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PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:10 am
by noammoriah
Hi my name is Noam and I'm a huge fan! I can't stop playing the kingdom rush games! I hope you enjoy my thoughts about a (sort of) new hero! and tell me what you think of him so he and me can emprove :mrgreen:


He was a great warrior from the north. but died too soon and never witnessed the amazing victory of Linirea.
But now he came back from the Valhalla, the paradise of brave men who were slaughtered in war, to avenge his death and countless others!

Ingvar Bearghost is a ghost, so he can't attack, though he still loses 50 health every time a nearby enemy is activating his magical abilities and slowly looses health when an enemy with magic resistance is nearby (turns red).
Maybe it doesn't sound so good, but his special abilities are worth it all!

HP: level 1 - 100/ 2 - 130/ 3 - 160/ 4 - 190/ 5 - 220/ 6 - 250/ 7 - 280/ 8 - 310/ 9 - 340/ 10 - 370
Armour: None
Damage: None
Speed: slow
Respawn: 30 seconds

1. Necromancer- Ingvar can summon minions from corpses of nearby enemies who died: enemies with 500 HP or less turn into Skeletons while enemies with more than 500 HP turn into Viking Skeletons.
2. Wrath of the gods- trows a holy axe that deals 140/230/320 True Damage (cool down 15 seconds).
3. Bear Form- turns a nearby allay in to a bear that gains invincibility and Deals 20-40/30-50/40-60 damage per strike, lasting for 4/5/6 seconds (Cool down: 20 seconds).
4. Ancestor Call- Summons one ancestor that has 50/100/150 HP and deal 9-18/18-36/27-54 damage (Cool down: 15 seconds)
5. Weakening Curse- Reduces target's magic resistance and armour for 4/6/8 seconds (cool down: 10 seconds).

A Skeleton's got 20/40/60 HP and deals 1-2/2-4/3-6 damage.
A Viking Skeleton's got 30/60/90 HP and deals 3-6/6-9/9-12 damage.

"It's Ragnarok!!!" (Ragnarok, or Ragnarök, in North Mythology, is the end of the worlds.)
"You wont like me when I'm angry". (Said by Bruce Banner before he turns into the Hulk)
"The past is a ghost!" (Bill Cosby)
"Who you gonna call?" (ghost busters theme song)
"I am back!"
"You're never too old for a teddy bear!" (Lonnie Lane)
(death) "back to valhala!" (Valhalla - the Norse afterlife for fallen warriors)


What do you think of Ingvar the Bearghost?
Are there any quotes you think of for him?
Do you think he's too strong?
Do you think he's too weak?
Tell me in the comments below ;)


PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:56 pm
by Ruby_Hex
Cool. I like his quotes and design! I'm pretty poor at balancing, so I can't really help you with that, but I would personally up the ancestors health by about twenty to fifty. Also, I'm assuming that he's meant to be a take on Ingvar Bearclaw? Overall, I like him. And welcome to the forums!