Endless stages as paid DLC for all three games on Steam

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Endless stages as paid DLC for all three games on Steam

by Osiris » Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:48 am

After the addition of Impossible difficulty to KR:O on Steam, I still find myself missing the endless stages. Once you beat a normal stage on Impossible, that's it; you've found the solution, it will not offer a challenge ever again. Endless stages do not have this problem, because you can always try to get to the next wave.

So, I would like to suggest adding each of the five endless stages to all three games on Steam in the form of DLC, with their own Steam-only leader boards(at a price of $3 to $5 per stage). The gnome shop will not be needed, because it is easily possible to get far enough into all endless stages without the use of bonus items in order to experience all of the different types of enemies and mini-bosses on offer. I've recently tried my hand at KR and KR:F on a tablet, and getting to around wave 45 on all three of those endless stages without using bonus items was not that difficult(and that's without a keyboard and mouse to micro the hero effectively).

Please consider it. Endless is where Kingdom Rush's replayability lies. The games are among the best TD ever made, but they feel incomplete without their most substantial, meaty game mode. Thank you.
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