradons, Etheraptors, Ethersaurs
Hazards: Ether Serpent
Special: None

The Serpent’s Pass is a tight, cramped path of dark tan stone surrounded by towering stone mountains that close it in. The level has the player’s troops navigating the pass with enemies appearing to block their path. The Serpent occasionally reveals part of its torso moving through the earth, causing nearby enemies to become stronger and/or debuffing the player’s troops.
A Bravo Team unit of each unit type can be found throughout the level and saved by fighting additional enemies. Finding all three results in bonus Credits and Tech Points at the end of the stage.
At the end of the pass, the Serpent makes an effort to block the player and must be repelled to escape the pass and move on.



HP: 4000
Armor: 20
Damage: 60 - 90 Physical

“Terrifying reptiles destroyed by Etherium mutations, now bent on destroying everything in their path by the same means.”
*Breath deals double damage to structures and mechs

Towering reptiles that stand on their large hind legs. They lack arms but make up for it with ferocious fangs that have a slight green glow from Etherium. Spikes of Etherium line their backs, up to their heads and down to their tails. Though not as prodigious as that of the Etheradon, these spikes are more consistent in shape and size.
They attack by breathing a beam of green Etherium light on surfaces, which, after a brief moment, has Etherium spikes shoot upwards, shredding machinery like mechs and structures and damaging units. When approached, they stomp rapidly, dealing small area damage until no more units are in range, then they proceed to breathe more Etherium.


Ether Serpent

A colossal serpentine beast made of Etherium crystals. It undulated through sand as if it is the Loch Ness Monster, revealing parts of its slender yet still colossal body to those on the surface. Each reveal has a random effect on the battlefield. Sometimes the ground will glow green underneath. Small green parts cause an Etherium spike to shoot up and damage units heavily. Wider green parts cause smaller crystals to rise up, immobilizing units for a time. They can attack the crystals to break out sooner. The beast is also able to buff nearby Etherium mutants, causing their crystals to grow larger and boosting their stats by 20%. They can be buffed 3 times max.

At the end of the level the beast blocks the player with its body, surrounding their troops and wrapping its body in a circle gradually closer and closer to crush them inside. It stops to breathe Etherium mist on the path, spawning mutants and damaging units caught inside. Players can attack the head and if enough damage is dealt its head will collapse, and if it suffers enough damage while stunned, it can receive heavy cracks. After 3 cracks the head will shatter, slaying the beast.

It’ll Quench Ya: Give Sakko the cactus juice. 0/1
I Thought You Said "Weast": Lead Patrick the right direction through the Serpent’s Pass. 0/1
Tap on Patrick when he is seen to lead him the right way out.
Slither.UhOh: Slay the Serpent without stunning it more than twice.

The Great Divide

“We have caught up with the Raiders at a blockade of ultra-hard, energy-drained Etherium preventing us from getting through. Until we can break through this barrier to the deposit hidden behind it, we have to make our last stand here.
Ready your defenses and prepare to attack. This is the decisive battle of the quest for the Etherium.”

Enemies: Raider, Sand Savant, Etheraptor, Etheradon, Ethersaurus
Hazards: Raider Airship, Mutant Nest, Inferno Furnace, Socrates
Special: Bravo Base, Sandstorm Mk IV, Madman’s Mirage, Satellite Tower

Starting with the hero and 0/9 units, the player has 3 refineries in close proximity to each other at the upper left of the map. The middle one is already a Bravo Base. On the lower right side is a set of 3 Raider structures that must be destroyed to win. There are 3 paths to take to their base: a diagonal path that cuts through the middle of the map, a path that reaches all the way to the right before curving down, and one that reaches all the way down before curving to the right. All other paths are blocked by hardened, dark green Etherium that lost its glow.

Scattered throughout the map are Mutant Nests that when destroyed leave Etherwatts and additional command points to capture. Also, on the bottom left and top right of the map are Satellite Towers to capture. Raiders can capture both of these buildings and use them. A build spot for special towers is found next to each Satellite. 3 surround each base. Another spot is found in the middle path slightly closer to the player’s base, and another one slightly closer to the enemy’s base.

The Raiders can spawn up to 15 units but can be increased if they get command points from Nests instead of the player. Each unit spawned causes a cooldown before the next can spawn. Raiders induce 15 seconds and Savants 30 seconds. Units will form groups of 4 or 5 to spread out and attack the player’s troops, random Nests, or capture Satellite Towers. These groups unite when they attack the player’s base. Socrates is to be found among any one of these groups at a time.

This level is meant to be the closest to an RTS skirmish, with an enemy hero and units moving to attack the player, having creature nests to destroy for rewards, and support buildings to capture.



“Second in Command to Solomon, he knows only half of the Etherium arts Solomon knows, but that is enough to make him a formidable foe.”

Clad in light chest armor that reveals his muscular arms and a tattered brown cape with many tears at the end that make a jagged pattern as it blows in the wind behind him, Socrates is a human with long white hair that blows upwards majestically, giving him more height and presence.

Socrates always accompanies a group of Raider units and can board Airships, standing on top of them to cast spells. After being dealt 1000 damage, Socrates will be wounded and encase himself in Etherium crystals that drag him into the ground, so that he may respawn after 60 seconds.

His normal attack is summoning an Etherium crystal from the ground that deals area damage. In melee he stomps or slams his fist on the ground to summon crystals twice as fast. Every 30 seconds Socrates can use any one of the powers that Savants can use. Every 60 seconds he can charge a small ring around himself that mutates nearby Raiders and Savants, causing Etherium crystals to sprout from their bodies and augmenting their stats. Etherium mutants in range of this skill will also be converted to his command.

Mutant Nest

"Caverns inhabited by mutated Etherium beasts."

Small structure that houses Etherium mutants. It can have a population of 10, Etheraptors count for 1 but Etheradons count for 5 and Ethersaurs for 3 units. If some die, the nest spawns more after a minute of not being attacked. Destroying these nests and their inhabitants results in some Etherwatts and Command Points dropping, which can be captured by Raiders for their own benefit.

Inferno Furnace

“Infernal device that magnifies the heat of the desert beyond fatal levels.”

A tall, almost cone-shaped black tower with an opening that waves of blearing heat radiate from. Solar panels are attached at its sides, almost like wings.

The tower attacks by turning the panels to reflect beams of light onto units, dealing incrementally higher damage. After existing for some time, the tower gains upgrades. The first is a skill that allows it to shoot a firebomb from its top, lighting a fire that forces units to go around it. The second allows it to glow red for a time, warning players before releasing. a wave of heat that deals damage all around it and slows units.


Satellite Tower

"The only device powerful enough to send a signal from this remote desert to home base."

A colossal satellite that can be captured by units. When the player owns it, they can spend 150 Etherwatts to upgrade the Dropgun for a single use, causing a dozen other Dropguns to spawn with it and last twice as long. This cannot be used again until 2 minutes. Owning both towers halves the cost and cooldown.
If Raiders own it, they can call in an Airship every 60 seconds, 30 if they own two Satellite Towers. They build up until having at least 3 Airships before sending them to attack with another squad of units. Each ship costs them 1 command point.
Raiders can build these on any spot meant for special towers and prevents them from buying new units for 45 seconds after purchase.

Clash of the Fates: Deliver a finishing blow to Socrates with a hero.
Mass Extinction: Destroy every Mutant Nest in the Great Divide. 0/5

Etherium Oasis

“The Raiders have been quelled. All that stands between us and the Etherium is Solomon himself.
We must stop him with whatever it takes. Whatever anarchy Solomon will bring about with such power is frightening to imagine. We cannot let it become a reality.”

The player starts with 6 command points and 900 Etherium to get whatever units they want. The troops climb up a jagged but ultimately linear path to Solomon, all while he monologues from afar:

“You must think me a madman… sending thousands to their deaths, dedicating millions of resources, spending countless hours…”
“...devoting everything to obtaining this Etherium…”
“... but have you not done the same?”
“And what authority have you to decide how best to use the fantastic power of Etherium?”
“You seek it to fuel your weapons of war so that you have the power to seek more Etherium… are you blind to the superfluity of your actions?”
“Etherium has no place in this galaxy."
"I will eradicate every last shard if it keeps power away from those who would misuse it.”
“And I will eradicate you, as well.”

A wall of Etherium is summoned behind the player’s troops, locking them at the top of the hill. Solomon stands facing the player, his eyes burning with power and his tattered cloth blowing to the right. Behind him is a colossal mountain of Etherium that glows nearly white with intense power. If he is unfinished with his monologue he will finish it before engaging in battle with the player.

Boss: Solomon

HP: 3,500
Armor: 0
Damage: 110-140

“Leader of the Raiders of the West, he knows secrets to Etherium that the greatest scientists in the galaxy cannot uncover. He seeks to eradicate it from the galaxy despite not being afraid to utilize its powers to aid him whenever he sees fit.”

Solomon summons a crystal from the ground that damages enemies. Like his abilities, the ground glows red before the crystals appear, making all the attacks avoidable. He has all of the abilities of a Savant but recharging twice as fast. Additionally, he can incase himself in Etherium, healing rapidly, but can be interrupted by destroying the crystals. When many enemies are near him, Solomon will charge with green energy before releasing a pulse that causes nearby troops to attack the player for 10 seconds.

When defeated, Solomon falls on one knee and his mask comes off, revealing his mutated, distorted face with small Etherium crystals jutting out.
“See now what misused Etherium is capable of?”
“You will never fathom the powers with which you tamper.”
Solomon stands and levitates back until he reaches the Etherium mountain.
Solomon grabs and chips off a crystal from the mountain, glowing luminously in his hand.
“... you should experience it first hand!”
Solomon jams the Etherium crystal into himself.
He levitates up in the air, faintly glowing greenish-white. Suddenly, a huge spike of Etherium bursts from his chest.
Another spike bursts from his back, followed by another.
More and more spikes burst out of his body, covering him in Etherium.
Solomon glows white as more crystals explode from his body, eventually coating the screen in light. When the flash fades, a massive crystal mutant is revealed, with Solomon’s body floating in the center.

Phase 2

“The ultimate of the dinosaur mutants formed by fusing the most powerful Etherium in the galaxy with the maddest man in the universe.”

HP: 12,000
Armor: 0
Damage: 180-240

Etherzilla is a colossal dinosaur made entirely of Etherium crystals. Particularly long, jagged spikes protrude from its back and tail. It also has a garish maw with ferocious jagged fangs and piercing reptilian eyes that glow deep red unlike its greenish-white glowing crystal body. It has a more humanoid figure thanks to its fusion with Solomon. Its arms are long, with the forearms encased in thicker crystals that act like shields. Its lower legs have the same feature.
Etherzilla moves slowly to the player’s refinery to destroy it. To slow it down, the lower legs can be targeted, shattering after taking 3,000 damage. When a leg shatters, Etherzilla will use an arm on the same side as the leg to crawl. Arms can be targeted, too, and shattered for the same effect. When no pieces are left, the beast is left to take all the punishment the player has to offer.
Etherzilla can retaliate by lifting an arm and letting it glow white before slamming it into the ground, causing crystals to erupt from the ground for massive damage. Targeting the arm and dealing enough damage will interrupt the attack. It can also stomp, which has a much smaller AOE but is faster and cannot be interrupted. Etherzilla is also able to charge up red energy in its throat before unleashing a beam that deals rapid damage per second to everything in its path. The beam will not stop unless the head is targeted and takes enough damage. Finally, it can encase itself in a fortress of Etherium, regenerating health. For each 3,000 HP healed, a limb is regrown. This attack can also be interrupted.
After being slain, the beast cracks more and more, white beams of light shining through its body, before exploding, leaving an unconscious Solomon on the ground.

Reach Out, Touch Faith: Defeat Solomon.

Final Comic
Panel 1: Marines smiling and cheering while carrying crates so full of Etherium that some crystals are falling on the ground. Solomon can be seen being hauled off by two soldiers in the background.
2: Solomon in the foreground, turning his head behind him to face the viewer, saying, “You have accomplished nothing! The Raiders have not been quelled and my preachings still resonate across the West! Reckoning is upon-”
3: The soldiers carrying Solomon interrupt and throw him in the back of a vehicle.
4: Solomon grabs the bars in a small window in the vehicle’s backdoors, his eyes now glowing green with Etherium, gazing at the viewer. “Mark my words…” he seethes.
5: “You can remember me as a madman and the Raiders as criminals until years fade us from relevance.” He continues, his eyes the only things visible in the blackness of the vehicle, “But the threat of misusing Etherium looms for eternity.”


  • There were only two entrants. This is possibly due to the beta testing of KRV taking up the time of other intended participants.
  • A poll has been made, you are able to change your vote at any time.
  • Please do not vote for yourself
  • You have until Sunday 4th to submit your vote (7 days)

Earning Image

Entry to this contest will award ranked members with the standard 100 Tech Points, however, new recruits will be awarded a bonus 20 Tech Points, for this contest

  • Take part in a forum contest - 100 points
  • New Recruits - 20 points
  • Receive a vote - 5 points (per vote)
  • Place 2nd - 20 points
  • Place 1st - 30 points
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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by Ninja » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:04 am

Yeah, about that. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to participate this time around. I had an entry, but I needed to work on it on Saturday, and that just didn’t come to fruition. I will post it later this week or next week. Again, sorry to those who expected me to participate. (At least we probably won’t have a tie. :lol: ) And yes, I was also beta testing furiously.

I’ll post a detailed review of the entries later.
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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by RaZoR LeAf » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:44 am

Ninja wrote:Yeah, about that. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to participate this time around. I had an entry, but I needed to work on it on Saturday, and that just didn’t come to fruition. I will post it later this week or next week. Again, sorry to those who expected me to participate. (At least we probably won’t have a tie. :lol: ) And yes, I was also beta testing furiously.

I’ll post a detailed review of the entries later.

Likewise, except I also had this damn cold creep up on me. Ugh. Anyway, my review will follow plus I’m workin* up a KRV contest for ch4istmas time.
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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by Ninja » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:25 am

RaZoR LeAf wrote:Anyway, my review will follow plus I’m workin* up a KRV contest for ch4istmas time.

Good ... good ... :veznan:
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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by Big Bad Bug » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:15 pm

Huh, Razor isn't in this contest, huh? Maybe there's actually a chance of having more tech points after all! :twisted:
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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by RaZoR LeAf » Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:53 pm

Big Bad Bug wrote:Huh, Razor isn't in this contest, huh? Maybe there's actually a chance of having more tech points after all! :twisted:

Not that you'd tell anymore. Having learnt from previous contests, I now submit my entries in American English so I can't be identified :twisted:
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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by Ninja » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:55 pm

RaZoR LeAf wrote:
Big Bad Bug wrote:Huh, Razor isn't in this contest, huh? Maybe there's actually a chance of having more tech points after all! :twisted:

Not that you'd tell anymore. Having learnt from previous contests, I now submit my entries in American English so I can't be identified :twisted:

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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by RaZoR LeAf » Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:00 pm

Okay, I’ve read through both. I think Entry Two had a lot of great ideas, but it has too many ideas for the entry. Each level has a different hazard which is a lot to remember and adapt to whereas Entry Ones hazard, whilst somewhat different for each stage, is based on the same theme and has similar effects.

I love the enemies on both, there are some which are a bit complicated with multiple forms or stages, namely the Biot Collosus and the Sand Savant.

Ultimately, my vote is going to Entry One. Entry Two 's story sections in my opinion pile play too long at the start of each level. Could you imagine sitting through the exchange of dialogue again if you had to restart? A great story don't get me wrong, but too much of the story needs to be told to understand it.

Also the bittersweet ending of Entry One, with the Spec Ope Level including a hologram to replay ? Very clever.
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Re: VOTING: Planet Design

by Big Bad Bug » Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:47 pm

RaZoR LeAf wrote:Could you imagine sitting through the exchange of dialogue again if you had to restart?

This is super frustrating in Iron Marines when restarting to fight Nexus. This problem was already solved in the previous games when restarting the last level of KRO skipped the opening dialogue (although if you exited to swap out your hero or star upgrades you were still forced through it), but then in Iron Marines they just forgot about this solution. I figure that for a contest entry, though, one can just imagine that these things are also skippable.
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