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Holiday - themed Events

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:33 pm
by The Blue Badger
Hey, so it's my first thread and I hope to give some thoughtful suggestions to both ironhide and the community for either the upcoming Kingdom Rush game, or those currently available. In this thread, I want to raise an Idea I've had in the works for a while - Holiday themed events in-game. If any of you out there play Overwatch, you may be aware of the numerous events they have released throughout its short run, and i feel as if this concept could transfer over rather effectively to Kingdom rush. Think short (perhaps limited-time) mini-campaigns themed around various real world holidays, i.e. Christmas, Halloween, Chinese new year etc. Each event would feature maybe one or two missions with unique, themed enemies and map-specific towers, as well as a hero or two for each event.

I am of course aware that Ironhide has done something similar with the releases of the Shadowmoon and Curse of castle Blackburn mini - campaigns around halloween, but i feel as if other holiday themed events could be added, even if it is just to tide us over until Kingdom rush 4.

Thanks for listening ( or reading ) to me rambling on, and I hope you will take my idea into account. :hero: